‘Twilight’ conventions to tour United States and overseas

Aug. 24, 2009 | 9:55 p.m.


Attention “Twilight” fans. The official “Twilight” fan convention is coming to a venue near you.

The three-day weekend fan conventions will tour around the country and internationally over the next three years, with 20 stops already announced and one scheduled in the Southland at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel on March 12-14, 2010.

“Twilight” fans will have the chance to meet and get up-close and personal with “Twilight” cast members, including Kellan Lutz (Emmet Cullen) and Ashley Green (Alice Cullen), with additional guests to be announced. No word on whether Robert Pattinson (who plays Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) or Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) will show up yet.

The conventions will feature exclusive footage sneak-peaks, panel discussions, photo opportunities, contests and parties. There will also be wine and cheese parties for the actors and nine fans lucky enough to win an auction for the private event. 

“This allows fans to interact with actors in many different ways,” said Erin Ferries, the vice president of Creation Entertainment, which has partnered with Summit Entertainment to produce the events. 

“This is really about different people coming together who share the same passion and love for, not only the books, but the movies, and come to immerse themselves around ‘Twilight,’ ” he added. 

The story, which revolves around the love between Bella and mysterious vampire Edward is the modern-day Romeo and Juliet forbidden romance that has struck a chord with young women, who make up the primary fan base, Ferries said.

“Every generation has something that fulfills that need in that particular way,” he said. “For our current time, this is what it is and really what the draw is.”

The craze behind the franchise has led to second and third film installments, “New Moon” (being released Nov. 20) and “Eclipse” (scheduled for June 30, 2010). 

“It’s about creating their own unique experiences and finding those experiences in different ways,” Ferries said. “The convention is one form of outlet for that experience.”

Like at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, which drew thousands of “Twilight”-obsessed fans, some of whom camped out to go to the film’s panel, a couple thousand fans are expected at each event, Ferries said.

“As long as there is an active fan base that wants to experience these things and be a part of them, we want to deliver that to them,” he said.

The lineup will continue to evolve, with more cities, dates and guest stars to be announced at www.twilightconvention.com.

— Juliette Funes



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One Response to ‘Twilight’ conventions to tour United States and overseas

  1. AmyCat says:

    Until I ran into the more obnoxious "Twilight" fangirls online, I'd have said NO fan group deserved to have Creation (a.k.a. The WalMart Of Fandom) taking over their conventions. However, in this case, I think CretinCons and "Twiltards" deserve each other…

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