‘Terminator Salvation’ salvages $54 million from disappointing weekend

May 25, 2009 | 5:21 p.m.

Christian Bale and Sam Worthington

Judgment Day 2009 arrived for the “Terminator” revivial and, well, the future does look grim.

Director McG had hoped to start a new trilogy for the killer-robot saga but the box-office wasn;t kind as the film brought in $53.8 million in its opening weekend, placing it a distant second to the $70 million brought in by the family-friendly “Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian” over the four-day holiday weekend. Ben Fritz of Company Town has more on the numbers…

After a decent start Thursday, “Terminator Salvation” quickly fizzled, indicating weak audience word of mouth. Its four-day total was $53.8 million, and its total gross since Thursday is $67.2 million. That’s less than what studio executives had expected based on tracking and a relatively weak start for the $200-million blockbuster, which was financed by The Halcyon Co. and is being distributed by Warner Bros. domestically and Sony overseas.

Its three-day total of $43 million is actually $1 million less than what the third “Terminator” film opened to in 2003, a bad sign given significant ticket price inflation since then…


–Geoff Boucher



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CREDIT: Christian Bale and Sam Worthing face off in “Terminator Salvation,” photo courtesy of Warner Bros.


9 Responses to ‘Terminator Salvation’ salvages $54 million from disappointing weekend

  1. IronCrossMovie says:

    This is a little random, but does anyone know when Roy Scheider's film "Iron Cross" is coming out? I ran into online and am really hoping it comes out soon. It looks really good.

  2. Jimbo says:

    I started watching the movie on a internet pirate site and I could not even watch the movie's first 20 minutes, and the pirate site was FREE!

  3. h says:

    Dumb. I worked in theatrical and home entertainment marketing for one of the major studios. It surprises me that they would have the guts to go head to head with a family film that same weekend.

  4. Emanon says:

    This movie BLOWS!!! I want my money back! They ( studios) should just scrap metal this
    series as if has played out soooo very long ago! who really cares about the terminator???
    they take tooo years to make and by that time who cares? they lost my attention after the
    second one which I tought was much better and more interesting story wise & charcters…
    for those of you who will go see anyway…be prepared to fall asleep early… Peace

  5. Denys Hemen says:

    The movie was awful!! I am a big fan of Christian Bale, but even he couldn't turn this piece of trash around. Laughable dialogue, lack of character development, and all the other characteristics of a lame sequel. Terminator Salvation was like a bad Sci Fi channel movie of the week.

  6. homo_sapien says:

    Not a bad movie, but too bleak to expect boffo box office…
    … in other words: kind of a downer…
    The first two Terminator movies had a underlying theme of hope — the robot was defeated at the end.
    These post-Apocalyptic, dystopian futures, where humans live like rats — have a limited target audience.
    Sci-Fi can be hopeful (Star Wars, Star Trek). Personally, I think people tend to give repeat business to movies where the heroes thrive, not just survive.

  7. Charles says:

    eh… wasn't that good of a movie, and for that matter I wouldn't have even known it was out if it wasn't for a friend begging to have me see it with him. I would like to see more in the saga though

  8. Steffen says:

    I saw Terminator on Thursday before flying back to Europe. Personally, I think it was a good movie, but not as good as Star Trek. Could it be that it had something to do with the promotion of the film?! Not only many of my friends in the US didn't really know much about the new Terminator movie, but also almost all of my friends in Germany didn't know anything about it. Even though Terminator is I THINK about to premier here the upcoming Thursday.
    Grüße aus Deutschland

  9. Wendell says:

    I was very skeptical that a fourth Terminator would be needed and if it would be up to the standard set by Mr. Cameron in T1 and T2 and my fears were realized by watching this 4th edition of this sci-fi epic. Not that Terminator Salvation is a bad movie its just that its not even remotely great or even that good compared to the first two movies maybe not even as good as the third. First of all Hollywood needs to have some restrant on just making good movies over and over again until they become crap. Second of all, if your going to do a movie about the complete genocide of all hummanity then the movie should have more emotional punch than this film. Granted the special effects were great and the acting wasnt bad but if you are going to do a movie about terminators shouldnt the actual terminators be a part of the film and not just a special effect section of it? I believe there is only one answer to ending this series properly so that is doesnt turn into the "Terminator vs Robocop" destinarion its heading now. Have Mr Cameron do ONE last movie and guarantee in the movie contract that it will be THE LAST MOVIE and finish this series with the respect that it deserves.

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