Ian McKellen surrounded by evil mutants on ‘The View’

Nov. 09, 2009 | 6:58 p.m.

I wish that, just for a moment, Ian McKellen actually possessed some of those nature-bending powers that he wielded in the “Lord of the Rings” and “X-Men” films because it would have been a delight to see him turn the set of “The View” into a charred crater.

The esteemed 70-year-old thespian was a guest on the ABC daytime show last week and the footage is excruciating to watch. I have to say I didn’t know much about this show beyond its reputation for shrill banality but, after watching this, I’m discouraged by the fact that this a nationally aired show. (Thanks by the way to Jay West for sending me the link.)

McKellen was on to promote “The Prisoner,” the new six-episode AMC series that begins Nov. 15, but he was met with a quartet of hosts who had their own flaky agendas. One of them had snippy and random things to say about British healthcare, which she obviously knows nothing about. Another asked McKellen: “Do you think you’re creepy?” and later gushed about his film performance as “Mag-Netto.” Must be a big fan. And then (at the 4-minute mark) the million-dollar question from a croaky Whoopi Goldberg: “Now, are you coming back to ‘Harry Potter’?” Uhhh…

McKellen, who has never been to Hogwarts, said that he expects that he will be back as Gandalf in “The Hobbit” films but added that he doesn’t have a contract yet and, with a small aside about that, hinted that the dealings might not be a slam dunk. He also pointed out with some good cheer that after he went public as a gay actor his film career took off, which runs counter to traditional Hollywood career wisdom. Did anyone on the show sense that there might an interesting follow-up question on one of these points? Nope. Goldberg thought it better to ask if there would be any black Hobbits in the new movies. Oh, right, well, there you go. 

All this reminds me of an old saying: You know the worst part of having your head up your own backside? “The View.” 

— Geoff Boucher



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Photo: Ian McKellen as Gandalf (not Dumbledore). Credit: New Line 


20 Responses to Ian McKellen surrounded by evil mutants on ‘The View’

  1. 2 cents says:

    Bravo! – well said, Geoff

  2. mc says:

    Painful to watch indeed. Had to stop at 2:28.
    The blond lives in this other parallel universe where glenn beck is god or at least almost god.

  3. Nancy R. says:

    They had no idea who they were dealing with. Most of that program is mindless blather anyway.

  4. DRE DAWG says:

    those women are so ignorant and self-centered…Mag-netto, that's my favorite! Not even Saturday Night Live could've come up with that one!!!
    I don't care what their political leanings are….they are so shallow in their topics, conversations, even vocabulary. You're right, it's so embarrassing to watch…which is why i don't.

  5. GPaul says:

    OMG these women are totally self-absorbed ignorants!

  6. robert says:

    it is like all of america: it (including that stupid show) plays to your ignorance and not your intelligence. too bad you like watching it; that you are the main target audience.

  7. sc says:

    I couldn't watch the video . . . what a bunch of bubble-headed bimbos!!! I'm not even embarrassed for them; I'm embarrassed for Sir Ian McKellen!

  8. trent1280 says:

    An appallingly ignorant interview, completely with daft and idiot comments about Britain's National Health Service.
    One cannot imagine that Sir Ian was remotely surprised by these Dumbleheads. He's seen American TV before.
    Too sad for words, too lame for laughter.

  9. Michelle T says:

    I always called him Mag-netto as well up until the cartoon showed me otherwise. He is the master of magnetism, not magneetism. They're called magnets, not magneets. And pronouncing his name with the ending "neato!" sounds really dumb to me still.
    So way to go ladies of The View!

  10. Josh Donaldson says:

    Jesus, what a bunch of idiots. Are you coming back in Harry Potter? No wonder Brits think we American's are a gaggle of fools.

  11. DEX says:

    Ah, "The View."
    Elisabeth Hasselbeck isn't offensive because she's conservative, she's offensive because she's a moron. Does she even have a college degree? Or was "Survivor" enough of a resumé to merit a national platform for her nonsensical blathering?
    As for (the here, wisely silent) Joy Behar, I was shocked to find how intelligent she is on the new "Joy Behar Show." They must be serving dumb juice on "The View." (Whoopi is clearly drinking it.)
    When Sherri ("It hasn't been proven the Earth is round") Shepherd is the voice of reason, you're in trouble.
    Sir Ian looked like he had a good chuckle, but yeesh… people actually watch this crap?

  12. Cal Godot says:

    Sadly, this show is likely very representative of the American population.

  13. AndreaU8 says:

    "I was shocked to find how intelligent she is on the new "Joy Behar Show."
    – Oh, I can't stand that show either!

  14. hockeyrick says:

    The View sucks big Di####

  15. Queen freaking Eliza says:

    Sadly, this show is likely very representative of the American population.
    Posted by: Cal Godot | November 09, 2009 at 04:45 PM
    Are all Brits so prejudicial after one, admittedly ridiculous, show? I am American, and I do not watch this show, because it IS completely useless. But representive of Americans? Umm..nooo..I guess all people on that side of the pond are like Monty Python? Sorry..I'd rather be rich, well dressed, and stupid (like the ladies on The View) than unfunny, gay as a fruit loop, and trying to hide it. But I guess all you people are like that, since we judge countries by their television programs.

  16. Cpt. Obvious says:

    This show is an insult to women.

  17. Good grief. This is why I was never into the ladies' coffee klatch scene. That's what The View reminds me of, and it makes me want to apologize for women everywhere. I don't actually watch the show, but sometimes flip by it while channel surfing for news and am usually appalled. But then any program where everyone tries to drown each other out by talking/yelling at once makes my skin crawl, and that's what these ladies do. I mean, really, girls.

  18. Jaz Borden says:

    This was pathetic. Sir Ian McKellen, The View does not deserve a guest of your caliber. I apologize on behalf of all of us who respect you, your talent and your intellect. I hope other female talk show hosts look at this as a cautionary tale.

  19. Brego says:

    How sad…. We get this anoyiong show on Australian television; however the constant one upmanship of the Ladies puts me off viewing.
    Im very disapointed in Whoopie for asking such a racially loaded question. Why would there be black Hobbits or for that matter Asian or Indian? Middle Earth is meant to be Western Europe in a very early stage of history.
    Oh well at least they didn't call him Professor Gandalf of Hogwarts!

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