Next ‘Batman’ film on track for 2011 release?

July 24, 2009 | 7:40 p.m.

Gary Oldman is at again. The actor shocked Comic-Con attendees in San Diego this morning when he revealed that the next film in the “Batman” franchise was to start filming in 2010, and potentially be released in 2011.

Oldman, who was at Comic-Con to promote “The Book of Eli,” was reportedly asked by a Comic-Con attendee when the next film in the series would begin shooting. He told the crowd that the film would go before cameras in 2010, and then quickly added, “But you didn’t hear that from me,” which we at the Hero Complex HQ learned via the tweets of our Comic-Con reporter Denise Martin.

There didn’t appear to be any other “Batman”-related spoilers out of Comic-Con this morning. Oldman portrayed Police Commissioner Gordon in the first two films directed by Christopher Nolan, 2005’s “Batman Begins” and 2008’s “The Dark Knight.” 

This isn’t the first time Oldman has possibly spoken out of turn about a forthcoming “Batman” film. While promoting “The Dark Knight,” Oldman was quoted as saying, “Maybe we don’t need the Joker. Because we’ll have the Riddler.”

Nolan is currently busy filming “Inception,” a Warner Bros. sci-fi picture starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page.

–Todd Martens


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3 Responses to Next ‘Batman’ film on track for 2011 release?

  1. Rob says:

    Jump the series ahead a few years, add the Riddler, and if we ever see the Joker, (whether guy pierce or someone else plays him) He would be older and hence look different.
    But I agree – you don't need the joker to make a third film.
    Just someone like Johnny Depp to play the Riddler…

  2. BEDOONASSM says:


  3. Ellen Gilbert says:

    Any news about when tickets and details for the 2011 film festival will begin? Ellen

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