Nancy Pelosi and the GOP: It’s spy vs. spy, ‘James Bond’ style

May 26, 2009 | 2:15 p.m.

During the presidential campaign there was a staggering amount of fanboy imagery and pop-culture crossover. We saw Sarah Palin in “Tales from the Crypt and Barack Obama with Vulcan ears. John McCain got his own comic book and we heard political statements (both the heartfelt variety and the winking kind) from the likes of Wonder Woman and Lando Calrissian. Wow, when did the national political scene turn into a comic-book convention?

Well, the election is long gone, but politics never really take a holiday — nor do politicos ever tire of drafting Hollywood heroes as symbolic messages and cultural shorthand. Take this new GOP commercial that uses a certain secret agent to take a few shots at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi


Feel free to express your thoughts on Pelosi and the GOP in the comments section (don’t ask us what we think, we’re neutral — we cast our vote for pop culture), but before you do that, check out this montage of Bond openings through the years. Now that’s something we can support….

— Jevon Phillips & Geoff Boucher


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Captain America and Spider-Man meet…Honest Abe?

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Stephen Colbert is a swinger for Marvel

Matt Damon talks smack about James Bond…again

James Bond is back with martinis…but not the gadgets

Artwork courtesy of Marvel Comics


One Response to Nancy Pelosi and the GOP: It’s spy vs. spy, ‘James Bond’ style

  1. Sam says:

    Politics is a lot like fashion. If it weren't for old photos, we'd all claim we never ever wore acid-washed jeans or big bangs or whatever was oh so fashionable once and ridiculous now. No one videotaped the CIA briefings to Pelosi so she can claim "no, not me. Acid-washed jeans? Never!" Or in this case, the fashion at the time was "do whatever it takes to protect America, even if it inconveniences terrorists." Now the fashion is "we don't torture." "waterboarding is torture" "no Democrat would ever hear of such a thing and not mount a loud protest." The problem is torture depends on: 1. what was done 2. to what degree 3. in what frequency. Tickling someone with a feather would be torture if done "harshly" and non-stop for weeks. Making someone go without sleep–meaning making them stay up one hour later than normal could not be considered torture. Even water boarding–one time for 30 seconds–you are insane if you think that is torture. But no one ever looks at the degree and frequency. Just label label label and have an entire discussion without actually having any logic or reasoning behind it.

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