Trey Parker on a ‘South Park’ movie sequel

Nov. 18, 2008 | 1:45 p.m.

EXCLUSIVE: Trey Parker talks about the "South Park" movie that almost was, and the end of the TV series.

1110imaginationland1 Trey Parker on a South Park movie sequel

"South Park" co-creator and executive producer Trey Parker says they’ve been discussing how to end the Comedy Central flagship series, which has been on the air for more than a decade. But you won’t hear Cartman say, "Screw you guys! I’m going home," just yet.

Parker and co-creator Matt Stone are signed on to continue producing episodes until 2011, and whether that contract will be their last is anyone’s guess. But what we can bet on is that when it does come time to pull the plug, it will be a full-length "South Park" film that sends off Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and the rest of the foul-mouthed Colorado fourth graders.

"We talked about maybe some day doing a movie to sort of end it all, and that seems like the best idea," Parker said. "That’s been a big thought to do the last show as a movie."

It wouldn’t be the first time a TV series has sent fans to the theaters for closure. Just this summer, "Sex and the City: The Movie" had an explosive opening weekend, pulling the fifth-highest debut ever for an R-rated film.

But Parker says they wouldn’t consider making something for the big screen unless they had a really stellar idea. They had such an idea a couple years ago, but decided to use it for a series of episodes instead of holding it back for a motion picture.

Matttrey_2005d"We came up with this pretty good idea for a movie, and then of course what happened was we got in the middle of a ‘South Park’ run, and were completely out of ideas," Parker recalls. "And we were like, well, we’ve got to use the movie idea. And that became ‘Imaginationland.’"

"Imaginationland" was, of course, the three-part story in October 2007 about a group of terrorists plotting to bomb a fictional world, where all man-made, mythical characters live — including Super Mario, Luke Skywalker and Strawberry Shortcake. The story arc, now available on DVD, yeilded an Emmy for outstanding animated program for one hour or more.

While Parker would have liked to save the concept for theaters, he says the long-story episode format was "really fresh and fun to do." "Once we decided, let’s make it a three-part show, we’re like: Oh, now we can do it in the style of ’24’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica.’"

OK, it looks like we won’t be seeing a "South Park" movie for a little while. But what about a different big screen venture from the guys that brought us "Baseketball," "Orgazmo" and "Team America: World Police"?

"We started going down the movie route," Parker said hesitantly. "Basically, ‘Team America’ just killed the movie spirit in us…"


Their distress isn’t because "Team America" wasn’t well received — in fact, it got a respectable 78% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. No, Parker is burned out on movies because of the exhausting production that went into the puppet action film.

"It was just a much bigger beast than we ever could have imagined," Parker said. "Even the guy who shot all ‘The Matrix’ movies and the ‘Spider-Man’ movies would agree that it was the toughest movie shoot to do because it was trying to do a huge action film with marionettes, who don’t do anything, and not use any computers to fix anything or do any effects."

So, we won’t be seeing a "South Park" movie any time soon or any Parker-Stone flicks, for that matter. But aren’t those guys getting sick of trying to make us laugh every week? When asked whether he has started to see ideas for the show running dry, Parker responded, "Um, no, have you?"

In all fairness, few shows exceed the ten-year mark without getting stale. What makes "South Park" any different?

"The fact that we still write and direct and voice every show ourselves, it’s really more like a band," Parker said. "Because it’s basically watching where we are now compared to where we were five years ago. It’s sort of us growing up with the show, and the show growing up with us — or growing down."

South_park_kids"We always said, When we feel like we don’t want to write the show anymore, ourselves, then it’s time to end the show," he said.

If Parker and Co. do happen to run out of ideas, however, they always have Crab People. "That’s a thing in the writer’s room now," Parker said. "On a Monday, when we’re two days away from airing, and we only have half a show, we’re like, But how does he get there? … Crab People! That means we have no ideas left."

Oh, and for the record: Two episodes have made reference to the subterranean-dwelling Crab People. Hopefully, "South Park" won’t have to break them out again.

— Mark Milian


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Art: A high-flying shot from the "Imaginationland" and scenes from other episodes of "South Park," both new and old, courtesy of Comedy Central. Photo of Trey Parker by Michael Yarish/Comedy Central. Seth Green photo by Kwaku Alston.

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44 Responses to Trey Parker on a ‘South Park’ movie sequel

  1. A "South Park" movie? That'd be awesome. I'll be forever looking forward to it.

  2. Joe says:

    Um, actually, they ARE out of ideas. This year's crop of episodes have been painfully unfunny. Crab people would have been welcome.

  3. I would love to see another south park movie. Knowing one was coming out might get me back into watching the show.

  4. Edge says:

    I use to luv watching South Park but lost interest, I predict no one will go watch this movie.

  5. Jordan says:

    I love South Park, favorite show growing up. But I wish they would end it and start another show. It could even be in South Park animation and production style. I just think that the characters on it have nowhere else to go.
    Make more movies, you don't have to use puppets! heheh

  6. Jared says:

    South Park aren't out of ideas…
    I think the newer series are better than ever. There was a stale moment with South Park after the first movie and while they were working on Team America, but they've definately bounced back.

  7. Vince says:

    I am south park number one fan i have seasons 1-11 on dvd make a sequel movie to end the seris

  8. Ja says:

    South Park needs to remain on the air. I h8 Family Guy!

  9. neptune says:

    south park is amazing. simple as that. AND SEASON 12 HAS BEEN GOOD

  10. steven Williams says:

    i love south park its my Favourite show and i hope they never stop makeing episodes and if they were to make a 2nd movie that would be amazing id be 1st in line and i no plenty more who would go see it i wouldnt say the show has gone stale at all if anythings it keeps getting better although i would like to see a few of the old characters back init a bit more and i mean jimbo ,ned officer bar brady Dr. Alphonse Mephisto and Kevin etc

  11. steve bollox says:

    how can people say season 12 aint funny? tonsil trouble, super fun time! they are well funny and pandemik is hilarious!!! and the school musical is so funny so evry1 needs 2 stop moaning, stop tryna act all grown up and mature and stop being boring, south park is the king u all no it x

  12. South Park is simply hilarious, and anyone who wont admit it has no soul.
    I just wish I could some how get an idea I have to Matt and Trey.
    Seriously, its my favorite episode of all time and its only ever played in my head.
    It gives an answer to some of the biggest questions in South Park history.

  13. Hootiie says:

    South park Creators are not out of Ideas there are sum Chuckles yes But The reason they arent producing much HILLARIUS like they used to be is because they are working on getting South park into High Def Yes even the story wrighters and such Because this is a reason that could change alot of peaples Views on south park from the origiinnaly 30 second stop action film to what it is now IMPROVMENT from what it is now to HIGH DEFINITION*DRAMATIC VOICE* I hope this has reached many of you or atleast a few i would like some feedback emailed to me at WOTLKGEEK@LIVE.COM Thank you for taking your time reading my Review

  14. Bingo Bango says:

    dude its freaking hilarious!! South park is the greatest and will always be the greatest!

  15. kyle broflovski says:

    I am south park #1 fan more than anyone out there and I'm ONLY 11 I luved southpark bigger longer and uncut like when kenny goes to hell and u show his face dat was cool i can't wait for SEASON 13 I will never lose intrest in southpark idc if it goes off air i watch it on internet if u took off there i'd be totally mad never stop making southpark plz it's my favorite show in the world.

  16. #1 sp fan says:

    matt and trey if u are readin this here is an idea for season 13 how about this time instead of kenny dieing craig dies and butters and token says oh my god they killed craig butters says u bastard. And his parents are there and he gets grounded again.LOL if u like that u might try squeezin it in thnx. Or if kyle gets kidnapped and they go on a hunt to find him but cartman says can't they just keep they Jew if u don't like Jew part u don't gotta do that part.

    • ... says:

      dude that's just awful

    • Craig Smithson says:

      your ideas are unfunny, i think they can come up with their own ideas considering they created the whole south park world.. And there's a reason why Kenny dies so to kill craig he'd have to be permanently ditched from the show..

  17. lee rossiter says:

    south park means more to me than any think else stan kenny they mean so much please makers off south park you no what to do!

  18. max says:

    in "superfun time" its acctually true that employees arent supposed to break character but they do in real life but matt and trey just brought it to the next level. they come up with great ideas for each episode and if it's a little offensive that just raises the bar of the fun. and they can connect parts of a previous or many previous episodes to a new one no matter how small like they could actually find out who cartman biological mom is and she could be jewish and judging on his track record he could do many things such as try to kill her so no one will know or try to kill himself or mabey even its kyles mom and that would cartman and kyle brothers who knows but matt and trey keep up the great work and hopefully you do make a new movie to end it but until that time i'll keep watching. and if cartmans real mom is revealed and she's jewish i will laugh even harder

  19. boreddrummer says:

    Can't believe some of the negative comments on here, south park has become better and better as time has progressed, seasons 7/8 onwards feature alot of the best episodes in my opinion, although there are classics wherever you look of course, matt n trey deserve praise for being one of few shows to maintain consistency across time, the hardest thing to do when creating such a popular show. And I hope they still enjoy creating it as much as we still enjoy watching it. If they're ever that short of ideas they should reach to their community for inspiration, amongst the masses of crap there is no doubt a few gold nuggets in there, afterall the shows viewers in theory share a similar likeness to the writers on some level or another

  20. J wass says:

    Amazing show I do think season 8 in my humble opinion is the best of all of them. While I loved season 11 I have to admit season 12 was just so/so for me but still a decent run. I think Mat and Trey have plenty of great ideas left and I can only hope they keep South Park up and going for another 15 seasons. I just love this show. The weird thing is I used to absoulty hate this show. The first 3 seasons I didn't like to much at all. I got into about 3 years ago and as soon as I did I went out and bought every season.. till not a huge fan of the early stuff but from 5 on I love just about every episode. And the one I don't' love I really like a lot.
    My favorite episode or at least one of them has to be awesomo Its great when Cartman and butters have that kind of dialogue, also from season 6 asspen is great too. Please guys Don't take away this show keep producing and making many more and keep the commentary minis going as well. Its very appreciated and I love the way its super fresh on a weekly basis, I'm a huge 29 yr old fan keep up the great work guys, it really is the best show on tv. Thanks a lot and we Canadians thank you also, its great to when you make fun of us its funny and researched, but I saw king of the hill try to do the same, and it was so not even close to a genuine depiction of the way we are, which would have been forgivable if it was funny, but it wasn't even close to be mildly amusing)
    Anyway getting long now so keep up the great work

  21. Slushy says:

    I love South Park, I grew up with it and have watched it since I was four! I am in love with the first movie and I'd love to see the second one! It'll be a sad day when the show ends, I will definately cry. The idea of it ending bri gs tears to my eyes! I will try so hard to see it on opening night! I will watch it over and over again on DVD when it releases just like with the show. It is rare when I don't love an SP episode, but if I don't it still makes me laugh. I love their tracks, merchandise and media, and it will always be the number one show in my heart. Trey and Matt are my heroes!
    Come on, make Stan dump Wendy, she sucks! They should wait until 2012 and release an episode on the "world will end" date. That'd rock!

  22. victor says:

    Oh come on dont kill the show i mean look at the simpsons theyve been on forever and are still airing even if some arent funny people still watch them because theres nothing else better to watch. and as for family guy sure its good but there not as good as south park, cartman even hates them i say dont give up.
    i was kind of hoping to see an episode or movie were the southpark gang became the parents and there kids took over.

  23. ZERO says:


  24. Jackeen says:

    I really hope they make a second south park film I have got 3 brilliant ideas for a movie and loads of ideas for episodes if anyones intressted mail me at see ya soon lol

  25. i'm awesome says:

    WHAT ?!?! in my opinion the newest episodes are funnier than ever .. they haven't lost it and they never will PERIOD! or maybe they will


    I am the worlds biggest sp fan, no joke. I got an idea for an episode. Cartman finds out that Jesus was a Jew. He goes insane because he finds out all this time hes been worshiping a Jew LOL! LUV the show, always shall be #1.

  27. mariah says:

    personally, as long as there is political bulls**t, and pointless or stupid issues that are blown out of proportion, there will always be South Park. This show has some of the best satire I've ever seen, and the characters are so realistic and yet not at the same time. The fact that Matt and Trey voice most of the characters themselves AND write the script is amazing. They have a lot of talent, and this show is a masterpiece in and of itself. It is one show that has been around for over a decade and has not been canceled, or dramatically changed to the point where it becomes horrible (and no crappy spin-offs either)
    South park talks about real things and exposes them for what they really are, (as well as ripping on pop culture figures in ridiculously hilarious ways).
    South Park also (as much as this both bugs me and I love it) does not have a real plot outside each episode. There is no consistent storyline outside of its wacky one (or 3) episodes. the show doesn't have to end. I'm not bored with it, and a lot of other fans haven't either. Please don't end the show yet!!

  28. charlie says:

    another movie would be gr8 but, i dont want them to kill all the characters off, maybe they go to fith grade grow up and stop having fun. tbh though id rather see the show end with a movie rather than no humour in south park.

  29. […] episode — which had been the intended plot for a second South Park movie — had to be thrown into the 2007 season. If that had been the next movie, it would have sucked, big time. Now they’ve got a second […]

  30. fred says:

    Deffo got to do it about osama

  31. Steve says:

    South Park is the funniest show of all time, it can't end yet! It's easily got ten years left in it, as long as Matt and Trey don't get bored of it. I like the idea of ending it with a film, but for the love of gravy not yet! NOT YET!!!

  32. Gary says:

    I absolutaly love south park. I’ve been watching it since it came out, I think it keeps getting better and better with each new season. It is way funnier than the simpsons, which isn’t even funny anymore, and family guy, which is a bunch of liberal bullshit. Please keep making it for a long time to come.

  33. Dan says:

    Let me be honest here. I've always loved southpark, no doubt one of the funniest shows ever aired. But season 15 really sucks. Better to end the show after this season then to keep on making crap like this

  34. guitarlover says:

    I’m busy watching the 16th season and it just gets better and better,I loved the episodes where the boys are superheroes and we finally come to see kenny always comes back each episode. Brilliant stuff guys,keep it up.

  35. lee says:

    we cant get rid of south park man no way!! best show on telle!!

  36. Real Slim Shady says:

    I completely lost interest in the show, the only thing I like now is the movie if they make another movie i'll definitely definitely go to it

  37. Jill says:

    THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER AND IF THEY STOPPED IT I DONT KNOW WHAT ID DO!!! I also hope that they do make a second movie their first one rocked. South park is the best show ever PLEASE DONT STOP IT IT IS NEVER GOING TO GET OLD I think that all of the shows are funny and i cant belive they might come out with season nineteen!!!! IM SOOOOOOO EXITED I heard that it might be september 23 2015 this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I whatch it every day and hope to see MORE!!!!

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