News on ‘The Flash’ and ‘Green Arrow’ movies

July 11, 2008 | 12:56 a.m.

The Green Arrow David S. Goyer is headed to International Comic-Con in two weeks to promote “The Unborn,” the horror film due in 2009 that finds the “Batman Begins” screenwriter back in the director’s chair and working with Meagan Good, Carla Gugino, Jane Alexander and Gary Oldman. Goyer is a familiar name to comics and genre film fans, of course, and he hopes to solidify that stature in the next few years with two more heroic projects: “The Flash” and “Green Arrow.”

Here’s Goyer’s approach on each:

“The Flash”: “To me, Wally West as the Flash has always been the most-Marvel of all the major DC characters. He’s like Peter Parker. He’s screwed up a lot, he’s overwhelmed. He wasn’t born as the last son of Krypton or some Amazonian princess, he’s a person who just ends up with these powers. He’s not even the first Flash, he’s sort of had this costume passed on to him by Barry Allen, he’s had to live up to this other guy who everybody admired. I like all of that. I don’t think we’ve seen a movie like that, where someone is trying to live up to the legacy of someone who came before him.”

“Green Arrow”: “We’re not even going to tell an origin story. The movie starts with Green Arrow framed for a crime and sent to a prison for meta-humans. He has to survive in this special, high-security prison with a lot of people that he put in there. And of course, he has no super powers and he’s always been such a black-and-white, moralist kind of guy, and he has to make certain relationships inside that cause him to reexamine some of his beliefs and assumptions.”

When would these movie be made? “Green Arrow” is still in the very earliest stages and while “The Flash” has an IMDb target date of 2010, that’s not going to happen — not with Goyer’s schedule (which includes a Magneto movie) and the fact that Warner Bros. is mulling over the proper approach to “cape” movies.

“ ‘The Flash’ right now is on the back burner. The word I hear is that Warner is taking a step back so they can reexamine, from soup to nuts, their approach to the DC characters and universe. The ‘Justice League’ movie was put on hold by [the writers] strike and after watching ‘Iron Man’ and the business it did, I think they want to see what they can get from Marvel and its more directed approach.”

Goyer said that he believes some decision-makers at Warner Bros. were surprised while watching the success of “Iron Man” since the armored avenger is, essentially, a second-tier comics character, but was brought to the screen with substantial commercial vigor. The Warner focus for decades has been bringing Superman and Batman to the screen again and again and now the Marvel model has some executives looking at the deep roster of characters still waiting for their first bite at the cinematic apple.

— Geoff Boucher

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2 Responses to News on ‘The Flash’ and ‘Green Arrow’ movies

  1. Korum Emrys says:

    The sooner someone comes along and either buys Warner Bros or the rights to DC characters who does not have their head up their collective executive asses the sooner DC can produce another movie on the caliber of Batman:Dark Knight or Batman Begins. Hell Mr. Singer did a great job with Superman Returns! That had to be an extremely difficult movie to make well let alone star in. We all remember Christopher Reeve as Supes so anyone else who comes along has to compete with a legend to wear that cape. DC doe yourself a favor: LISTEN TO THE FANS AND DONT CAST ACTORS OR PRODUCERS WITH THE BIG NAMES!! Look what happened with all the pre-Christian Bale-batman Movies They were Mostly crap-Keatons Batman was decent, but Burton was not the right man for the Bat. Neither is Schumacher or Jon Peters. Same mistake made with CONAN. Spend a month on the internet and look at every photo, drawing, painting of every hero you want to make a movie of, read every comic of that hero that has come out in the past 20 years, then hire 100 fans of each hero individually from around the country to chime in ideas and opinions on to choose who they should cast for the role and read the finished script before going any farther. I volunteer to be the first. Otherwise the sooner Marvel buys DC the sooner we will have real movies. All Bow to Christopher Nolan and Bryan Singer, or sit your asses down!

  2. legends311 says:

    I am a long time fan of superheroes, hollywood as of late has done a great job in producing these types of movies. They just have to keep them in retrospect of the comic books by using some type of realism in the superhero genre. I know what you are thinking, how does realism fit in with the superhero, well just like an average day of a superhero. Take for example smallville, the writers have incorporated realism into that series that fits well with the superman charecter. I am just saying to make a great superhero movie just listen to the avid reader of the comic books involving the charector that you are going to make the movie about that is all. Thank You Legends311

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