Some happy ‘Potter’ fans? We actually found them

Aug. 16, 2008 | 3:31 p.m.

Azkatraz The Great Muggle Rebellion of 2008 rages on, but it turns out that not every “Harry Potter” fan is incensed by Warner Bros. and its profit-minded decision to postpone the release of the nearly completed film until summer 2009. There are some giddy fans in the Bay Area, in fact, who view the new release date as one of pure serendipity.

Here’s an e-mail I got yesterday:

Hi Mr Boucher, I’m one of the organizers of AZKATRAZ, a Harry Potter convention set to take place in San Francisco from July 18 – 22.

Yes, the 18th. We announced it a few weeks ago, so WE were thrilled to hear about the change in the movie release date, because this provides a fantastic opportunity for fans to gather together to see the film en masse at one minute after midnight on the 17th, then spend the weekend discussing the film – and hundreds of other Potter-related topics, play Quidditch, write fanfic in round-robins, listen to Wizard Rock and perhaps even enjoy an alchemy-based wine-tour in Sonoma. And then a bunch of us are heading to Comic-Con for some multimedia fun immediately thereafter.

We’re expecting hundreds, if not over a thousand, to attend Azkatraz; our average convention attendance at the last five events we’ve put on is just over 1,000 people, and we’ve had two sell-outs that were capped at about 1,400. Seeing the film in an IMAX theater with your fellow fans and people you’ve known from fandom for two, five, or even ten years is an amazing experience, and we’re all looking forward to it!

Just thought you ought to know, and hear the counterpoint to your article.

Heidi Tandy
Team Azkatraz

Thanks for the note Heidi. If you want to make the convention an even bigger success, we suggest that you set up a dunk booth with Alan Horn, chairman of Warner Bros., who has replaced Voldemort as the villain that “Potter” fans love to hate….Heidi also told us that her event’s website is a few days out-of-date (their webmistress had to take a few days off, the wrong ones as it turned out) but in the meantime there will be updates posted here.

— Geoff Boucher

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Photo: Courtesy of Azkatraz

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11 Responses to Some happy ‘Potter’ fans? We actually found them

  1. Janee Prince says:

    I understand why this person is psyched the movie comes out later, but understand, fans are talking about boycotting, and if they do decided to seriously do this, NO ONE makes money off of Harry Potter (besides J.K).

  2. Ana says:

    Actually, there is a movement to boycott opening week of the movie to express our extreme dissatisfaction.
    If the Convention organizers were smart, they could use the Convention to have a full week of events to keep HP fans busy for that week, like watch the old movies and collect Howlers (red envelopes) to send to WB and then on the last day of the convention, see the movie together.
    I will not be used by WB to increase their opening week or weekend numbers and I know a lot of other HP fans agree. The Convention organizers should take advantage of this.

  3. nancy says:

    this just shows how much the wb really cares for the people who made them big in the first place.

  4. Taylor S says:

    TRUE Potter fans will be boycotting the opening weekend, and we're letting WB know about it now. It won't change their decision about the July date, but it will hurt them (opening weekends are the linchpin for production companies). Call it a punishment for this act. They think that because they know we'll see the movie no matter what, that they can do whatever they want with us and there's nothing we can do about it. They basically think they have us by the short and curlies. Not so. No opening weekend. No repeat viewings (in theatre). No IMAX.

  5. riesen2b says:

    Just like Warner Bros. the organizers of this convention just have dollar signs in their head. They are hoping for more attendees based on the fact they will have more to offer since the new movie will be fresh and not old news. Not only will I be boycotting Half-Blood Prince opening weekend, I will also be boycotting Warner Bros. future releases, no matter what it is. Land Of The Lost with Will Ferrell is scheduled to open the same day as Harry Potter. I hope everybody goes out and makes it the number one film of the weekend!

  6. oliver says:

    yup, i agree with the people below!!
    I bet fans are throwing tomatoes at WB!!

  7. Kell Brigan says:

    Actually, I'm outraged because I'm the only one I know NOT making money off of Harry Potter. Gee whiz, children, even if you're going to waste your time boycotting over something frivolous, at least learn a little bit about business first. The naivete is these comments is overwhelming. How about a term paper this coming school year using Jelly Belly's annual report for starters?

  8. filloy says:

    Oh, im so sorry,Mr. Kelly thinks we shouldnt boycot. Yeah,like we care.

  9. katie says:

    I am afraid to even tell my son about the delay. I think it's a gross abuse of capitalism and I'm sorry JK can't do anything about it —like taking movie 7 to a different co. We will be boycotting as well and I only hope between now and then some hackers are able to get the movie and release it via internet and really screw WB.

  10. katie says:

    Below is a list of upcoming WB films send WB a message by not seeing any of them in theaters, stop watching wb network I'm not sure if cable companies can report blocked channels but block it. and/or watch for an hour write up a list of the advertisers and send these companies a letter letting them know you will not be watching the channel so they should spend their money elsewhere. and keep signing petitions
    Nights in Rodanthe 9/26/08
    RockNRolla 10/8/08
    House of Lies (formerly Untitled Ridley Scott) 10/10/08
    Gran Torino Dec 2008
    Yes Man 12/19/08
    Mama's Boy 2008
    Spring Breakdown 2008
    Trick 'r Treat 2008
    Ninja Assassin 1/16/09
    He's Just Not That Into You 2/6/09
    Watchmen 3/6/09
    The Box 3/20/09
    The Informant 3/27/09
    Untitled Jody Hill/Seth Rogen Comedy (formerly Observe & Report) 4/10/09
    17 Again 4/17/09
    Terminator Salvation 5/22/09
    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 7/17/09
    Where the Wild Things Are 10/16/09
    Guardians of Ga'Hoole 3D 7/9/10
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part One) 11/19/10
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two) Summer 2011
    Wonder Woman TBD
    The Lazarus Child TBD

  11. Tonystark616 says:

    Let's Look on the bright side of things!
    At least No one would take it out on Bonnie Wright And Ginny Weasley If There is something WRONG with the movie!
    Who knows;Maybe the Secretarian war that has eaten us alive for the entire decade will now end and we can consider one another a family again!
    That's one upside to the boycott,everyone is now working together for the good of the fans!

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