Holy headlines, Batman, make it stop!

July 22, 2008 | 1:51 a.m.

60sbats 2 Holy headlines, Batman, make it stop!Forty years and four months ago, the last episode of "Batman," the campy television series starring Adam West, aired. That feels like a long time but, for headline writers and entertainment reporters around the world, well, it seems like just yesterday.

Take a look at the headlines and beginning paragraphs from newspapers around the world, all from this calendar month. 

The Atlanta paper had three!

Los Angeles Times: Holy opening weekend, Batman!
Baltimore Sun: Holy box office records, Batman!
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Holy smokin’ movie projectors
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Batman! Holy heel, Batman!
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Holy gee, Batman! ‘Knight’ a hot one
Daily News (New York): Holy box office, Batman!
The Sunday Times (London): Holy joy, Batman! Brits soar in US
The Times (London): Holy megabucks Batman!
New Zealand Herald: Holy superlatives, Batman!
The Globe and Mail (Canada): Holy, hint, Batman! Holy Blu-ray, Batman! That’s one sharp picture
Chicago Sun-times: Holy highs and lows, Batman!
Harborough Mail (UK): Holy hellraisers Batman!
Birmingham News (Alabama): Holy authenticity, Batman! Holy blockbuster! Batman
Redlands Daily Facts (California): Holy campout, Batman!
Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia): Holy human superhero, Batman!
Toronto Sun: Holy white-nose syndrome, Batman!
Toronto Star: Holy impressionist Batman!
The Vancouver Province (British Columbia): Holy IMAX scenes, Batman!
The Cincinnati Enquirer: Holy replica, Batman!
The Cincinnati Enquirer: Holy gangsters, Batman, this Joker was wild!
The Miami Herald: Holy collectibles, Batman!
The Sunday Mail (Queensland, Australia): Holy Schumacher, Batman!
Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Florida): Pow! Bam! Armani! Holy pinstripe Batman!
Prince Rupert Daily News (British Columbia): Holy Cow Batman, heroes are out there
Star Tribune (Minneapolis): Holy muscles, Batman!
Star Tribune (Minneapolis): Holy High-Def, Batman!
The Boston Herald: Holy ticket sales, Batman!
North Bay Nugget (Ontario): Holy flashback; caped crusader returns!
The Charlotte Observer: Holy halibut, Batman!
Dothan Eagle (Alabama): Holy pepperoni, Batman!
Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville): Holy L.A. Jaguars, Batman!
The Oregonian (Portland): Holy Batman (& Robin)! Look what’s on high-def
The Wichita Eagle: Holy marketing, Batman!
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisc.): Holy variety, Batman!; Dark Knight’s library expands
Welland Tribune (Ontario): Holy DVDs, Batman!
Bedford Today: Holy film time Batman!
South China Morning Post: Holy Anime, Batman!
Sunday Star (England): Holy cash cow!
Sunday Star (England): Holy sex scandal, Batman!
Sunday Herald Sun (Australia): Holy pit stop, Batman!
Kingston Whig-Standard (Ontario): Biff! Bap! Whap! Blammo! Holy camp, Batman!
The New York Post: Holy show stealer, Batman!
The Clover Herald (South Carolina): Holy history, Batman!
The Monitor (McAllen, Texas): "Holy technology, Batman! We’re on Blu-ray!"

And last but not least, a very fitting one:

The Orlando Sentinel: Holy coincidences, Batman!

— Geoff Boucher

Photo of Adam West and Burt Ward, the dynamic duo of the 1960s ABC series and 1966 tie-in film.

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