Disney CEO: Marvel characters have a future in Disney parks

June 11, 2010 | 8:36 p.m.

Marvel universe

How long before we see a “Spider-Man’s Friendly Neighborhood” or “Asgard’s Hall of Heroes” at a Disney theme park?

I put that question to Bob Iger, president and CEO of Walt Disney Co., on Thursday at the blue-carpet event at the premiere of “Disney’s World of Color” at Disney’s California Adventure, the Anaheim theme park that has struggled to find a strong identity since opening in 2001. Iger, whose company took over Marvel in a $4 billion deal January, seemed to chew on the question a bit, but in the end, he stayed safely vague in his response.

“We’re just now considering all of our different options, so it would be premature to say when or where in the parks you would see Marvel characters — but I think it’s safe to say that you’re going to see some of those great Marvel characters walking around in the future.”

Let’s give Disney some guidance — what sort of Marvel-based rides would help with the overhaul of California Adventure?  

— Geoff Boucher


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Images: Top, the Marvel Universe. Credit: Marvel. Bottom, a poster for “Toy Story 3.” Credit: Pixar/Disney


12 Responses to Disney CEO: Marvel characters have a future in Disney parks

  1. Robaire says:

    How about a 3D adventure ride to outer space with the Silver Surfer as your guide? I'd sure pay to go on that ride!

  2. Richard says:

    Gonna be kind of hard for them to do it if the rights revert back to the Kirby
    estate, as they should since it was his art that brought most of the key characters
    to life.

  3. Duckpool says:

    A Daredevil indoor roller coaster?
    The Iceman Comet?
    Fin Fang Flume?
    Doop does look a bit like a Disney character doesn't he? Well, maybe if you squint.

  4. JEFF says:

    So whats going to happen to the Marvel area at Universal theme park. Are they going to get rid of the spiderman ride and the Hulk rollercoaster and all the Marvel super heroes walking around.

  5. Brandon says:

    Oh here is a great idea Disney! How about…. none.

  6. ifzorro says:

    the attractions in universal Island of adventure are under contract and Universal has the rights to use them exclusively in Orlando unless they make major changes to the attractions.
    Disney could use them in Anaheim though and if they do i think the best area would be in the hollywood backlot of California adventure or Paradise Pier.
    Another interesting idea could be to completely retrofit tomorrowland with something that will fit some of the characters in innovative rides.
    The best idea though would be for Disney to finally commit to a third gate in Anaheim and build a park that is built from scratch with a land themed to Marvel.

  7. Erin says:

    I would love a crazy Spiderman ride, something akin to the Roger Rabbit ride, that sends you spinning through an imitation metropolis to watch Spiderman save the day.
    Even better- an X-Men ride or show that includes the team!
    And of course a Wolverine I can take pictures with.. rawr.

  8. Brett says:

    Those rights aren't going to "revert back" to the Kirby estate. The most likely outcome will be a settlement of some kind allowing some share in revenues or simply a lump sum payout. The merits of the Kirby heirs' claims are questionable, especially as they are laying claim to ownership of supporting characters in the Marvel Universe which they cannot prove Kirby created (and for which the evidence tends to show that Stan Lee and/or other artists created).

  9. maria says:

    i dont understand where r all the photos of the rides ! it makes me want to cry but i know God loves me! ihateu

  10. greg says:

    How about none.

  11. Sal says:

    a bit late but: What about Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure? They have lots of Marvel ride…is Disney going to put a stop to that?
    Oh, Marvel plush toys have shown up in Disneyland

  12. Charlie Mane says:

    The day I see Spiderman running around Walt's park is the day I stop giving it my hard-earned money.

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