A Whedon-less Buffyverse continues

May 27, 2009 | 2:51 a.m.
Yes, we know it’s Joss Whedon’s world, but slayers belong to us all. On the heels of the news that the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” movie’s original director, Fran Rubel Kuzui, and her husband, Kaz Kuzui, are working on a “reboot,” we wanted to see who else were major slayers in the Buffyverse.
Though almost a couple of thousand more were created after Willow’s stunt with the Scythe in Season 7, there are still a few slayers who stood out. Because the comic book was known as Season 8, we can take that into account as well and take a look at the ones that have made a mark in the series’ mythology.
The announcement included the tidbit that Whedon would apparently not be involved in the filmmaking (he was reached by Entertainment Weekly and had only this comment: “I hope it’s cool.”)  It was also announced that the new movie would not include “Buffy” characters we’ve grown to know from the show’s seven-year run.

 Here’s hoping that whoever or whatever comes next lives up to the show. Surely, many of you have ideas and opinions on this development so leave ’em in the comments section.

— Jevon Phillips


11 Responses to A Whedon-less Buffyverse continues

  1. oakley says:

    Sorry. No Joss. No Buffy for me.

  2. Nowax says:

    This is insane. It's like the doing Michelangelo's David in Playdough and equating the two. Forget it! The script had potential (evidenced by Donald Sutherland and Paul Reubens accepting roles in the movie) but the movie was badly, badly directed! It never ceases to amaze me how some no-talent people in Hollywood will do anything for money.

  3. Cbtvs says:

    I believe I have developed an eye twitch due to utter shock and horror at this .

  4. Fleiter says:

    These two should be laughed out of town. I remember Fran Kazui being quoted about the original Buffy movie. She said something like: "We didn't want it to be scary." Oh, yeah, you also didn't want it to be funny or entertaining either. That movie was so bad that it almost made me not watch the show. But it was shot in Torrance, and I lived there at the time, so I watched. Glad I did. Joss is a genius. Kazui is an idiot.

  5. trish says:

    How can you have Buffy with the tv cast? Its just a waste and I was so excited..figures.

  6. Paul Taegel says:

    Dear lord. I re-watched the Buffy episode "Hush" last night and marveled at Whedon's mastery of narrative and the television medium. The original film lacked any of the series wit, sparkle and depth. At the same time, Buffy also captures human despair, darkness and alienation. There's a reason why a show like Buffy is so rare and why most films and TV shows are at best mediocre. Mastery of dramatic writing takes tremendous amounts of both talent and training, yet still anyone with an "idea" for a movie thinks they can write. If you paid Joss Whedon or Jane Espenson five million dollars for a new Buffy feature script, you'd be getting a good deal.

  7. Greek Style says:

    Hopefully there will be lesbians.

  8. Joss&Buffyornothing says:

    I don’t really want to be cruel to anyone with a dream….but get your own story ideas and leave Buffy and her creation with the man who deserves the credit of her story! Without Joss and the original characters you will never get support from any truly loyal Buffyverse fan……sorry to disappoint but we stand by Joss and the true characters that HE brought us all to love! #nobuffywithoutjoss.

  9. tzopilotl says:

    …sometimes tv or the movies can be an oven. how do you put feathers back on a project
    that's already been plucked, much less ask it to fly?

  10. erik says:

    I for one will boycott any buffy movie not written and directed by Joss Whedon. This is rediculous if they do this they deserve to burn in the hellmouth.

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