Tom Hanks in a new ‘Angels & Demons’ trailer?

Feb. 12, 2009 | 7:39 p.m.

Here’s a sneak look at the compelling Gothic suspense of “Angels & Demons,” the thrilling follow-up to “The Da Vinci Code“!

Hmm … wait, that’s not right. …

That was actually a snippet of “Mazes and Monsters,” the 1982 TV movie based on the novel by Rona Jaffe that sounded the alarm about the dark dangers of “Dungeons & Dragons.” What dangers? Um, well, I’m not sure really. I hear that eight-sided dice aren’t exactly babe magnets. And some of those miniature plastic Minotaurs do have pokey edges … .

I distinctly remember watching this thing on TV when it came out. It was in that era when the media was pandering to parental fears about heavy metal and any entertainment with whiff of brimstone to it. Watching this clip, who would have guessed that the 26-year-old star would go on to win two Oscars and rack up more than $3 billion in career box office?

OK, anyway, here’s the real trailer for “Angels & Demons,” which is directed by Ron Howard and arrives in theaters May 15 with its adapatation of the Dan Brown novel of the same name …

Thanks for reading.

— Geoff Boucher

UPDATED: An earlier version of this post sinfully called “A&D” a sequel but its a prequel. Pray for us…

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