Jedi masterpieces

Sept. 11, 2008 | 4:17 p.m.

Darthpaint_2There was a recent contest at Worth1000 to reimagine classic works of art with a "Star Wars" motif. I just read about it over at Funny Pages and I thought I’d pluck some images to share with you. I was on vacation when the contest ran; maybe you were, too.

This sort of stuff is completely silly and obsessive, of course, which is exactly why we got so excited about it here at Hero Complex.

There were 44 entries, some them fairly ingenious with their Jedi riffs on famed and framed works by Leonardo da Vinci, Andy Warhol, M.C. Escher, Vincent van Gogh, Jacques Louis David, etc. I like this one on the right which is less elaborate than some others, but nicely executed.

There’s a few more that caught my eye after the jump.

If you want to see some more collisions between the George Lucas universe and the gallery crowd, check out the Vader Project, which has contemprary artists apply their imaginations and paint to the Sith lord’s iconic helmet.

— Geoff Boucher      

Darthdelaware_2 Yodapaint


All these images on display at Worth1000.

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