‘The Hunger Games’ in Hollywood — who will play Katniss?

March 17, 2010 | 7:40 p.m.

Today, Rachel Abramowitz takes a look at the Hollywood appetite for “The Hunger Games.”

The Hunger Games

Who shall play Katniss Everdeen? That’s the 16-year-old gray-eyed heroine of Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games,” the bestselling dystopian novel that is aimed at the “Twilight” set and is now in development at Lionsgate.

Set in a grim future where the U.S. has collapsed in the face of war and climate-change calamity, the book presents a North American nation called Panem where the ruthless ruling government, The Capitol, randomly selects one boy and one girl from each of the 12 districts to fight in a televised competition that ends with one survivor. How savage is the contest? Well, there’s only one rule — no cannibalism is allowed on air.

Born into the poorest of the divisions, Katniss helps feed her family through illegal hunting. When her younger sister,  Prim, is chosen for the bloodsport, Katniss steps up to replace her in the 74th Annual Hunger Games. The premise may remind some moviegoers of futuristic bloodsport fantasies such as “The Running Man” or “Gamer” but the inspiration was Greek myth and the tale of King Minos of Crete who, after defeating Athens, demanded that every nine years his vanquished foes send seven boys and seven girls to be devoured by the Minotaur.

Mockingjay,” the third and final installment of the “Hunger Games” book series, is due in August, and some famous names will be among the readers racing to see how the tale ends; “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer has said she became “obsessed” while reading the first novel, and horror icon Stephen King (who, by the way, wrote the short story that was adapted for “Running Man”) says he couldn’t stop reading once he opened the book.

It’s all quite a change for Collins, a former TV writer for such cuddly Nickelodeon fare as “Clarissa Explains It All” and “Oswald.” She is writing the screen adaptation of “The Hunger Games” herself, in part to make sure that the Hollywood version doesn’t end up glorifying the media-saturated universe that the books critique, according to producer Nina Jacobson.

The Hunger Games cover

“There’s a scenario in that book that could be turned to celebrate everything the book detests,” Jacobson said. “She walks this line and she does it so well.”

Of course, it helped Collins’ case that there were five bidders for the property.  “She was able to attach herself as a condition of the sale,” Jacobson said. Then she added: “We were lucky to have her.”

So who should play the role of the young survivor?

Should it be Princess “Twilight” herself, Kristen Stewart, or her 16-year-old “Runaways”  cohort Dakota Fanning? There’s also 15-year-old Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan (“Atonement”, “The Lovely Bones”), now playing an assassin in the new Joe Wright film “Hanna,”  as well as 13-year-old Chloe Moretz, who is making waves as the profanity spewing Hit Girl in the upcoming “Kick-Ass” and just got a role in Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of “The Invention of Hugo Cabret.” 

Sure, Moretz is too young for the role right now, but sometimes the projects take time — it takes nine years of development for the typical movie to hit the screen. That probably won’t be the case here, though — Hollywood has a major appetite for “The Hunger Games.”

— Rachel Abramowitz

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ARTWORK: Top, San Francisco illustrator Jason Chan’s artwork for the British release of “The Hunger Games.” You can see more of Chan’s work at his blog. Second, the U.S. cover of “The Hunger Games.” Bottom,  photo from “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” premiere (Associated Press).

ARTWORK: Top, San Francisco illustrator Jason Chan’s artwork for the British release of “The Hunger Games.” You can see more of Chan’s work at his blog. Second, the U.S. cover of “The Hunger Games.” Bottom,  photo from “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” premiere (Associated Press).


791 Responses to ‘The Hunger Games’ in Hollywood — who will play Katniss?

  1. Kris says:

    I hope it's not Kristen Stewart. Kristen will always be Bella to me. I would suggest Nina Dobrev for the role of Katniss.

    • Maria says:

      I agree Nina Dobrev would be good for the role …

    • Marilyn Monroe says:

      Ellen Page or Emily Browning! But my first choice is Ellen Page.

    • nooo says:


    • RAYAN says:


    • emily says:

      I agree that Kristen Stewart should not be Katniss. Although I am a big fan of Nina Dobrev, I dont think she really looks the part…

    • sean says:

      nina would be perfect! it shows later on in the series that katniss is thinner. the older is easy fixed with a bit of make up but so far the best choice i’ve heard

    • Katrina says:

      anyone but kristen stewart!!!

    • Kara says:

      I agree kristen stewart is bella, and is very pale. But Nina Dobrev is too nice and perfect looking, browning and page are way too old. I imagien Katnissn as a tan girl with straight brown hair not too tall or short and very thin

    • Suua P. says:

      The girl who stars as Katniss should be under 20, naturally born in the US and not a pop star. I'm sick and tired of hearing Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez as Katniss. Just because they can sing doesn't mean they're Katniss. I also think that Lyndsy Fonesca, Kaya S. and Malese Jow are terrible choices for Katniss, PERIOD! I don't mind so much for Chloe Moretz, but Jodelle Ferland, from Silent Hill and Eclipse, is a terrible actress. Plus, wasn't Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning enough for Twilight? Please don't mention those two again. Wasn't Emma Watson enough for Harry Potter? Nina Dobrev and Willa Holland are way too old to star as Katniss. Overall the actress who stars as Katniss should be none other than Saoirse Ronan. If you say she's known, okay, but if you color her hair black or dark brown, she would be hardly recognizable since she's naturally blonde and she's never had her hair dark before. That's my opinion.

    • sylvia says:

      i could so see her katniss!

    • joanne says:

      I totally agree. Kristen stewart should stay bella and not the fierce katniss

    • averagewriterLOL says:

      Nina as in the vampire diaries? Oh my sister would be raving it in seconds. She hasn't read the book but has tvdcd, LOL. Nina is a great actress but doesn't quite fit the katniss role to me. As you said about kristen stewart "Kristen will always be Bella to me.". Nina will always be elena to me and my stister. Good suggestion, "SAYS IN A LOW VOICE" better than Kristen stewart.

    • Annie says:

      I agree with this statement 110 percent!! That is literally the exact thing I said. Kristen is just too Bella, but Nina would make an amazing Katniss :P

    • Natalie says:

      I'm a huge fan of Nina, but I never imagined her in the role. I do however think that she's proved her versatility with her double role on TVD. I think she would make a great Katniss now that you mention it.

    • Emily says:

      other way around i hit down thumbs i meant up thumbs kristien stewart is to pale and is to emotional u can tell her she needs a bucket of sunshine poured in ur face

    • Morgan says:

      I agree with Nina Dobrev as Katniss. She totally looks the part (and can look innocent, too), and if she's skinny, who cares? Katniss is supposed to be starving – she's going to be thin. My second choice is Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit. She's an awesome actress (she's up for an Oscar), and she could pull it off. She's young though, and Peeta will probably be a slightly older actor, so that could be awkward for all those kissing scenes…

      • Stephen says:

        I really like the idea of Hailee Steinfeld. She has the look and the physique that I imagined in Katniss. She also isn't very well known in the world of Hollywood. Great thinking Morgan.

      • Morgan says:

        Hailee Stainfeld is DEFINTELY NOT AT ALL THE ROLE OF KATNISS!!! i'm not saying that she's not talented but she does not at all need to even be thought of for the role . She is simply too young and , quite frankly, she doesn't even remind me anything remotely of Katniss. Katniss needs to be noticed from a mile away . Too many people have the same features as Hailee.

    • Name says:

      I totally agree it should not be Kristin Stewart I think Elle Fanning woul be PERFECT for Prim though

    • bre says:

      no i think she looks to old

    • Shae says:

      Did you here????? I did! Ana Sophia Rob is going to play Katniss and Liam Hemsworth is going to play Gale. Oh yeah and Jess from Bridge to Teribethia (I know I spelled it wrong) is playing Peeta!!!! Weird huh? I think the too boys should switch roles.

    • Jenna says:

      She will always be Elena Gilbert though

  2. Michelle T says:

    These seem to be inspired less by mythology than by Battle Royale. Specifically the American translation of the manga where Keith Giffen added the TV show element.

  3. Me says:

    I hope it isn't Kristen. Personally (i add emphasis on personally) i think she is a terrible actress and was very disappointed by the Twilight movies due to her poor acting(and if you ask me, again my opinion, rob didn't do so hot either).

  4. Seneca says:

    I think someone unknown, or at least hasn't been in many films/TV shows yet. I definitely don't want Kristen Stewart or Dakota Fanning.

    • Suua P. says:

      Stewart and Fanning don't work right with Katniss. Yes, I agree!

    • Megan says:

      i agree completely. i think the main characters (peeta katniss gale) should be unknown and all the side characters should be well known actors. it'd get more publicity. and there'd b less complaints about it. Hugh laurie from house should play haymitch in my opinion. :)

    • Prim says:

      Ewwww Kristen Stewart better not play as Katniss! that would ruin the the WHOLE thing for me!!!!!!

    • Jenna says:

      I suggest Lucy Hale. She'd be an amazing Kat.

  5. Mandy says:

    Sasha Pieterse should play Katniss hands down. She is very beautiful and unique looking and exactly what I pictured Katniss to look like. Strap a quiver to her back and she is set!!!

  6. Trina says:

    This sounds really close to the premise of Battle Royale. Which has been done before.

  7. Catherine says:

    I think a new actress should play katniss

  8. Lauren says:

    I am so sick of every book I ever read being turned into a movie which only lessens its original impact. It's really getting out of hand, I tried to accept it but it just makes me angrier with every one.

  9. Suzanne says:

    NO! Not Kristen Stewart!! The girl can't act her way out of a paper bag. It has to be an unknown.

    • Suua P. says:

      Anyone can star as Katniss. It doesn't have to be unknown. ;)

    • teampeeta<3 says:

      i agree i hate Kristan Stewart! she would ruin katniss's character!

      • Kenna says:

        Totally she would ruin the WHOLE series for me and i love it way to much for that to happen! ugh i hate kristen stewart with a passion so much! she couldn't act even if her live depended on it!!!!! period! yeah a unknown person should play as most of the people but i think taylor lautner should play as gale cuz he is super strong and is good looking jus like the books

    • Lourdes says:

      yap ! can't agree more…

    • Leah says:

      Your completely correct Kristen Stewart is a horrible actress! I hate the Twilight movies because she cant act and if she plays Katniss it would be a disgrace to the book the author and the character of Katniss. Besides Kristen is to old to play the part and does not look right at all she is to soft no guts or hard edge like Katniss is.

    • BeingHonest says:

      lols! i agree with the first part. but the second part… hmmmm… not so sure

  10. Sarah T. says:

    Wow, the options listed in this article are not at all fitting to the Katniss described in the books. All of them are lighter in skin and hair tone- yes, I know appearances can be changed but wouldn't it be best to start with someone who looks a little like the character? The only one of your options that comes close to Katniss is Kristen Stewart (who I love and admire as an actress but I think another actress would be more fitting). Kristen is an amazing and brilliant actress but I would like a less known actress to play Katniss. Just on appearance I would say Sasha Pieterse would be a great option to play Katniss though I don't know about her acting chops since I've never seen her acting. I just want them to get an actress who can act and portray Katniss spot on! Though I'll blow my top if they get Nina Dobrev0- HECK NO, she will not play Katniss… she is horrible, can't stand her!

  11. Sarah says:

    No to Kristen Stewart. She does actually look like Katniss a bit to me (much more than she looks like a Bella, in fact) but I think she is already either Bella or a terrible actor in most people's minds.
    No to Dakota Fanning. I have no reason, I just don't like it…
    Strangely, I could actually see Chloe Moretz as Katniss when she's older. It all depends on how long it takes for the movies to get started.
    And Saoirse Ronen looks more like Fox-face to me.
    Other suggestions I've seen, though I haven't decided on one personally yet, are: Kaya Scodelario, Lily Collins, Seychelle Gabriel, Caitlin Stasey, and Nina Dobrev

    • Suua P. says:

      Bad choices there, sister.

    • Shereen says:

      Yup bella is definenltly a terrible actor, she has no emotion and i can not imagine dakota fanning as katniss either. the perfect actor to play katniss is kaya scodelario!!!
      first off she's a new face and you should see the images they have of her on Google by searching kaya scodelario as katniss. once you see those images you wont think of any one but her as katniss.

      • Amanda says:

        I did the google thing. I thought Kaya looked too old. I know they can make her look younger in movies, but she didn't quite click for me. Then I saw "Edward Spellers as Peeta". i've never seen him before, but he is EXACTLY how I've pictured Peeta!!

      • Summerr (: says:

        Well Kristen Stewart Whats So Wrong With Her I Mean She's Just Not My Favorite Actress And She Can Act Better Then YOU people right ? . Not being mean or anything

    • Lizzy says:

      to be honest ive seen a bit of Kaya Scodelario and i think she is rather perfect for the job. i mean if you think about it she's rather perfect for the job. she is at a good age level however she looks pretty young, young enough to be Katniss. plus she is an unknown actor so this movie could be a big break plus just like Kristen Stewart is Bella in twilight, Kaya Scodelario could be Katniss. She's perfect plus she looks really good with alex pettyfer (peeta).

    • Mee says:

      Lucy Hale, she is a very serious actor and looks just like her!

    • Stephen Nettles says:

      Saoirse Ronan as Fox Face would actually be amazing… I didn't even think of that. She could probably play that role better than anyone

    • rachel says:

      kaya scodelario would play her great if u dont beleive me check out all the youtube vids made with her as katniss and the curly blondy! ive watched the show skins and in season three she becomes the main character, she is a great actorss and ik she has an accent but she can hide it ive heard she has played in roles where she had to hide it!:D i think kristen stewart sucks at acting and looks nothing like katniss. at. all. i hate her. alot. and if she gets the part i will be strongly disoppointed. i like the idea of unknown actors and actress as the roles:d maybe SOME bigger people but only for the small parts like haymitch i think could be a big actor:D idk just what i think;)

    • Sam says:

      I like Kaya Scolerdario and think she would be PERFECT for the part! I agree with you that Kristen SHOULD NOT play Katniss. Oddly enough I see Chloe Mortez has Prim.

  12. erika says:

    kristen is a no.
    i vote Saoirse Ronan, because she has the talent.

  13. Megan says:

    Ugh, NONE of those! Gosh!

    • Suua P. says:

      If you don't like the decisions here, go to another site!

      • Sean says:

        I agree with Megan!! Saoirse Ronan looks too SWEET. Katniss is supposed to be fierce but with a side of sweetness. Not the other way around.

      • Courtney says:

        Yeah, but alot of times, physical appearances don't matter, performance does. You know, alot of Bond fans hated the idea of Daniel Craig starring as 007, but after Casino Royal came out, some fans changed their minds because Craig's performance was outstanding. So don't question about how actors or actresses look.

  14. Joboots says:

    I would take Nina Dobrev as well……..if not,Miranda
    Cosgrove outta be considered!!!

  15. Mere says:

    Why do people keep thinking Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning should be in every movie with a teen girl? Seriously, it's annoying.
    Saoirse Ronan is a great actress, but too famous and doesn't fit Katniss's description.
    Chloe Moretz is way too young, she'd be Prim, who is only 12. Nina Jacobson just did a recent interview and said they hope to be filming in the fall, Chloe would still be 13.
    Katniss needs to be an unknown. Why don't they go scout some sites and call people in to audition? If they can act, they can act. And they can get someone who actually fits the description, or who's at least close even. They should totally get a fan who an actress (whether community actor or professional actor) and call her in to audition. That would be pretty cool and we all know hollywood needs new faces.

    • Angela says:

      Dakota Fanning can be Glimmer. I'd like to see her be stung by bees and swell up and whatnot.

    • austyn nielson says:

      so true there is this girl who did stuff with a soon to be director and she fits PERFECTLY look it up on youtube, just type in THE HUNGER GAMES : KATNISS AND RUE she would be perfect

    • Olivia says:

      It is so unfair how people (like me) aren't really rich enough to afford things like agents etc, so I really haven't a chance to ever become an actress, unless of course they have open auditions…

  16. Noughie says:

    Well, I hope it won´t be one of them! They aren´t the way I think Katniss is. In my opinion LILY COLLINS should play Katniss! She ´d be perfect!

  17. Eli says:

    I think, a famous actress would ruin the whole story, so I do still hope, that they will find a absolutely unknown girl, which can act and fits.
    As an addition, I hope, Peeta will look right.
    Well. But at least, I'm not hopeful, most of the movie, based on books are just horrible. Like 'Twilight'(the books aren't good at all, but the movies are just…).
    We may not compare 'The Hunger Games' with 'Twilight'.

  18. Patricia P says:

    No No NO!!! Not Kirsten! Ok she's a good actress, but her face is much too serious. She doesn't have any movement in her face. Don't forget that Katniss is only 16. And Suzanne describes her as often bad tempered and I cannot imagine that Kirsten is able to look furiously. I think they should take someone totally unknown. My second choice were Nina Dobrev because she looks young and has an exotic-coloured skin that works very good with the ambiance of a wood.

  19. DREA says:

    NO NO NO NO NO NO. Kristen Stewart shouldn't even be considered! She is a horrible actress and doesn't even fit the decribtion of Katniss. Katniss's character should be someone new and unknown.

  20. Lucy says:

    well… i hope they pick a 15/14 year old girl instead of some 20 year old to play 15

  21. I.J.E. says:

    Simply based on my imagination of her physical characteristics i think that Ellen Page would make the best Katniss

    • Suua P. says:

      Ellen Page is the worst idea for Katniss, PERIOD.

    • Guest says:

      I think she might be an idea. Or maybe Emma Roberts, she needs to redeem herself after Nancy Drew. The one actor would like for Haymitch would be…

      Robert Downey, Jr.? No.
      Alec Balwin? No.

      Jack Nicholson?? That would be my idea. When I read the book, he was the first peson who came to my mind. He seems like he has the "drunken jerk" act down after a few of his roles. But that's just my opinion.

  22. cullengirl says:

    i know she is a bit old for the role but, i think that Camilla Belle would be perfect for the role of Katniss. When i see a picture of Camilla i think of Katniss.

    • Jaimee says:

      CAMILLA BELLE is ALWAYS who I think of when I think of Katniss! I think it's absolutely PERFECT! :) I really think she'd be the best fit. It was probably her thick eyebrows that first turned me onto the idea because Katniss is supposed to be more of a rugged girl and Camilla has always had those gorgeous thicker brows.

    • Suua P. says:

      Camilla is a pretty teribble Katniss!

    • lindsay says:

      YES YES YES. she would be the most perfect Katniss, it is who I pictured as I read the book.

  23. Kayla says:

    I always imagined Katniss with reddish-brown/black, slighty curly, long hair in one french braid with a slight build and gray/green eyes. If Kristen Stewart plays her, I will cry. It needs to be someone less known, about 15 years old I think. But on the topic of Twilight actors, I think that Taylor Launter would be perfect for the role of Thresh (male tribute from district 11).

    • Suua P. says:

      Thresh is supposed to be the same skin as Rue. Thresh is supposed to be African American.

      • katya says:

        Oh, now that I think about, that's probably right. In my head, I usually just pictured her to look very, very tan, like with a Mexican or Central American skin tone, while I pictured Katniss looking kind of Greek or Sicilian.

    • lex says:

      i love taylor but he shouldnt be in this movie.
      i think this cast (at least the children) should be less known.

    • S.G. says:

      Hmm… I always imagined Katniss as having straight, brown-black hair, in a normal braid down her back and gray/blue eyes. Also, please, please, PLEASE, no Twilight actors!

    • alexa says:

      they shouldn't have anyone from a franchise or big tv series that they're still in… please no twilight actors!

    • jh. says:

      taylor is hot and all but he should not play thresh he just doesnt have the face that i was imagening somebody else should play thresh

  24. Lenzi says:

    I teach 8th grade Reading, and we have been creating a "Dream Cast" for The Hunger Games. I just posted their recommendation for Haymitch, and there's a link in that post to the cast list my students created last year. There are so many opinions for this movie cast, and sometimes I receive very NEGATIVE comments for our selections, but you can be the judge! Visit my blog: www(dot)lenzilikesit(dot)com for our cast list and a link to last year's recommendations by my 8th graders. (I also have a very unbecoming picture of myself dressed as Katniss Everdeen. I created and wore a costume to resemble her training attire! I wore it the first two days we read the novel to introduce the main character to my students! Ha!) My 8th graders are in no way on their way to becoming future casting agents, so keep in mind that they only recommended BIG NAMES for the roles. Do you know how many times I had to convince my classroom full of 8th grade boys that Megan Fox was too old to play Katniss? Sheesh! We had fun creating our list, and I LOVE teaching the novel. My students who typically HATE reading love this book and eagerly read Catching Fire when we finish The Hunger Games. Again, the blog address is lenzilikesit(dot)com. We eagerly await the movie and hope it lives up to the book!

  25. Haley says:

    KRISTEN STEWERT CANNOT BE KATNISS!!!!!!! It will ruin the entire movie for me. I totally agree it should be an unknown actress.

  26. Mickey says:

    Kaya Scodelario. Who cares about her English accent, they can get that fixed. She looks like Katniss, she's a great actress, and she's around Katniss's age.
    Enough said.

  27. Earthgirl_71 says:

    I can't beleive anyone would want an adult to play this role. Kristen Stewart is not only too old, but why would anyone want to see the same actress playing such huge roles as Bella and Katniss!?
    Also, it should definitely not be a major Disney actress. That might send too many young girls (under age 13) to a movie who's plot is really for older teens.
    A lesser known actress would probably be ideal. But if it is going to be someone already famous, Abigail Breslin has the talent and is the appropriate age. After all, the actress playing Katniss should be a teen who will still look like a teen when they make the sequels.

  28. Amber says:

    I don't like any of those girls for Katniss, but please anyone but Kristen Stewart. She ruined Bella for me and I don't want her to do the same for Katniss, because I like Katniss. Someone like Camilla Belle or Lilly Collins. Pick someone who is a good actress and atleast looks like Katniss. Please don't pick anyone because you think they will increase rankings or whatever, because that's why robert pattison is in so many movies now, and i just would hate it if Kristen was in the Hunger Games at all, she should stick to ruinning the twilight series…just saying.

  29. Brooke says:

    I really don't like Kristen's acting, Dakota Fanning just doesn't seem right to me (I'm not sure why… she's a great actress), and Chloe Moretz really is to young (also, she seems more like Prim to me). A pretty good choice would be Anna Popplewell from the Chronicles of Narnia, but I think, Saoirse Ronan would be the best choice.

  30. Mal says:

    Start with a new slate. Seen TOO much of Dekota and Kristen. Ronan doesnt fit the image I had for Katniss…didnt she have like black or dark hair in the book- Ol' girl wouldnt look right with her hair died dark.

  31. Shawna says:

    The Hunger Games is similiar to Battle Royale which is similar to The Running Man, but each have their own unique spin. I think they should cast relative unknowns for the child roles and big names for the sponsors. For Katniss I'd say Elizabeth Gillies.

  32. Lallybroch says:

    I can't wait for the Hunger Games movie. Has there been any more word on a release date or cast? I keep reading that it's due in 2011, but no other info.

    • Suua P. says:

      I'm starting to hear it just got cancelled until 2013 and I wonder what the heck is the holdup.

      • Shiloh says:

        I would try out if so xP…but evyone keeps naming girls who look either too old/young and really girly…Katniss is close to what I consider maybe not exactly tomboyish but rugged…I mean she lives in a very poor and rugged district and goes out to hunt in the woods to help her family…a new person is probably what the role needs…as long as they can act really well…(and a HELL NO to Kristen stewart and megan fox…are you guys crazy?)

  33. Tori says:

    I believe Katniss should be played by someone who is discovered basically in an audition or off the streets. She should be able to act and show emotion. She should be around the age of 14-16 and should have brown hair, gray eyes and according to the book olive skin but when I was reading I didn't picture her with olive skin at all. I want to try out, but who knows if they will have opencasting. The whole cast should consist if new people

  34. Burcu says:

    Nooo Kristen Stewart cannat be Katniss! Beceuse Kristen too old to be Katniss!!!!

  35. No one famous!
    Unknown actress all the way!
    Check out my video!

  36. Jackeline says:

    Kristen Stewart gets mentioned a lot, when speaking about the Hunger Games film, but she obviously won't be the one playing Katniss. I don't think she's looking to be part of a movie like this, with a big fan base and all. After all, she has always loved to do "little indies." Anyhow, I'd love to see an unknown portray Katniss. I think that would be a good choice.

  37. Chrisy says:

    NOT KRISTEN STEWART. She killed Twilight, she can't kill The Hunger Games, too.

  38. Namitha Gubbi says:

    Definitely not Kristen Stewart–there's just too much buzz about her cause of Twilight, and she really can't act very well (with the dimensionality required to play Katniss)
    Dakota Fanning would be OK, but she doesn't look like Katniss at all, and most directors won't go through making her skin darker, and her hair brown, etc, to make her fit the role. But her little sister would make a very good Prim!
    I think we need an unknown actress for Katniss, and have big names for the other roles.

  39. Kels says:

    I really hope its not Kristen!

  40. J Dracula says:

    Saoirse Ronan is the only one who I see as Katniss Everdeen.

  41. Sariah Rose says:

    Personally, I think someone new should play Katniss. A fresh face, but someone with beauty, talent, and the fierce look that Katniss gets.
    I've always pictured Willa holland for the part.
    Look: Dark hair, olive skin, gray eyes, gorgeous, but also tough looking.
    So stick that in your juice box and suck it :]

  42. Becky Stever says:

    I always thought Katniss would be played by Dakota Fanning but then I thought Katniss, from the book, was a brunette so the directors would have to find someone unknown with dark hair.

  43. Joshua says:

    I think the unknown actress thing is too much.
    Saoirse Ronan is an excellent choice.

  44. Necole says:

    I think either Lily Collins, Saoirse Ronan, or Emma Watson would be great as Katniss!

  45. Veronca says:

    In all honesty, I'm disappointed it's being made into a movie. The Hunger Games Trilogy is so intricate I don't think any actor/actress could do it justice. I'm sad and annoyed that it's being made into a film, I think the books descriptions create a movie of it's own as I read, and there's not an adaption of the book that will do it justice…on the rare occasion, how often does a film EVER do justice to the book? I can only hope I don't get too tempted to see it when it gets finished, if ever it does.

  46. Rebekah team gale says:

    Ok, so what I think is that Kristen Stewart messed up Twlight, and I really don't want her to do the same thing with the Hunger Games that I hold so dear to.What I prefer is Camilla Belle,Willa Holland, or Miley Cyrus.
    People tell me that they think Miley is so Disney and turning into a slut that it would be terrible that she plays Katniss.I totally agree with those people though.I mean it scares me that she will be in the Hunger Games poster, in my room, beside my bed,after the Hunger Games movie comes out.Plus,her and her acting makes her seem…so… delicate. I mean i cannot imagine her with a bow.
    What I really want most is an unknown actress. Not someone picked up from the streets or anything,but someone that Knows how to act that role right.And someone that I imagined her like would be pretty good too.
    I imagined her tall, dark brunette hair(always in a braid), a little clumsly, almost 24/7 a bow at her side, and a scowl no one can repeat but her.

  47. Heather says:

    It will be a travesty if Lionsgate casts a big name actress as Katniss just for the sake of doing so. They need to cast the person who is RIGHT for the role, even if no one has ever heard of her. Actually, I would prefer an unknown.
    None of the actresses mentioned above even remotely fit the description of Katniss in the book. If I HAD to pick an actress or two who I think would actually fit the part, it would be either Camilla Belle or Alexandra Daddario.
    I soooooo hope they get this movie right. After the heartbreak that was the first Twilight movie, I'm scared to see any more of the books I love get hacked up by Hollywood.

  48. Mimi says:

    DO NOT PUT KRISTEN STEWART IN THE MOVIE!!! She will ruin the Hunger Games movie. Her acting isn't the best, and she looks too old to play Katniss. I agree, it should be some unknown actor. How about that girl who played Alicia Rivera in the Clique??? And everyone else doesn't really look the part. I just don't want people to ruin this movie, like how movie-people ruined Percy Jackson or Twilight. I could see Abigail Breslin as Rue, though. Maybe even Prim. Okay, so her skin color might not be the same as Rue, but I love Abigail Breslin and she should be in this movie. And I always see Haymitch as this sorta chubby unshaven guy, so I think Gerard Butler could play Haymitch… he's a bit chubby and a pretty good actor. Maybe Katherine Heigl could play Katniss's mom… (lol I just realized now that if people actually listened to me Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler would be in the same movie again)… and I can also see Logan Lerman as Gale. Oh, and Christopher Walken could definitely be President Snow.

  49. Tammy says:

    I'm praying that they don't cast Kristen Stewart as Katniss. It will ruin the whole movie for me…that is if they already haven't ruined it because we all know how bad book based movies can be. :(
    Anyway, I think India Eisley(Ashley from the Secret Life of The American Teenager) would make a good Katniss. I'm not really a fan of the show, but she reminds me of her. Honestly, I think I will be happy with whoever they pick as long as it isn't Kristen Stewart.

  50. Cora says:

    I think Willa Holland would be good for katniss; but i think she might be too pretty? i always pictured katniss as someone how could get dirty :p
    and i was also thinking will blakelee for Peeta?? or maybe even Gale

  51. richard potter says:

    i really want katniss to be alexandra daddario she just fitts her character perfectly. i go to vote tho and the worse acter in the world shows up with the highest votes Saoirse Ronan. i swear if she is kitniss all my hopes of this awsome book becoming an awsome movie is burned to hell. i also think the guy from iron man would make the perfect heymitch

  52. Laura says:

    None of these people are going to play Katniss. The movie posters are already out. Emily Browning will play Katniss. William Moseley(Peter from the Narnia movie) will play Peeta, and Alan Rickman(professer snape in harry potter) is either going to play-in my opinion. It didnt say what he played. Im just guessing here- President Snow-because he looks so creepy, but its not likely since he is such a small part in the book, and they wouldnt put him on the poster- or Haymitch, because he is a main character.

    • Suua P. says:

      Just because some posters have photographs of simple actors/actresses, doesn't mean it's finnal and official.

    • Shiloh says:

      They havnt started casting yet…says so on their site

      • Rosy says:

        omg thank goodness because i do NOT want william moseley to play peeta. same with alex petyfer (sorry if i spelt that wrong) it should be someone who looks younger! or less "model" like (although i dont consider either of them hot)

  53. Lincoln team peeta says:

    Physical appearancess doesn't really matter. What does matter is how well the actor/actress performs. In this case, Saoirse Ronan should be Katniss Everdeen since she's been nominated and she's sixteen.

  54. Kyle says:

    They should cast me as peeta i am obsessed with this book and he is my favorite character. I am an unknown but i am trying to get into the acting buisness. Im 15 also

  55. Liz says:

    I agree with kris Nina Dobrev is absolutely perfect

  56. Chelsea Sarbach says:

    Honestly I think that using big name stars for this movie is a horrible idea; this book is original and in order to get the full effect of the movie experience Lionsgate should hire lesser or unknown actors to shape to the characters; just like they did for the Harry Potter series.
    There are fans out there, just like me, who would object to seeing someone too young or too old or too popular. If there were more auditions, searching for an actress who looks the part for Katniss and has the talent to pull her off would be a much greater investment. Use the well known actors as lesser parts to draw in fans; for example: Haymich Abernathy is only supposed to be around 40 years old, and I think Robert Downey Jr. would be absolutely perfect. However in the cases of Katniss, Peeta, and Gale: Find unknown actors. The production will suck much less than twilight did. I would hate for this movie to be loved by posers than for it to be loved by fans of the novel.

  57. Courtney says:

    Wow! Not only are they doing a Hunger Games movie, but they nominated Saoirse Ronan to do Katniss and with the highest votes. Saoirse is the actress who I imagined as Katniss because she would do the part so well. And like Lincoln said, physical appearances doesn't matter. I mean they had to die Sandra Bullock's hair color for the Blind Side and she got awarded. Oh please, have Saoirse do Katniss.

  58. Sav. says:

    If Kristin Stewart gets the role as Katniss I will fucking throw myself off of a building. She will ruin one of my favorite books. SHE'S A RUINER! KILL THE SPARE!

  59. marauder says:

    Please no Dakota or Kristen! Saoirse Ronan definitely should play Katniss. All she needs to do is dye her hair and she would be perfect

  60. Shelby says:

    I just found an unknown actress by typing "unknown young actress" in google images and I found Seychelle Gabriel. It wasn't until I looked her up throughly that I realized she was princess Yue from The Last Airbender. Her skin tone fits that of Katniss (more or less) from the stories (and I quote: "Straight black hair, olive skin, we even have the same grey eyes."), and no one really knows of her. I think she would be perfect, actually anyone who's not Kristen Stewart could play the part of Katniss (not really), but no more Twilight frenzy, this is a great book, and I don't want it to be ruined by crappy actors.

  61. Victoria says:

    In my opinion, I was hoping for an open audition for the parts of Katniss, Peeta, and the other tributes. It would be nice to have other young actors introduced into the business. I'm getting tired of seeing the same faces.

  62. Chloe says:

    Willa Holland would be perfect for the role ! Grey eyes, dark hair… Exactly she !
    She is 19 years old but it looks like she has 16 !

  63. Kara says:

    Willa Holland should definitely play Katniss. Her wavy hair. the gray eyes. The dark skin. SHE IS PERFECT. There is just an innocent and young essence she gives off in pictures that could be portrayed as Katniss' innocence and smallness in the book. She has a sort of natural beauty, which could be used to show Katniss' slightly dirtiness in the book. She also isn't that well known like dakota fanning, etc, which makes it much easier to imagine her as you want her to be. She also has picture with her hair back, like it would be in a braid, and she still looks like Katniss. whoever said Miley Cyrus should be Katniss, i don't know what you were thinking. If her or Kristen are Katniss, i will refuse to see it. The best of course would be an unknown actress…but there is not a good chance of that for a movie rushing into production. That Chloe would be really cute as Prim. It would be better if they were not making this a movie at all, i agree with a lot of you in saying that the movies ruin the books significance and experience to the reader, especially if the acting is terrible.

  64. nikki says:

    my top 3 are kaya scodelaria, elizabeth gillies, and willa holland. they all three fit the how i imagined katniss and none of them are that famous and just starting out. but i will never ever watch that movie if kristen stuarts in it. you might as well put robert pattenson in it cause no one will watch it anyways. SO DONT PUT KRISTEN STUART IN IT.

  65. Wedge says:

    In my opinion, this is a good pick (except for Kirsten and Dakoota). Saoirse would fit the role of Katniss perfectly. Chloe is too young. But why would you say unknown actress. That doesn't give a very specific choice. And why Willa Holland. She's less attractive than Saoirse. Sometimes you need someone who has excellent acting performance whom would fit the type of character with spirit and not just appearance.

  66. Jenn says:

    None of those, please!! It'll require someone who is athletic – especially to carry out the series…. My suggestions – Emma Roberts!

  67. L says:

    NOT KRISTEN STEWART!! I think Katniss is a strong person with a strong attitude, and personaly i find kristen stewart to be very akward and i think that would totaly go against katniss' whole personality. i absolutly LOVE nina dobrev and she kinda looks like katniss, but she is too famous. i belive they need to find someone unknown for every major role. i just really hope they dont mess this movie up like they did with many other movies based off of amazing books.

  68. kelsey justin says:

    urgg kristen stewert is a wonderful actress-for twilight, saga.etc. But not for th hunger games. I think that would ruin the whole idea of it for most people, like me.

  69. Anabella says:

    I think that they should get a new cast for this movie. A couple big names maybe, but how is anyone going to get into the business if there are no open auditions. I know SO many talented people that deserve these roles more than superstars that got lucky.

  70. Jenn says:

    Personally, this is a role I don't think could be filled by any of the actresses above. I think for a movie like this they should search out someone whose specifically like Katniss. This calls for someone new–maybe even someone whose not a famous actress. I'm 14 and think these books are amazing and should be fulfilled perfectly. I really wish I could tell the head person all of this.

  71. Yoda 1 says:

    Perfect for the part, Saoirse Ronan is. Good talent, she has, that makes her perfect. Look not at those with perfect physical features but ones with strong emmotions, good looks and great performance. Chose wisely you should. Don't give into anger if one actress you want is not chosen. For anger leads to the dark side.

  72. mav807 says:

    Joboots, you are an idiot. Maranda cosgrove would be terrible as katniss! she is to happy, and the movie would be wierd with people remembering her from a kids show like icarly. it just would not be good. what do you guys think the movie will be rated?

  73. Joshua says:

    Saoirse Ronan is my pick. I think for once we should see how she looks with a dark braid. Take a close look at her, she trully is radiant as the sun. ;)

  74. McBerry says:

    I'm so glad Saoirse Ronan is most likely to be chosen to star as Katniss. I would be sooo mad if she didn't get the part.

  75. Wedge says:

    Other than Saoirse Ronan as Katniss, I would like to see Johnny Depp as Haymitch and Amy Adams as Effie.

  76. DL2 says:

    “There’s a scenario in that book that could be turned to celebrate everything the book detests,"
    This absurd column and the discussion that resulted is proof that, sadly, this has already happened.

  77. Courtney says:

    I've noticed some of you said Nina Dobrev, Willa Holland, Ellen Page or Emily Browning should be Katniss. C'mon, those women are too old to be Katniss. If I wanted someone too old to be Katniss, I would've voted on Kristen Stuart or Ashley Grenne. I want Saoirse Ronan to star as Katniss.

  78. Gabriela says:

    I do think it'd be a much better idea if Lionsgate chose some "new faces". Anyone that has that unique beauty and that edgy, yet perceptive way to their acting could play a good Katniss. Though appearance can be changed, I do think it matters. We all have a Katniss set in our heads, and Lionsgate should try find someone that is possibly ambiguous enough to satisfy everybody, which is actually a lot to ask for.
    If they were going to pick anyone, I suggest: Emily Browning , Sarah Bolger, and MAYBE Willa Holland. But her acting style isn't exactly Katniss-esque. Seychelle Gabriel could be pretty good too.

  79. Jasmine says:

    i hate that because stupid girls and boys that are obsessed with twilight are like "omg kristin stewart!!" shes not katniss… shes not this may be selfish but i DONT want her to be my katniss…. to be anyones… the perfect katniss is somebody i knew when i was a child.. she was perfect for her.. very down to earth very quiet bookworm kind of girl she has really long brownish hair.. always wore it in a long braid… either somebody who isnt a famous actress… or nina dobrev

    • HCM says:

      Sounds like me when I was younger lol…never took my hair out of a braid…very quiet…nah but I would try out…they are basically having open casting u just have to look up the right thing to find it

  80. Lincoln team peeta says:

    I really want Saoirse Ronan as Katniss, Johnny Depp as Haymitch, Anne Hathaway as Effie, and Patrick Stewart as Mayor Undersee.

  81. Kelly :) says:

    OMG Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning (wonderful actresses but..) NNNOOOOO! Honestly I pictured the actress from Chronicals of Narnia playing Katniss! Meghan Fox? Sasha Pieteres? ugh NNNOOO. Katniss needs to be a fierce headstrong girl…these suggestions are way to pretty girls and nice…i have such a vision for this movie that if they do choose famous actresses like another freaking disney channel star i will flip!

  82. Kelly :) says:

    The girls names is Anna Popplewell

  83. Mia says:

    I think Johnny Depp should be Haymitch, Chase Crawford as Peeta, and Milo Ventimiglia as Gale. And I think Nina Dobrev would play an excellent Katniss without changing the characters appearance too much keeping Readers happy. Prim should be played by Bailey Madison. Also, none of the twilight stars would do to well in this movie. I think this would be an exceptional cast.

  84. Josh team peeta says:

    Saoirse Ronan is not only perfect for the part, she is also a terrific and wonderful actress. Her hair needs to be colored dark, that's the only change needed to be done. I've noticed through some of her movies she's both attractive, spirited, strong-willed, mild-tempered, attitude, caring and heart felt. That performance matches Katniss. A girl who's more than meets the eye. She's more than cute, beautiful and pretty. In fact, she's as radiant as the sun. I'm pretty sure anyone would fall for her. Saoirse Ronan is trully a girl on fire.

  85. Yoda 1 says:

    Rated PG-13, this movie should be. Taken a look, I did, at other actresses, wanted for the part. Eye catching, the others were not as Saoirse Ronan. Given the part, Miss Ronan should be.

  86. lexie says:

    I think Kaya Scodelario could be a perfect Katniss.

  87. kali says:

    I think Emily Browning (Violet from Series of unfortunate events) would make a really good Katniss because shes not very well-known and has talent. I think Haymitch should be played by the guy from house, and Cinna should be played by Neal Patrick Harris. Also i think Peeta should be played by William Moseley (Peter from Narnia).

  88. Courtney says:

    Kinda makes ya wonder what kind of assassin Saoirse is gonna be. I would love to see her kicking some major behind and with some serious attitude. That would bring her closer to the role of Katniss.

  89. Keri Martz says:

    I really hope it is not Kristen Stewart. She is just not right. Neither is Dakota Fanning. I hope it is some good actress no one knows very well so she is not type cast like the people listed above. I have been thinking about and none of the better known actresses seem to fit the part. While we are talking about casting I think Bill Murray would make a great Haymitch.

  90. Ina says:

    Sorry none of the above. Even though Saoirse Ronan is a good actress, she doesn't look like Katniss. Katniss is dark hair, gray eyes with tan skin. Because she's always outside hunting. People have to remember that. She's a hunter, so no young or innocent looking one either.

    • Suua P. says:

      Appearances can be changed. Performance is what really matters!

      • Ina says:

        Yeah apperances can be change, so does that mean they can age them too. Lets not forget Saoirse is Irish, and they tend to turn red in the sun, so the chance of many of these people tanning is unlikely. Unless they do CGI on them which I highyly doubt they will cause that cost alot of money. So the other option body make up which looks unnatural if you ever seen it. It's much simpler to just get an actresst that already meets the requirements to be Katniss.

  91. McBerry says:

    I've seen an image from Saoirse Ronan's new movie, Hannah. She looks pretty lethal there. I can't wait to see it. It looks as if she uses bow and arrows in that. If so, that would make her more like Katniss.

  92. Sky says:

    No.. Just no… None of those actresses should be playing Katniss.

  93. Wedge says:

    I too have seen images from Saoirse Ronan's new film. I can't wait until it comes out. I mean, I'd love to see her using a bow & arrow. She'd do just great.

  94. Joshua says:

    Ya know Ina, You probably haven't been to alot of movies lately. They had to change Sandra Bullock's hair color for the Blind Side. They had to make Sam Worthington speak with an American accentt in James Cameron's Avatar. Never heard of make-up, look how unrecognizeable Heath Ledger turned out to be as The Joker. Saoirse Ronan would do an outstanding performance as Katniss no matter what.

  95. starwars1 says:

    i agree with keri martz. Bill Murray would be perfect as Haymitch. All he needs to do is a gain a little weight.

  96. Mor says:

    Jessica Stroup Is the PERFECT actor to play Ketniss!
    I hope that she will play Ketniss ! (:
    She's the best actor for this role ! .

  97. Joshua says:

    They also had to do a nose work on Nichole Kidman for The Hours. They even made Kate Windslet speak with a German accentt for The Reader. Need I say more?
    Other than Saoirse Ronan as Katniss, Johnny Depp should be Haymitch and Liam Neeson as President Snow.

  98. Joshua says:

    Ya know, I don't even envision Katniss with any tan. In my opinion she's just plain caucasion if you see that in her mother and sister because the books says the only difference in between Katniss and them is that both her mother and sister have light hair and blue eyes. No mention of skin. Saoirse's eyes comes close to gray. They can dye her hair dark.

  99. Joshua says:

    Oh, I've seen an image of Saoirse in her new film Hannah. I agree, she's looks to have attitude in that. I've always pictured Katniss as a girl with attitude.

  100. Joshua says:

    Bottom Line, Saoirse Ronan should be Katniss Everdeen. Because her performance would be terrific in that role. Like Lincoln said, phisical appearances doesn't matter, performance does.

  101. Yoda1 says:

    Deny the number of votes, you cannot. Yet, be angry, you must not, if Saoirse Ronan is not chosen. For anger leads to the dark side. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-wan's apprentice.

  102. Courtney says:

    Why would people want an unknown actress. Is it because of popularity, giving more of a poor girl experience? If that's the case here, then that's no difference than picking up a girl off of the streets. I mean, In the book it says that Katniss never had Chineese food before. Now how many actresses do you know never had Chineese. Okay, I'm sure Saoirse Ronan can do a good performance as a girl from the Seam. And let's not forget this story takes place in the far future, not a today's time.

    • Suua P. says:

      You know what, I think unknown actors and actresses works better with reality movies like The Hurt Locker or United 93.

  103. Yoda1 says:

    Seen movies, I did, of Twilight, The Runaways, Atonment, The Lovely Bones, and Kick-Ass, and must say, I do, a very good pick of actresses, this is. Still, leaning more towards Saoirse Ronan, I am.

  104. Chloe says:

    Saoirse Ronan is an excellent choice. But I like Willa Holland and Kaya Scodelario too. And Alexandra Daddario would be perfect but she's 24 !
    For Peeta, I think Alex Pettyfer is the best choice.
    Please, not Chloe Moretz ! She's too young. And I don't really like her. Maybe for Prim… And not Kristen . She's to old and she's in Twilight Saga. I love Twilight but she can't be in Hunger Games too. Dakota Fanning doesn't look like Katniss, but her little sister is really good for Prim !
    Robert Downey Jr. would be perfect for Haymitch ! Or why not Hugh Laurie ?
    Hugh Dancy for Cinna and Adam Gregory for Gale. Or Logan Lerman for Gale.

  105. Madelyne .Y. says:

    in the book it says Katniss has brown hair and grey eyes, other than Kristen stewart none of the choices had brown hair or grey eyes. and i dont really like kristen stewart very much

  106. Elizabeth says:

    NOOOO!!! No way to those girls, there should definitely be a fresh faced, new actress playing Katniss.

    • Suua P. says:

      Then get off of this site and find another site to comment!

      • HCM says:

        Suua…ur starting to irritate me…u are commenting on everybodys choice…if it’s not Saoirse Ronan then u get pissy…stop…it’s an oponion…ur not the casting director…and perhaps a new face Is what it needs…(as in my opinion…I don’t think Saoirse Ronan would be that great for it…better than most but not the greatest))

      • Suua P. says:

        Why don't you take a break from the internet, that way you don't feel all too bosy about other's opinions.

  107. Lizzie says:

    Personally I think they should actually go out and find someone new for all the roles in the film(s). I think that Kristen Stewart is first of all, too old for the role, and second of all, I just can't see her as Katniss. It would ruin the movie! Katniss is dark haired and grey eyed, but needs to be able to be "The Girl on Fire" Which personally I don't think any of these picks would be able to do. Just because they might be able to look like her in the arena, doesn't mean that they can be the Star-Crossed Lover, the Girl on Fire, or twirl around in her dress the way Katniss does. I really hope that this movie stays true to the book, and brings out everything it can to be great. This book is better than Twilight, and does deserve more than leftover jobless Twilight actors. A person is out there that totally fits the description of Katniss, much more than any current actress could ever pull off. Find a 14/15 year old girl that totally fits the character, she is out there somewhere, I just know it. Also, hopefully Peeta will come out right. I have a picture of him in my mind that is totally different from what he actually looks like, but I just hope they don't screw him up.

  108. Joshua says:

    Hey, let's not forget how Daniel Craig starred as James Bond. I mean his performance was incredible and before Casino Royale came out, alot of Bond fans said he would be the worst Bond ever. I say Saoirse Ronan should be Katniss Everdeen.

  109. CMMS says:

    SELENA GOMEZ. I think she would be the perfect Katniss.

  110. Lauren says:

    I think Seychelle Gabriel would be a good choice, but I actually think Lucy Hale would be a good option too.

  111. Molly McGrath says:

    I hope Kristene doesnt get the part of Katniss because she is such a bad actress but i want to get the part because i have all the quallities and do or would do everything Katniss does. Even play in the games and im so good at archery!

  112. Molly McGrath says:

    I hope Kristene Stewarts from Twilight doent play the role of Katniss because she is a horrible actress and has no tallent but i hope Molly O'Driscoll McGrath gets the role because she has all the characteristics and would do or has done everything Katnis has done ans she is great at climbing tree's and at archery. And if she doesnt get it then i hope Selena Gomez gets it bewcause she is the 2nd best actress for the role of Katniss and she is the prettiest actress EVER and she has such great tallent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Molly O'Driscoll McGrath also does but she is 13 but is a great actress even though she hasnt been on big movies but she does act and is great at it!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. S says:

    I can't wait for the movie. I couldn't stop reading the first 2 books once I started reading them. I don't think any of the actresses mentioned in this article should play katniss. I also think Orlando Bloom should play Finnick.

  114. Joshua says:

    Oh, alot of folks love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He had to change quite alot about his physical appearance. He had to change his hair looks and sound more american than Australian. Ya know, Emily Browning had to sound more american in some of her movies and she dyed her hair blonde for the upcoming movie, Sucker Punch. I say Saoirse Ronan should be Katniss Everdeen.

  115. Joshua says:

    Also, did you ever notice how in most movies, how Kiera Knightly changes her hair color. Like in Pride & Predjudice and Atonement her hair is dark and in Pirates of the Carribean it's blonde. I think her hair's dark naturally. Even Lindsay Lohan had to dye her hair quite a couple of times for some of her movies. She had her hair blonde once for a couple of movies I don't remember the titles and she had it black for I Know Who Killed Me. Even Cameron Diaz dyed her hair red for Gangs of New York. Saoirse Ronan can dye her hair dark to star as Katniss Everdeen for the Hunger Games.

  116. nate collins says:

    i think a different younge girl should play the role of katniss… i mean the stars named above arnt suited for the part.. kristen stewart is not a action girl. dakota isnt either and the girl from lovely bones..well lets just say that movie sucked. i think katNiss should be played by a new,pretty action type girl

  117. Joshua says:

    Oh, even Sigourney Weaver had to dye her hair blonde for Galaxy Quest and red for Avatar. Plus Gyuneth Paltro had to dye her hair red for Iron Man and didn't Saoirse Ronan dye her hair red for City of Ember. I'm pretty sure Saoirse or any one of these girls can dye their hair dark for this performance.

  118. Danielle says:

    Oh, I think Saoirse Ronan is a perfect choice for Katniss. I think she has the perfect talent for the role.

  119. Lamb Chops says:

    I say this is a good pick. I've never really minded on how well Kristen Stuart and Dakota Fanning does on the Twilight series, but they're not whom I envisioned as Katniss and Chloe Moretz is too young. The actress I envisioned to be Katniss is none other than Saoirse Ronan because how well she acts throughout most of her movies, from Atonement to The Lovely Bones. Saoirse Ronan is the best choice for the role of Katniss Everdeen.

  120. CoCoa 14 says:

    I think Saoirse Ronan would be Katniss Everdeen after watching The Lovely Bones.

  121. Julia says:

    Saoirse Ronen would make good foxface
    Neither kristin stewart or dakota fanning are right for the role. Elle fanning might make a good Prim though.

  122. Meow. says:

    I think Seychelle Gabriel would be a great Katniss. she looks perfect for the part!! (except for her eyes, but she could use colored contacts) I would literally CRY if they gave the role to someone like Chloe Moretz..shes waaayy to young and looks NOTHING like Katniss (shes supposed to have grey eyes OLIVE (olive, not light) skin, and black hair.

  123. Priscilla says:

    If kristen plays katniss I will not go see the hunger games! I love this book and refuse to see it ruined!

  124. Sarah says:

    Absolutely NOT Kristen Stewart. She is an awful actress that has no emotion. I cannot see her, and do not want to see her as Katniss. I can see Alexandra Daddario play her as my suggestion.
    But whoever they pick in the end, I really hope it doesn't end up like the Twilight movies. They were so disappointing.

  125. ThatsJustMyOpinion says:

    I don't want it to be Kirsten Stewernt. idk bout you but… i think Katniss shouldn't have a deep emotionless voice… and i think it should be a sixteen year old girl playing her, NOT a 20-something year old and no one younger than 16 pretending to be older

  126. Miranda says:

    If Kristen Stewart plays Katniss, I will probably have a minor melt-down. In my own personal opinion, I feel that she isn't a talented actress at all, and would destroy the role strong, independent role of Katniss just as she did in Twilight. I feel that Saoirse Ronan would make a wonderful Katniss. :) But, we just have to wait and see until they get the cast set up, now won't we?

  127. Kate says:

    NOT KRISTEN! It will RUIN the movie!!! I think it should be an unknown actress with some real talent. I also like Kaya Scodelario.

  128. tina says:

    i think mitch hewer should play peeta!! with the right makeup and hair i think he comes close.

    • Loraine says:

      He was my first choice and I think he's perfect, looks and acting skills:)
      plus he's not too famous and not too unknown:)

  129. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Nicola Peltz could easily play Katniss. Looks stunning and a lot like how she is described. Hunter Parrish as Peeta; Robert Downey, Jr as Haymitch; Ben Barnes as Gale. Done.

  130. Donna says:

    I really enjoyed reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I am excited that there is a movie being made from the series. I agree that the role of each of the characters should be played by someone in the same age range and looks. The books are about the tributes from each district and how the ages of the tributes start at age 12. I would rather the main character Katniss Everdeen be an unkown actress with a great supporting cast. These books are great to read and I would like the movie to be just as good.

  131. Nina says:

    I love the hunger games and think it would be a great movie. I will seriously cry if Katniss is played by Kristen.

  132. Chris says:

    I could really care less who plays Katniss. Most of the book takes place in her mind with her outward appearance being rather bland and uninteresting. The characters that will be more interesting to see are Haymitch, Peta and Cinna.
    I also feel that making this movie is a grave mistake to begin with. Like I said, most of the true conflict takes place in her mind. It's going to make for a very awkward movie if they try to vocalize her thoughts despite the fact that she's sitting alone in a forest trying to survive. The only way I see it working is by doing voiceovers of her thoughts like they do in many anime films. Otherwise you will have a film as badly written as twilight.

  133. Suua P. says:

    If you ask me, Saoirse Ronan is the best choice to star as Katniss Everdeen. Saoirse's acting abilities fits Katniss's personality perfectly.

  134. John W says:

    I agree it smells like Battle Royale.

  135. Steve says:

    Kaya Scodelario, no question. She'll bring the toughness and fire to the role but also the fragility beneath the surface. Saoirse Ronan doesn't make sense to me at all.

    • Suua P. says:

      You probably need to get out more. Kaya is a pretty terrible idea for Katniss!

    • Leita says:

      I agree… I mean ideally an unknown actress would be awesome, but Kaya really exemplifies Katniss' whole aura!!!
      I don't like the idea of Saiorse Ronan…..

  136. Hina says:

    I hope it's unknown, that way people won't keep seeing her as a different character! NO WAY Kristen Stewart or Dakota Fanning! OR Nina Dobrev, they keep seeing these people as characters from Twilight or Vampire Diaries.

  137. LEE says:

    kristen! I think she is perfect for the role

  138. Sahara Peeta says:

    Well, the actress who stars as Katniss Everdeen shouldn't be 20 years or older, just in her late teens. She should also have an extremely good performance. I mean she should be able to perform both leathally, girlishly, extremely emotionally and strong. Ok, I doubt Kaya Scodelario and Nina Dobrev will be able to deliver on that. Chloe Moretz sounds okay, as a 12-year old Katniss. Overall, Saoirse Ronan should be the one to star as Katniss Everdeen.

  139. Courtney says:

    Saoirse Ronan is my Katniss Everdeen!

  140. teal says:

    although her acting has gotten better i just don’t want to see her playing Katniss who is suppose to be under 18 i think Alexandra Daddario would be good but i don’t know if she can sing

  141. Brenda says:

    If Kristen Stewart plays the role of Katniss I will lose all faith in humanity.

  142. Kate Snape 7 says:

    Saoirse Ronan is the PERFECT choice for Katniss. Her acting skills match Katniss PERFECTLY! LOOOSE KRISTEN STUART!!!!!!

  143. Brenna says:

    I dont think Katniss should be Kristen Stewart or Dakota Fanning, nor Miranda Cosgrove, It should be a new face that hasnt been all over the theaters lately, therefore i also agree that it should be an unkown actress.

  144. Sierra says:

    I dont like Kristen Stewart so she would ruin the movie for me…Dakota might be a decent option…idk

  145. M. Thompson says:

    Ya know, I say Saoirse Ronan is just the person to star as Katniss in this movie. No Kristen Stuart!

  146. Donna says:

    Ohh, the only actress who would perform the best Katniss here is Saoirse Ronan because she comes the closest to Katniss (just dye her hair dark brown).

  147. Stevie B. says:

    If Kristen gets the part of Katniss, I'm going to be mad as hell. If Saoirse Ronan gets the part of Katniss, I'm going to be as happy as an angel.

  148. Izzie-TEAMPEETA says:

    I swear to god, I will just die if they put Kristen Stewart as Everdeen! shell ruin it!!!!!!! NOOO! I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!

  149. Izzie Mellark says:

    Im in love with Hunger Games! It should be an unknown!! itll ruin everything for me if Kristen stewart's katniss (:

  150. I. Man for Peeta says:

    After seeing all the movies she's starred in, Saoirse Ronan would be the best choice for Katniss.

  151. kirstin says:

    i think it should be someone new and unknown to play kayniss

  152. V.Vale 64 says:

    Saoirse looks to be an excellent Katniss.

  153. Daryll team Peeta says:

    NO KRISTEN STUART, PPPPLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!! Look at what happened to Twilight! Saoirse Ronan is a good pick, I mean a very good pick. Unless you find an unknown actress who's more attractive than her.

  154. Suua P. says:

    I so very much would love to see Saoirse Ronan as Katniss Everdeen. I really don't care who stars as Peeta. I would love to see Johnny Depp as Haymitch.

  155. Catchingallthefire says:

    i think alex pettyfer would be an awesome actor for the role of peeta! i dont think hunter parrish though because after 17 again i cant help but picturing him as a bully. i'm not sure who should play katniss though but i hope it really isnt kristine stewert! she belongs in twilight. not the hunger games. i think gaspard ulliel should be gale.

  156. Katie Bee says:

    I Know For A Fact Tat Sarah Spearmon Is Cated As Katniss. She Just Came Back From Europe From A Nine Year Modeling Contract So She Isnt Well Known Hear But She Is An Amazing Singer And Actress. And Shes Naturally Beautiful But Can Commpose Herself As A Non-Sexy Girl. She Is Also Working On Her New Album!

  157. Suua P. says:

    I've noticed that there is a delay until 2013. If this delay is for Chloe Moretz to reach 16, that is the dumbest idea I've ever heard of. Suppose through that time she changes her mind about the role or there's an accident that could cost her chance at the part or she could just want the part just to screw up the movie. If you ask me, even if she is or isn't 16, she is still the worst idea for Katniss. So please, NO CHLOE!!!!! Go with Saoirse Ronan, she deserves the part. I also believe an unknown actor should star as Peeta.

  158. Sara R. says:

    Well i DONT want Kristen Stewert being Katniss..I dont think she looks like katniss at all!! But I do think it should be Ellen Page (i dont know why i just think she looks like Katniss) or a Unknown Actress…But if its Ellen Page i dont know who would be Peeta for her


    Emily Browning = perfect katniss

    Emily Browning = perfect katniss

    Emily Browning = perfect katniss

    Emily Browning = perfect katniss

    Emily Browning = perfect katniss

    Emily Browning = perfect katniss

    ’nuff said.

  160. Megan says:

    Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are definite no-no's, in my opinion. I don't like to be mean, but Kristen totally ruined Twilight for me (along with Robert Pattinson), because she didn't look like she was into the part at all (same with Rob).
    I think an unknown would be good, and despite people saying otherwise, I actually think Megan Fix wold be good for Katniss. She has the look that I expected on Katniss.
    Well, we're all entitled to our own opinions.

  161. Marilyn says:

    Kristen Stewart for sure!!

    If anyone's seen the Runaways you can see she has FIRE and can and has a massive acting range in all her relatively unseen indie movies like "the cake eaters" and "speak".

    Don't judge her based on Twilight. See her other movies

  162. Deena Osman says:


  163. Daniell team peeta says:

    Saoirse Ronan is not all that popular. I mean she hasn't been in that many movies and she hasn't had her face on the cover of a magazine. She just only recieved a nomination for one of her first movies and that's it. I say she should be Katniss Everdeen because she DOES have the talent!!! :)

  164. MNB team peeta says:

    No Kristen, PLEASE!!!!!! Get Saoirse Ronan to do it. She's good and she'll knock the audience out!

  165. The Don says:

    Saoirse Ronan is trully perfect for the part! No questions asked!

  166. Harrison says:

    I say Saoirse Ronan is the best choice for Katniss because her performance belongs here!

  167. asdfas says:

    I love the Hunger Games, but I wouldn't ever watch the movie(s) if Kristen Stewart played Katniss. It's not even that she's in Twilight, she's simply a horrible actress. The character's entirely out of her league and it would be a waste of a fantastic story. What she's good at is screaming, blinking, sounding out of breath, and… well, whatever she was doing in Zathura. Not taking on a meaningful and driven character.
    I'd rather see relative unknowns since this is a book-to-film adaptation, it'd only be distracting otherwise.

    And great to hear that Stephen King's a fan too, that just about makes my day!

  168. Katnisslookalike says:

    seriously, if kristen stuart is casted i don't know what i'll do i feel that katniss should be someone new unknown, i don't like any of the choices i wanna see someone new up on the screen(like me :) I picture katniss as someone with brown hair and glasses like in the book. i don't want some twenty year onl playing someone who should be a 16 year old. (which by coincedence i am :) but my vote is for someone new, you casting agents must hold auditions everywhere, find the perfect katniss don't settle for known actresses! This better be epic.

  169. vanessa says:

    i think Kaya Scoldelario should play katniss. she is perfect for the character

  170. Sheryll says:

    Go with Saoirse Ronan. She's the best!

  171. Sheryll says:

    Oh, I've visited her site and got some sneak peaks at her newest film Hannah and just wait. She has the spirit for the part of Katniss.

  172. Suua P. says:

    Okay, you know what, I take that back on what I said about Chloe Moretz. I'm sure she'll do just fine. It's just that she's too young to star as a sixteen year old. But I'm sure the 2013 delay is due to Twilight's Breaking Dawn, because weren't the people who created the Twilight movies are also gonna do The Hunger Games movie. We'll see. But until that time, I'm still sticking to Saoirse Ronan, Period. And if Saoirse doesn't get it, at least Chloe.

  173. august bingham says:

    would oveto be in the moie but i don't think i will be in it

  174. Jordan says:

    NO NO NO it needs to be someone unknown because if they pick a movie star she is to perfect and Katniss is not perfect. It needs to be someone that is Katniss not someone who can play Katniss someone like me, have every charter trait that Katniss I even go hunting with my dad with my bow and arrows!

  175. Torrance says:

    I think all the actresses people have suggested are way too young.. shes 16, not 14. They all look too innocent and sweet. Isn't she supposed to be hardened? Doesn't care for looks? Intimidating and comes off as cold? None of these people suit that criteria. I think definitely find an undiscovered actress, and someone not too hollywood. She's gotta have hard edges people, not look like an innocent little girl.

  176. THGFan says:

    No No No! New Actress who can act! Not the teen girls who we have been seeing for a while!!!! There is a girl hear in my town who has ALL the THG fans in the town she is Katniss! She looks like her, has something about her that reminds me of Katniss…. she acts too so thats a big plus. We got her convinced to send her headshot of to the casting agent. She is a fan of THG but is very friendly nd such. Anyways I will try and find the website of hers and get the Http

  177. Bea says:

    What about AnnaSophia Robb? She would look nice as a brunette.

  178. Suua P. says:

    Okay, bottom line, either Saoirse Ronan or Chloe Grace Moretz. No Lindsy F., No Kaya S., PERIOD!!!

  179. Kelsey says:

    Anyone have an opinion of Selena Gomez? I think it'd be interesting to see her do a more serious role than her Wizards one, but I think it could happen. She was always who I thought of first when I read the series…

  180. Tiffany Kelly says:

    As an adult reading this series I pray to God that the cast in new and fresh or you might as well throw in the towl. The books are incredible and need to be represented by film virgins. K is a horrible actess, get over yourselves. But you are prob. movie watchers and base your life on what the media tells you anyway.

  181. Riley says:

    WOOOWWWW this is really sad…. i love the hunger games but i don't think that theres much point in arguing over it kristen makes me crazy, TWILIGHT makes me crazy, but i don't have any say in who they cast so whatever

  182. FilmFreak says:

    Anyone but Kristen Stewart. Katniss is not known for blinking, stuttering, fidgeting and looking like she's just coming down from a high and in need of another fix. We'll be getting enough of that in Welcome to the Rileys, which despite critical acclaim, will bomb just like The Runaways did. KS can't sell tickets, and when the Twilight series is over, producers will realize that. Twilight fans aren't going to see her, anyway.

  183. Suua P. says:

    Okay, now MTV says that Malese Jow from the Vampire Diaries wants to star as Katniss. Are you kidding me? She's 20. Bad choice there. :(

  184. melanie says:

    Iloved the hunger games, but I also loved Twilight. I don't need Kristen Stewart messing up a nother good book. i would like Saoirse Ronan to do the movie. she is rerrly good and i can see her as Katniss

  185. Chelsea says:

    Kristen Stewert? Seriously?
    The only reason she's mentioned is because of her undiserved popularity from Twilight.
    She would ruin the movie, not to mention she is too old.
    And as for the 13-year-old, Chloe, that wouldn't be right either. She's way too young. Katniss is 16-17 in the books. That's just not right at all.

  186. alice says:

    I hope they choose an unknown girl to be katniss. She could very well be a great actress and might look like katniss without adding anything to her.

  187. Suua P. says:

    The actress who stars as Katniss Everdeen should be under 20, naturally born in the U.S.A., and not a pop star. If this movie is scheduled to be released in 2013, it would surely be unwise to cast someone who's older than 16, if Lionsgate wants sequels.

  188. Sally says:

    I think Lyndsy Fonseca should play Katniss!!!!!! Lyndsy would be a perfect Katniss!!!!!!!!!!

  189. Zeezee says:

    I think the part of Katniss should go to someone who is 16, born in the USA, but raised in Ireland……… In other words… Get Sersh Ronan on board.

  190. Danni says:

    for god sakes! Stewart! are you blind. she so ugly! damn right! haley we do need some unknown actress to play katniss. and she has to be katniss material. brown hair and eyes. pretty deadly, confused, oh she has to look like she's suffered her whole. if you put Kristen Stewart in that movie to play Katniss i swear to god i'll blow up a childern's hospital!
    p.s katniss doesnt have stuttering problems, and jaw problems

  191. Jadie:) says:

    I completely agree. Kristin is a horrible choice. IT would ruin the entire movie for me. I would refuse to go see it. I would be mad, and probably have to read the book millions of timess.. and still have her face in my mind. No to kristin. Definately. It should completely be an unknown actress that has read the series, knows it by heart, and knows how to act!

  192. Kaitlin Whitley says:

    kristen stewart cannot be katniss!!! i hate her!!!

  193. Audrey says:

    Sarah is one of the best actress! SARAH SPEARMON IS PLAYING KATNISS!

  194. carmen says:

    tim gunn should play cinna

  195. John says:

    Jeez none of those except Chloe Moretz, she would do well but she' kinda shor and I wish the movie will be realeased in 2013 and be made in 2012. And I want SELENA GOMEZ to play Katniss.! she would do well, besides Selena can sing so as Katniss…

  196. Suua P. says:

    Well, Gary Ross, now chosen to direct the Hunger Games movie. I pray he doesn't cast Kaya S. as Katniss because she's just another Kristen Stuart and she's british. By all means, don't cast her as Katniss else the Hunger Games will turn out to be the next Twilight!

    • lex says:

      And the hunger games was in AMERICA and they have no contact with the outside world.
      why would someone with a british accent be there.

  197. erin says:

    lyndsy fonseca should be Katniss she looks the part and now with nikita we know she can do action.

  198. Jewels says:

    They need someone unknown to make the movie their own and not associate the actress with another movie and character! I say my daughter should play the part. She looks very much like the sketch of the character above. She is only 12 but looks 16. She also has a lot of life experience to draw off of for the emotional scenes.

  199. Lex says:

    i dont think someone who's already famous should be katniss.
    a new face would be nice.
    a GOOD new face, someone who can act.
    NOT Kristen NOT dakota and NOT miley
    i know she wasnt a choice but she is HORRID at acting. so is Kristen.
    Dakota is good but i dont think she fits the part.

  200. Suua P. says:

    Lyndsy Fonesca shouldn't star as Katniss because she's 23 yrs of age and how exactly is that going to pass as 16, huh?

  201. Suua P. says:

    Oh, Malese Jow is too old to pass as 16 and Jodelle Ferdland is a bad actress, just to give ya a heads up. PLEASE, don't cast these girls as Katniss!

  202. siena says:

    it should be a unknown actress that really understands the book Kristen already got a big role and she's terrible please, i cant have this movie ruined i love the book to much.

  203. Suua P. says:

    And who in their right mind would want Emma Watson as Katniss. I mean, isn't it enough that she starred in all Harry Potter films as Hermione Granger?

  204. Suua P. says:

    Hey fans, the idea hit me. How would you like Sarah Bolger (Malory Grace from The Spiderwick Chronicles) as Katniss?

  205. Scarlet13 says:

    NOOOOOOO! NOT KISTEN!!!!!!! Katniss has to be PERFECT!!!!! Alot of people on youtube are saying “kayla s.(i dont remember her last name,but it starts with a ‘S’) She (I think) would be cool!

  206. Suua P. says:

    Another thing, the folks who want Kristen Stewart or Dakota Fanning as Katniss are just Twilight fans who want to proove that nothing beats Twilight. J.M.O.

  207. Isis says:

    Never ever ever should it be Kristen Stewart. She's an awful actress and I absolutely agree it should be someone new and who has talent,but also sort of looks like the actual character.

  208. DIDI says:

    I agree with Isis! they should not have Kristen Stewart play Katniss! She has all of about three facial expressions! The girl who plays Katniss is gonna have to be able to portray many emotions…in other words Kristen can't do that!!!!!

  209. Alice says:

    Please let Katniss be an unknown actress! I canNOT picture ANYONE who's already famous as Katniss!! They really should consider an open casting call or have a tour or something- even though that is highly unlikely…

  210. Suua P. says:

    One other thing, I've learned Kaya S. is around 18 now and the movie is scheduled to be released in 2013, which will make her 21 by then. If you want movie sequels for the Hunger Games, you'll think twice before casting her, Period.

  211. Dany says:

    Kaya is a really bad actress for Katniss. I agree with Suua, the actress who stars as Katniss shouldn't even be British any. Not even Emma Watson. The girl who stars as Katniss should be a naturally born american. Hey Saoirse Ronan was born in America, she's Irish, she stars as assassins in two upcoming movies this year, that makes her a perfect Katniss!

  212. Courtney says:

    Hey, hasn't anybody suggested that girl from the upcoming True Grit to star as Katniss. She looks good. If not her, I'm still saying Saoirse Ronan or Chloe Moretz

  213. Natalie says:

    If Kristen Stewart is picked for this roll I WILL NOT BE WATCHING ANY OF THESE MOVIES~!!!!!

  214. aubrey says:

    megan fox

  215. Suua P. says:

    Now I don't wanna hear any more suggestions for Miley Cyrus to star as Katniss nor Selena Gomez because that's just rediculous having a pop star to star as Katniss. So it says the birds fall silent when she sings, that doesn't mean a pop star should star as Katniss. I'm sure the movie makers can do something about that. Remember in LOTR: The Return of the King, where Pippin sang his song to Lord Denathor?

    • HCM says:

      Miley doesn’t have a pretty voice anyway…she would suck…Selena gomez if any so called pop star should…her voice is atleast pretty and she has a pretty close look…

  216. julze says:

    maybe… ellen page, jodelle ferland, or even chloe mortez!!!

  217. Rose says:

    Not Kristen Stewart. Just .. No. Not a good idea, i would die -_- I think MAYBE Malese Jow if i had to choose an known actor, but I'd prefer an unknown person. The movie better not ruin the book >_>

  218. alex says:

    The person who plays Katniss really should have the natural look and physique of Katniss, not have to dye, put in contacts, etc. They won’t be recognized looking like that anyways….

    • Suua P. says:

      Sometimes they don't pay attention to physical appearances. Sometimes they pay attention to the acting performance, ever thought of that.

  219. Suua P. says:

    If ya don't want The Hunger Games to end up like Twilight, don't cast Kaya S. as Katniss because she looks just like Kristen Stewart, end of line.

  220. Mee says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! not kristen stewart! katniss is brave, pretty, doesn't have a man voice and she can sing, Kristen stewart is the oopposite, and worse? A terrible actress! She stutters! Katniss should be lucy hale (aria from pretty little liars)

    • HCM says:

      Well katniss may not have a real girly voice either…but I agree no Kristen…she’s terrible…as well as alot of these choices…

  221. Anonymous says:

    i personally have nothing against Kristen Stewart, but she's too old and too famous, lets pick someone undiscovered!

  222. Suua P. says:

    I'm guessing the delay for 2013 is due to MGM's bankrupsy and Lionsgate is trying to solve that.

  223. Stephen Nettles says:

    I actually thought of Saoirse Ronan before reading this article. She is an AMAZING actress unlike the others on the list. She doesn't quite have the look for the part… but frankly just for her skill I have no problem having the movie version of Katniss look a little different from her description in the book.

    but one things for sure….Kristen Stewart…. would be a disaster… Katniss has a strong air about her that an actress such as Kristen Stewart could never portray…. she's way to fragile.

  224. breanna says:

    first of all, half the ppl that were listed has blond hair and blue eys wich is WRONG! katniss has long brown hair with gray eyes and very skinny, she is a gurl who gets mad very easily. i love kstew but i think there should be some 1 new and peeta has 2look good,

  225. Austyn Nielson says:

    i absoulutly dont like any body they have chosen for the hunger games to play katniss its greatly ridiculous, kristen stewart is not pretty at all and i think is a SUCKY actress who shouldnt have quit her day job to be honest. I would sugest a girl named Danielle Chuchran she has a thing on you tube and she does a magnificent job i thought i really was a part of the move :( but its not but watch it and concider because the two choosen for katniss both SUCK and shouldnt be put in the movie!!!!!!!!!

  226. Arely says:

    I personally don't think ANY of them should be Katniss. I mean they have almost already ruined too many good books with movies. There are a BUNCH of pretty and TALENTED Unkown actresses who very much look like Katniss or can actually ACT. If they ruin this movie I think I will DIE! What do producers NOT get that the actors Kind of (and by Kind of I mean Really) Look like the characters. They should also stick to the age. Because if they make Katniss too young and Peeta too old well…..you get the picture. Why when there is an awesome book and they are going to make it into a movie they HAVE to think Kristen stewert or Dakota Fanning(Wich I have nothing against) Has to Be in it?! I just wish Producers would see blogs more often to know what the PEOPLE want. And by the way I hope this movie is going to be PG-13 and Not Rated R. I have seen that in other blogs. I mean what 40 year old dude will watch the hunger games???

  227. Suua P. says:

    Oh and another thing, don't confuse actresses physical appearances with Katniss's because that doesn't matter, what matter's is the performance, I hope you all understand that. :)

  228. tom says:

    NO WAY TO KRISTEN STEWERT HOW ABOUT that girl from the percy jackson movie

  229. Kelsey says:

    omg. kristen stewert should not be katniss. that would be like sayin usher should sing justin bieber. if kristen stewert plays katniss then u can bet that i will not watch that movie. shes great for twilight but not this kinda movie. the actress for katniss should be someone that looks like her, has her qualities, and can set the right mood for the movie.

  230. Suua P. says:

    Look, bottom line, Kaya S., Lyndsy Fonesca and Malese Jow are both too old for the part of Katniss. Kaya is 18, Lyndsy is 23 and Malese is 20. This film is to be released in 2013, by what I understand with IMBD, and Kaya will be 21, Lyndsy 26 and Malese 23 by then. Seriously the actress who stars as Katniss should be 16 or under, PERIOD!!!

  231. Coco says:

    Saoirse Ronan should star as Katniss because she's got the perfect acting talent for Katniss. She is going to star as two teenage assassins soon. One as Hannah and the other as Violet. Oh she would be perfect for the part. Just dye her hair dark, that's all. :)

  232. Sarah says:

    how about someone totally unknown would be the best

  233. Emily says:

    NINA DOBREV as Katniss! She would be perfect!!

  234. Suua P. says:

    I've just seen images of Kristen and Rob on the OK mag on their honeymoon, I believe, and I've got to say the people who want Kristen as Katniss should be put in a stray jacket. Oh and the actress who stars as Katniss should be 17 and under. Physical appearances can be altered but age cannot.

  235. Evelyne says:

    ugh, okay: I don't think the producers are that stupid and take Kristen for the role, because besides talent and look and so on, they're one thing they just can't ignore: Kristen will always be Bella! And Bella means Twilight. And Twilight and The Hunger Games connected won't be good! Cuz Twilight-Haters won't watch it, even if they would like it. So, NO! The same with Nina Dobrev, I love her, but she'll always be Elena.
    I'd vote for Kaya Scodelario – yes she's Effie and will always be but Skins isn't that popular! Kaya's got the look, the talent and the everything!
    Otherwise maybe Seychelle Gabriel, Willa Holland or Lucy Hale, cuz I like them all.
    But still – they should take an unknown one!!!

  236. Suua P. says:

    I've just seen the movie Tangled and I watched how her hair changed from blonde to brunette at the end and all I was thinking was how Saoirse Ronan can change her hair from blonde to brunette. Don't deny that she is the best actress for Katniss.

  237. Anna says:

    Why does everyone want someone that's already known playing Katniss? Let's get some new girls in there, cause honestly I'm pretty sick of seeing the same faces over and over and over.

  238. Suua P. says:

    Ya know, if you dye Saoirse Ronan's hair dark, she could turn out to be an unknown, because usually she has her hair naturally blonde.

  239. Tt says:

    I don’t think it’s really about if they were in this movie or that movie and if they are known or unknown. I don’t even think the looks matter that much because with a wig and fake contacts people can do magic. What matters to me is the ACTING. And that only.

  240. Cim says:

    I am a former young adult librarian but i still keep up with the popular ya books. I loved the hunger games. I hope the actress chosen to play katniss is an unknown who very much looks the part and actually has acting talent!
    As for peeta, i saw a young man recently who I thought looked the part. He's older, but maybe young enough to play a 17 yr old. His name is Christopher Egan from the movie letters to juliet.

  241. Zookie says:

    ok…I don't think any of the twilight stars should be in this movie, unless someone fits the description. Twilight and the Hunger Games are completely different. To be honest, when I pictured Katniss I thought Nina Dobrev, if you look at the picture above, it fits. I'm sorry, but Chloe Mortez CANNOT do it. I am a month older than her, and it just won't work trust me. But a lot of the actors and actresses in mind for this movie are too old to be considered teenagers fighting for their life. And a lot of them are too young to be any of them. Anyone who feels they fit the characteristics don't be shy, show us a change in this world. Prove us wrong and make sure this movie is just as beautiful as the books.

  242. Suua P. says:

    No one from Vampire Diaries, Twilight or True Blood should star in this movie, especially as Katniss, PERIOD!

  243. Cassie E says:

    Let it be an unknown FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be great for prim just give me some lemon juice

  244. Elliot says:

    I think kristin s. is a terrible choice and so is anyone form disney or teen nick!!!!

    i like Ellen page!

  245. A.B. says:

    think i should be Katniss. I've never acted before, but its my favorite book and everyone i know whos read it says i look and act just as they describe her. At least I would be better than Kristen Stewart, I hate her she would make me not want to see the movie

  246. Suua P. says:

    Ellen Page, Lyndsy Fonesca, Malesse Jow, Emily Browning, Emma Watson, Willa Holland, Kristen Stewart, Nina Dobrev, and Kaya S. have one thing in common, they're both too old to star as Katniss, let's all get that through our heads.

  247. LauraB says:

    If they cast Kristen Stewart as Katniss I will definitely not be going to see this movie. She is my least favorite actress. She ruined the Twilight series for me, and I would hate for her to ruin The Hunger Games for me too, since it's so much better than Twilight anyway.

  248. name says:

    did someone seriously suggest miranda cosgrove?!?! oh please. miranda plays really upbeat and bubbly characters. Katniss is the exact opposite from upbeat, outgoing, etc. really people, just because they have dark hair doesn't mean they can play the character.

  249. Suua P. says:

    I really do not want an actress over 20 to star as Katniss Everdeen when she's sixteen.

  250. Suua P. says:

    You guys should outta wait until Saoirse Ronan's Hanna comes out. I mean look at her, she's got arrows slung over her shoulder in that and she's a teenage assassin. For all you guys who says she's no good as Katniss, you don't know what you're missing out on. I'm telling you her hair color can be altered, it's her character that matches Katniss perfectly.

  251. Suua P. says:

    I really don't want to see a british actress starring as Katniss, Period!

  252. Suua P. says:

    I want a naturally born american actress to star as Katniss!

  253. Cool Dude says:

    You know who should be Katniss, Alexandra Daddario. For the people that don't know her see was in "The Lightning Theif". She even looks like katniss check her out and I think she would be perfect to Katniss.

  254. Suua P. says:

    Ya know, if Saoirse Ronan dyes her hair black or dark brown, she would appear as an unknown since her hair is naturally blonde, plus she's never had her hair a dark color.

  255. Suua P. says:

    What's a matter, you guys ran out of comments?

  256. Nicole says:

    All of the actresses they have chosen are way to much of the "Pretty girl" type. I think Katniss needs to look unique, nothing like Kristen Stewert. Camilla Belle or Lily Collins i think would be perfect.

    • Suua P. says:

      I agree with ya, Nicole about the actesses that have been chosen. In fact, most of them are way too old to be Katniss, plus I think that Jodelle Ferdland is a terrible actress, after seeing Silent Hill and Eclipse.

  257. jones says:


  258. Courtney says:

    Hey, how about that Hailee Steinfield, from the upcoming True Grit remake, as Katniss?

  259. Shannie says:

    The whole time I was reading the trilogy I kept picturing Camilla Belle as Katniss, she just seemed to fit perfectly.

  260. Suua P. says:

    Let me just say that age does matter, plus the acting performance as well. Physical appearances doesn't. No way to Lyndsy Fonesca, Malese Jow or Kaya S. Chloe Grace Moretz is okay, but a little too young and Jodelle Ferdland is a bad actress.

  261. Danny says:

    I really hate the top choices they have. I really don't like watching Kaya or Lyndsy, I really think they're terrible actresses. I've never seen vampire diaries, but Malese Jow is too old to star as Katniss. I also haven't seen Eclipse, but I have seen Silent Hill and I have to say Jodelle F. is as terrible at acting as she looks, so is Chloe Moretz. Everyone knows it should be Saoirse Ronan as Katniss!

  262. Sheryll says:

    I really hate the top choices they've made so far. All of them, especially Kaya and Jodelle, really suck, big time! I still say that Saoirse Ronan should star as Katniss.

  263. Gloria says:

    Not Kristen Stewart. I think Ms. Collins has to have the say as to who she pictures the characters to be. Rue has to have darker skin. I keep seeing her on websites as being white, which she is not.

  264. Suua P. says:

    Okay, here are my top three, Saoirse Ronan, Hailie Stienfield or Chloe Moretz, PERIOD!!!

  265. V. Vale 64 says:

    Oh, absolutely Saoirse Ronan. Please, no Kaya or Lyndsy, they're too old.

  266. I. Man 82 says:

    I don't want that Kaya Scenadairio as Katniss because she's british and so is Emma Watson. Who in their right mind would want a british actress to act as an american. The actress who stars as Katniss should be a naturally born american. Now, though she was raised in Ireland, Saoirse Ronan was still born in the USA. She is the perfect choice.

  267. Amyy-kayaforkatniss says:

    I really want kaya scodelario to play katniss..she acts really well and has proved that she can act when she was effie in skins with her strong attitude and shes just generally brilliant :) Id hate kristen stewart to be katniss, in my opinion shes so AWKWARD when shes acting..she stutters which isnt what katniss would do :)

  268. Coco says:

    I'm still saying Saoirse Ronan because her acting abilities really give her this part. I don't know why anyone would want an actress like Kaya Scodelario to star as Katniss because she stinks badly when acting.

  269. Buckshot 57 says:

    Saoirse Ronan should star as Katniss and not Lyndsy Fonesca, Kaya Scodelario, Malese Jow, Chloe Moretz or Jodelle Ferland because those are the worst picks for a girl like Katniss.

  270. Stevie says:

    I agree that the top choices for Katniss that I've heard really suck in fact none of those girls (Kaya, Lyndsy, Malese, Jodelle, Chloe) even match Katniss. Katniss should be a girl from Ireland, that should be Saoirse.

  271. JP O'Dowd says:

    Honestly, if Katniss is Kristen Stewart i will not watch the movie ever. I do not believe she is worthy of the role. Also she is a lousy actress!
    My vote goes to Nina Dobrev. She is a good actress and will fulfill the role of Katniss properly. She even looks like her!!!

  272. The Don says:

    Seriouslly!!!!!!! Cast Saoirse Ronan as Katnisss Everdeen. No Kristen, No Kaya or any british actress because that's just stupid!

  273. Peetaharrisburg says:

    Out of the actresses mentioned above, I'd have to say Saoirse Ronan should star as Katniss. I really hate the top choices they've made so far, especially Kaya Scodelario for three good reasons; one: she's british and Katniss is naturally born american, two: she's too tall and Katniss is described as short and three: she's soon to be 19 in March. I mean honestly, who would want an actress like this to star as Katniss.

  274. Peetacrazy81 says:

    Definately Saoirse Ronan and not Kristen or Dakota.

  275. lily says:

    I think that katniss an unknown she sould have black hair and be medium sized and thin and tan

  276. Melinda says:

    I think Saoirse Ronan should star as Katniss because she stars as two teen killers in two upcoming movies, Hanna and Violet and Daisy.

  277. Anna says:


  278. Anna says:

    Send Audition slips to Boise Idaho!!! Or Idaho!!!
    No one will watch it other wise!

  279. Joshua says:

    I'm still saying Saoirse Ronan, I do not like any of the top choices they've made so far because most of them are to old to star as an American 16 year old, especially Lyndsy Fonesca, Kaya Scodenario and Malese Jow.

  280. A.B. says:

    I think they should have auditions in places where American Idol goes so they can get potential from everywhere, and not just from the bigger cities like Chicago, L.A., or New York. I did my own cast for the movie(it does NOT include Kristen Stewart or Dakota Fanning because they need a fresh face!)

    Katniss- anyone who can act and really resembles her!!!
    Peeta- Alex Pettyfer
    Haymitch- Hugh Laurie
    Prim- Aurora Helen
    Rue- Alana Locke

  281. Anna says:


  282. dreamsmaycometrue says:

    I'd say Saoirse Ronan should star as Katniss because Kristen is the Worst actress in Hollywood history, Dakota is good, but not enough for this role and Chloe is perfect, if she were two years older.

  283. Anna says:

    PICK A NEW ACTOR/ACTRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. Anna says:

    Pick a good Peeta and Katniss and Rue and Prim!!!

  285. Anna says:


    • Suua P. says:

      Anna, are you quite done? Just wait and see what Gary Ross has to say.

      • Anna says:

        What do you mean??? Quite done??? Or quite dumb???

      • Suua P. says:

        Are you just so desperate to star as Katniss?

      • Anna says:

        I actually want to star as Prim. Do you want to try out for Katniss? If you do, I have there address.

      • Suua P. says:

        I would if I weren't a male. I'm just a big fan.

      • Anna says:

        Oh,Did you read the book's?

      • Suua P. says:

        As a matter of fact I did and I loved them. I've read Catching Fire 7 times and Mockingjay 3 times and I'm still in the middle of reading the The Huger Games for the 12th time. These books are fun to read and I think Suzanne Collins has really outdone herself here.

      • Anna says:

        I read the books!!! I love them!!! They are the best book's I've ever read!!! They really grab the readers attention!!! I even ordered a Mocking Jay T-Shirt!!!! I'm wearing it now!!!! I can't say any thing bad about them!!!

      • Suua P. says:

        I have a Mockingjay T-Shirt, too, that says, Down with the Capitol, and I've got some Keyrings and a Journal with a Mockingjay on it as well. I've even managed to get my hands on three different bookmarks with The Hunger Games on each and I've put them in each book. I even have two Hunger Games Posters, one with a Mockingjay saying Down with the Capitol and another with the book cover on it that I found at Wal-mart. How bout you? I love The Hunger Games!!!

      • Anna says:

        Well, I have a blue mockingjay T-shirt with a mockingjay on it. Then I have 3 pairs of earings. One pair are parachutes. Another pair are mockingjays. The last pair say District 12. That's all. Do you mind if I ask how much did that down with the capitol T-shirt cost, and where did you get it? I hope to get a lot more! Any advice on what stuff I should get?

      • Suua P. says:

        I don't know if you ever heard of a place called Hot Topic, because that's where I got the T-shirt from and I believe it was only $15.00 plus a Mockingjay Brooch, a Mockingjay necklace, Bookmarks, Keyrings and some ruber braclets, anyway, that's where I found those. Now I found the Journal and one of my posters at Borders. Usually whatever is Hunger Games related, that is the first thing I go to. For me, I just buy any type of Hunger Games product I can get my hands on. The only ones I don't purchase are stuff that are for girls and women only. That's pretty much it.

      • Anna says:

        Thanks! I'll look there. I really liked the Hunger Games series. I've read other book's after that,I can't stnad reading other books!!! I need a book that's realatited to the Hunger Games! Do you know of any good books like the Hunger games? P.S You have a really good writting style!

      • Suua P. says:

        Thank you, so do you! I don't know of any other books that are related to the Hunger Games, of course I haven't read any other Suzanne Collins novels before, just the Hunger Games. Usually when I'm out shopping or browsing around, I look for any type of Hunger Games product that I can get my hands on because I love these series so much, I consider it a relief from those lame Twilight seiries…oh, no offense.

      • Anna says:

        Thank you,
        I HATE Twilight (no offense to any one who like's them). The books have a poor word choice. I was never a fan. The movie's are also LAME!!! It's just my opinion. I'm a Hunger Games and Harry Potter fan!!! Still I think the Hunger Games was 100% better! The Hunger Games is a lot BETTER!! (Again my opinion) Are you a fan of Harry Potter or just the Hunger Games?

      • Suua P. says:

        Oh, I love the Harry Potter series, in fact The Deathly Hallows is probably one of my favorite books I've ever read and I can't wait for part two to come out next year. My favoite Harry Potter movie is still, so far, the Prisoner of Azkaban. I really hated the Twilight movies because there was not alot of scary moments in those films, just romance blush. Usually when it comes to Vampires, there's supposed to be horror and terror there (just my opinion). I never read the Twilight books, they never caught my interest, but my sister has and she says the movies were awful compared to the books. I'm hoping The Hunger Games movie does better than Twilight could ever do. Oh, If you had to choose who you like more in between Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen, who would it be? My choice would be Katniss because she's strong.

      • Anna says:

        That's a Toughy. I really like the charecter Katniss. But the character Harry Potter always has some one there for him. If he didn't have such good friends he would be dead!(My opinion) I think Katniss is a lot stronger(like you said) and has a lot more confident in herself. I read Twilight's first chapter. I konw I've should have gone further, but I just gave up on them. I read 1-5 Harry Potter books. Then school interfered. I'm planing to read them before the 2nd part comes out. I've seen the 1st part! I LOVE it!!!! This might sound strangs,but I love voilent and sad books! I don't know why! (If you had to pick) who do you like better? Peeta Mellark or Gale? My opinio is Peeta Mellark. I really like his personality! Gale on the other hand I liked intill the last park of the book. He left Katniss! I'm not a fan of the mushy gooshy love stuff.(Shiver)

      • Suua P. says:

        True about Harry Potter, usually he needs all of the help he can get. Sometimes the same thing goes for Katniss except alot of times she can take care of herself and that's what makes her strong. I too am for Peeta Mellark, in fact I was hoping that Katniss ended up with him instead of Gale because he's a guy with words and could live the life of a President, not the Snow type, I mean the Abe Lincoln kind of personality. Like you said, Gale was good until the end where he became a guy who's in dire need for revenge. In fact, I see him as the charming yet really jerky guy. I really don't intend on reading any of the Twilight series because I know the moment I do, I'll pass out. Alot of times love and romance stuff bores the heck out of me. There are some violent and sad stories I do love to read. Usually those kinds of stories I read are found in comic books and graphic novels. Like The Punisher and 300. I don't mean to bring comics into this, but that's where I usually read about sad and violent stories. Hey, I was wondering, do you think that Haymitch's character and Effie's character should be played by a known actor and actress?

      • Anna says:

        Well Haymitch I think Jack Black should play him.(My opinion). Effie, is a really EASY finder. There's a lot of people who can play her. I don't care if Effie is played by an Unknown or a Known, I just am looking for this in an Effie: Long shiny blonde hair, always caring a clipboard,has a very ethuseastic(sorry if I spelled that wrong) personality,the person needs to have the personality. ( Again my opinion) Haymitch, we really just need some who can act drunk and who can act serious!(My opinion)
        About you?What do you think?

      • Suua P. says:

        Well, I usually think of Jack Black as an extremelly hillarious guy and hardly someone who's drunk all of the times. In fact I really loved him as Po the Panda from Kung Fu Panda and I can't wait to see the second one (Just My Opinion). I was actually thinking Johnny Depp in the role of Haymitch because he's middle aged, tall, and can do a pretty serious guy and a drunk (JMO). I agree that Effie is an EASY finder, in fact when I think of Effie, I picture a young woman who doesn't enjoy any type of conflict, who's a little spoiled, but carring. When I'm reading the book, I picture Amy Adams or Anne Hathaway as Effie, after watching Disney's Enchanted and Alice in Wonderland (JMO). That's okay, sometimes I don't know how to spell enthustiatic (unless that's the correct way). Haymitch is supposed to be a drunk and serious guy, but I also pictured him tall with a little white hair to him. Have you ever seen a foreign film called Battle Royal? I haven't, but there's been complains that The Hunger Games is a remake of that. Can you believe that?

      • Anna says:

        I LOVE the movie Kung Fu Panda! Infact I have the Wii game! I didn't know they were makinga second one! I'm exited to see that! Ya,I can see why you don't see Jack Black as him. Like you said, I think Amy Adams would be perfect! Was she in Alice in Wonderland? I can't picture Anne Hathaway as Effie,sorry. (Just my opinion) With Johnny Depp, I know he can act drunk. In the books there are SOME parts where Haymitch act's serious! Can Johnny Depp act serious? I'm asking you because I havent seen him in any movies.

      • Suua P. says:

        Oh, you haven't seen Pirates of the Carribean, he's a little unrecognizable in that, he's Capt. Jack Sparrow. He's a really good actor, alot of people say so, so when you ask if he can act serious, all I can say is…maybe. Amy Adams wasn't in Alice in Wonderland, I just suggested her after watching the movie Enchanted, since she can act with high spirits. Say, what would you say was the saddest moment in the Hunger Games Trilogy? Me, I'd say it was when Katniss had lost Prim at the end of Mockingjay. What do you say?

      • Anna says:

        I would say…………….probably when Katniss lost Primrose or when she sang Rue to sleep. What do you think the most violent part in The Hunger Games Trilogy was? I'd say when Cato died. Or when Katniss visited the hospital, then the capitol came and bombed it.(In MockingJay)

      • Suua P. says:

        Well, maybe the part in Catching Fire where Gale was being whipped in front of all of District 12 or when the mutts attacked Katniss, Peeta, and Cato at the end of The Hunger Games. Which was your favorite part in the whole series? That's a tough one, I know. But if I had to make a choice, it would probably be in Mockingjay, after the Capitol had bombed most of District Eight, including the Hospital, and Katniss gives out a speech that there will not be a cease fire. How 'bout you?

      • Anna says:

        That's a good part! I would have to say in The Hunger Games, where the action builds, the part where Clove attacked Katniss, and how Thresh came for her rescue! I also like the part in Catching Fire, where they figure out the areana is a clock!!! What would you say the best book in the Hunger Games trilogy was??? That's real hard……….but if I had to pick………….probably the first book, but they were all GREAT!!!!!!!! About you??

      • Suua P. says:

        Me, I'd probably have to say Mockingjay because it's the end of not only the Capitol, but President Snow and The Hunger Games itself. Though there were alot of sad parts, especially when Primrose died, I still was happy that the Capitol was defeated. Who do you think should star as President Snow? I'm saying Harvey Kietel, the FBI agent from National Treasure, but what do you say?

      • Anna says:

        I really don't know! I just picture him as;white hair,short(but not to short)gray eyes,pale,real pale skin, long hair(but not to long)! Who do you think should star as Primrose Everdeen? I would say the girl who star'd on Nim's Island. The girl who played Nim,otherwise………..I think we need a FRESH face!

      • Suua P. says:

        I think a fresh face would work excellent for Primrose. I'd say the same goes for Rue. But who do you'd think should star as Ms. Everdeen (Katniss' Mother)?

      • Anna says:

        Gosh! I don't know! That's real hard! Maybe…..I don't know. Some one who can be stressed. not just play stressed,but have been stressed. How do you think should play Foxface?

      • Anna says:

        I meant Who do you think should play Foxface!

      • Suua P. says:

        Maybe one of the girls from Harry Potter. (JMO)

      • Anna says:

        I agree. Maybe Ginny. But she is also very dull.

      • Suua P. says:

        Good Pint There. Whodo youthink should star as Octavia?

  286. Amanda says:

    I agree Kristen is NOT a good pick for Katniss. I think Malese Jow would be perfect!
    i really hope they don’t pick any Disney star or Twilight star, they need some new faces on the screen.

  287. sandra says:

    Kaya Scodelario from Skins should play Katniss!

  288. Tay says:

    Oh hell no. If they get Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle, Nina Dobrev, or whoever these other big actresses right now to play Katniss, I will protest.
    They need to get someone new. Have auditions for anyone, especially fans.
    I'm sure there's a lot of talented actresses and actors out in the world that hasn't made it to
    Hollywood yet, and may even look the parts, and may even be better than some people in
    Hollywood right now. Someone new and unknown.

  289. Suua P. says:

    Look, seriously, the girl who stars as Katniss has to have a good performance. Never mind on physical appearances. If you focus only on physical appearances and not performance, it would make The Hunger Games the next Twilight because that Kristen is probably the worst actress in Hollywood history.

  290. jenny says:

    some one unkown

  291. eliza says:

    No not Kristen Stewart as Katniss. She has her twilight. I agree it would ruin all movie. I think that Christian Serratos would be perfect for Katniss

  292. suggester says:

    i suggest alexandra daddario!!

    she was in percy jackson
    she is so perfect.

    heres a picture of her

  293. helena says:




  294. hanna says:

    What about peeta?I think that william mosely should play peeta. As for katniss you need a super strong actor and one that has that certain look.

  295. Delanie says:

    I think the new actress Hailee Steinfield, from the movie True Grit, should play Katniss. She's not the prettiest and is a strong and intense actress. She'd do great

  296. Delanie says:

    i think the actress Hailee Steinfield, from the new movie True Grit, should play Katniss!!

  297. Jeanne says:


  298. jEANNE says:


  299. Amanda says:

    OMG so i just saw True Grit and Haliee Steinfeld should be Katniss! shes the right age and looks and acts alot like her to me. she was strong and witty

  300. amanda says:

    Every one should look up HALIEE STEINFELD lol i think shes great

  301. Dim says:

    I think Katniss should be played by either Kaya Scodelario or Danielle Chuchran. The latter was great in this short film about Katniss and Rue.

  302. Emily says:

    I think someone new that we have never heard of because say if Kristen Stewart played the part of Katniss the we would think of her more like Bella or if Selena Gomez did the we would see her more as Alex but I just think it would be better if we had a fresh new face.

  303. katniss says:


  304. gemma says:

    NOT ANY OF THEM LUCY HALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  305. laura says:

    i see Lily Collins as Katniss. Camilla belle would be great too, but she might be a bit too old.

  306. Krissy says:

    I personaly Like Kaya Scodelario who I think is 17 years old, she would be the perfect roll for the movie, at least I think so. :D if not then oh well. I just dont want them being played by some twenty year olds that think they can play the role of being 17 again. Its pethetic. If they pick Kaya, who is on the top 5 list on wikapidia, for the movie, then my life shall be compltete. And maybe Alex Pettyfer should play Peeta. :) Please no insults, Im just saying who I think would be great as the roles of the movie! I <3 the Hunger Games trilogy. :)))

  307. Katie says:

    For me I think Kaya Scodelario as Katniss,Alex Pettyfer for Peeta,and Robert Downy Jr. for Haymitch :) Mostly Haymitch because I can picture Robert saying Sweetheart <3 Can't wait!

  308. S_Wiebe says:

    Before I saw True Grit, I had no idea who could handle the role of Katniss Everdeen. Now, I can't think of anyone else besides Hailee Steinfeld. Game over.

  309. heidi says:

    I don’t get it why do people want Kaya Scodelario to be Katniss, Lily collins is way prettier too. Well Katniss isn't supposed to be beautiful but still. Lily is more unknown than Kaya. i just distrust her talents.. Lucy hale or Caitlin Stacey would both be better

  310. Suua P. says:

    The girl who stars as Katniss should have more of a performance than perfect physical features because Katniss has to be strongly emotional and has to perform as a girl with two personalities; lethal, hardworking and outdoors combined with girly, fashionable and charming. That's the true Katniss.

  311. Jay says:

    i think Hayley Erin should be katniss, she's semi-new and a good actress

  312. elmi says:

    Kaya Scodelario is a little too old, but I picture Katniss EXACTLY like her.
    Uh, apropos Skins: Luke Pasqualino really fits Gale. In my opinion.

  313. Rena M.V. says:

    KayaForKatniss The Kaya Scodelario For Katniss Everdeen petition has 503 signatures! Support @kayascollywogs! Sign the petition @ http://bit.ly/azn6Rz

  314. Crystal says:

    Uuhh. Katniss doesn't have to be perfect. In MOCKINGJAY, even Peeta says she isn't much of a looker.

  315. Yuri says:

    I was kinda thinking of someone new.

    But Kaya Scodelario is good for the role of Katniss. With a bit more of an olive tone to her skin though.

  316. Vimcef says:

    I recently saw Bridge to Terabithia and have to say that Annasophia Robb would be a great Katniss. She is athletic, wirey, and tough, but can also play vulnerable brilliantly. Her Terabithia character was younger and blonde. Now she is the perfect age and the hair is easy to change.

  317. remi phox says:

    i just finnished the series and loved it! i dont believe that any actor/actress alive shuld play in this movie,( for the exception of robert downey jr. for haymitch)this movie needs fresh tallented teens that have the same attributes and lives that they have in the story. petta and katniss need to be two kids from a lower class family and city, as for the career tributes find some snotty girl and built jock guy to play clove and cato. but as for any charicters that stay indiffrent throught the story you could use any actor/actress.(and snow is the most difficult. it has to be someone with the hate and death already in his eyes, not some videoediting crap. i have so many ideas for the story i could talk for hoursabout it . but it cant be a hollywood made film it hase to be original people and thats it.NO TWILIGHT IDIOTIC ACTORS AND ACTRISSES THOS MOVIES SUCKED!!!!!!! XD

  318. Nick says:

    Camilla Belle should play Katniss, she may be a little too old but its better then the actresses listed above

  319. kate says:


  320. Kayla says:

    No! Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning I can not imagine as Katniss. NO.
    I would recommend, in order of preference, these 2:

    Nina Dobrev
    Lily Collins

    Nina is good because she is tanned and has dark hair and i think she fits the role of Katniss.
    Lily is good because of her hair and personality…
    That's just my opinion…

  321. baleigh says:

    i dont think miranda would act good but i could see her playing it. im picturing her walking through the forest trying to find peeta

  322. moad alamoor says:

    just Kristen Stewart

  323. Suua P. says:

    NO KRISTEN STEWART, PERIOD!!! She's probably one of the worst actresses in Hollywood history!

  324. Abelord says:

    Does anyone know where to send our headshots and junk to? or even where they willl take place

  325. Jodelle says:

    jodelle ferland would be good. I think she deserves a chance. She was the girl from silent hill and played a small role in twilight i think.

  326. anonymous says:

    angela duscio would be an amazing katniss i think, just her look reminds me of katniss every time i look at her. She is unknown and would fit in great for that part :)

  327. Hannah S says:

    I agree with most people saying that the people listed above should not play Katniss. I think that it should be someone unknown or maybe someone who hasn't done many movies. Like Hailee Steinfeld. She did great in True Grit and I think she would be around the right age.

  328. Richard Lyne says:

    This may come as a surprise to everyone, but my friend who is auditioning for the role tells me that the director is looking for a total unknown to play Katniss! This girl is brilliant, and is even a trained archer. The name Bex Walton may not be known now, but I'm sure the role will be hers…call me on it in a few months,

  329. Bbbeeeee-13 says:


  330. William K. says:

    Please not Kristen Stewart. Get somebody who's newer like DANIELLE CHUCHRAN! She did this short film on youtube and it was amazing. Seriously she's perfect for Katniss!!!

  331. Hailey Williams says:



    and logan lerman should play gale
    in my opinion

  332. casey says:

    Re.: Ryan Donowho – Who..?HE is my Peeta Mellark

    I have recommend Ryan Donowho, a Texas actor for the role of Peeta Mellark for The Hunger Games movie.
    You might have seen this boyish dude before (cue; OC series), but he is certainly not everywhere like Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the rest you named it. However, I don’t think popularity is what it takes to be recognized as the character in a movie. I mean there is always a fine line between an artiste and a character of a movie.

    AND MUCH MORE ON HIS PHOTOS HERE.. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=ryan+donowho+

    Just take a sneak peek on this photo, the rest you tell me… http://www.flickr.com/photos/temptationwaits/2907


  333. Avery says:

    They should get Alexandra Daddario to play katniss she is 24 but she looks about 16 she is an amzing actress and I love her let me know what you think

  334. anoymous says:

    i think nicola peltz from the last airbender would be a great katniss :)

  335. Anna says:

    We need a fresh face!

  336. S says:

    What about Torian Bellisario? She play Spencer on Pretty Little Liars. I could imagine her as Katniss.

  337. Anna says:

    I think Victoria Justice should play Katniss she fits the part well.

  338. Drummerchick says:

    I I love the hnger games. but if any Disney “star” or any twilight “actor” is cast in the films I will not see the movies. I am completely against having Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus or any other rich girl Disney brat inthe movie and Kristin Stewart would just kill the role of katniss.
    but if ms. collins has as much of a role in the film as I’ve head she does, hopefully she won’t agree o cast anyone but who SHE thinks would do the role justice

  339. Maeve says:

    wht bout mackenzie rosman, georgie henley, or even anna popplewell!!! :)

  340. maeve says:

    wht bout mackenzie rosman, anna popplewell, or even georgie henley???

  341. Suua P. says:

    I'm saying either Saoirse Ronan or Hailee Stienfield, PERIOD!

  342. uknowuloveme says:

    India Eisley

  343. HungerGamesFan says:

    KRISTEN STEWART AND DAKOTA FANING CANNOT BE KATNISS!!! It would ruin the movie. I don't want anyone who was in a movie or show that has to with vampires in The Hunger Games. I'm Kaya Scodelario for Katniss all the way.

  344. HungerGamesFan says:

    Oh and Saorise Ronan as Katniss? NO. Chloe Mortez? NO.

  345. Caity says:

    PLEASE NOT KRISTEN!!! Twilight the movie sucked, and Kristen was a major suck factor.
    I believe Chloe from Kick ass would make a great Katniss, after seeing her stunning performance in that movie, and she's got a GREATTTT attitude :D

  346. Suua P. says:

    Just my opinion, but Kristen Stewart should star in a Movie as a villain.

  347. Amber Leighton says:

    Alex pettyfer would be a PERFECT peeta!!!!!!! I would would not even watch the movie if Kristen stewert was in it. Same with Chloe Moretz, neither of them really fit the physical description of katniss and neither really have the acting chops. Yeah Chloe may be a good actress in her other movies, but i just dont think shes really right for this movie. i think Hailee Steinfeld should be Katniss. She was recently in the movie true grit and she is very pretty and would fit the innocence and toughness of katniss. Maiara Walsh is also a good katniss along with Danielle Chuchran. She recently put up a youtbe vdeo which was the scene with katniss and rue which nearly moved me to tears!!! here is the link:

  348. gail says:

    i think i’ve seen an 11-year old that looks exactly like katniss.unknown though.not that anyone would care,just saying something,is all!

  349. gail says:

    trust me. sme attitude too! oh, and hi!to all of you? sorry if i you know …. well just made a comment! {me-

  350. minna says:

    Lindsey Fonseca or Madeline Carroll has to be katniss. they are bother perfect, or maybe Alexandra Daddario.

  351. lindsay says:

    Katniss NEEDS to be Camilla Belle. PLEASE, she would be so perfect. She would seem young yet old, just like Katniss. If Dakota plays her, I won't even see it.

  352. Tea says:


  353. Brook says:

    I recently just finished the book and it is amazing! I have been dreaming ever since I have finished it that I would be Katniss although I highly doubt this would happen. Even tho I am only 13 I think I could play the part as the fierce and brave Katniss. Even if it won’t happen I thought I would give it a try and submit my name into it. I just thought putting someone new and someone nobody knows would make it great.

  354. Danni says:

    If you have seen Tomorrow When The War Began, the girl who played Ellie fits the picture in my head perfectly, but then again, it probably has something to do with the whole "survival" plot line in each book. If you haven't seen the movie, this is what she looks like: http://watchoutfor.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2010

  355. gail says:

    hi! you know i think i saw someone that looks exactly like katniss. even her attitude is the same! actually, she is a not an actress and she’s still 11 years old maybe she shud star as young k.e. when she received the bread from peeta HEY! JUST SAYING SOMETHING NO NEED TO LOOK LIKE A GORILLA!>:8( :)
    believe me it’s true!EXACTLY THE SAME!

  356. gail says:

    nana?! is that you?

  357. gail says:

    don’t listen to my cousin! she’s crazy! i might look like or a bit like k.e but… just don’t listen she’s like a destroyed voice recorder saying the same things all over again!not that anyone would care!sorry ;(

  358. gale says:

    i know, Ashley Rickards !

  359. Paula says:

    I think Ellen Page should play Katniss. She has the right attitude for it.

  360. Suua P. says:

    I've just got word that they've gotten a Casting Director and Hailee Stienfield is rumored to star as Katniss. Oh, Hailee is the perfect actress for the part.

  361. KMuir says:

    If the actress who plays katniss is Kristen Stewart….i will never go to the movies again. Ever.

  362. G.C says:

    Personaly, I prefer Malese Jow for the role of Katniss. Kristen Stewart? NEVER!!!

  363. meg says:

    NO NO NO NO NO i want kaya scodelario to be katniss in my mind she is perfect!!!

  364. […] Hollywood’s “Hunger”: Who will play Katniss? […]

  365. me says:

    i want to be katniss ! this role just for me , i would be perfect katniss

  366. PeetaLover12 says:

    I think Kristan stweart SHOULD NOT PLAY KATNISS! i think it should REALLY REALLY REALLY be Danielle Churchran!!!! She is perfect ( if she died her hair brown) She placed a audition feast short clip of her and rue together on youtube and sent it in to suzanne collin's screen play auditions. you can look it up on youtube!: "katniss and rue" it should be the video at the top. CHECK IT OUT! IT'S REALLY GOOD!

  367. jessica ramon says:

    ok, so caan someone please go to this website and tel me if i look like katniss everdeen? i really wannt the part. >&gt ;www.whosbestforthehungergames.webs.com

    you have to type it in the address bar

  368. Melanie says:

    Lauren Whiteley should be Katniss Everdeen! She exactly like Katniss! I think she is unknown too!
    Look at her picture…. .http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4188833280/nm3601292

  369. Katerina says:

    Okay.. Whoever the actors/actresses are i just hope that they're not overly popular ones, that have acted in almost every single movie..

  370. jamain says:

    Look wise I think Shay Mitchell will look alot like Katniss… but I dont think she'll fit the role (acting wise)

  371. hellooo xd says:

    NOT KRISTEN STEWART! That's all i have to say :)

  372. jupiter says:

    please please please not kristen sterwart. please please please no….. i will cry if that happpens. please let it be unknown…..

  373. Maddie says:

    I know who should play Rue, her name is Lili Gillmor. She isn't famouse yet but she will be to find her look up Steep Theater, her dad works there you can talk to her through him his name is Alex Gillmor.
    Trust me you will love her. I am her BFF so sierusly!

  374. jason says:

    i really dont know who i want to be Katniss, but all of these suck. maybe kaya scodelario.; you would have to change her a little, but i think she resembles Katniss a tiny bit.

  375. Effie says:

    I honestly think that someone new needs to be discovered for this part. If I see Stewart, I think of Bella. If a see Fanning, I (still) think of Charlotte's web. She has to be new and original and, well, Katniss !

  376. austin says:

    danielle chuchran

  377. Anna says:

    I think we need someone new.You all are naming ALREADY famous actors,and actress! Personaly, I get tired of seeing the same people over and over and over again! So let's get some new faces out there!

  378. Anna says:

    Another big thing to worry about is what is it going to be rated? The director's might have trouble with that! I say pg-13!

  379. Bonnie says:

    i really dont want kristen stewart. when i read it i definetly did not imagine her. i was thinking that maybe emma watson should. or maybe alexandra daddario from percy jackson.

  380. hope says:


  381. Vivi says:


  382. Peter says:

    Lauren Whiteley should be Katniss Everdeen! She exactly like Katniss! I think she is unknown too!
    Look at her picture…. .http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4188833280/nm3601292
    Who's with me???

  383. Tee says:

    Amanda Bynes?

  384. Erin says:

    Kristen stewart is a really good actress, and really pretty, but i never in a million years would have imagened her as katniss, i dont know if they'll ever find somebody perfect for the role, but i think nina dobrev would be a possibility.

  385. debby says:

    I hope Emma Watson could play Katniss,though she is 20

  386. hola123423 says:

    when i read the books, i always pictured katniss as Saoirse Ronan. i think she should play the role, she has the talent.

  387. Emma says:

    Kaya Scodelario as Katniss.
    Alex Pettyfer as Peeta.
    & Luke Pasqualino as Gale.

  388. kelsey says:


  389. ilovepeeta says:

    if kristen stewart is katniss i will never ever watch that because she is the worst actress in the history of hollywood

  390. lauren says:

    I dont want Kristen to be Katniss. every time I think of Kristen i think of twilight and that will ruin the movie. I think Katniss should be Kaya scodelario because she is just the katniss i picture and her personality would fit perfectly with Katniss.

  391. Katelyn says:

    Lauren Whiteley for Katniss! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3601292/

  392. Sophia says:

    I hate Kristen Stewart!!! She better not play Katniss.

  393. Jayne says:

    I think Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit is perfect for Katniss

  394. Grace says:

    nina dobrev should definitely play katniss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she is tanish and olive… like katniss
    has the same hair….like katniss
    and would be good in the dramatic parts
    because she was so damn good in vampire diaries

  395. pmk18 says:

    Danielle Chuchran should be Katniss Everdeen, Savanna Kylie Lewis should be Rue, and Caitlin EJ Meyer should be Glimmer!!!! There performances in the short film of Katniss and Rue amazed me!! :)

  396. finnick.odair. says:

    in my opinion noone famous should play katniss. there are so many actors who are too popular because then hunger games would remind everyone of another movie – twilight if kristen stewart plays katniss.
    they have to find someone new. someone who's perfect for it.
    i'm sure that this is possible but if nobody starts looking for some new faces there will never be some.

    i also dislike alex pettyfer as peeta, because this would remind me too much of wild child.

  397. Hunger games luver says:

    I think allison stoner should be katniss everdeen. i hope like hell kristin stewert isint katniss. she will always just be bella to me

  398. shan says:

    Kristen Stewart is not right for the part of Katniss. Katniss is "the girl on fire."
    Kristen is always looks uncomfortable. love that she is belle in twilight though!! I always Imagined Camila Belle as katniss Everdeen. She is a good actress and i feel she can get into the character. She looks like Katniss too.

  399. Debbie says:

    How about Hailee Steinfeld, she's got chops.

  400. Joshua says:

    I was disapointed that Hailee didn't get awarded for best supporting actress this year, but I've heard on MTV dot com that Hailee spoke to director Gary Ross about the role of Katniss Everdeen. So fingers crossed on this one.

  401. Leah says:

    I dont think Kristen or Dakota should play Katniss to me they will always be the people from Twilight and putting them in the Hunger Games is not right. I agree with everyone who says it should be someone unknown. I do think if they put Kristen or Dakota in the movie no one will really want to watch it because a lot of people don't like Krsiten and Dakota or people just seem them as the girls from Twilight I know thats all I see them as. So putting them in the Hunger Games I believe is not right and I know if they are in the movie I will just stick to the books and wont watch the movies at all.

  402. Shanno says:

    Is Jennifer Lawence the new Katniss?? Has anyone even mentioned her in the comments?
    She's 20, Saoirse Ronan is 16 — My choice is Saoirse /. There's a pic of Saoirse somewhere in a dark wig, I immediately thought of Katniss Everdeen. Why all the negativity on Kristen

  403. Clara says:

    Omg not Kristen. I know people like her, but, as Katniss? No. No. No. I don't particularly like anyone in hollywood as Katniss. But, if I had to pick…maybe Haley Steinfeld (for a younger cast) or Jennifer Lawrence (for an older cast). It really needs to be a good actress though because–to be honest–a little hair dye, makeup, and some color contacts could make anyone look like Katniss. The Hunger Games shouldn't be ALL about the look, we have to consider Katniss's emotional struggles. REAL EMOTION needs to be invested into the role for someone as complex as Katniss. She’s not someone Kristen could play, Katniss takes guts, raw emotion, an edge, and someone who can play weary, desperate, resentful, compassionate and conflicted all at once. Come on people!

  404. E-Scope says:


  405. Kiara Simtherson says:

    Please anyone but not Kristen Stewert. I just can't see her playing Katniss. I would sugest for Peeta though Alex Pettyfer!

  406. sweety15 says:

    if kristen stewart is katniss might as well put peeta as robert and gale taylor lautner and just call the movie twilight. I think Kaya Scodelario should be katniss she matches the perfect description

  407. SDC says:

    Amen to that Kristen Stewert is the wort actress for this part. Fined some one fresh for this part, Start now and put in a few well know actors for the older characters like Haymich.

  408. Erica says:

    I Think Megan Fox Should Play Katniss, she has olive skin, Greyish Blue eyes, Dark brown hair and has Katniss's body type. Thin and tall

  409. Thehungergames says:

    I really hate Kirsten Stewart it will just me hate the most awesome book of all time !!!!!!!!! But I think Selena Gomez would be perfect and I think she really deserves a daring role like that

  410. Kaitlin says:

    I think Kaya Scatalario is a GREAT Katniss… look her up on google and don't tell me she's not a Katniss! I totally agree that katniss should not be Katniss…she's a terrible actress!

  411. bobville says:

    Yeah, NO KRISTEN!!! I actually liked twilight until the first movie came out, and it sucked so incredibly bad… Dakota Fannings would be okay… But I'd like a new actress better!

  412. sonic says:

    definetly unknown actress cuz im no good with actors faces but someone famous will overdo it

  413. jessica says:

    i think katniss should be played by the girl from true grit, Hailee Steinfeld. she is perfect look her up on google images and you will totally agree with me

  414. Katie says:

    I want Danielle Chuchran to be katniss.

  415. Kylee C. says:

    My opinion is that the Hunger Games Series is going to be a great movie but…. I dont think that anyone from the Twilight Series should be in this show. Kristen Stewart is a good actor but she has been in quite a few shows lately. I really think you should get a new actor to play Katniss Everdeens part because its always great to see somone new in a show.There are many great unknow actors that you can pick from you just have to look. I know myself I would love to be in this show because i have the exact same features that Katniss has but Im 99% sure I wouldnt be picked(: Im in 8th grade and know there a so many great people with amazing talents and Im sure you will find the perfect actor for the role.
    – Kylee

  416. Sarah says:

    No Kristen POOwart, No Miranda Cosgrove, No Dakota Fanning.
    The only actresses that I can possibly see playing Katniss are all kinda old to play the role. Examples: Nina Dobrev, Emily Browning, Kaya Scodelario… They would all kick ass! …. But I say who cares, the older they are the better they are at acting… Except Kristen Stewart, she sucks no matter what. Every stereotype about her is true, that she has no emotions and what not. In a recent interview, she revealed that she doesnt even enjoy acting. An actress who's fierce and has passion is the only option for the amazingly powerful role of Katniss. So eff off Kristen!

  417. Becca says:

    i think that elisabeth gillies should play katniss!!! she is not very popular yet and this movie could earn her some fame!!!!! NOT KRISTEN STEWERT!!!! she is so depressing and boring and does not know how to act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  418. ????? says:

    i agree unknown actress

  419. Danelle says:

    Nina Dobrev, would play a really good role of Katniss.
    You guys should know her as playing the two roles, as bad vampire Catherine and goody mortal Elena on The Vampire Diaries. Wonderful show!

  420. Jordan says:

    I don't think Kristen Stewert should be Katniss 'cause she would just make the movie bad, and her voice just don't sound like the voice of Katniss to me when I was reading the books. And I also think that Katniss should be played by someone that can do the bow and arrow stuff, survive, and pretend to be in a relationship than someone that's a wanna-be vampire. So if you're going to put Kristen Stewert in the movie, then I'm not going to go see it, and just because I'm one person I really want to see a movie and I think that she should just stick to "Twilight" than a kill people, survive, and the whole "government" is after you knda movie.

  421. Casey S. says:

    I think someone entirely new should play Katniss. Her character deserves a new face, not someone who has already been in a movie/tv show

  422. Casey S. says:

    Ok, I think someone new should play Katniss, or someone who hasn't had any major roles in anything. But I also think Hugh Laurie(from House) should play Haymitch Abernathy. He just has this look to him that I think is prefect for Haymitch.

  423. kaddy says:

    Kaya Scodelario

  424. Acceb says:

    I think hannah marks should be katniss

  425. Kailey says:

    I want the girl in this video to play as Katniss! She is exactly what I imagined her looking like!

  426. Gaby says:

    well i think the best person to play Katniss should be Kaya Scodelario. Beacause to me she is perfect for the role of Katniss. I think with jennifer lawernece kinda ruined it beacause she doesnt have black hair and gray eyes like Katniss does. Kaya seems exactly how they described Katniss. I want Kaya Scodelario to be Katniss!!!!

  427. Ashley says:

    definetly not kristen she was bella and thats all i can see her as somebody the age of sixteen should be Katniss

  428. Naat k says:

    i personally think Katniss should have brown hair. Kristen stewert sucks at acting and she should definantly not play the katniss. I also think that Gale and Peeta should be cute more girls will watch the movie then. The person who plays Katniss should have some kind of personality outside of the movie buisness also then she will have more fans thet is my thoughts

  429. Bob says:

    I know this has nothing to do with anything that you guys are saying but i do have a ? Who is playing rue?

  430. Rich says:

    I want Megan Fox

  431. ophelia says:

    ALEXANDRA DADDARIO WOULD BE PERFECT. THE GRAY EYES, THE BROWN HAIR, THE AGE . SHE IS PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS MOVIE NEEDS ALEXANDRA DADDARIO

  432. Elizabeth says:

    I love this book so far!!! I cannot stop reading this. :) Cannot wait for the movie!!

  433. Elizabeth says:

    I love the hunger games! please put pictures on to this website, so I can see what the actors and actresses look like! thank you!

  434. ugg says:

    obviously like your website however you need to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to inform the truth then again I’ll certainly come again again.

  435. Kyra says:

    I think all of this comments are wrong. Kristen Stewart would make a horrible, Katniss, so would Nina Dobrev. Don't get me wrong, I love Nina, but she doesn't fit the role. Honestly the did a great job casting Katniss, who is being played by Jennifer Lawrence, she fit's the role. I don't know where you people have been for like the past months and haven't seen the movie trailer? All of the roles have been cast, whether you like it or not.

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