Shawnee Smith’s ’30 Days of Night’ Web scare

July 23, 2008 | 9:34 p.m.

Gina1_2 Horror fans should drop by to check out the first chapter in a six-part mini-movie called "30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust," which stars "Saw" scream-queen Shawnee Smith. Each chapter of the vampire tale "Dust to Dust" picks up after "Blood Trails," a FEARnet miniseries last fall that the website says was viewed more than 5 million times.

There’s a limited edition "Dust to Dust" tie-in comic book (only 10,000 copies printed) and poster that will be given out at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Shawnee Smith and others involved in the project will be signing stuff at the Sony Pictures Entertainment booth (#4313) on Saturday at noon.

Here’s the lowdown on "Dust to Dust" from the press release:

‘Dust to Dust’ continues the New Orleans storyline from Blood Trails where fans first met George, an ex-junkie who, while trying to expose the vampires, got captured by the authorities and blamed for the trail of bodies.  Our new series begins as Detective Nick Maguire learns that his sister Sara, a nurse at the local penitentiary, disappeared during a mysterious prison break in which George escaped. Nick ignores the wishes of his former partner, Gina, and begins to search for Sara himself. While scouring the gritty streets of New Orleans, Nick finds George and learns that there was more to the prison break than anyone thought, and that the wounds inflicted upon Sara may be changing her into a blood-thirsty vampire.  Now, in order to save his sister, Nick will have to learn to trust George, and become a believer in the evil that stalks his streets at night.

Dust to Dust’s spine-tingling action will premiere in July at Comic Con San Diego.  The chilling story unfolds over six, 3-7 minute mini-sodes that will be released on a weekly basis.  Ben Ketai, who wrote Blood Trails, makes his directorial debut with a script penned by Ed Fowler.  Steve Hein, who produced the Boogeyman Franchise, returns to produce this second series with Ghost House Pictures’ Aaron Lam.  Jim Burns, Steve Niles, Rob Sebastian and Shawnee Smith serve as executive producers. 

Both FEARnet projects followed the "30 Days of Night" film which adapted the graphic novels written by the always spooky and smart Steve Niles. In other Niles news: He’s doing a signing at Meltdown in L.A. to promote "Lost Ones" (an upcoming Zune Arts graphic novel) on July 31. You can find the press release after the jump.

— Geoff Boucher

Photo of Shawnee Smith in "Dust to Dust," courtesy of

Select City National Tour To Promote Graphic Novel Produced By Zune Arts

In anticipation of the upcoming Zune Arts graphic novel, author Steve Niles and illustrator Kime Buzzelli will be making an appearance and signing of their latest collaboration, The Lost Ones at Meltdown on Friday July 31, 2008 from 7-10PM.

Steve Niles and Kime Buzzelli

Appearance and signing of Zune Art’s graphic novel The Lost Ones

Friday July 31, 2008

WHERE: Meltdown
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Steve Niles teams up with four visual artists to bring you a graphic novel that will challenge what you think about time and space travel. DR. REVOLT, an original member of the historic New York City graffiti crew The Rolling Thunder Writers, Gary Panter, an illustrator known for his surreal and raw style, Morning Breath, Brooklyn-based art and design duo, and emerging painter/fashion designer Kime Buzzelli – each bring a remarkable and unique drawing style to the project.

"The Lost Ones" tells the story of Duncan, Roxy, Rasheed and Cynthia, who leave their Earth and get swept up in an epic intergalactic adventure. What starts out as a harmless day of extreme planet jumping turns into a mind-blowing, white-knuckle race for their lives to get back home.

The Zune Arts program brings the best creative minds together to collaborate on inspiring works of art. With "The Lost Ones," Zune Arts expands beyond videos and posters and makes it first foray into this art medium featuring a writer as the lead artist. Collector’s and paperback editions of "The Lost Ones" will be available for free in early July 2008 at select comic book stores nationwide.

About Zune Arts:
Zune Arts is a program that offers emerging and established artists a unique collaboration opportunity and platform to share their work with a broader audience. At the heart of Zune Arts are ideas about friendship, sharing, connecting and discovery that serve as both a guide for artists’ work and an ethic for the art that’s produced through this program.

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