Dark Horse, ‘ Doctor Who’ and ‘Heroes’ in Everyday Hero headlines

Oct. 23, 2008 | 9:41 p.m.

Everyday Hero, your roundup of handpicked headlines from the fanboy universe…

Concrete_and_mike_richardson_june_3The Oregon success story of Dark Horse comics is historic — in fact, it’s so historic that it will now be protected and indexed in a massive archive project at Portland State University. Two copies of every Dark Horse publication will be kept there, one in general circulation and the other in a special collection preserve.

Heidi MacDonald has the story on her blog, the Beat: "The library’s Dark Horse collection will include everything they’ve produced, from books in 24 different languages to Dark_horse_logo Aliens stickers and Hellboy lunch-boxes. The Beat spoke with Portland State University Librarian Helen Spalding, who explained that even a Buffy marquee statue can be useful to academics. ‘The key rings, action figures, mugs and tee-shirts are all rich research material for examining marketing, gender roles, and many other topics,’ she said. The idea for the collection was sparked a few years back when Spalding saw DHC Publisher and PSU alumnus Mike Richardson speak at a university luncheon. ‘They’re an important Portland institution, and the University is really engaged with the community and the alumni,’ Spalding said, ‘so it just made a lot of sense that we work together on this important collection to our mutual benefit.’" [Publisher’s Weekly] … If you want to learn more about the fascinating contours of the Dark Horse story, check out a major piece I wrote earlier this year during a visit with Richardson (pictured above) and his team in Portland.

Now on with the rest of today’s handpicked headlines…

Zachary_quinto_as_sylar_on_heroes"Heroes" needs a heroic effort: Jeff Jensen isn’t ready to give up on the floundering NBC series "Heroes," which hit a series low of 8.2 million viewers on Oct. 6 (waaay down from its peak audience of 16 million) and has lost so much of its urgency. Jensen writes that "NBC’s No. 2 drama won’t ever reclaim its status as a ratings powerhouse, but it can regain its creative glory — provided producers start fixing things now. In order to speed things along, we present our five-point plan to save Heroes…from itself." Those five points: 1. Retire Some Capes 2. Make The Heroes Smarter 3. Get Back to the Heroes’ Roots 4. Get a New Bag of Tricks and 5. Find a Big Vision – And Set an End Date. Sounds easy enough! [Entertainment Weekly]

The_twilight_zone_3To Serve Man: Wait, there was a show called "Twilight Zone" and it wasn’t about a Tiger Beat vampire in Washington state? Yes, kids, a long time ago a fellow by the name of Rod Serling hosted an unsettling and cerebral show about creepy creatures, twist endings and the slippery nature of reality. Sci Fi will air a two-day, end-of-the-year marathon of the grand old show and they want your vote on your 10 favorite episodes. Remember, as with any popularity contest, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Comcis_code_authority_logo_2 Tucker Stone has an essay on the fuzzy logic that applies these days when it comes to labeling comics books for violence and sexualized content. He writes: "The mature readers/explicit content tag may have once been there as a warning to the parent or the queasy, it may have been there to keep the non-comics-shop-haunting evangelicals at bay, but that was then. Now? It’s a neon sign, a greasy guy in a trenchcoat, and it’s beckoning the reader down the street, and around the corner — and he’s saying ‘You want some gore? I got you some gore. I got it right here.’ For whatever it’s worth — that cat ain’t lying."  [Comixology]

Tardis_2Who’s "Who"?: Grant Morrison would love to write a "Doctor Who" movie but, sadly, nobody has asked. "That would be fantastic to do,” he said. “I’ve got quite a good story for Doctor Who. I think it would have to be quite definitive, especially because the recent series have had a few really strong definitive stories, such as ‘Human Nature,’ and ‘Silence in the Library.’ A couple of those I thought just nailed the character so completely, and that’s what you have to aspire to: a definitive, iconic, almost ultimate Doctor Who story.” [Splash Page blog, MTV]

St_tos_communicator The Great Sulu-Kirk War of 2008 continues. Here’s a press release that came in today about a George Takei interview with "Entertainment Tonight" that will air this evening: "Takei talks to ET exclusively about his "Star Trek" co-star William Shatner’s now-infamous YouTube rant about not being invited to his wedding, ‘It’s absolutely baffling to us because we did invite Bill and we didn’t hear from him! But it wasn’t surprising because it’s true to his history. He’s never responded to an invitation. Every time there was something happy to celebrate amongst us, he never showed up.’ Shatner says in the YouTube video that Takei has a ‘psychosis,’ to which Takei responds, ‘I think his stability is quite questionable. Bill likes to be the star of the show. He likes the attention focused on him. It’s a big, shiny, demanding ego. It’s all typical of Bill.  His ranting and raving is just silliness.’" [Entertainment Tonight]

And, finally: Check out our very own Denise Martin’s guide to "Twilight" Halloween costumes

— Geoff Boucher

2008 photo of Mike Richardson of Dark Horse shot by Robert Durell/Los Angeles Times; Zachary Quinto of "Heroes" photograph by Chris Haston and courtesy of NBC. TARDIS image courtesy of the BBC.


One Response to Dark Horse, ‘ Doctor Who’ and ‘Heroes’ in Everyday Hero headlines

  1. Joe Bua says:

    It just kills me how far Heroes has fallen since the first season. But let's be frank, it was extraordinarily derivative from the get go and I just don't think these guys have the stories in them to tell.
    Every week there's some other harbinger of doom. I'm tiring of it all. This may be my last week with the show, too.
    You can see how I charted the downfall of the show in reverse order by reading the Heroes posts at my blog. http://iamatvjunkie.typepad.com/i_am_a_tv_junkie_

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