The Rancor speaks out on ‘Clone Wars’: ‘I feel betrayed’

Aug. 19, 2008 | 12:56 p.m.

Rancor_3 We here at Hero Complex noticed that the Rancor — that snarling potato-colored beastie from “Return of the Jedi” — is mentioned in one of DK Publishing‘s adaptations of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” but never showed up in the film. We dialed up LucasFilm spokesman John Singh who told us that, yes, it’s true, a scene with the giant carnivore was cut from the film. We reached the Rancor by phone and found out that this is not the first time he’s been burned by Hollywood.

HC: “Hello there! I’s really great to talk to you today, I must admit I’m a big fan of your work.”

RANCOR: “Oh, thanks very much, you’re very kind. It’s nice to talk to a fan, you know, ’cause it’s been kind of a rough month.”

HC: “Yes, let’s talk about that. What exactly happened to your scene in ‘The Clone Wars’?”

RANCOR: “I’m not really the right one to ask, frankly. Maybe you should ask George Lucas or [the film’s director Dave] Filoni. I didn’t even know I was out until I went to see it in the theater. Very embarrassing. I went with my wife, the in-laws and some friends. I choked on my popcorn. A phone call would have been nice. I mean, I started working with these people in the Reagan administration. I feel betrayed.”

HC: “There have been other disappointments through the years, right? Things haven’t gone as you hoped in Hollywood.”

RANCOR: (Short pause and some snarling) “Yes. I suppose that’s accurate. Things dried up after ‘Jedi.’ I had the lead role locked in for ‘Godzilla’ back in the late ’90s. I had this great — and I mean great — reading with Matthew Broderick. We had a thing going, y’know? Chemistry. There was a handshake deal. That used to mean something. I fired my agent after all of that and went to CAA. They got me a reading for ‘Cloverfield’ but the studio said I just wasn’t ‘turtle-ly’ enough for the role. Whatever that means. So I do the convention circuit now. I just got back from an autograph show in Milwaukee with Lou Ferrigno and George Takei.”

HC: “What about the rumors in Hollwyood that you’re hard to work with? And that you secretly devour humans?”

RANCOR: “That’s just a lie. You know how this town is. They say the same stuff about Russell Crowe.”

HC: “Are you eating right now? I hear a crunching sound. And is someone, uh, screaming there?”

RANCOR: (Muffled noises then a long pause) “Sorry. Anyway, so this ‘Clone Wars’ thing was a big letdown. But did you see ‘Pineapple Express’? They gave me a shout-out! You know about this? That guy from ‘Spider-Man,’ James Franco, he plays a stoner who gets kidnapped and they’re shoving him down in that hole, he says, ‘What do you got down in there? A Rancor?’ Just like that! Hah! You know the Ewoks were jealous.”

HC: “So, what’s next for the Rancor?”

RANCOR: “I’ve been talking to Will Ferrell — he’s a good friend, we play hoops, go way back — so I been talking to him about a cameo in ‘Land of the Lost.’ That looks real good. And then I’d really like to work on the stage. I saw ‘Equus’ in London last year and thought, ‘Why not me? Why not take a chance?’ I need a change, too. Hollywood just makes you feel so ugly.”

— Geoff Boucher

Image of the Rancor from “Return of the Jedi,” courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.

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5 Responses to The Rancor speaks out on ‘Clone Wars’: ‘I feel betrayed’

  1. JD says:

    Wow, if we have spirits and our spirits look like we do with regards to our hearts; I mean if an evil person out of the evil or their heart takes on the appearance in their spiritual body resembling their sinful state; then the Rancor is what a really rank sinner would appear as. Imagine someone that is OK with abortion and hatred or violence when it isn't justified, or lies incessantly and calls it truth. I suppose this is what the spirit of these individuals would look like. If I could look into the depths of the lake of fire where those that sin and are not saved end up, I would see many beastly things.
    Fun to comment; enjoyed the interview with our Star Wars beasty.

  2. Douglas Broussard says:

    As long as you're doing a series on this sort of thing, check out Jabba's feelings after his lengthy scene in the Star Wars comic books of 1977 were cut from the movie. In the comic book, Jabba is a bipedal and appears with a couple of bounty hunters who are next seen in The Empire Strikes Back.
    Jabba must have hired a hell of an agent after that fiasco, because he got a lot of screen time in Return of the Jedi.

  3. rob says:

    jesus save us from your followers.
    great Rancor article spoiled by the desperate for attention jesus freak.

  4. lando calrissian says:

    Wow, imagine if someone who masked their petty-minded hatred in self righteousness wasn't able to spew their bile across the comments section of daily newspaper websites and instead had to genuinely confront their own sins in their own little Rancor pit. I wonder what they'd come out looking like after a few days. Maybe you should try it, JD.

  5. Jesse R. Castillo says:

    You have awesome shows, thank you for always bringing laughster. Here in IRAQ and far away from wife and kids.

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