Kanye West loves landspeeders

Sept. 09, 2008 | 12:50 a.m.

LandspeederBetween the eye-candy and the random rants, Kanye West easily has one of the more interesting celeb blogs you’ll find. If you go there now you’ll find images of a drivable landspeeder just like the kind Luke Skywalker used as he coasted across the desolate valleys of his twin-sun home planet Tatooine. Here’s the entire post:

This Star Wars Landspeeder is a full-sized, drivable, Jedi-approved replica built by … Daniel Deutsch, who designed his version from the ground up. Neatorama dug up this 1:1 scale speeder, which has a custom aluminum chassis, fiberglass body, and an electric drive system that hits lightspeed at 25 mph.

Speeder2 OK, we’re not sure why Kanye didn’t even mention that the “Back to the Future” car just happens to be parked right behind the landspeeder. We’re also wondering: Is that really Joey Fatone squatting next to R2-D2 in the other photo?

Actually, none of that really matters. The pressing question is how we here at Hero Complex can get in that landspeeder for a test drive.

— Geoff Boucher

UPDATE There was a mistake in Kanye West’s blog and it was repeated in the quoted portion from that blog which was in an earlier version of this post. Essentially, West identified Daniel Deutsch as a former LucasFilm employee, which is not the case. The mistake has been pinging around the Internet, much to the chagrin of Daniel, so we apologize to him for echoing the error.

Landspeeder photos from Kanye West University City blog.

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  1. CP says:

    I can tell you for sure that's Joey. I can also tell you that Daniel is one of the most creative and skilled robotics developers around. His ideas and creations are sought the world over. For some, this may be an acquired talent. Daniel was born with it. Before he could walk he was trying to figure out how things worked and as a small child he was inventing and creating, or reeking havoc, depending on how you look at it, re-engineering the lamps, taking apart the light switches, and making robots out of ordinary household appliances. I know because I grew up with this boy wonder. What was once a curse for curiosity and a passion for the unusual is now his genius.

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