‘One small step…’ Some lunar cinema to honor Apollo 11

July 20, 2009 | 5:08 p.m.
Apollo 11

A bit of fun to honor the achievements of Apollo 11, which landed mankind on the moon 40 years ago today: This mash-up of Stanley Kubrick and the Police is the handiwork of Doc Wertham, a Facebook friend of mine. …

And thanks to Carl Samrock for unearthing this artifact, caked in Hollywood moon dust…


Viaje a la Luna

And the genius of Georges Méliès and his 1902 dreamy masterpiece “Un Viaje a la Luna,” “A Trip to the Moon…”


— Geoff Boucher


Stanley Kubrick on set of Strangelove

From the LAT archive: Stanley Kubrick on the set of “Strangelove” 

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13 upcoming remakes of Hollywood sci-fi classics

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Hollywood history: Rare newspaper photo of Leonard Nimoy at age 20

Credit: Apollo 11 photograph from NASA. Kubrick set photo from the Los Angeles Times archives. 

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