‘Twilight’s’ Stephenie Meyer immortalized … in a comic book

Oct. 09, 2009 | 10:30 p.m.

Jevon Phillips takes a look at the curious (but market-savvy) decision to make a comic-book biography of Stephenie Meyer, the “Twilight” author. Will this be the bestselling comic book among female readers in 2009? I wouldn’t be surprised one bit….-Geoff Boucher


There are only 42 days left until the opening of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” and Bluewater Comics is taking advantage of anticipatory giddiness by releasing another in its line of biographical comic books, this one dedicated to novelist Stephenie Meyer.

It’s a bit of a twist in direction for the company that started by releasing political bios on the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. With post-election political fervor waning the company has movied on to Michael Jackson, and now, as part of the company’s Female Force line, a double-sized one-shot on Meyer written by Ryan Burton and penciled by Dave MacNeil.

The book itself, with its sparse prose and greater emphasis on dramatic art, will not reveal much to fervent followers of Meyer’s work and life. But for others it tells an abbreviated version of her life’s story in a fun way — through the words of a vampire who is very much pleased with the fact that “Twilight” has brought bloodsuckers back into style.

It is interesting, I suppose, to ponder perceived conflicts between Meyer’s Mormon background and her success with tales of the supernatural but, of course, anyone who’s read the books knows all of it is just a mask for the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob lovefest over Bella. If you’re into Stephenie and the “Twilight” wave, you’ll probably want to get this book because there could be tidbits you didn’t know (i.e. – The first Twilight book was initially called Forks.). Through the good people at Bluewater, we’ve gotten a sneak peek at it, and here is the panel depicting the dream that led to her creation of this ‘tween monster franchise.


The book also includes the history of Forks, Wash., — the town where her stories take place. The addendum was informative and actually a nice bit of trivia for Twihards: Did you know that the city of Forks was almost destroyed by a fire in 1951? Makes you wonder if a vampire-werewolf skirmish spilled out into the public…or not.

— Jevon Phillips



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3 Responses to ‘Twilight’s’ Stephenie Meyer immortalized … in a comic book

  1. Joel says:

    I believe the book will be interesting and something to look forward to.

  2. Being somewhat familiar with the appearance of many writers, I laughed at how flattering the art was…until I googled her picture. I'd hit it.
    And I'd make her read the White Wolf books afterwords!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I find it sad that the artist decided to turn the plus-sized author into a skinny cartoon babe. Is it illegal to depict a woman in a comic that isn't built like Wonder Woman? 'Cause trust me, that ain't what she looks like!!

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