‘Twilight: New Moon’ exclusive: Three dozen photos from the set with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart

Sept. 21, 2009 | 6:13 p.m.


I was talking to David Strick just last week about bringing Hero Complex readers more exclusive photos from the sets of Hollywood films both past and present, and he promised to dig into his considerable archive to do just that. Strick is the driving force behind Hollywood Backlot, an amazing corner of the Los Angeles Times website that takes readers onto the soundstages of Tinseltown to show stars and filmmakers at work on tomorrow’s classics.

Strick has a major new exclusive at Backlot today: He was on the Vancouver set of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and came back with 37 photos of Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, new  director Chris Weitz and other principals in the project that reaches theaters on Nov. 20. Check out the new photos right here. 

— Geoff Boucher



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Photo credit: David Strick


32 Responses to ‘Twilight: New Moon’ exclusive: Three dozen photos from the set with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart

  1. maddie says:

    twilight is the best edward and bella are the best!!!!!!!!!

  2. maddie says:

    please email me back i'm your biggest fan

  3. amanda says:

    i LOVE (ADORE) twighlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think bella and edward are wonderfull characters and i love reading the twighlight series, they keep me so interetsted. and the rest of the characters such as "alice,jasper,emmet,clarisile,roselie,jacob,charlie," are amazeing and i hope that "TWIGHLIGHT" etc never ends because im in love with it!

  4. Crystal says:

    Fantastic! Thank you LA Times!! As a 37 year old fan, I tend to blame my 12 year old niece for the t-shirts, key chains, etc., etc., …just plain obsession with all that is Twilight. But after meeting many other fans my age this year, I don't feel so bad. I believe there are much worse addictions out there. ;)

  5. christina says:

    taylor lautner is sooooooooooooo hotttt hotter that robert pattinson!!!!!
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him

  6. Shaimaa says:

    I love Twilight so much and the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Rob/EDward so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Edward and Bella!!!!!!!!

  7. kathryn says:

    hey you guys are awsonme actors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Karlita Bell says:

    i love this movie i think this one is going to be good espically because bella goes with jake not saying that her and robert pattinson are a great couple but they are an even better couple in twilight not in real life ok love you guys so much and i really like this movie.

  9. Chris says:

    I really like the photo with Rob and Kristen on the bed. I think that's my fave of all these beautiful shots. It looks really intriguing!

  10. Dude Angus says:

    Is this movie going to be a monster or what? My kids can't wait to see it, and everywhere I turn I am seeing advertisements and pictures. I won't be surprised if this makes it into the top ten for first day ticket sales.
    Dude Angus
    Author, <a href="http://www.dudeangus.com” target=”_blank”>www.dudeangus.com

  11. Nathalie guibreteau says:

    Merci, cher LA Times pour vos photos sur Twilight. Je suis une maman, Qui tentais d'Expliquer à ses filles, que l'hystérie des fans de devait pas exister. Je ne voulais pas les voir crier Comme des folles. Ces acteurs font Leur travail, certes, plutôt bien, je le conçois. Les photos montrent le tournage d'un film, avec des Hommes et des Femmes en train de jouer des personnages, Qui sont peut-être loin de ce Qu'ils Sont vraiment.La réalité de photos SCÉ sur mes filles convaicu, que le jeux d'acteur de l'ONU: Un travail est à part entière et une non que l'occupation du fel en dilletante. Si le travail est bien fait, cela transparait Dans le film. A présent, mes filles crient moins les prénoms des protagonistes du film, quand elles les voient sur les écrans, Elles Ont plus de respect.

  12. Kaelyn says:

    Twilight is amazing if you dont love it then your crazy. I read all the Twilight books atleast 5 times they are sooooo amazing. I can't read any other books because i don't think their better intersesting like Twilight is. I couldn't even get in to The Host because it wasn't about Vampires lol

  13. beckie says:

    can't wait til new moon is out, countin down the days til its released….. the books are brill so i hope the film lives up too it….

  14. Sandy says:

    I still love Johnny Depp best!!!

  15. You rock Bella and Edward and the wolf guy 

  16. katie says:

    hey its cumin be radiy.

  17. Kristina aka Shadow says:

    I love the twilight series so far…im only in the second book right now, but i am absolutely obsessed with it. Jacob could not be sexier, whilst Edward will be the only one who enters my dreams…His cadaverousness skin, his brooding golden eyes that pierce through your soul at the deepest glace, if edward was real, I would want to keep all to myself. I want to be someone's Bella. And I want my own Edward. If anyone reads this and has any connection to the smart, sophisticated actors Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner, tell this to contact me anytime, anyplace. If anything, I would just like to have a long conversation with either of them, and for the best, bot of them. They are both amazing actors, and they both take strong, beautiful pictures. My name is Kristina, and I want to meet with either of them…no matter what I have to do.(hope that doesnt sound psycho or stalkerish…haha)

  18. Heather Locklear says:

    I've watched Twilight, read "New Moon" and "Eclipse" I'm currently reading "Breaking Dawn", after this saga where do I go from here? I'm not sure if I can live without Edward, Bella, and Jacob in my daily life. I need More!!!!!!!

  19. linda randall says:

    I love Twilight and I really admire Stephanie Meyers for believing in herself as a writer and taking that step towards getting her book published!
    Imagine how life would be without twilight?
    We'd all be bored to tears, with nothing to look forward too.
    Now we have Harry Potter in the summer, and Twilight New Moon in the fall.
    Hollywood just has to work on Spring and Winter and were all set! :)

  20. kiki says:

    i love twilight i cant wait for new moon to come out.i cant get enough of the twilight saga. see ya!!

  21. taylor 4 ever says:

    I love taylor he is so hot!! He is the best jacob they could find!!I like rob an cristen too, but taylor is the best! TEAM JACOB 4 EVER

  22. Amber says:


  23. Sara Spencer says:


  24. cheryl says:

    oooommmmgggg…. Taylor Lautner(jacob) iiissss sooooo hot… i would soo pick him over edward….. i love Twilight…i read all the books so far,,, but i cant wait to see the movie…… i looovvveee you!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  25. Faith says:

    I love Jacob the best but still love Kristen and Robert they all are AWESOME no ones first to me=]]
    YOU ALL ROCK! woop woop

  26. Davida and K-Lee All says:

    Mother and daughter Twilight fans. Dad is a fan also.
    We did not allow K-Lee to see the movie, Twilight, when it first came out due to my aversion to the subject of vampires. A friend had allowed her daughters to read the books and convinced me that it was something different and worth reading. K-Lee, a 10 year old with dyslexia, wanted to go straight to the movie; however; the home school teacher in me set some requirements. K-Lee had to read the book, Twilight, and writed a persuasive book review before I would allow her to purchase and watch the movie. Her thesis argument pointed out that no matter how evil someone is they can choose good. I read the book myself before giving it to K-Lee. We were instant fans and have read all of the books twice. I have read Midnight Sun on Ms Stephenie Meyer's website and am now reading it again with my daughter. PLEASE MS. MEYER COMPLETE THE BOOK, MIDNIGHT SUN, IT IS EVEN BETTER THAN TWILIGHT. WE WANT TO ADD IT TO OUR BOOKSHELF ALSO.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. VICTORIA says:

    I LOVE EDWARD i think he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT but i dont really like bella that much because i mean i think she is a GREAT actor but come on there is alot more of pretty girls in this world,like me or like anyone really i mean im only 1 girl so thats what i think. Other than that i LOVE TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, BREAKING DAWN,AND ECLIPS!!!!!:):):):):):)=)

  28. matthew scroggins says:

    I cain't wait intel this movie comes out. I'm a twilight fan, and i love the first movie. The previews for the new moon. At 12:00 i will be waiting outside the movie theater for it to open, i'm going to make sure that i'm the first one there. I love bella,edward, and jacob

  29. Shaun says:


  30. Georgia says:

    Alice and Jasper need there own book :)

  31. It's he'll cool I like it 

  32. Charley booth says:

    I av read all of the twilight books at least 10 times I am so obsessed with the story I carn't live without reading it and bella and edward are everyone's dream couple just love em it carn't get any better can it and I just love robert pattinson so much he is so much better then taylor lautner and u cud not picked a better edward that robert pattinson he is so perfect 4 the part and I love the film new moon so far I carn't wait 4 eclipes and robert pattinson is soooo hot his smile makes my heart melt lol x

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