‘Iron Man 2’ review: Turan calls it ‘acceptable, nothing more, nothing less’

May 06, 2010 | 12:06 a.m.


Tony Stark breaks all the rules (even the one that says superheroes must keep a secret identity), and he always seems to come out on top — that’s why we love him. But now comes Iron Man 2,” a film about secret dangers, the sins of the father and the nasty price of modern celebrity. The movie lands this week in the U.S., and until then, we’ll have behind-the-scenes scoops every day on the summer’s most anticipated film.



Contrasting TV news personalities Bill O’Reilly and Christiane Amanpour don’t see eye to eye on much, but they stand united in agreeing it was worth their time to make cameo appearances in the sequel to the mega-successful

A film that just wants to have fun, “Iron Man 2” brings back Downey’s affable billionaire Tony Stark, former weapons manufacturer and self-described textbook narcissist, whose exploits inside the all-powerful Iron Man suit have brought a welcome calm to the world. The man himself, however, has to face the challenge of the erratic battery in his chest that makes him a superhero with an expiration date.

Not one to hide his light under a bushel, or anything else for that matter, Stark likes to say things like “I have successfully privatized world peace.” Clearly, this is one ego that’s cruising for a bruising, and no one plays over-the-top self-satisfaction with more élan than Downey.

“Iron Man 2” is at its best when it surrounds him with practiced farceurs who are adept at keeping things funny. Sam Rockwell is appropriately icky as rival weapons tycoon and smirking slimeball Justin Hammer (of Hammer Industries, of course) and Garry Shandling matches him as an oily and obnoxious U.S. senator who can’t wait to get the government’s greedy hands on Stark’s design …


— Kenneth Turan



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Photos: Top – Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) are on the verge of a kiss, as usual. Last – Tony Stark stands behind his friend James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) who has donned the War Machine armor. Credit: Marvel Entertainment

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One Response to ‘Iron Man 2’ review: Turan calls it ‘acceptable, nothing more, nothing less’

  1. peachhhh says:

    Thank god I'm not a critic. As an unpaid non-industry civilian, I simply get to ENJOY THIS MOVIE. I loved every minute and can't wait for marvel to make MORE. This is a movie, not a supreme court nomination, this is acting, fantasy, escapism at its best. This is a comic book turned into a blockbuster movie, and they did a great job, TWICE. The boring dissection and critique by who-ever-the-hell-they-are means nothing. zero. blah blah blah. what matters is when will I get to see more…IronMan, BlackWidow, Thor, Avengers, I want it all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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