‘New Moon’ trailer: Fans are gearing up

Sept. 14, 2009 | 8:25 p.m.

Buried underneath Kanye West’s dastardly spotlight-hogging stunt with poor Taylor Swift during last night’s MTV Video Music Awards was Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson taking to the stage at Radio City Music Hall to give the audience a sneak peek of the newest “New Moon” movie trailer.  Here it is:

Looks action-packed, but don’t most trailers?  It got a sizable helping of hype, but fared better than the “Avatar” release.  They are, of course, decidely different audiences, but the fervor surrounding them was similar.  We got a few glimpses of Dakota Fanning and the Volturi along with the shirtless ones (Taylor, RPatz), enough to appease the squeal squads. Sites like Twilightsource.com got early looks, but even for the fans of the movie that may not be as hard-core with the books or the fandom surrounding “The Twilight Saga,” it looked enticing.

Just giving Hero Complexers a look.  What do you think of the trailer, and can Chris Weitz’s rendition draw you if you weren’t already a fan?

— Jevon Phillips



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30 Responses to ‘New Moon’ trailer: Fans are gearing up

  1. robfan says:

    I think its a clever if misleading video. Guys shouldnt think its a film that will appeal to them because it wont. No problem with that. Why shouldnt women have a franchise geared to them. About time too. I am so excited about seeing Pattinson that I am acting like a school girl again when infact I saw those years a long time ago. He brings out the carefree side of me again. He should be prescribed by doctors for all women.

  2. Jane says:

    I was relieved to finally see more of Rob Pattinson. I must admit that the Bella/Jacob storyline bores me rigid and it did in the books too. Rob Pattinson keeps this franchise alive for me. His charisma shines through.

  3. Laurie says:

    I loved the Italian scenes. Thats the key part of the story as far as I;m concerned. Noone gives a toss about the Jacob parts of New Moon. I;d love Weitz to film Midnight Sun and give us what we shouls have seen in Twilight. I feel cheated out of a quality production of my favourite book. Summit should get Meyer onto finishing the book. Pattinson looks scrumptious in the trailer.

  4. oakley says:

    This is very intriguing. Not a fan here. Haven't even seen the first one. But there's a definite draw.
    Okay. Count me in for Team Jacob.

  5. sal says:

    i really hope kristen stewart is over it. I mean, Adventureland and now playing Joan Jet…plus she's uber hawt…

  6. Caz says:

    I'm glad we finally got to see more of Robert Pattinson. The endless coverage of Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart was irritating me big time. Those two dont have the screen presence or charisma of Pattinson. He makes the franchise something special.

  7. Adriana says:

    TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!

  8. dniks says:

    I'm looking forward to both "Avatar" and "New Moon". I was a little worried about the first trailers that came out for "New Moon", but this trailer is awesome. It seems more action packed then the book (not hard, but a plus, for sure). I'm looking forward to being entertained this holiday season!

  9. Angela says:

    LOVED the books and devoured the first one in record time, but did not care for the first movie. Not a fan of Kristen Stewart. This trailer makes this movie look exciting and like it might be better, but who knows? This was not my favorite boook in the series … I was like "Where the hell is Edward and when is he freakin' coming back?!" That being said, you know I am so there the day this opens!!

  10. Read it Again! says:

    I think you're all forgetting what Stephanie Meyer wanted her readers to UNDERSTAND in her books. It's not about Robert, Kristen, or Taylor getting together…it's about the characters in her story. New Moon was a love triangle story and she wanted her readers to understand the relationship and the heartache of Bella ( or any girl) not only loosing the love of her life but having her bestfriend be able to bring some light back into her life as well. And to understand the heart does heal and can manage to love again. Just like Stephenie wrote on her website…"read New Moon twice" The first time you just want Edward to come back so you scip the developing relationship she wanted you to experience between Bella and Jacob. The second time (hopefully) you'll be able to understand how Meyers bring forth the beautiful relationship Bella and Jacob develops. I read New Moon twice and couldn't believe how I missed it the first time. I think you need to understand the complexity and the yearning of Bella's heart in order to get the experience in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn because not only did she long and love Edward in New Moon she realized it for Jacob too in Eclipse.

  11. T says:

    I am a huge fan of the books, and I enjoyed the first movie. New Moon looks great, but I am only worried that Kristen Stewart is going to give an emotionless performance like in Twilight. I can't put my finger on it, but something about her acting just doesn't seem right for Bella's character. The rest of the cast is great; I just hope Kristen can pull off the Bella that came to life in the books when I read them.

  12. STephiibaby023 says:

    i love this,,, new moon is gonna be heck….
    even my bro who hates twilight wants to watch it
    (because of the fighting)
    but i reckon New Moon is gonna be epic….
    I CANT WAIT!!!1

  13. chloe homans says:



    i think this is going to be the best movie to come out tjis year im getting chill bumps just watching the trailer i cant wait to this movie come out cause i am on teamJACOB BLACK 65 more days until the movie comes out

  15. O-town says:

    This should be prefaced by a special request that all of you stop pretending to be married to either Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson. And jealousy on anyone is just plain ugly. Leave Kristen Stewart alone. She doesn't owe any of you an explanation as to the way she portrayed Bella in the first movie.
    Sadly, I don't think Kristen will get any credit for her acting as long as you all are far too concerned about Jacob and Edward are shirtless in the film. And those of you who fail to see the point of having Kristen bond with her best friend after she was destroyed by Edward's leaving, could only be as vapid and stupid as Paris Hilton. Good luck growing up, ladies, 'cause you have a lot to learn….

  16. Vee.Tirado says:

    omqqq! loved it all i cant wait to see it. even tho da story line btw bella and jacob bores me i still want to see everything turns out….YAY! CANT WAIT TIL NOV 20 2009!!

  17. 3elise says:

    Yumm so can't wait for the movie to come out. This one has to better than the first just from those few clips. Plus love that porshe i so want one when i have enough money if that will ever be. yet from the clip at the vma's it showed edward getting into a fight with the vulturi? i don't remember that in the book unless its something they just added to make the scene where jane is suppose to try her gift on bella and edward trys to stop her more suspenceful. Anyway i sooooo can't wait for it to come out hehehehehe gotta love the twilight boys and series lol

  18. Dani says:

    It looks sooo good! I'm so glad Chris Weitz is directing it, rather than Katherine Hardewick. She totally RUINED Twilight – she made it plain boring, and filmed it in a crappy blue tinge. I can't believe it, though! There's been more negative reaction to this trailer than there was to the Twilight trailer, and I think we can all agree that this one FAR more superior and professional. New Moon might actually turn out okay – something I didn't even consider with Twilight. It looks like Chris Weitz will make use of Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson in this film, who have far more potential than was displayed in Twilight. (I still think Rob is ugly, though. Sorry.)
    Anyway, I'm really excited. The wolves look great, and good use of hallucinatory Edward :) (If that's even a word…)
    I can't wait!

  19. JOYCE says:

    Although the whole book was not just about bella/edward they are the protagonists and it would be alittle over done if it only focused on them ALL THE TIME, Jaboc seems to be the antagonist in the nxt film give the guy alot of credit besides what would the tale be if he were no longer in it. Stephnie Meyer knew just what she was doing as we read more and more we kept going just to see if Edward would somehow pot up but,… to no avail we had to get the next book which of course we all knew we would so face it ladies and gents if you're for team edward/bella then jacobs name will not be far behind, hate it or love it the under dogs on top… literally. mwah till nxt time!!!

  20. Dee says:

    I agree with T's comment on Sept 14th. I love this series, but when watching Twilight, I just don't think K. Stewart captures the "Bella" character. Something in her eyes/expression always looks/feels "dead", as opposed to impassioned, hurt, longing, naive… etc.
    Meanwhile, unlike a lot of fans I think Jacob's relationship with Bella adds HUGE depth to the whole saga. I love the DOGS! :-)

  21. Jessica Whitmire says:

    I am a Twilight fan and well over the age of 13. I saw the Trailer and was immediately intrigued. I can't wait for it to come out in Nov. I think Dakota Fanning is the perfect "Jane." Being a fan of the series, I think I like the way the rendition of the book. They way they put "Edward" as dream sequences instead of Bella just hearing his voice. I think I like it that way. It gives us fans a taste of Edward. I am very excited to see the whole film because as you said they do make they trailers look very exciting.

  22. forever17 says:

    I am well over 13 and I agree that Edward takes me back to being 17 again! I LOVE all the characters. The trailer looks amazing!! I agree that Twilight was somewhat of a disappointment compared to the book but I bought it anyway! I'm obsessed! This movie looks waaaayyyyy better than the last one. And Midnight Sun should defenitely be finished and made into a movie as well. That was an amazing companion piece. Kudos to Stephanie Meyer on all her writing. What a gift. I must also say, although I did find myself begging for Edward through the whole New Moon book, I agree that is was so very necessary for Jacob to shine. The relationship b/t him and Bella needed to grow and it added such depth to the story. Besides, the banter b/t Edward and Jacob in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn had me belly laughing on more than one occasion. Loved every minute of all of it! I cannot wait for Nov. 20! And btw, Dakota Fanning is a perfect Jane!

  23. Lia says:

    the twilight trailer is amazing…..

  24. Lea says:

    Honoestly I do think that there is plenty of action in this movie for guys, I mean there are vampires and werewolves fighting. Just because there also happens to be romance doesn't mean that guys can't enjoy it. Plus we are also missing a vital piont here. How many gorgous, young and middle age(we get em every age) looken for love women do you think goes to these movies? If guys were smarter I think that they would go to these twilight movies and atleast pretend to like them if for no other reason than to get chicks. Think about it just for being there they are likely to walk out with a couple of phone numbers.

  25. Louise says:

    I love the trailer and i hope it is as action packed as it looks, but then again i dont care because i love all the books and at first this was not my fav book but it is starting to be now. Even if edward is not in it as much i loved the jacob and bella story and i think it is good that there is a different side to the story! i just cant wait to see this now and the rest that will follow!

  26. Zarah says:

    IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  27. Amanda says:

    this was awesome. i finnally got to see a good site to watch the new moon trailer. friggin' sweet. keep up with the news.

  28. TWILIGHT LUV'ER says:

    OMG!!!!!!! is is the best thing EVER!!! i cant wait till it comes out at the movies!!!
    but i am really anoyed that they fight at the end!! I STILL LOVE IT ANYWAY!!

  29. Robert Lover says:

    that was the most awesome-est video i've ever seen in my life!
    taylor and robert are so gorgeous :)

  30. Shortiie114 says:

    OMG OMG OMG diz is da best movie in da histroy of movies but derez surrposed to be more scenez in it like derez once scene were the other vampirez say to edward "Bring the girl wif us" n den edward sayz "You can go to hell" but in dis version he dosn't but anyway itz one hiktik ass movie i never read da book until i saw twilight but i read it like hunderd timez n i no dem all by heart LOL

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