Hero Complex live chat: Jon Favreau will take your questions here next Wednesday

Sept. 26, 2008 | 11:07 p.m.

Jon FavreauHere’s your chance to get the latest scoop on the “Iron Man” sequel straight from director Jon Favreau or, if you prefer, this is a golden opportunity to spook him with your encyclopedic knowledge of his screen work in “Swingers” and “Rudy.”

Either way, the filmmaker who brought you the summer’s most fun super-hero movie (as well as the sublime “Elf” and the grieviously underrated “Zathura“) will join us here for a live chat on Wednesday (Oct. 1), the day after the release of “Iron Man” on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment. The chat will start at 11 a.m. local time here in Los Angeles.

If you can’t join us Tuesday, feel free to post a question here in the comments section and we’ll try to ask some from there as well.

— Geoff Boucher

April 2008 photo of Jon Favreau by Ringo H. W. Chu\Los Angeles Times

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4 Responses to Hero Complex live chat: Jon Favreau will take your questions here next Wednesday

  1. I'm sure I won't be the only one saying this, but just tell him thanks for showing the world how much fun we have reading comic books!

  2. Jon.
    How I appreciate you best is for how you took control of your career. And with that you have accomplished yourself in acting, writing, directing, and producing. Recognize that with my small successes to this point as an actor, writer, director and producer, you have been an excellent role model for me. There is a role that I want to become, Rocky Marciano. Who better than you could I ask? Would you consider working with me in developing this Man, so that I may have an honest shot at getting the role?
    Thank you,
    Jerry G. Angelo <a href="http://www.firebornfilms.com” target=”_blank”>www.firebornfilms.com

  3. Chrissy Laknut says:

    I loved Zathura and can't believe that it was not more successful than it was. My two boys loved it also. What made you take the project? And what would you have done differently now that time had passed?

  4. Jon Favreau, is a man that has come far. I remember seeing him in PCU, "Gutter is a tool" One of the best lines in the movie. Anyway, Mr. Favreau did an great job on "Iron Man" and I can't wait for Iron man 2 to come out. My question is, do you think Mr. Favreau, will do anymore movies like "swingers" or "made"? Now with the success of Iron man, I would like to see more real life situations films. Realizing them in the fall, will also be a better chance of an "Oscars" BUZZ!. Just an Idea.
    Thank you
    Jeffrey Cappell

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