Obama dismisses ‘Jedi mind meld’ to solve sequester

March 01, 2013 | 1:50 p.m.

As Congress, the president and the nation grapple with the so-called sequester and the possible harrowing effects of billions of dollars in automatic, across-the-board federal budget cuts, there’s one thing Congress doesn’t have to worry about: President Obama performing a Jedi mind meld.  The president has indicated that he cannot go to those lengths.

It’s just as well. The ability to connect minds “so closely as to act as a single person” is likely the kind of presidential power that no Founding Father (or Vulcan) would ever allow.

The president made the sci-fi reference — a combination of a “Star Wars” term and a “Star Trek” term — on Friday when he spoke to reporters following a failed meeting with top congressional leaders to avoid the sequestration cuts — $85 billion worth — that will likely go into effect at midnight.

Mr. Spock has perfected the Vulcan mind meld, unlike President Obama.A reporter at the news conference asked, to general laughter, couldn’t the president just “refuse to let them leave the room until you have a deal?”

The president’s reply noted that he was not a dictator.

“And I know that this has been some of the conventional wisdom that’s been floating around Washington,” he added, “that somehow, even though most people agree that I’m being reasonable, that most people agree I’m presenting a fair deal, the fact that they don’t take it means that I should somehow do a Jedi mind meld with these folks and convince them to do what’s right. …

But if he did have secret powers, watch out.

“This idea that somehow there’s a secret formula or secret sauce to get Speaker [John] Boehner or [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell to say, you know what, Mr. President, you’re right, we should close some tax loopholes for the well-off and well-connected in exchange for some serious entitlement reform and spending cuts of programs we don’t need. I think if there was a secret way to do that, I would have tried it. I would have done it.”

The Jedi meld can be found in Timothy Zahn’s “Star Wars” book “Outbound Flight.” The character Jorus C’baoth asks Anakin Skywalker: “Tell me, Master Skywalker, has Master Kenobi ever spoken to you of the Jedi meld? … It permits a group of Jedi to connect their minds so closely as to act as a single person.”

The president’s reference is a seeming combination of the little-known “Star Wars” Jedi meld with the much better-known Vulcan mind meld, as used by Mr. Spock on TV’s classic “Star Trek.” Spock would press his fingers against a person’s face, one or more digits on the temple and the pinkie — or sometimes the pointer finger — against the nose.

In the case of the sequester, Zahn’s thinking “as a single person” would be more applicable than the Vulcan method, which allows two people to share memories and thoughts – or even to erase memories of a certain woman, as Spock did with Captain Kirk in the classic TV series’ episode “Requiem for Methuselah.”

In any case, most of us can agree that presidents are better off without superpowers, although a cape might look nice.

— Amy Hubbard


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25 Responses to Obama dismisses ‘Jedi mind meld’ to solve sequester

  1. sickoflies says:

    Obama continues to live in his world of fantasy.

  2. Curtis Powell says:

    Mr. Obama states he is not a dictator, yet he demands everything his way. Mr. Obama blames Republicans for the sequestration, yet it has been proven that it was his idea. How many more lies must we endure?

    I ask that everyone who agrees with me, call your representatives and DEMAND impeachment.

  3. ken says:

    If only the pres could be trusted to not spend america into oblivion then maybe they might be more willing to generate tax revenue. As it is, according to the governments own accounting agencies thereis plenty of frsud and excessive spending from gov social programs and agencies themselves,. If he.chose to reallocate sequestration to those programs then they would be forced to govern themselves without buckets of money budgeted to them. The prez got his taxes now he wants more without complentary spending cuts…he wants to continue to “invest”. He is a two faved token prez who blows with the wind to keep him in favor. A yes man to the people, he needs to make the hard choices, and cut the overlapping pork in the gov.

  4. martin says:

    The president's remarks are dumb enough without the press dignifying them with their commentary.

  5. Bubba Baxter says:

    What a complete Bozo… the Jedis had no mind meld.. only Vulcans can do it.. but as usual this idiot changes the game and lies to suit his miserable agenda , which is to destroy the US economy and turn it into something he admires like the French or the Greeks…. An empty suit in an empty chair who wants to divide this nation against each other. the haves vs the have nots…. My gawd how did you morons get bs'd into believing in this chicago politician…. are you that stupid or just that filled with hate from the crap you read everytday in the huffpost.???

  6. CHOPPERGIRL says:

    Why don't they just slash the military budget, that would free up 1/2 the entire national budget.

    After 50 years of dumping trillions and trillions on the military, if they haven't put up some savings to cost for decades on, then something is seriously wrong with them.

    • smoke says:

      that would be fine, except the defense budget is only about 22% of the federal budget. you really should have at least a basic understanding of what you're talking about before you post on the internet

      • CH1P0T73 says:

        @ smoke Thank god you said that. Coming from me it might have sounded a little more condescending :) . Btw, @choppergirl, we could instead cut entitlements instead of throwing away security, research and development, and jobs ;) . Try thinking practically or maybe just thinking

  7. Harry Kuheim says:

    What could be more fair than all Government Agencies take a small 2.25% decrease in their generous 6%-8% increase every year?

  8. Knarf says:

    It's Jedi Mind TRICK buddy.

  9. brian says:

    Obama has relied on stupid people to get into office, people who are uneducated and have their hands out. He has rode this wave of stupid into a second term. Say half you idiots oppose the GOP because they're plutocratic and take hard lines on social issues you disagree with. I accept you as human beings with opinions that have basis, but you're at most half of the supporting cast. The other half, say 55% of those who vote democrat don't know what a sequester is, don't understand the economy, don't understand debt, budgets, spending, taxes or anything else. If you don't agree then explain the steady stream of news stories highlighting the general public's lack of understanding of what the sequester even is.

    • AnotherTom says:

      Obama relied on republicans to get into office????? And; "the general public's lack of understanding of what the sequester even is. ", I think the term "general public" also includes republicants!

  10. To.The.Hilt says:

    For the record. It is a "Vulcan" Mind Meld with reference to Star TREK. Star WARS has the "Jedi" Knights, and a "Jedi Mind Trick." Two completely different things.
    Signed: Every Nerd in the World.

  11. brian says:

    The assumption by the media is that the public will blame the GOP for any negative affects the economy shows from said sequester. This is where my evil grinning starts…The assumption that the general public who doesn't get what anything means, who think Obama is doing fantastic right now will stick by his side if gas is $5.00 a gallon and even half of the stuff he claims will happen with the sequester happens is completely ridiculous. They will eat him alive, and I can't wait. Karma. You can't have your policy to steal from the rich and ruin the economy so the rich people leave/go broke then who picks up the bill for your huge government? You haven't thought that far ahead Democrats because you shamelessly spend money like a 14 year old with mommys credit card at forever 21 until your maxed out and confused.

    • Michael Ganey says:

      You got it right, people will not look at history and see who caused all of this problem! I love history and you can bet that if they would check it out there would never be a lying sob Republican in office again! Redan started it and Bush junior and Dick kelp it going, You cannot use money to fill the pocks of the good olds boys that does not contribute to the good of the country and expect the out come to be anything different ! Remember the Horse and Sparrow mentality!

  12. Michael Mitchell says:

    He could call them into session, place guards around the capitol and not let them leave until they have something he can sign.

  13. unclesmrgol says:

    "The president’s reply noted that he was not a dictator."

    No, it noted he's not a tator.

  14. John says:

    The term "Jedi" is from Star Wars, "Mind Meld" is a Vulcan technique from Star Trek.

  15. Cadron Boy says:

    What I heard: "Spend, spend, spend. Tax, tax, tax. And if you don't agree with me you are dumb, wrong and out to hurt America",

    Those that oppose Obama best be careful — he has already established a precedence that allows him to unilaterally kill any Americans that he believes to be an immenient threat without judicial review. His blood lust is dwarfed only by his incapacity to lead.

  16. whatsInAName says:

    comments/replies on this page are pretty low-class.
    Please read better stuff – available aplenty on the web – to understand issues.

  17. gytannia says:

    Just another example of how he doesn't know what he's really talking about. Real good at the word shuffle game, great puppet for the dark masters.

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