Comic-Con: ‘Twilight’ fan-demonium, ears are ringing

July 24, 2008 | 10:53 p.m.

The screams were deafening. Literally. I think my seat-mate Jevon is actually hard of hearing now.


"Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke made it even louder right off the bat, telling the audience "When I read Stephenie’s [Stephenie Meyer] book, I fell in love with it just like you did." Screams. “I wanted to see Edward and Bella live and breathe just like you!” Screams.

The screaming continued throughout the duration of a clip they showed in which Bella is trapped by James and subsequently rescued by Edward. Twenty-two-year-old Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward, was smiling but visibly shocked and red at the fan reaction.

"As you can see we’re a little nervous," said star Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella. She later admitted that she hadn’t previously heard of "Twilight" before her involvement in the project.

"I don’t know. I was living under some big boulder rock," she said.

First question to Pattinson from the moderator: What’s it like to have these fans?

"It’s kind of the first time I’ve seen any of them, so I didn’t really expect it. I dunno… I… I… it just baffles me." Screams. "It’s nice, it’s nice though."

But let’s turn the mic over to the fans:

For all the actors, how is it to portray super hot vampires? Screams. Pattinson: “Wait, I’m the only one who’s playing super hot,” Pattinson dead-panned.

What’s on the soundtrack? Muse is on the soundtrack. Hardwicke added: “Rob’s a great musician.” And Hero Complex has learned, he’s writing “Edward’s Song” for the movie. He made up the lullaby on the spot while filming a scene.

Any spontaneous moments on set? Hardwicke: “I’ve got one! In one of the kissing scenes, Rob got a little passionate and fell off the bed onto the floor.” Screams.

Why‘d you get involved with the project, Kristen: Stewart: “It’s like the ideal version of love. As a lame sort of sappy girl, that’s sort of what life is about.” Awwww. “Plus, I got to do this audition with Rob Pattinson. It was on Catherine’s bed.” Screams.

“In her bed,” Pattinson added. Screams. “With Catherine.” 

“I was filming,” Hardwicke protested. 

“That’s worse,” said cast member Edi Gathegi.

How about you, Robert? Pattinson: You don’t normally get a vampire…you know, I can’t even concentrate. I just wanted to play the hottest vampire in the world. Woo!” Screams. “And he dazzles.” Screams.

Why’d you pick a lot of cute guys to be in the movie? Meyer: “Because that’s how I write them.”

Hi Robert, I wanted to talk to you. Hi! How does it feel to be one of the most wanted guys in the world — because I want you, baby?
Pattinson: I reckon most people talk to me for two people and it’s, it’s all gone. Seriously. No, it’s filling a void in my life. I need a love. Screams. I do, I need several. Screams.

Feeling any pressure? All: “Yes.”

Boxers or briefs or nothing: Screams. Will we get in trouble?” (Kristen, do you know?) Silence.

— Denise Martin

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45 Responses to Comic-Con: ‘Twilight’ fan-demonium, ears are ringing

  1. Paola says:

    also..this is a question…
    do you know where I can see the entire footage of this???
    I am sorry to say that i do not have cable. =/

  2. Ruth says:

    Can we start a campaign to get Rob's hair cut. Go on LA Times. Do a sponsored hair cut with him for chairty. Its way too long

  3. blearyeyedmesgirl says:

    Leave Rob's hair alone! His hair is perfect! It's the perfect combination of bed/sex hair! Plus, he's got a nervous habit of playing with it, messing it up…what would he do with it cut?
    Can't wait to hear what's he wrote for the Lullaby…

  4. Bella says:

    OMG! He made the lullaby on the SPOT WHILE FILMING A SCENE! OMG!!!

  5. EdwardDazzlesMe says:

    Uhm… They have everything written out of order…
    Anyway I was there so it doesn't matter.
    I yelled to him "I love you Cam!!"
    And then he stops and turns to my direction and yells "I LOVE YOU TOO!!!"
    Omg… My dream is complete.

  6. silentcamisado says:

    I love Twilight and I understand how dedicated the fandom is, but i feel almost embarrassed by some of the questions. I mean, we could stand to come up with much more intelligent questions than how much we love Robert Pattinson or "boxers or briefs". The only questions that didn't have me cringing were the ones concerning the soundtrack and the most spontaneous moments. And from other accounts about the Twilight panel, it seems as though the audience barely gave the panel time to answer their questions from all their screaming. I wanted to listen to the cast's answers, but unfortunately the audience drowned it out.
    My personal opinion.

  7. Vicky says:

    OMG!! thank you!! I loved it!!…especially when they are talking about the auditon in the bed and the music!! I'm soo want to listen to bella's lullaby!!
    My only question on this article is….You have a video of this interview??

  8. taylor says:

    who said "will we get in trouble"??
    and did the fan ask "kristen, do you know?"
    haaa! i cant stop laughing.

  9. Nadia Cullen says:

    I was actually the one who asked about the soundtrack & robert's involvement in it. He didn't really answer my question. Je said he wasn't ure and played with hair. LoL. That's okay. I just took the opportunity to talk to him……best day ever!!!!!

  10. Elyzie says:

    I think Rob's hair looks very nice, and he wears it well! He should keep it like it is. ;)

  11. Chica says:

    wow those were some really deep questions. :-/ lame. I'm excited for this movie but c'mon Twilight fans. Calm down and stop acting like a bunch of Teeny boppers. ANNOYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

  12. cathy says:

    HAHAHAAH your soo lucky that would have been the funniest thing ever..
    only wish i was there
    *tear *tear

  13. Luie says:

    'Rob got a little passionate and fell off the bed onto the floor'
    Hahahaha :) funny!
    and EdwardDazzlesMe, you are so lucky!!
    I'm depressed that this doesn't come out in Australia till 9th of January 2009 :(

  14. ROBYN says:

    omgee im the crazy asian girl who did the "cus i want you" lols. this is cool!!!

  15. HAHAHA my friend asked the "How does it feel like being the most wanted guy in the world? BECAUSE I WANT YOU BABYYY!"

  16. Maya says:

    Thanksa lot for the article. This whole thing is crazy i am so happy Twilight is getting so much attention. I love that they were all being a little sarcastic while answering their questions and at the same time they were serious. I dunno i love the books and with Catherine's excitement i'm pretty sure the movie is going to be great.Like most of the fans when i heard robert was playing edward i was like WTF?? hell no this ain't happening. But now…i am so pro robert. And btw Team Edward all the way :D

  17. Sophie says:

    No leave Rob's hair how it is!
    Its lovely! Its so hot when he plays with he really suits it that way xD

  18. Andrea Valverde says:

    OME, all of you guys who could go, you're so, so, lucky! I wish I was there *tear*.
    And even if some of those questions were a bit dumb, they were funny questions. I liked them. And it's always good to know something else about the actors….haha Robert wears briefs.

  19. Sarah says:


  20. megan says:

    i cant wait…this article is awesome….living in the midwest blows sometimes!!!!

  21. Selima says:

    I too want to see a footage of this? ANYONE know where I can get it!!!?

  22. atotheizzo says:

    hahaha that was hiliarious when she asked "Kristen do you know?"
    she basically called kristen a slut hahaha hahahaha

  23. Amy says:

    I was there too, it was amazing. Some of the questions were really good. I loved the one about the soundtrack, and the ones that actually added to the information we had on the movie, and the actors. Some of the were so bad, I didn't understand the point and asking them, and they obviously made the actors uncomfortable. The panel was all so great though. Taylor is so charming I was so moved by him and the way he answered the questions, Rachel is was wonderful, and so funny, Edi is more than a great honor to his role, Cam was so fun…. Robert was hilarious and charming too. Kristen is such a perfect Bella, I was proud of her, although she seemed uncomfortable she did a great job! What a gal I can't say enough about her…. Catherine showed what a great director she must have been to work with, she has a great personality. STEPHENIE is so classy. She is my hero. It has to be hard being gone from her family, yet she is so appreciative of her fans. We all should feel blessed to have her be such a giving author.

  24. Chrystal says:

    I was at Comic Con and was totally embarrassed by the old lady asking the kids (Tyler and Robert) if they wore briefs or boxers. That question is totally inappropriate! I think of that lady as a sexual prediator. I am aghast at her total lack of respect toward the boys and then asking Kristen if she knew. For heaven's sake they are kids in a movie. You need to separate the characters from real life lady!!! What a creepy old-manish gross thing to ask!

  25. Amy says:

    I just realized I put Rachel instead of Rachelle! She was the best… Such great answers.

  26. Lindy says:

    I would have loved to hear the questions and comments. Too bad the teenyboppers were so immature and loud that no one could hear. No wonder the cast members were nervous.

  27. Kela says:

    HERE HERE, AMY!! I agree with everything that you said.
    But oh my god… I saw that when that stupid fart of a woman asked the "boxers or briefs" question to Rob and Taylor… WHAT THE HELL.
    And when she asked Kristen whether she knew… HELLLLLLLLLLLLL NO. Kristen looked so uncomfortable and the dirty look that she gave the old pedofile was more than correct and it was a just thing for Kristen to do… seriously… That woman should go feed her kids.
    They're young (Rob, 22; Kristen, 18; and Taylor, 16 [THAT'S HOW OLD I AM… FACK]).
    REGARDLESS, I loved it all!!! I'm so proud of our cast… very mature yet silly when needed to be.
    Except the girls were way too screechy. I understand that it's kind of natural, but it looked like the cast was truly terrified… I felt bad for them. :(
    PS- I hope that woman got hit by a bus… what a disgrace to our fandom.

  28. Nat nat says:

    Oh come on, the lady was just asking a question that we were all thinking! You could tell by the screams that came after. I agree that she shouldn't have asked Kristen, but it was probably an 'in the moment' thingy. Anyway, I too believe that Rob is hot and Kristen is sweet and that they will make a perfect Edward and Bella.
    I can't wait to read Midnight Sun and find out about all the 'lies' Edward is telling Bella, as stated by Rob.

  29. Fernanda says:

    Hi! I'm from Brazil…. maybe it's a stupid question, but still…… As I'm from another country, I didn't get the whole "boxers and briefs" thing……….. Please, can someone explain it to me? Why it was innapropriate for that old woman ask that?

  30. Aubrey says:

    Just to let you know the composition you called "Edward's Song" is really "Bella's Lullaby". That's what they have been calling it for a while now. However, Rob is preforming two other songs in the movie, so I guess you could call those "Edward's Songs". Sorry, I had to say something, I was just really suprised you made that mistake and that nobody on this message board caught it. And I have this strange mix of pride and shame about Comic Con. Pride in the fact that so many Twilighters were there and showed exactly how committed we all are, however I completely agree with that Silentcamisado person. Some of the questions were just ridiculous and the poor panel's answers were lost in the screaming. And Rob, poor Rob. I think that expierence has permanetly scarred him. I understand being a little starstruck, but conduct your self in a manner that positvely represents the Twilight Community! Because right now the whole world thinks we are a bunch of friviolous, screaming girls. Maybe I'm being a little too preachy because if I had been there I may have very well done the same thing. I don't know, it just dissapointed me a little. I still have faith that the movie will be incredible, and December 12th is now the most important day of the year!!!

  31. Brennam525 says:

    Fernanda, they were asking what kind of underwear he wears, or if he doesn't wear any. So, yeah that's pretty gross.
    I am a huge fan and can't wait for the movie, but I agree with you guys. I feel bad for the cast and am embarrassed at how crazy all those fangirls were acting!! I'd be terrified too if 6000 girls (and middle-aged Twilight Moms!) were trying to lunge at me. So on the behalf of all the psychos at Comic-Con, I'm sorry cast of Twilight! (especially Robert Pattinson)

  32. sasha says:

    I asked the spontaneous moments one. I was sooooo tempted to tell the cast how yummy they were, but of course others would do it, and I didn't want to be booed at haha.

  33. Alaska Edward Fan! says:

    Ok I like Robs hair but I think he should just stile it messy and leave it. I don't like it when it sticks out every where. Though I an not saying cut it! Also I love than Rob wrote a song on the spot! I am an extreme Edward/Rob supporter!

  34. Meghan C. says:

    These ppl that got to go to the comic con are sooo lucky! I agree with every other girl that has said this that the lady shouldn't have asked about the boxers or briefs thing…they didn't even have to answer so that's a sign that it was an innapropriate answer! and Rob in the question put his head down because he was so embarassed. The cast did great though and i can't wait to see the movie! only 6 more months…hang in there twilight cast!!!

  35. Chrystal says:

    I would actually like to thank the cast, author and director of "Twilight" for showing up to talk about the movie. It was fun to see how enthusiastic everyone was. Thank-you Stephenie and everyone for giving us something to look forward to! Thanks for being such good sports, putting up with a group of elated fans and for showing such professionalism.

  36. Chrystal says:

    Nat Nat,
    Not everybody was thinking about if they wear boxers or briefs. And by-the-way were you even there? There were no screams, there was total silence after that question. Some of us just wanted to share in thier success and be happy for their part in a great, romantic love story. Don't try to make it better by saying everyone was wondering, because — not everyone was. I am really embarrased for the lady's kids, unless they are as morally inept as their mother.

  37. John says:

    hey we'd love to see what the fans think of the movie — we have some Comic-con coverage posted — feel free to comment!

  38. Helen says:

    Rob Pattinson is going to be a huge star. You can tell its not sunk in yet. Bless him. Cant wait to see him playing Salvador Dali in Little Ashes.

  39. Leen says:

    I hated this panel and I'm a huge fan of the book. I've been going to Comic Con for several years now and that was the worst panel I've ever attended. The fans should be ashamed of themselves for wasting the time of these people. They asked immature questions and the screaming was unbelievably rude. These fans need to keep their damn enthusiasm under control. We barely got to learn anything new about the film thanks to them.

  40. fifilaroach says:

    Yes, the fans acted crazy, but that's the whole point, they're super excited about seeing these people. This phenomenon is unlike anything I've seen before. It's like Elvis… Frank Sinatra.. Valentino!!!
    The fans are why this is going to be an amazing opening.

  41. shina says:


  42. Ms. Martin, thank you very much for posting the Q & A. I've been watching the Twilight Comic Con on YouTube and couldn't make out anything. Now I understand why they were screaming. ;-)

  43. Ally says:

    I believe that all the actors did a wonderful job on the film. However, I believe its kind of ridiculous that people are wasting their life going crazy over stars. No offense, but most of the time actors do not leave Hollywood. So, all you people wasting time blogging and getting excited over how they are so hott because they prob wont ever know who you are. Not being rude I just know I live in a little hick-town and I know that famous people will never come this way. I accept that stars are cute; but stars tend to stick to other famous people. Just a little bit of reality. I still appreciate all that famous people bring to our society and I thank them for my entertainment. People look to reality instead of fanisy because things only last a short while in this lifetime. Look at harry potter .. Twilight whopped his butt.

  44. Jane says:

    I run a twilight fansite and i must say the whole thing is getting out of control. Borderline worship for lots of fans
    twilight fansite

  45. RODRICK says:

    @natasa kalamata Technorati Blogosphere posts tagged: twitter-Life Blogging and the.. stop

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