The dish on ‘Ratatouille’: Remy was gay!

March 05, 2009 | 12:14 a.m.

Remy_3Remember Remy, the affable rodent chef of “Ratatouille“? Gay. No, really. Here’s an excerpt of what Betty Hallock writes at Daily Dish, the esteemed food blog, about a UCLA lecture on Thursday called “Queering Ratatouille“:

Laure Murat of the UCLA Department of French and Francophone Studies takes the exploration of this topic much further in her lecture Thursday, in which she delves into Remy’s embodiment of “the lonely gay, both refined and the object of disgust, excluded and successful” and the animated movie as “the story of the Oedipus conflict, mixed with issues of race and species…. If ‘anyone can cook,’ any queer guy has a role to play in this world — at least in Paris.”

And “Cars” was about autoeroticism … or was that “Toy Story“?

— Geoff Boucher

Photo: Pixar

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