Trekkies and ‘Doctor Who’ geeks can’t bring memorabilia to RSC’s ‘Hamlet’ production

July 25, 2008 | 10:08 p.m.


Leave your Sharpies and 8×10 glossies at home, trekkies, because The Royal Shakespeare Company just released a statement regarding the production of "Hamlet" starring "Star Trek: The Next Generation’s" Patrick Stewart and "Doctor Who’s" David Tennant today, stating that fans will not be allowed to bring any Dr. Who or Star Trek memorabilia to be autographed.

"Due to the huge amount of interest in the RSC’s current production of Hamlet, only Royal Shakespeare Company or production related memorabilia will be signed by members of the company. It is very flattering that there is so much interest in this production, but the sheer volume of requests means that we need to set some limits which will be as fair as possible for everyone. We apologize if this causes any disappointment."

320x240 Trekkies and Doctor Who geeks cant bring memorabilia to RSCs Hamlet productionThis news will no doubt break the hearts of trekkies and "Doctor Who" fans making it out to this year’s performance of "Hamlet," but let’s examine the facts. There is a time and a place to dress in your finest Starfleet uniforms; classical theater is not that time. I’m sure the performers would prefer fans to go and appreciate their new roles and enjoy Shakespeare, rather than just be there to see a character they’ve played in the past.

On the flip side, I am not entirely sure that RSC handled the heartbreak in the classiest of manners.

It is one thing to ban autograph requests entirely for logistical reasons. The same as it makes sense to limit autograph requests to 1 per person. Or if the actors themselves choose not to sign the memorabilia for whatever reason.

But the facts are, there’s no real difference between autographing a play brochure or signing a Star Trek TNG Picard as Locutus action figure, so the statement is more insulting than it ever should have been. How about you just say you want to keep the focus on actors and get your action figures signed at San Diego’s Comic-Con?

In slightly unrelated news, when I first found out that my two favorite leading men (ever) would be in "Hamlet" — myself, my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend and their gorgeous, talented and single sister were all trying to plan a trip up to see this hot hunky purrrrrfect brilliant production. Only of course, it sold out at warp speed (Yeah, I said it). But if you want to make 3 ladies very happy, you could buy us 3 overpriced tickets on EBay and allow us to matchmake our boyfriend’s sister with David Tennant  so we could live vicariously through her, that would be marvelous.  No?  Fine be that way. I hope Picard smashes your DOLL like you did my dream and yeah I said it, Doll.

— Christie St. Martin of Funny Pages 2.0

Photo Credits: "Doctor Who," BBC; "Star Trek: Enterprise," CBS Studios Inc.

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7 Responses to Trekkies and ‘Doctor Who’ geeks can’t bring memorabilia to RSC’s ‘Hamlet’ production

  1. Tara says:

    I'm an avid Who fan and I'm not the least bit outraged or disappointed that no Who or Trek memorabilia will be signed.
    In fact, I applaud the RSC for trying to maintain focus where it should be–on Shakespeare, not television shows. These actors are there to bring Hamlet to life for their audience, not promote their characters from television programs.
    I don't see a thing wrong with RSC's autograph rule, and I didn't even find it classless or rude. I'm sure they are hoping that taking this measure will reduce the inevitable squeeing throngs at the stage door after every performance. I'm not sure anything will reduce that, but bravo to the RSC for giving it their best shot, anyway.

  2. toni says:

    Speaking as a woman who adores David Tennant, and is an admited Trekker, this is the perfect version of Hamlet. Now, if they could get Peter Davison in there, and maybe his daughter (who played the Doctor's daughter recently) to play Ophelia, I would SWIM across the ocean to see that!

  3. christie says:

    Ladies, I am with you on the RSC taking such a stance.
    Peter Davison would be interesting addition and definitely worth a trip up there too. Also that woman who played the doctor's daughter is now apparently dating David Tennant.
    I know. Twisted. Although you can't blame her… I mean, the guy is a fox and I think it's safe to say every lady wants to ride his TARDIS.

  4. Dave says:

    Toni: Am I the only one who really didn't like Jenny? She was cute and all, but that episode just rubbed me the wrong way…
    Fortunately, Captain Jack and Torchwood rubbed me the right way right after.
    errr…. But I disgress.
    I think that the RSC is right in discouraging fanboys/girls from dressing up ridiculously for a classical production, but to not show respect for the actors' other roles by discouraging small memorabilia from being signed is just old fashioned "ass hattery". Speaking Tennant (and as a STRAIGHT admirer of him) – people you need to watch Casanova if you haven't. Good lord that's good stuff. … except towards the end – disappointed by that a bit.

  5. Courtney says:

    im young and people think im weird because im in love with Doctor Who and with David Tennant because he's hot how mean its that

  6. I was listening to a Beeb radio interview a few months back where the interviewer was talking to David Tennant about doing the play… and told a story about Mark Hamill doing a Broadway version of "The Elephant Man"… and on opening night, the first row was filled with people in "Star Wars" costumes… which apparently truly defeated Hamill.
    The interviewer asked Tennant his thoughts about the possibility of the front row of Hamlet being filled with Star Trek uniforms and Daleks… the answer was he was not worried… but one has to wonder…
    I hope (and honestly believe) that the majority of people know better… but human failings (especially that of super-fandom) is something one should never count on.
    Yup, I agree with the RSC… want your Ninth/Tenth-Doctor Regeneration Limited Edition Action Figure signed… that's what "cons" are for…

  7. Craig Ranapia says:

    Sorry to disagree with you, Christie, but there is a "real difference between autographing a play brochure [sic] or signing a Star Trek TNG Picard as Locutus action figure". While the Royal Shakespeare Company receives substantial government subsidies, they also have to make ends meet with ticket sales and (yes) program sales. Jus' saying, folks…

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