More seats on sale for Harrison Ford and ‘Empire Strikes Back’ at ArcLight

April 29, 2010 | 5:40 p.m.


A second theater has been added for the special May 19 screening of “The Empire Strikes Back” at the ArcLight Hollywood — and it will have a simulcast of the Q&A with Harrison Ford from the neighboring theater.

Tickets have just gone on sale for the second theater and cost $75. Seats in the main theater went for $175 and $100 and sold out instantly — those prices sounded plenty reasonable to “Star Wars” fans considering the good cause and the fact that Ford rarely does any events linked to the universe of Jedi knights, droids and wookiees.

The event will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and is part of yearlong charity initiative called “The Empire Gives Back,” a campaign by Lucasfilm to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the most celebrated “Star Wars” sequel.

I’ll be the one handling the Q&A on stage and if any of you have some suggested questions you’d like to me to ask, post them in the comments section.

— Geoff Boucher


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Photo: On the set of “The Empire Strikes Back.” Credit: Lucasfilm


17 Responses to More seats on sale for Harrison Ford and ‘Empire Strikes Back’ at ArcLight

  1. Sean says:

    Can you ask him if there was any way that he would ever return to the Star Wars universe? I'm talking sequels, or voice over for CGI animation, etc. Is this event going to be filmed or broadcast at all?

  2. Tom Black says:

    He's dissed his character and the films almost every chance he's gotten. He obviously wants nothing to do with it so why this all of a sudden?

  3. Trent says:

    I all seriousness (and I know you wouldn't ask this), it would be: Why do you think "Star Wars" fans are still so devoted when at least two and a half (if not three and a half) of the movies weren't very good?
    And … do you really think a fifth Indiana Jones movie is a good idea after the last one?
    (I'm a lapsed "Star Wars" fan — who has come to the late realization that most of what I loved was a fluke … not representative of the actual film series, but of my mindset as a youngster. Most of these movies are really, really bad.)

  4. Andrew says:

    I'd like to hear from Harrison Ford what it was like to work with Irvin Kershner, say as opposed to George Lucas or Richard Marquand… There were some great improvised moments in "Empire", for instance the "I love you"… [response] "I know" line. Did Irvin Kershner's direction lend itself more to Mr. Ford's natural acting instincts? Follow-up question: Will Mr. Ford please sign some autographs for the fans who paid $175 to see him please? [Jedi mind-trick: "these ARE the posters you will sign"… waives hand.] Thanks!

  5. Pat says:

    It would be amazing if he could do something special, such as a pre-signed ANYTHING, for the people in attendance at these screenings. At a charity function such as this & given his recent history regarding the franchise, it would be a very classy move on Mr. Ford's part and appreciated by fans the world over.

  6. THX-1138 says:

    FINAL question for him, what's up with "Indiana Jones 5?"
    But ask him things like how he liked working with Irvin Kershner vs. George Lucas. How are they as directors, how do they differ? Vs. a Spielberg, etc…
    How grueling was the shoot of "Star Wars," and did it get easier with each sequel? Any horror stories? Most fun moments, and worst moments.
    When doing the carbonite molds, was that just of his face or did they do his hands also?
    What does he think about his "Star Wars" movies vs. the NEW ones?
    The questions could go on and on. Email me and I'll have a LOT of questions for you.

  7. Dan says:

    Can you ask him why Harrison seems to have an animus toward the Han Solo character (or at least did when the movies were being shot) to the extent that he threatened to not do the third movie (hence the frozen in carbonite ending to EMPIRE), and then begged Lucas to kill off Solo in JEDI?
    The role seems to be such a movie classic that all the actors in Los Angeles were slobbering to play then and it is so well suited to Ford. And Solo's personality is really not that much different from Indiana Jones, a character that Ford seems to like just fine.
    What's he got against Solo?

  8. Eric Sheagren says:

    I know this is a Star Wars thing, but could you ask him at least one very direct question about Indy 5? Like how soon could we expect to hear something solid?
    He has mentioned in two separate interviews recently that he would be willing to two more Indiana Jones films, is a second trilogy in that franchise actually in talks?
    Feb 25th, 2010: [translated] "I have two more movies about Indiana."
    March 3rd 2010: [translated] "I'd love to shoot another part. Maybe even two!"

  9. Ajay says:

    "Do you ever get tired of being asked the same questions in every single interview?"
    "How have you changed as an actor since you started out?"
    "How has the filmmaking process changed for you since you first started out?"

  10. KCE says:

    "When does Indy 5 start filming?"

  11. Andrew Rhodes says:

    "Mr. Ford, what are you hoping to see in Indy 5 in regards to the character as well as the overall tone?"

  12. From the Millenium Falcon to Air Force One, to Indiana Jones biplanes and Nazi flying wings, is there one particular flying machine that Harrison Ford the pilot would really like to fly… Real craft or fantasy?

  13. Eric Sheagren says:

    Am I to assume that interview questions were pre-screened by Mr. Ford to preclude Indy 5 inquiries?

  14. LucasFilm and Ford did ask me to limit it to "Empire" questions and since it was a LucasFilm event (and for charity) and a very narrow amount of stage time I agreed.
    At the end of the q&a I DID ask about "Cowboys and Aliens" but that was because I saw Favreau in the audience and I got caught up in the moment.
    But back to "Indy": I believe I will be interviewing Ford again very soon and I will get that question answered (or — at the very least — asked).

  15. Eric Sheagren says:

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question! Much appreciated.

  16. Kevin says:

    Yeah thanks for answering his question! Hopefully more Indy 5 news soon!

  17. Eric Sheagren says:

    One last thing Geoff, I'd like to invite you to join my Indy 5 Facebook page:
    Again, thanks!

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