James McAvoy will think big as Professor X in ‘X-Men: First Class’

May 28, 2010 | 4:18 p.m.

24 Frames, our sister blog, has a big scoop on “X-Men: First Class,” the cinematic return to Marvel mutantkind that is being directed by Matthew Vaughn (“Kick-Ass“) and fast-tracked for summer 2011 release. Here’s an excerpt…

Professor X


James McAvoy

The studio is hiring James McAvoy to play the role of Charles Xavier, the professor who organizes the X-Men band of mutants into a group (and force for good).

Patrick Stewart played Xavier in the original set of pictures, but of course as an origin story, many of the characters in “First Class” will skew younger. 

McAvoy, who’s next up in the Robert Redford post-Civil War drama “The Conspirator,” has played in films with superhero themes before, primarily as a lead character in the assassin picture “Wanted.”


— Steven Zeitchik


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IMAGES: Top, Professor Xavier in a trading-card painting by Adam Rex (Marvel and Upper Deck). Middle, James McAvoy portrait by Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times. Bottom, “X-Men: First Class” cover by Marko Djurdjevic. (Marvel).


3 Responses to James McAvoy will think big as Professor X in ‘X-Men: First Class’

  1. detrich says:

    so, marvel arguably screwed up Wolverine in so many ways already- bad special effects, breaks in story continuity… now they want to ice the cake by getting rid of patrick stewart?! and, after he already appeared in the ending scene of Wolverine?!
    i guess they don't realize that switching key actors- like they did Rhodey in IM2- really takes away and ruins the continuity of big movies like this. although maggie gillanhall is w/o doubt a better actress than katey holmes, her entrance in Dark Knight seriously threw some things off as well…
    i just think all this musical chairs is a bad idea- esp when patrick steward is a legend of an actor- esp in the role of xavier…

  2. film guy says:

    He looks nothing like Xavier in the comics. He is totally the wrong body type, has the wrong voice, and is far from the right age. Xavier was in his late 40's when he started the school. McAvoy is only 31 which is obviously way off. He is closer in age to playing one of the students over playing Xavier. He is a great actor but he is all wrong for Xavier. Plus he doesn't sound anything like Stewart. He doesn't really even look like him.

  3. Ljose says:

    Bad decition, he should play magneto becouse he looks like a yung ian mckellen.

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