Invasion! The best and worst alien takeovers in film and TV

Aug. 05, 2009 | 12:31 p.m.

There’s plenty of buzz that “District 9” (opening August 14) is an especially original take on the grand old theme of extraterrestrial visitation. In the Neill Blomfield film the crawfish-faced aliens are marooned on earth and end up in grim barbed-wire slum. That goes against the more familiar Hollywood tradition of all-out alien invasion, be it sneaky (“Invasion of the Body Snatchers“), audacious (“Independence Day“) or just loopy (“Mars Attacks!“). Here’s a photo gallery looking back on the good, the bad and the ugly: The Best and Worst Alien Invasions.  

Battlefield Earth


District 9

“District 9” and the alienation of South African apartheid

Peter Jackson: Movie fans are “fed up with the lack of original ideas”

Jackson: “District 9” director has “courageous sense” as filmmaker

Jackson: “Hobbit” script is 3-4 weeks away

“The Hobbit” is just the beginning of the del Toro Decade

A travesty: Tolkien heirs made zero off of “Rings” trilogy

So what’s up with all of those alien ads?

PHOTO CREDIT: Warner Bros.

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