‘Twilight’: Stephenie Meyer puts ‘Midnight Sun’ on back burner ‘indefinitely’

Aug. 29, 2008 | 4:55 p.m.

Twilight What a way to kick off the Labor Day weekend for “Twilight” fans.

In a note posted to her official website Thursday, author Stephenie Meyer tells her readers she has decided to discontinue “Midnight Sun,” her planned retelling of “Twilight” from the teenage vampire Edward’s perspective, after an unfinished draft was illegally posted and distributed on the Internet without her knowledge or permission.

If I tried to write “Midnight Sun” now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn’t dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on “Midnight Sun,” and so it is on hold indefinitely.

Meyer had originally made the only first chapter available on her site. Because the project is now virtually killed, she’s made the incomplete draft available as well, but cautions that “the writing is messy and flawed and full of mistakes.”

I rather my fans not read this version…. It was only an incomplete draft…. But to end the confusion, I’ve decided to make the draft available…. I hope this fragment gives you further insight into Edward’s head and adds a new dimension to the Twilight story. That’s what inspired me to write it in the first place.

This has been a roller-coaster year for Meyer, who just completed a successful concert book series but has also had to answer for some of the backlash directed at “Breaking Dawn,” the fourth and final installment of the “Twilight” saga.

But fans shouldn’t fret: There’s only three months until “Twilight” hits movie theaters.

As for Meyer, she’s about to step behind the camera to direct a new music video for Jack’s Mannequin’s “The Resolution.” The band is a favorite of the author’s and appears on her online playlists.

— Denise Martin


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430 Responses to ‘Twilight’: Stephenie Meyer puts ‘Midnight Sun’ on back burner ‘indefinitely’

  1. Pholla says:

    I am sad for her but angry at her at the same time. She stated that she KNEW who the person was who leaked the story. Why punish her ENTIRE fandom for one person's mistake? Okay, so maybe mistake wasn't the correct word for it since the person knew what s/he was doing but you get what I mean. I can't help but feel anger. I've been looking forward to Midnight Sun for a long time now. I wanted Midnight Sun way more than Breaking Dawn. I understand why she's angry and sad but I just don't see the justification in her action. If she thinks that because MS was leaked that we, the fans, won't buy her book, then she's wrong. I'd still buy the book. Actually, I would buy more than one copy since I have two copies of each of her books.
    With that being said, I also understand why she's doing what she's doing. She was betrayed by someone whom she clearly trusted if she gave him/her a copy of the rough draft. I think maybe she needs to really figure out which people in her life she can or cannot trust. That is something that I think she needs to figure out. If it happened once, it can surely happen again. I can only wish that we can all move forward from this and hopefully she will be able to move on and maybe just maybe she will write Midnight Sun. One can hope, right?

    • cma says:

      I can understand exactly! Writing isn't the easiest thing to do, it's very emotionally driven. If she's hating the whole process due to the betrayal then she can't move forward. She's not personally punishing all of us.
      In any case, there is another option (she would not like it),,,finish it yourself. Did you ever think of that?
      I quit my job a few months ago so I have too much time on my hands and I'm a little obsessive compulsive, especially about my books. I can't start something and not finish it. So I wrote it.Yup, all the remaining chapters. i think i wore out my quotation key. Never realized how tedious writing could be. Of course this is for my own edification, never to be seen by anyone else. It is a total copy write issue but as long as no one else ever sees it, well, no one can stop you.
      Maybe that will be the motivator Stephanie needs to finish the book, if she knew there are those out there who would go through the trouble of doing it themselves.

    • alexa says:


    • emily says:

      i totally agree! After reading the first 19 chapters i was looking forward to the full book coming out.. but now 4 years after she wrote the first 19 chapters it seems little to no change that she will write the book. I'm sorry Stephanie Meyer but i must say you have deeply disappointed me by the way you have reacted to this incident.Some times you have to put the past behind you and do the write thing. Don't you owe it to your fans to continue the story? I still hope you can change your ways and write the book so you can continue to aspire young writers like me

  2. I love Twilight and I hope she finishes the book soon!

  3. Amirah says:

    NOOOOOOOO! Can someone please call, email, stalk her and tell her she must write Midnight Sun. How can this happen? Why leave us this way, we can wait but why indefinately? Who the hell leaked it, they should be flogged! I think Im gonna cry, we just want to know what edward is thinking when he is in the Meadow with Bella and then when he stays at her house. I'm gonna cry!

  4. Dishearted_twilighte says:

    Agree with Pholla, why punish all her ever so adoring fans. why not take this person to the cleaners, sue their pants off. This so called mistake would actually encourage ppl to go buy the book, you know what they say that there is not such thing as bad publicity. I understand how betrayed Sm must feel but why take her hurt and betrayal against the ppl that actually support her why not direct that anger towards the person that actually committed the offense. I must say that her reaction was very disheartening and shows the lack of professionalism in her.

  5. Tina says:

    While I am sad that Stephenie will probably never finish Midnight Sun, I cannot be angry with her for discontinuing writing it. I am an artist also, although not a writer, and understand how she feels about the leak. I've been through the same situation as her and it leaves a you feeling torn and vulnerable. Suddenly you lose trust in the people who are in your inner circle and your world is in turmoil. This kind of violation is heart wrenching and leaves you feeling angry, betrayed, untrusting, weak, and many other negative emotions all at the same time. It's exhausting and painful.
    I hope Stephenie is able to share other stories with us in the future and that this incident doesn't extinguish the fire of ther wonderful talent.

  6. Martine says:

    I think that is a bunch of crap! I am a rabidly loyal fan and i think that this is a slap in the face to her fans. Movies, scripts, "affairs" ect… get leaked on line all the time but you dont see people throwing the arms in the air and refusing to finish somehting that was promised to the fans.
    I think she should continue writing it and make her fans happy. I too hope that she can move on from this and write the most amazing book.
    If not I think its sad what has happened but so what GET OVER IT!
    Like I said I am a very dedicated fan of the twilight novels and I would hate to see her throw this away..
    I know that she can write something absolutey amazing.
    PLEASE dont let this ruin this for all you fans stephanie!!

  7. Pam says:

    I've been looking forward to Midnight Sun since Stephenie posted the first chapter on her web site almost four years ago. Reading that chapter has enhanced my enjoyment of all the rest of the series. The Darkside website that leaked the first twelve chapters has given themselves the perfect name as I can't believe the venom and ugliness they have been spewing. I hope the millions of fans that have enjoyed Breaking Dawn and the other books she has written will become as vocal in our support as this small group of malcontents. I do not fault Stephenie in her response to this situation. Hopefully, the Darkside will reap their just rewards in litigation for copyright infringement.

  8. patricia says:

    i understand her feeling that way, i´d do the same, but the fans shouldn´t be punished like this, with a threat you bad guys read the leaked copy and now you won´t get the book. it´s childish and she´s punishing us because of not liking Breaking Down.

  9. Amy says:

    GIVE ME A BREAK. This just screams of childishness. Grow up Steph. You have MILLIONS of fans who are willing to lay out mega bucks on your work- INCLUDING Midnight Sun. If anything, the leak made them forgive you for Breaking Dawn. They're practically frothing at the mouth to get their hands on Edward's story and you are not going to finish it. This is ridiculous. You love Edward. You love your fans (supposedly.) Buck up and give them what they want.

  10. Lenni says:

    It's funny because when it first leaked everyone was really excited because so many of the fans who read it were really hyping it up and that it was really good. Well then chatter started that maybe it was a stunt to get the fans to stop talking about BD. Looks like we were wrong.
    I completely understand that her rights were violated and I don't think she deserves it but the fans don't deserve to not have the book either. She promised us midnight sun and I don't take that lightly. It does feel like she is punishing the fans for one person's error. It seems like her response is an overreaction to an unfortunate event. I really am sorry that it happened but I think she owes it to the fans to finish what she started.

  11. Melissa says:

    Why are we all being punished?!?!? Stephenie be serious, you have fans that are not too happy right now, and it is not fair to all of us!
    Please take a breathe and reconsider finishing it.

  12. TwilightFan says:


  13. Lorac says:

    Stephenie isn't punishing her fans. She is simply upset currently, and as any writer knows, its difficult to write things when you have very strong emotions preventing your creativity from flowing. I sincerely hope that whoever leaked the story feels miserable about what they have done to all of her fans. If your going to be angry over her decision to put this on the back burner, be angry with whoever betrayed her, and leaked the story. I hope that in time Stephenie will feel better about continuing the book, so that I can see it published and on my book shelf next to the rest of her saga.

  14. Tiina says:

    God, she's behaving like a petulant child.

  15. I'm terribly disappointed, but at the same time I feel like Stephanie Meyer has promised too much in so little time, that she really needs a rest. I'm okay if she eventually gets to Midnight Sun, although it hurts…alot. I think this should be seen as having a reason behind it. This woman has been non-stop working since the success of Twilight a few years ago. No matter what you think of the stories themselves you have to admit that she is very kind to her fans. I don't know what I would do in Stephanie Meyer's shoes, but she needs a serious break. I'm sure she is more than raw with sensativity at this point because of her hectic schedule, her dealing with backlash from Breaking Dawn, and now this. I'm sure she will calm down and come back to Midnight Sun. We all need to be respectfully patient and let her work some things out. We have so much material for this fandom, its nuts….She needs to take care of herself and family first, then worry about Midnight Sun whenever she is ready. We can wait…its only a book when it comes down to it.

  16. puh shaw says:

    What a frakkin' drama queen!!
    I think someone got bit by the hollywood bug and wants to direct more than she wants to write. *whatever, but just say that* Imagine if all TV shows and movies shut down when their stuff got leaked.
    Honestly it is best it did get leaked since Breaking Dawn was such a let down. The leaked chapters have restored my faith in the series and only make me want more. Heck, after reading the leaked chapters I bet more people are willing to come back to her series than ever… but if you don't want to write anymore what better way than to leak a copy and blame an unknown person.
    Or should we be praying for RPattz safety right now? HA HA… Mormons can't be violent right?

  17. Stephanie says:


  18. Stephanie says:


  19. RemeberIt says:

    I've never seen a more immature move by a supposedly professional adult in my life. She makes the mistake of giving a rough draft of a highly anticipated novel out, it leaks, and the fans are punished? I've never been a Harry Potter fan but when it leaked the author just politely asked that people not spoil it for others if they knew details. That was classy. This is ridiculous. The plot is already known, the original book already published, and if anything the leak helped create some positive buzz after almost all fans over the age of 13 were horrified by Breaking Dawn. If anything, this saved her some fans. Well, it did until she posted an emotional rant like this threatening to never finish because she couldn't keep a lid on it. Its like when an album leaks early, yes I'm sure the artist is upset but lots of fans still buy it if they like what they hear. This has happened with other artistic avenues for ages.. and well known upcoming books. Its fine to be upset but her true colors are showing through and it really isn't pretty.
    Who wants to bet the real reason she is upset still has to do with the rabid fan backlash of Breaking Dawn? It certainly couldn't all be about a few chapters a couple thousand people, at best, saw. I know lots of fans of the series who don't participate in online communities and therefore had no idea that this even leaked. I just seems like it coincides pretty well with her reaction to fans who didn't like Breaking Dawn and who dared point out its gaping plot holes. Very self-righteous and angry. Anyway, Midnight Sun was the last product I intended to buy from her so if she isn't writing it she can kiss my money goodbye. I'd never read another series from her and I'd rather vomit then read the love story of pedophile Jake and superfastgrowing Nessie that she set up in the last novel.

  20. Alice says:

    Sorry, but reading this article just ruined the rest of my day. I am SO mad. GRRRRRRRR…….

  21. Brooke says:

    i think she is being a little over dramatic. she needs to chill for a while, but get back to writing! she cant just say, sorry guys, my life is to depressing, im just not gonna do it. if everyone did that, where would we be right now? she cant just give up like that.

  22. Maria says:

    Alright, i understand everyone was anticipating Midnight Sun. But could you please be unselfish for one moment? I know you think she's taking this a bit over board but she really isn't. It's hard to understand what she's going through, but i think i get it a bit. Ok, it's not just that someone betrayed her and posted her story ILLEGALLY but the fact that it was someone she considered close. Not only that, put yourself in her shoes for a moment. What if you were this brilliant person with an amazing story planned out and all of the sudden all the surprises were leaked on to the internet? It's not that she doesn't think you guys will enjoy it, it's the fact that she lost her excitement or touch with Edward. When you want to keep something under wraps so everyone sees it when it's done and tweaked, then it truly hurts when someone doesn't think before doing something like that. It's hard to explain, but think about this. What if you were the creator of a new source of energy that didn't depend on nonrenewable resources and someone stole that idea from you. You would feel cheated, disappointed, discouraged and empty. Stephenie Meyer has every right to feel this way and hold off Midnight Sun, we should all also think about all the stress she goes through. Having finished concerts, the horrible reviews about BD and the little time she has spent with her family. Yes i will yearn for Midnight Sun but i respect Stephenie's decision.

  23. riona says:

    this is crap. I totally get that her rights were violated and all the stuff, but punish the fandom bc she trusted someone when she gave that manuscript? yeah right.very smart
    Until now,she had all my support, but from now on..- zeroooo. Everybody knows the story from Twilgiht, now what we all have been expected is to see that story from Edward;s pov.
    Moreover,she gave us Jacob's pov too. Twice – in eclipse, a part..and around 10 freakin' chapters in BD. Some of us don't like Jacob,but we got through all those stuff for the book's sake,we understood Meyer for doing it. But all that we have wanted was to see Edward's pov too.
    this is immature. Rowling was better when HP was leaked. She knew how to handle things..and it was HP's ending, sth ..idk,crucial i could say,for some crazy fans. BUt this..wtf,we all know the story from MS,the plot..and she decides to interrupt it. Very smart, Meyer!

  24. Samantha says:

    I ADORE you, RemeberIt.
    You put everything absolutely right, I couldn't have said it better myself.
    This whole thing seems like a childish tantrum because Breaking Dawn didn't get everyone "OMGZ iT's the bEst bO0k EVAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!"
    And God, I gagged and literally felt sick to my stomach every time anything about Jacob and Renesmee was mentioned in the book.
    In fact I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  25. leslie says:

    She didn't say she'd never finish it. It's on hold. Given that it was all over the web she had little choice but to put it out there.
    As for Rowling's reaction, it happened to her twice. The first time the people were caught early and are currently serving jail time.
    In the second incident, her finished book not a rough draft, was put online four days before it released. Quite a different thing.

  26. GomGom says:

    i'm so sad about that. i really wish she'll finish it someday. i wanted midnight sun same as breaking dawn. and after, i read the incomplete draft . it made me more excited! i love her, and want want want to get midnight sun soon!

  27. Sera says:

    Midnight sun is so much better than most of books from the Twilight Saga.
    I'm sad she has put it on hold, however I understand why she's upset.

  28. Cat says:

    I feel she's hurt the good fans, more than fans like me who downloaded it. Her temper tantrum doesn't make me sorry, it makes me think less of her. Fall Out Boy had a whole album released early on the net, did they throw a hissy fit and refuse to finish and release the album? No. The pilot of the new Dr Who had an early version released on the net, did Russell T Davies get his panties in a twist and stop writing the show? No (even if i do wish he would stop writing sometimes)
    This, on top of her please for people to report BD leaks, about which nothing was then done, forcing me to sign off the net for the best part of a weak… I'm not impressed with her. If she'd dome something about the BD leaks, i might not have downloaded this, but i already knew nothing would happen because i reported 3 sites with BD leaks. The posts weren't even removed, let alone action being taken against the sites. I didn't want to be the odd one out on the net,, fearing spoilers on my favourite sites and friends list for another year while she finished this.
    So my respect for Stephenie has dwindled somewhat, even if i do still love the books.

  29. Aurielle says:

    Quite frankly, I am amazed and angered Stephenie would do this. Is she just saying she won't continue, so all of us "learn a lesson about copyright infringement", or is she seriously going to forget her characters and fans because of one person. Come on, Meyer! It happened to Harry Potter, just get over it and continue. Don't let this screw-up, screw up our vision of you as a writer and person. Honestly, quit the crap and get back to the book.

  30. chae says:

    While I do feel bad that this has happened to her, I can't help but be upset at her for putting a stop to the book. Why punish everyone for one persons stupidity. I was looking forward to reading this book and I wonder if she understands that none of her loyal fans cared if one mean person posted anything. Every site that I have seen that is loyal to her have expressed no interest in reading the leaked copy so there should be no reason to halt the process of this book.
    If you wanted a break then by all means take one, just dont make your fans suffer because of something that you can learn from. IE: Always keep your prize locked away until it is complete. If you have to show someone a little of it for the movie to be what you want it to be then make that person sign something saying that if they give it away or leak it in anyway then they can be sued. Hello J.K. Rowling.
    Stephanie please take a note and know that I do not wish to be mean but dont take something special away from fans because of something stupid like this. We will support you no matter what.
    Sorry that was long

  31. Miranda says:


  32. a Twilighter says:

    i think that some of you guys are really harsh on her, telling her to get over it and everything…
    she must be extremely distressed right now. i mean, think about it. her last twilight book and there it goes out the window… thats like saying someone leaked HP and deathly hallows.
    i was so looking forward to the day when midnight sun should be released, but its now ruined. honestly, i was way more excited for midnight sun than breaking dawn to come out. (not saying that is or was bad). im just saying that its just so interesting to be in edwards head…
    so seriously guys, lighten up. when she's ready to make the best ending, the most amazing finishing touch, she'll do it. dont push her right now and make her finish it. because it wont be the best she can do in such a depressive state…

  33. Steven says:

    Stephenie is too full of herself.

  34. Em says:

    This is killing me. I just read the first 12 chapters that she had finished (the ones she posted on HER site) and it doesn't even get to the meadow part. A part of me died when I realized that we,that I, might never get to read what his thoughts were that first night…
    I only hope that not finishing it will cause her more pain than finishing it would, and that she has to finish it, and then as long as it is written, she might as well get it published.
    This is TORTURE. Please don't do this to us Stephenie.

  35. Em says:

    "So the facts that A) the leak stopped right before what is considered the "pivotal" chapter of Twilight, B) her publishers had her books removed from scribd.com AFTER MS had already been posted to that site (which suggests either someone wasn't doing their job properly, or they wanted MS up there), C) it took precisely one week for anyone to respond to the leak (a ridiculously long time for someone who admits to reading through the forums that revolve around her daily)… this doesn't add up to anyone else that Meyer herself is the culprit behind the leak? Look at what it got her: hundreds of mouth-foaming fans weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth for her to write another book.
    Yay marketing gimmicks."
    Please be right Ky. Please

  36. Cammywamy says:

    WHAT!!! No! *cries* i was looking forward to it soooooooo much. I can't believe some actually thought it would be okay to post it!!!!!! Ugh… part of my life has just ended. The thing with the movie we don't get all of Edward's side like the book. *SOBS* I. Can't. Believe. It.

  37. edward lover says:

    this is insane i read the first 12 chapters and it was amazing (i read it off the website).
    in my opion it was stupid to have made that desicion. i wouldnt have posted the 12 chapters
    on the website instead i would wait for it to be published. and no UGGGHH! i read them
    and now have to pray that stephanie meyer finishes this book. i read like all of the books all the
    time and just becuase i read some of it on the internet does not mean i will not buy it. these books
    i dont know…they just MAKE ME HAPPYY! me and my friends were all excited for this book to
    come out! cuz we knew/know what ever stephenie meyer does will be amazing. but goodbye
    to that because we will never know the outcome…well we do but not in edwards point of view
    and there are tons of crazed fans out there that are just as ANGRY as i am. when i first heard
    this the first thing i said was great all the waiting for nothing. i would hate to be left empty handed
    on this amazing book. i was finally just understanding edward. seriously this book was great
    honestly take it into consideration to finish and publish this book.(:
    ps alice cullen is like my bff jill(:

  38. ummmmmmmmmm...... says:

    SHUT UP PEOPLE!!!!!!! THIS is HER book!!!!!!!! not her FANS or OURS if you will. if you want it soooooo bad write your own version of and end it how you want it to be.
    this is and isnt her fault. soooo dont balme this intirly on HER.
    its her book her world/creation and she and do what ever the hell she wants with it!!! so like omfg shtup up.
    yeah im really pissed that it is not going be published. but it is soo that life is not fair.
    people calling stepenie childish…..think about what your doing. thats pretty childish.
    again let her do what she wants with it.
    let her calm down on her own and at her own time. and let her have fun with her family!
    o and i saw that something was said about the mormons!! WTF DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN OR HOW YOU SHOULD ACT IF YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!
    this sucks……..but theres nothing that we can do about it

  39. emmettlvr says:

    i can not believe this i love edward anothony masen cullen HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME U AREKILLING ME EMOITIONALLY

  40. marisol says:

    I'm a huge fan of the Twilight series, I think that each book is perfect, even though of course there are parts that I would change… I'm not sure about reading the draft just in case she decides to go on with MS…

  41. camille says:

    omg i feel sooooooo sorry for stephenie meyer right now. when someone told me she was putting MS on hold i was kind of angry, but after i read stephenie's message on her website i totally understand and im not mad at all. like some people seem to think, she's not punishing us for anything, she's just too sad and doesn't feel up for finishing it right now. if you think you're upset, imagine how stephenie must feel. i'm sure she wants to finish it as much as we want to read it, but just give her some time. she doesnt owe anyone anything, it's her book not ours.

  42. jen says:

    What a childish and arrogant thing to do knowing full well fans were looking forward to it. Talk about biting the hand that feeds her. She needs to clarify who DIDNT release the book extract. Its not fair to Catherine and Rob to be implicated indirectly just because they had a copy.

  43. Mary says:

    Oh Stephenie…you goofed. You have the most anticipated movie of 2008 coming up in November and you decide to piss off your fans…not such a good plan. Perhaps a private breakdown might have been more appropriate?? In any event, although we all realize your tired, sad and depressed, your "loyal" fans deserve better than all to be painted with the same brush. We've supported you and bought your books and were all anxiously awaiting MS and Twilight the movie.
    I hope this move doesn't backfire on you. And, seriously, I hope (for your sake), that Summit and Catherine Hardwick, et al strongly suggest you appease your fans…

  44. blearyeyedmesgirl says:

    My thoughts:
    -It's a shame it was leaked, especially this early into the writing process.
    -She really should clarify who it's NOT if she can't identify the person who DID leak it…people speculate and spread rumors enough on their own without the author creating more speculation.
    -I think it's kinda, sad, to react in that way…the 'I didn't get to do it my way, so everyone suffers' way. When for all we know it was an internal leak to take away some bad press of BD…which, for the record, I loved.
    -I say there's hope of it being finished…not in our time frame, but eventually.
    -And finally, I am glad to have a new playlist…thanks to Smeyer, I'm now a huge Blue October fan!

  45. Melanie says:

    Me=going through shock.
    Come on, Stephenie, you can't do this to us! I apologize, but my opinion of you just dropped :( I didn't even read the leak, and a lot of other people didn't read it, and a lot more still respect you! Why must you punish us for your trustee's betrayal? My labor day weekend really was just started of with a kick in the face, a broken nose and a bruised eye. Yes, this news is really that upsetting to me. How can I enjoy my last weekend before school starts again now?
    Even with it on your website now, I still don't want to read it. Now it just seems like you're giving up. Posting it online, yourself, seems like the proof that you won't really change your mind and continue it again, but despite this recent blow, I would like to still have hopes.
    God, this is going to spark up the same response that the move of the Harry Potter movie release change did.
    Do you hate us?
    Seriously, you claim that you love your fans, but then you pull something like this.
    *Shakes head in disappointment*
    Please, please, PLEASE change your mind!! I beg you! I was really looking forward to this, and I'm only just realizing with this news how much I was looking forward to it!

  46. Stephenie B says:

    Why do we all have to suffer for someone else's crimes? Yes a minority were disloyal and may need punishment, but why throw in the thousands of other fans who did absolutely nothing wrong.
    I know that it hurts that someone has neglected her trust and I'm sorry that it happened. But it does no good to turn around and destroy the trust of everyone else that have remained loyal to her and her work. It hurts that Stephenie is turning her back on "her fans [that] are the best in the world," according to stepheniemeyer.com, all because of the actions of only a few.

  47. ella says:

    she's being very childish and immature. Why punish your readers just because they want to read your books. I have to add that midnight sun was more entertaining than breaking down. Well, at least we still have Robert….

  48. sandra says:

    Hey all you whiners complaining about Stephenie's reaction need to grow up yourselves! If you want to blame anyone, do it on the peson who ruined it for us. If it wasnt for that person, NOT Stephenie, then NONE of this would be happening! SO GET OVER IT!

  49. Zatina says:

    Come on!!!, i am not reading the 12 chapter of midnight sun, i want the hole book, please Steph you have to finish it, i know you must be angry and all that, but you cant do that to us, the twilighters, I wanna know Edwards side too.
    Dont punish all just for one person bas judgement.
    Finishit, do this for your fans.
    Any body know who was the jakass to up the book on line???
    That person must be punishit
    He kill the Saga.
    Please any body who agree or not with me write at valenbigd@hotmail.com
    Please i really need to talk about this with someone

  50. meyerfan16 says:

    I can completely understand how upset stephenie must be right now. I know I hate it whenever someone sees one of my unfinished products. Thats not how it was meant to viewed, and you hate to give people the impression that this was what you were striving for. So I refuse to read the leak (even though she posted it) in hopes that perhaps she might decide to finish it, and show us what it was meant to be when complete. However, as upset as i am over not getting to buy my own hard cover and bound copy, I don't think I can fault meyer for deciding to discontinue her work on it indefinetly. Honestly, this year alone she has released two books, is working on a movie, and has been touring accross the country. Give her some slack. She deserves a break from all that madness, and I feel it is wrong of us to say that she is not handling the situation right. She's already given us more than most authors would in such a short time span. All I can say is that we appreciate your hard work stephenie, and when/if you decide to finish midnight sun, you can bet tht a large portion of your fan base will be greatful that you have given us this complete insight to edward's thoughts.

  51. marie says:

    I can totallly understand why stephenie has done this. Her rights were violated and she has the right to express how she feels. What disappointed me though is not her "childish" behavior that some fans are saying right now, but these fans who are saying this who are acting childishly right now.
    I agree with Leslie. She has NEVER said that she is not going to finish it. She is just putting it indefinitely until she can lick her wounds, clear her mind and sort out her emotions. Once she has gotten herself together, she will then go back to her writing and let her muses take her whatever she has imagined them would be. She is just TAKING HER TIME to think this situation over and she will get back to her writing soon. Can anyone point out to me in her post where she said that she will NEVER finish Midnight Sun? She is just saying indefinitely.She will release it soon on her own time. Besides she hasnt finished writing it. She said in an interview that she was still 12 chapters in. And with the much needed rest she needs, she hasnt plan on releasing it that soon now does she?
    Also with the JK Rowling comparison. She hasnt experienced her rough draft being leaked. All things that were leaked out from her books were finished products, like the book has been published and all. Imagine if your unfinished work was put out there, you would also be devastated. Yes JKR has politely asked fans to not spoil it for others but that incident was different compared to this one. DH was done and ready for release when the leak happened. MS was still a rough draft. When BD was released, did SM threaten not to release it? No. She still went through with it.
    Again, this move of SM is not childish for me but was done out of anger and disappointment. She has trusted some copies to some people because she knows that it will help them in some way or some how and with this leak, her trust was violated. She has NEVER said that she WOULD NOT finish the book but is on hold indefinitely. She will take her time to sort things over and then she will go back into writing the book and publish it.

  52. Hayley says:

    I think Meyer has made a good choice for her. She does not appear to be the kind of person who is in it for the money and fame and you can see from interviews she has strong feelings for what she writes and all her books (especially twilight), they are very personal to her. I don't think you can imagine how violated she feels.
    She has said repeatedly that she wrote Twilight for herself so why should Midnight Sun be any different? If she forces herself to write this book for other people despite what she is feeling it simply won't be her best. You need to decide whether you want a mediocre book written by someone who was pressured into it or whether you want a great book that emanates the love the writer feels for her characters.
    Maybe she needs a break from the Twilight world for a while – but is that such a bad thing? The anticipation is half the fun!
    I hope she goes well with her other endeavors and that one day – whenever that maybe – she decides she can put her best into finishing this great book she has begun.

  53. eVonne says:

    please please stephenie please dont stop midnight sun!! its the best installment so far!! even better than twilight. please dont do this to us *cry*

  54. silentcamisado says:

    I understand fully of what Stephenie feels. It is in fact virtually impossible to continue writing something if you or someone who knows the story talks about it.
    The difference is a huge portion of her story was leaked and it's incredibly disrespectful to her to have done so. She worked so hard not to have Breaking Dawn leaked, and now in return, Midnight Sun is leaked instead. She is incredibly protective of her work, as we can see, and we owe her respect for that rather than being angry that she is not releasing Midnight Sun when we want it. I respect her decision entirely because it was in fact a good decision to have made.
    When the first leaks of Midnight Sun came out, stills from the movie were posted on Facebook with quotes from Midnight Sun on them. I personally made the effort not to read them in respect to Stephenie and because I wanted to read Midnight Sun as an actually novel when it came OUT, not as a leak on the internet. I hope that plenty of other devoted Twilight fans made the effort not to read it as well.
    I am glad that she posted the unfinished draft on her website, as a legitimate way for her fans to read the highly anticipated material. I do hope that she can pick up on Midnight Sun again, even if it is not next year that we see the release of the book. I did just read the draft on her website, and even though I did, I would buy the book because I loved the rough draft so much. I can only imagine it when it has been finished. It is something that I will look forward to, no matter how long the wait.

  55. Barbara says:

    I am so pissed off, and disappointed with Meyer. I haven't read the leak, and I really don't want to. I heard it only goes to the 7th chapter of Twilight, though. I'm upset with Meyer, because she's not going to finish it. I don't want to read the leak, I want the finished story to go out and purchase. Meyer says she doesn't want her fans to read the leak…fine. Remove the leak and continue writing. Don't post it on your site.The only reason most people are reading it, is because she won't finish it, and we just want a piece of Edward's mind. She's making too many mistakes lately. I really wanted to see if she would redeem herself from BD, it wouldn't change the ending, but it would still be nice to have. Once again…she is letting her fans down.

  56. Stacie says:

    Amy, you took the words right out of my mouth (err..keyboard?). As you say:
    "Stephenie isn't punishing her fans. She is simply upset currently, and as any writer knows, its difficult to write things when you have very strong emotions preventing your creativity from flowing."
    I know everyone is disappointed, I am, too! But please know that Stephenie isn't doing this to punish us. She readily admits in her post that her head just isn't in the right place to finish the book at this point. Also, don't lose faith–indefinitely does not mean "never." Indefinitely means a vague and uncertain point in time. I interpreted that as her saying she needed a break from it, but she wasn't sure how long of a break she'd need.

  57. Morgan says:

    This is not smart of Stephenie Meyer. Really. The Breaking Dawn backlash was horrible, and Midnight Sun was a point of redemption in a lot of fan's eyes. Now she's going to piss them off, too. Whatever, it's her career's funeral.

  58. angry non-fan says:

    EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES. i think she is just bored with the twilight universe and wants to do something different.

  59. LISA Masen Cullen says:

    I sure hope it was not Robert Pattinson and if it was I do not think is was on purpose if it was his copy I bet he was just careless with the manuscript and it got leaked.
    I do not know for sure if it was him but I know this would make since more then anything why she can not finish it now because he is our movie Edward and so I think it would devastate her more then anyone else at this point.
    Gosh I hope I am wrong but even if it is not Rob who I love so much, I am so very sad and heart broken I have been such a good fan I would not hurt her this way and I do not want to read what she put on her page I want what she planed to give us fans I want her to feel better about this so she can wright again. I wish I could magically make this all better for her she so did not deserve this I love all the books ALL OF THEM even Breaking Dawn and I want so much to read Midnight Sun. That said I just want to say I love her and I will wait and see if she will be willing to finish it or not. I am a true fan and I know I do not deserve this but I do not blame our dear Stephenie I trust her and will prey for her on this I have nothing else I can give her but I hope it will help because she has already given me so much!! LISA

  60. Reason says:

    A lot of you guys are whiny brats. She isn't some robot that can just write a whim, writing isn't like that. She's upset, and doesn't feel like she can write about Twilight anymore and you guys complain that she's being childish and making a mistake? If you're entertainment is worth more than her feelings, then I feel ashamed to even call myself part of the Twilight community. She writes for herself, not her fans, get over yourselves for one minute, please. If something as personal as something you alone created was stolen unjustly, it will hurt. A lot. She's human.
    She's not doing it to punish or hurt you guys but all you care about is your entertainment, right? If I ever became an author, I would hope my fans would be able to understand me as a person and not be so selfish. Some of these reactions are sick.

  61. Bre says:

    WOW! all of you are calling her childish, look at yourself, do you honestly think any of you can do better then her, if so try, dont bicker about this, it is her decision, she wrote the book and i would be pissed if i were her too. And whats wrong with breaking dawn that is a amazing book and has you wanting to keep and keep reading just like all the other ones, I think stephenie is a AMAZING writer and is deffenitly one of the most popular right now and she will be for a while. If your going to judge, stop and think first "Can i do this good". if not you have nothing to complain about. Dont let this crap bother you steph. You are one of the most amazing writers in this day, keep it going you have a wonderful talent.

  62. Amelia says:

    Way to go Stephenie.
    I'm a writer, and–even though I don't have legions of fans–I understand the show of trust it takes to let someone read an unfinished and uneditted draft. It's HUGELY personal, and the betrayal of that trust must be devestating.
    Despite what some people are saying, your fans are here for you, and we really hope we get to read some more of your books someday.
    Until then, enjoy dedicating time to your family! You've accomplished so much in the past years–you're an inspiration.
    To everyone complaining about this–it's not your life. You have absolutly no right to bash Stephenie's decision. It's her book and her writing. It's her life, so you can all deal with it.

  63. S.T. Knight says:

    I am incredibly sad due to the loss of Midnight Sun and although I refuse to read the draft of Midnight Sun that Stephanie herself has posted under the horrible circumstances, I am now VERY tempted to 1) go ahead and read it since she's scrapped it and 2) completely boycott her other works. It's not as if I'm interested in The Host anyway. I am disappointed with her because she does seem to be taking out on the fans because of something that happened that had nothing to do with her REAL fans. I'm a real fan. I would never DREAM of reading any leaked copies, nor did I even read the first chapter she posted herself! She should have given this decision alot more time. It deserved to be published! I'm sorry, but to me, this decison was just too rash and it shows how undedicated she is. How can she possibly expect us just to give up on a whim like that? I'm perfectly fine with her putting Midnight Sun off until she's ready to continue it. I'm not expecting it for another couple of years at least because I, as an aspiring author, realize how long it takes for something so great to be perfected. I, however, would NEVER have expected her to use terms such as "indefinitely." When is that? In ten years? When she's old an gray? Does she really think we will be dedicated to her for that long? The term "awhile" would have been sufficient. This Twilight saga goes so much further beyond Stephanie now. It's the fans that keep it alive and going because we love it. Without us, would Twilight have been such a success story? Without us, could there have ever been a sequel?

  64. jeni-jeni says:

    I respect Stephenie's decision and even encourage it to an extent. I can't deny that I was looking forward to Midnight Sun's release.
    But clearly, she needs time away from all this craziness.

  65. katy says:

    Oh my god people calm down. Stephenie has every right to do what she wants with HER WRITING.
    It's on hold indefinitely. That doesn't mean it will never come out.
    seriously, GET OFF HER BACK.
    you people disgust me. you shouldn't be allowed to call yourselves fans. give her a break, let her live a little bit, and maybe we'll be lucky enough to read the book someday. if i was stephenie right now, reading these comments, i would never publish my book.
    how cruel are you people? my god.

  66. JOsIE says:

    I think its ridiculas that she has stopped with midnight sun. I have never liked SMeyer much and I don't think she's a very good writer and she was lucky to have such a good idea. Now Ive heard this I think even less of her. I think she is arrogant and selfish. She treats her fans like dirt and all shes cares about is making money and thinks less people will buy her books now it is leaked. When the movie script was leaked they harly made a fuss about it and I read it and im still going to the movie.
    I think this was really low of SM.

  67. Ky says:

    So the facts that A) the leak stopped right before what is considered the "pivotal" chapter of Twilight, B) her publishers had her books removed from scribd.com AFTER MS had already been posted to that site (which suggests either someone wasn't doing their job properly, or they wanted MS up there), C) it took precisely one week for anyone to respond to the leak (a ridiculously long time for someone who admits to reading through the forums that revolve around her daily)… this doesn't add up to anyone else that Meyer herself is the culprit behind the leak? Look at what it got her: hundreds of mouth-foaming fans weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth for her to write another book.
    Yay marketing gimmicks.

  68. Amy says:

    This whole story makes me just sooo inredibly sad. I always stood by Stephenie Meyer’s side and even now I respect her decision and can truly understand her anger and frustration. Yet I think it’s just so said that with her decision she’s punishing all her fans not just the one person who leaked the book. In the end it’s not our fault the chapters got leaked…and also many many fans – myself included – didn’t ever even plan to read the leaked chapters, because they wanted to wait for the final version of the book. Now it seems all we’ll get are these 12 unfinished chapters, which is more than nothing of course, but just not what we’ve all been waiting for for ages. I truly have been looking forward to Midnight Sun the most. And the pure thought of the book might never getting published leaves me devastated now.
    Also if Stephenie Meyer really should decide to never continue writing Midnight Sun I just wouldn’t exactly understand her reasons. Okay, I get the frustration and disappointment. And I’m really really sorry that something like this had to happen. However just because the first 12 chapters leaked doesn’t mean that we – her true fans – won’t buy a copy of the book. Also if it’s her reputation Stephenie Meyer is concerned about she shouldn’t be worrying in the first place anyway. We all love her and no unfinished draft is gonna change that. Besides, the fact that even that unfinished draft is getting praises from all the fans that have read the leaked chapters already should be reason enough to be motivated to finish writing the story. And after the uproar that went through the fandom after the release of Breaking Dawn (and don’t get me wrong here, I absolutely loved Breaking Dawn, but unfortunately many others didn’t :( ) a book like Midnight Sun was just what this fandom needed. Once these chapters leaked it felt like the whole fandom was happy and united again. And now this is being destroyed because of Stephenie Meyer’s decision…it just is sooo sad!
    So please Stephenie Meyer, if you happen to read this, reconsider your decision. I for one will always love you for writing these books, so please don’t make all your loyal fans unhappy with this decision. And if you want to take a time out that’s okay with all of us. It’s not like we’re expecting you to write all your books just within a couple of months. So take as long as you need…but at least please tell us that at some point – even if it’s in a couple of years – we’ll get Midnight Sun. It’s just not fair to punish us for something that we didn’t even have any influence on in the first place.

  69. Micki says:

    Stephenie needs to calm down and think about who she is punishing by deciding to stop writing this book. Many loyal fans (including myself) have been looking forward to this since she first spoke of doing it. I love all her books and hope that she will reconsider when she has had some time to chill out a little. It is maddening and understandably upsetting that someone did this, but I must agree that it is a childish action for her to hurt those who have been loyal to the Twilight Series and remain so through all of the publicity and a few rude remarks. Please Stephenie remember who got you to the fame and fortune in the first place!

  70. Beth says:

    I can't believe all of the mean and negative comments people are posting about Stephenie! Those of you who think she is being childish or immature need to stop and realize that she is not a machine who simply pumps out these books for the heck of it. She is a human being first and foremost who has feelings and morals and is someone who was hurt in this process. Before you start posting on how you hate the choice she is making at the moment and start bashing her, take a moment to think about how you would feel if something was taken from you and put on display for the whole world to see before you had finished it and thought it was up to your standards that you hold your work to. Shame on you!! As Stephenie has said countless times, she writes for herself first and foremost and her work/characters are very close and personal to her. This reaction from the "fans" is one that would make me go from indefinetly finishing the book to definetly NOT finishing the book. Have a little compassion and remember that a person was deeply hurt in this leaking of the book. Just be grateful that she even decided to have her first 4 books published.

  71. alice cullen says:

    i love edward anthony masen cullen and for her to stop writting midnight pissess me off and i love those books. they made me feel good when i was down amd for her to do this to me (sniffle sniffle) there are noooo words for how i feel right now.i waited toooooo long for this book and for me to find out this AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love stephenie meyer but this pissess me off sooo much i wanted to hear edwards version of the story.
    all i have to say is please please please please please PLEASE stephenie think about how u are hurting your fans. i think that she is right in a way but wrong in another way there is nooo way that she can just stopp a book dead in its tracks. you know what this is like doing its like telling a 3 year old they gett ice cream after dinner and then saying i maybe i shouldnt let you have ice cream how mean would that be!!!!! HUH!!!!!! i am like the 3 year old who gets promised ice cream by an adult and then gets let down and i am dissapointed bout this come on steph would u really do this to all of your fans.

  72. Samira says:

    I am shocked. Yes, I am late to comment, but I was on vacation and the news of the leak and Stephenie Meyer's decision hit me as though they were physical blows. Complete book worm here! And 100% addicted to Meyer's novels! First off, I have to agree with one of the previous comments… Meyer is UNBELIEVABLY well known and it is a given that mostly anyone would attack the chance to leak out her work to the public, but then again, they had no right to. Meyer worked extremely hard on how she visioned the story and someone back stabbed her. It is not right to the fans, but mainly to Meyer. The fans must realize that Meyer is not someone who just throws together a story (not that all authors do), she puts her heart and soul into each one of her stories, and although that may sound cliche, it is still the truth. So, with all the effort she puts into her novels it is no wonder she is upset about the leak (who ever leaked the draft should be ashamed) and her fans should understand that and give her some time to breath. Still, I have not even thought once of reading the draft. Not once. I am going to wait for Meyer to finish the novel and I know MANY other loyal fans are going to do the same. Please do not punish the rest of us. Take your time and when you are ready, Mrs. Stephenie Meyer, please give your loyal fans a brilliant novel. Thank you and I am truly sorry for what happened. Remember, we are all devastated about it, too.
    – Samira

  73. angela says:

    jeez, she's so childish!

  74. iluvedward says:

    meyer will prolly go and finnish the book on her own. so be it, she deserves to finnish it and say this is for me. and if she does……..great she should.

  75. amoremorte616 says:

    Alright. People, calm down. I am very upset abut this. but I can look at it thru Steph's eyes. im a writer myself and for somehting like this to hapen, it leaves you feeling violated and just plain depressed. I am very disappointed that Midnight Sun may never be finished, but I can understand.
    Now, as her fans, we shouldnt be ridiculing her for her decision. I mean, did u read it? She said that if she continued writing it in her frame of mind, James would finsh everyone off. She needs to beable to feel that this is her world again before she can write again.
    Alot of us seem to forget that Steph writes just for her. As do most artists. It is a privelage to read her work. She never was intending to publish twilight in the first place, and look what became of it. She gave us an amazing world, and while i am devestated that i might never know edwards full story, i can accpet it eventually and let Steph know that I am greatful for what she has given me.
    She needs our support now. She needs to know that we trust in her to discover her imaginary friends agian and possibly she wlll beable to finsih this story. i dont think it will be any time soon tho…
    which makes me feel close to tears. When I first heard about it I felt hollow… still do. I trust that Steph will eventually finsh this tho. When you have a voice that you write with, its always there. So I can trust that edward will once again speak to her and it will be finished. Just give her time. Shes dedicated alot of time to us, she needs to beable to be with her family, and feel that intimacy with her characters once again.

  76. daylilie says:

    I just came across this and have to say I am seriously disappointed. My first thought in my head was " What a Baby" . I understand her trust is violated, but being a writer myself, I would have sat down and pushed to get the book done asap instead of saying that it is postponed indefinately. Being a new fan to the twilight series, i cannot get enough. However maybe this is something deeper. Maybe she doesnt want to write any more..not that she needs to, financially. But maybe doing this was indeed a way to put out what she has written, unfinished and then call it a day. There were alot of people very unhappy with the BD ( me not one of them.. ) and maybe it was a blow to her self esteem abit. Maybe there is too much doubt in her now to finish midnight sun. What ever the reason, Midnight Sun was the hope for all her fans who cant get enough, and she has let us down severely. I doubt we will see any thing else from her. She seems to have thrown in the towel.

  77. EllieT says:

    Honestly, she sounds like a disgruntled 3-year old, taking her toys & going home. I think this is the problem that comes from her being WAY too invested in what her fans & the online community think of her & her work. She has been eating up their reactions in the past, was somewhat devastated by their reactions to BREAKING DAWN & now feels betrayed by this latest leak. Frankly, she should have just ignored it. I hadn't heard anything about it until SHE posted it herself & since I don't troll the message boards I probably never would have- & frankly, neither would most of the reading public. If she hadn't posted it, & it hadn't made the NEW for goodness sakes I bet most people would not have heard of it. Now, those of us who enjoy her books as BOOKS will never get the opportunity. It's a huge shame that she has to stomp away like that. This was the book I was most looking forward to out of all of them. I suppose I'll have to read the unfinished version if she's never going to complete it. But goodness gracious- it doesn't speak well of her professionalism in my opinion.

  78. Laurie says:

    I agree with a lot of people who are upset that she is putting this on the back burner. I also will not be reading the chapters she posted on her website, due to the fact that I want the whole book. We all know how the story ends it's no suprise, so why punish your fans? I understand that she feels violated and betrayed by someone she trusted, but maybe this needs to be a leason to her that you cant trust everyone. I hope she will take some time and think things over and let her fans inside Edwards mind!!!

  79. Tricia says:

    I am a huge fan of Stephenie and I love the Twilight series. I am so disappointed and surprisingly pissed off, too. I do not uderstand why it is the fans being punished for some jackass who leaked the book. She needs to pick herself up and continue with MS for all the fans that have supported her and dearly love the series. I have not read the leak nor did I intend to. I was waiting for the completed version when it hit the stores. I hope she thinks this through & realizes that millions of fans are still eagerly awaiting MS and finishes the story. I

  80. Angie says:

    I felt the need to print Stephenies actual response to the leak from her web site here…..
    ….I did not want my readers to experience Midnight Sun before it was completed, edited and published. I think it is important for everybody to understand that what happened was a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being. As the author of the Twilight Saga, I control the copyright and it is up to the owner of the copyright to decide when the books should be made public; this is the same for musicians and filmmakers. Just because someone buys a book or movie or song, or gets a download off the Internet, doesn’t mean that they own the right to reproduce and distribute it. Unfortunately, with the Internet, it is easy for people to obtain and share items that do not legally belong to them. No matter how this is done, it is still dishonest. This has been a very upsetting experience for me, but I hope it will at least leave my fans with a better understanding of copyright and the importance of artistic control.
    So where does this leave Midnight Sun? My first feeling was that there was no way to continue. Writing isn’t like math; in math, two plus two always equals four no matter what your mood is like. With writing, the way you feel changes everything. If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn’t dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely.
    I’d rather my fans not read this version of Midnight Sun. It was only an incomplete draft; the writing is messy and flawed and full of mistakes. But how do I comment on this violation without driving more people to look for the illegal posting? It has taken me a while to decide how and if I could respond. But to end the confusion, I’ve decided to make the draft available here (at the end of this message on the Midnight Sun page). This way, my readers don’t have to feel they have to make a sacrifice to stay honest. I hope this fragment gives you further insight into Edward’s head and adds a new dimension to the Twilight story. That’s what inspired me to write it in the first place.
    I do want to take a moment and thank the wonderful fans who have been so supportive of me over the past three years. I cannot begin to tell you how much each of you means to me. I only hope this note will stop all the confusion and online speculation so that the Twilight universe can once again become the happy escape it used to be. After this incredibly busy year, I am now focusing on spending more time with my family and working on some other writing projects.

  81. edwardlvr says:

    i am girl who found out she had pancrotic cancer and my only wish is for me to live long enough to get my own copy of midnight sun and now thats not going to happen i am sooo sad i will nvr get to read it and that was my dying wish I LOVE U STEPH BUT HOW COULD U DO THIS TO ME THAT WAS MY ONLY WISH I THOUGHT THAT AT LEAST I WOULD GET TO READ IT BEFORE I DIE BNUT( SNIFFLE SNIFFLE) I WONT SOOO THANXS STEPH FOR KILLING MY DYING WISH HOPE U RETHINK THIS

  82. Isabella says:

    Well i think that SM should definetly FINISH writing MS because as her loyal fan i could care less if the chapters were leaked I've tried reading it but its not the same I don't get that high that i normally get reading one of SM books. She's left such a morose feeling from her letter its impossible to read the 12 chapters and feel excited. It feels like I'm violating her rights and her book. Therefore, I will NOT read the leaked chapters whether or not she does MS. Although I seriously hope she does the book I can't make her do it, so i will respect whatever her decision is. However I don't think she should take her anger out on us loyal fans. Taking a break, understandable, I mean who wouldn't? I know I would. But should she really just say "indefinetly" its like guys your never going to get your book so let me be. Its like a slap in the face to us. We buy all four of your books (and let me say they are not always the cheapest books) but we still buy them because in my opinion they are the best books ever written. So, one little glitch in your plan? No one said life was easy or that it was fair, 'cause its not. I think SM deserves a break after this its hard time in her life but by no means should she imply that the book may never be finished. If she didn't ever want to finish the book she should just say I wont be doing this. Or if she did maybe want to do it then, she could say I will be doing the book just maybe in a year or so. Then us fans could breathe a little easier and say OK we can and we will wait no rush.

  83. Heidi says:

    I think that this is a publicity stunt to get people to move on to something else instead of talking about how much they did not like BD. By the way I am not one of them, I was very content with the way the story ended (well except for the name, but I can get over that). The move is hitting theaters in just two months and I think that someone in her camp is being really smart and having her shift the focus back to the twilight story and away from people not liking the end of the series. They want to make all four movies but they the 1st one has to do really well.

  84. Dee says:

    I am devastated that Midnight Sun was leaked, and Stephenie has decided to stop working on it. Only after she posted it on her site did I read it. The story is even more compelling from Edward's point of view. She has got to finish it for us, her dedicated fans. I hope with time her sadness passes, and she goes back to writing Edward's story for us. He's an amazing character, and I NEED the rest of his story. PLEASE, Stephenie, don't punish your loyal fans; give us Midnight Sun. We can be patient and wait until you are ready, but don't give up.

  85. Vlo says:

    She PROMISED her fans to write this book and i really hate that she don´t do it!! I was really upset when i first saw her message and i still am. and if she published the first 12 chapters i don´t think she will continue writing on it…. I´m really sad because I never knew that there were leaked chapters and i never would have read them! of course i read it now on her site because i don´t think that she will continue writing but i really want to know what he is thinking on the meadow and later she stopped writing when she came to the most interesting part… and i want to have it as a BOOK and not in the internet!
    grrr… maybe she don´t want to write anymore? i don´t want to believe that but… i don´t know why she acts like that…

  86. Lisa Marie says:

    Why does she have to take this out on the fans? I mean, it's pretty much her own fault if she gave that draft to an untrustworthy person, right? And who gets punished? THE FANS!!!
    Great. Reading those 12 chapters made me want to buy the book even more. I actually looked more forward to reading Midnight Sun than Breaking Dawn. grrrrrrrr – it's SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!

  87. Whinderful. says:

    This isn't happening.
    Truly, I'm placing the blame on Stephenie. We love her and we look up to her for writing a series that has touched and changed so many of our lives. Why punish us for her misjudgement. We weren't the ones who did this to her. A trusted friend or whoever it was gave away this precious thing… why did you give it to him/her?! WE DIDN'T DO THIS. WE LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS.
    Your book SAVED my life… and I've been dying to hear Edwards thoughts… since he can hear everyone else's.
    & We didn't even get a peak at Ch. 13 from his POV.
    STEPH, please.
    If you only could read this…
    At the end of Breaking Dawn, Bella gave Edward the one thing he had always wanted… to hear her thoughts.
    Now i'm begging you, let your fans hear his.

  88. Kira Vasquez says:

    leave it up to one person (or a few) to ruin it for everyone :(
    I really hope she changes her mind, I read the whole series in a week! The portion she provides on her website of Midnight Sun is great, I would have loved to read the whole book the way she wanted it… Here's to Hoping!!!

  89. Hannah says:

    Wow. This may be S.Meyer's worst choice yet. Many people, such as me, disliked the course Breaking Dawn took, and this just added to our dissapointment. S.Meyer easily could have had her laywers make the people she distributed copies to sign a contract. She didn't. And now we are being punished by getting no more books. Breaking Dawn was released early, and I was told all the spoilers, but as much as I disliked them, I bought it. I'd do the same with Midnight Sun. Sometimes I think S.Meyer has to think less about herself, and more about her fans. So what if shes upset over this leak? If she stops writing, she becomes someone who just gives up when life takes a wrong turn. And thats a bad role model for people. She has to be strong, and just keep going.

  90. Lin says:

    Im so upset that some one would do that a ruin the book for everyone and i understand that its rude, inconsiderate, cruel, srupid, mean…. no beyond the word mean horrible…. But that she doesnt mean you should just give up and call it quits. The first time i read Twilight and the others i was blown away with the story and description i could wait for more. then you decide to come up with a book that will tell you what went on with Edward behind the face,what he was really thinking, what happened that made him be drawn to bella, and what went on when he wasnt with her the explanation to his feelings. I thought who thats going to be one heck of a book maybe better than twilight. I start the long anxoius wait again waiting waiting… Then i hear that someone spilled one of the incomplete drafts i was angry that someone would do that and then i hear that you decided to cancel the book. Just because someone reads the draft dosent mean its time to say oh well they know thats it. in fact that means to work harder and make it better than anyone ever imagined the fact that people do know what happend just makes them… [and me] want the book even more so they know the begining theres a whole other part to be filled in and you just left us hanging with " oh bella its my turn to ask the questions" what if we want to hear his thoughts to heer answers. So what if someone spilled then change the beginnging and think of what to do next. I dont mean to drop everything and work 24 7 but i just want to hear that you haven t stop that it will happen that its your project you r working on.

  91. Jessica TwilightLove says:

    Im really dissappointed that midnight sun isnt going to be finished right now. but in a way i think she is already basically finsihed with it because before she said she was already 3/4 of the way done. and im kinda disappointed that she cant even be generous enough to let us read the meadow scene since it is the most anticipated, but i think it was a bit mean that she stopped writing or finishing the book to be published since
    one the 12 chapters leaked online were all out of order pages
    and two the true twilight fans and a lot of people didnt even go to read it.
    but then she goes and posts it on her website and says that she doesnt want us to read it but here it is. and it is incredible! and the only reason everyone is reading it now is because we dont know how long it will be before she releases and finishes it. but i think we all need to give her some time to cool down. she'll get over it and finsish the book she cant ignore it forever. But in the end, i respect stepehenie meyers decision. she is a great writer i just wished that she didnt do this and thought this through a bit more especially since there are so many things that are leaked online…

  92. Jessica TwilightLove says:

    Im really dissappointed that midnight sun isnt going to be finished right now. but in a way i think she is already basically finsihed with it because before she said she was already 3/4 of the way done. and im kinda disappointed that she cant even be generous enough to let us read the meadow scene since it is the most anticipated, but i think it was a bit mean that she stopped writing or finishing the book to be published since
    one the 12 chapters leaked online were all out of order pages
    and two the true twilight fans and a lot of people didnt even go to read it.
    but then she goes and posts it on her website and says that she doesnt want us to read it but here it is. and it is incredible! and the only reason everyone is reading it now is because we dont know how long it will be before she releases and finishes it. but i think we all need to give her some time to cool down. she'll get over it and finsish the book she cant ignore it forever. But in the end, i respect stepehenie meyers decision. she is a great writer i just wished that she didnt do this and thought this through a bit more especially since there are so many things that are leaked online…

  93. Sydney says:

    *SNIFF* *SNIFF* OMG HOW COULD SHE DO THIS TO ALL THE FANS. Being a musician i know what it is like to have something that you love and trust it to someone that is your friend and they backstab you. My answer to that is plain and simple if the item leaked was copyrighted SUE THE PERSON THAT DID IT AND CONTINUE WITH WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!
    Now even though it was leaked the people who learned about it and will want to know more about it. So that equals MORE PEOPLE and MORE MONEY CAUSE YOU SUED THE PERSON. Now don't get me wrong you might feel bad for the person that did it but then you remember the decsion they made to backstab you. I LOVE twilight and I don't want the saga to end this way. So please continue Stephenie, we all love you.

  94. Sydney says:

    Okay sorry to bother all of you again but i just read an interesting comment and I quote "Something about the way her post is worded provokes a weird suspicion that it might have been done intentionally because she didn’t really want to finish, or basically rehash, a story she’s already told. Maybe it’s just that, if it were a story I really wanted to write, I don’t believe chapter leakage or anything else would prevent me from writing it.
    Or maybe it was leaked to see if she could get any feedback to encourage her to finish it.
    It just seems very strange that if she handed the chapters over only to people she really trusted, how this could have happened? And that bit about no malicious intent. Hmm" Okay that was it does that seem strange to anyone and I'm not saying it is true cause I don't think that Stephenie would do that would she? I am an emotional wreck right now and if anyone wants to know the site i got it from i will tell you but it does make you think. But i don't know if the person hates twilight or anything but I am so freaked right now. What do you think??!!!!!!

  95. Sydney says:

    okay i have decidede whatever the cause for the hold we need to give her some time off to spend with her family. However i do hope to see midnight sun on shelves someday

  96. LISA Masen Cullen says:

    Stephenie Meyer, if you ever read this I just want you to know I get all your fans have different opinions about this issue but I also get what you are saying about needing to feel inspired to wright it the way it should be done. I support you I really am a true fan I want you to know we are not all the same you have so many different kinds of fans but a large number who really love your work and would never betray you in any way!! I will still be your fan tell the day my heart stops beating and I will always have the Twilight Saga I own so many copy's and any time I want I can visit Edward and Bella from the beginning to the end through Bella and Jake's perspective. I love Breaking Dawn OME it is so amazing I love Bella as a vampire she is way cool the way she pissed of Jane I was yelling go Bella yeah take that you little witch (Giggles) in the Saga I swooned I laughed I cried all kinds of tears and I cheered in the end I just loved what Bella did for Edward after all he had been through in his life she ended up giving him the greatest gift of all BRAVO Thank you SO MUCH !! it has been a incredible ride and I am extremely grateful you shared this part of yourself with the world !! Will we get Midnight Sun or will we not ?? I will dream and prey we do but I will respect your wishes no matter what because the truth is the saga is yours Edward Bella all of them are yours and we were lucky to get to be a part of them!
    Love and best wishes Lisa

  97. ..... says:

    that person a few above me doesnt have cancer she made it
    up. YEAH ALEX VERY FUNNY! sorry she is lying

  98. Shannon says:

    omg i am so mad that she is not finishing midnight sun. When i saw that she has put it on hold i started to cry. Just because her story got leaked doesn't mean she should stop writting it. Her loyal fans will not read the story that was leaked and she doesn't get that. She thinks that if people read that one that was leaked that nobody will buy the real book. That means she doesn't know her fans very well or that she doesn't understand how strong a connection people have with her books. All i do is think about her books and it is driving me insane that i won't get to know what Edward is thinking. He was my favorite person in the books and i feel like we all won't know him as well if we don't get to read this. All the Jacob fans were satisfied because in breaking dawn and the epilogue of eclipse they got to get inside his head and find out what he was thinking so why dont the Edward fans get to do the same. I feel like i am being cheated out of my way of getting to know him better. I will be very disapointed if in Stephenie if she never finishes Midnight Sun because she is always saying how she feels like Bella and Edward are like her children so would that be fair to her "children" if she doesn't complete their story. I really hope she gets past all ths bull and sees that all her fans are very dedicated and need more of her characters. This is a very selfish thing to do because she thinks that she is going to lose money now that its leaked because people won't buy the books anymore. That is deffiantly wrong and having it leaked is making me want to buy it even more if it ever came out

  99. Cara says:

    I'm so sad :( I was looking forward to reading Midnight Sun so much, even more than Breaking Dawn, and more than watching the Twilight movie… I just finished the incomplete draft that she put on her website, and I love it so much… She HAS to continue it!! It's so good. I love reading his point of view almost more than reading Bella's. I hope she will decide to continue it.

  100. Cara says:

    It feels like this is some sick April Fools Joke. I wish it were April… :(

  101. katlyn says:

    honestly..he drafted leaked but giving it to people was her fault…i dont agree with punishing all your fans because SHE gave it to the person the SHE thought that SHE could trust. This is not at all any of her fans fault and honestly i am dissappointed in her. especially being from the religion she is in she should know better than to act like that. I too love to write but honestly if i gave someone something and they leaked it..i would be mad at him and that would be between the two of us not her fans. So as loyal as we have been to her i think she is being disloyal to her fans! i honestly am truley disappointed in stephenie and i def know that she knows that she should act better about this. She should take part of the blame and the person who published it and not take her anger out on her loyal fans who honestly DID NOTHING!

  102. Olivia says:

    I understand how she feels, but i'm still sad and disappointed. Writing books is like a promise between a writer and a reader. She must be really upset, but stop countinuing Midnight sun is not the right way. There are so many fans waiting for the book, and
    she suddenly put us in chaos. I don't know… I'm now so depressed like Bella when
    Edward left her in New Moon… NUMB. Pls continue writing the book…. Please T.T …

  103. Cayenne says:

    She stopped at the most interesting part! I read the leak because she posted it on her website but now i want to read the rest even more as if she didn´t! I hope so much that she´ll read all this comments and continue writing it!!!! I want so much to have it as a BOOK and not as a link at her website!! PLEASE Stephenie continue writing it!!!!!!!!!

  104. Desiree says:

    I don't know if I understand it correctly!? Is she totally going to stop and never finish it or is she going to just not work on it now and then later when she is in a better mood finish it!?? Cuz I really don't believe she would start something and not finish it! I don't think she would really dissipoint her fans like that either! I LOVE ALL HER BOOKS!! Stephanie Meye is a wonderful writer! STEPHANIE WE ALL LOVE YOU!!! <3

  105. heather says:

    As a devoted reader of the Twilight series, I am very disappointed to hear that Edward's story may or may not be published in the future. I for one refuse to read the draft she has posted—i feel like it's "cheating." Like peeking at your Xmas presents before Xmas. I'm just not sure if this REALLY is the only draft we will ever see or if Stephenie will eventually find it in her heart to continue Edward's tale. Any TRUE fan will not read the draft.
    And on a side note, I can't help wondering if any versions of Harry Potter had leaked before they were published, would JK Rowling have thrown her entire Potter-world away and left the true fans hanging?
    I hope she comes around eventually.

  106. jenn says:

    what a big baby! she should grow up and do her job as a writer and write.

  107. Kathryn says:

    I am new to the whole twilight thing, I was given the first book 3 weeks ago while getting over Major surgery and "something" to pass the time. I fell in love with the story and ordered the other 3 books, and just started the 3rd book.
    I also read the partial draft and I was so sad when I finished because I want to know what happen in the WHOLE story from Edward's point of view. What I did read was wonderful/funny/touching it was just such a perfect fit to twilight. It made the story it "canta al mio cuore"
    I feel bad for Ms. Meyers, but at the same time I am frustrated with her for giving up so easily, she knows how her fans feel about her amazing gift of writing and for the characters in the books and it would be very unfair to treat them this way for one very bad egg. Maybe Carlisle could do away with that person for her?
    Ms. Meyers hope you change your mind quickly and I will pray for your inner peace on this matter.
    God Bless.

  108. chantel pattinson says:

    i think theat meyer will finish the book in time she just wants to wait a little to see wat happens i just hope that she finishes it soon bc i really want to read it and i just cant wait

  109. Vina says:

    I view this as very news. The book was supposed to be a rewite of "Twilight" from the vampire's point of view, which about as creatively dead a project as I can conceive of. Maybe she can finally move on to other subjects and leave her ridiculous sparkly virgin vampires behind her.

  110. monica says:

    I am so disappointed in her reaction. While I understand being upset about the leak, she is showing her inexperience on this one. So many manuscripts, scripts, etc., get leaked on line all of the time. I would hope she would take it as such a big compliment that so many are so anxious to read what she is writing.
    It seems she is acting like a child, throwing a tantrum!! Seriously, she needs to step back take a breath and finish the story that she started.
    I am SURE all of her fans will still go out and buy the book when/if it gets published. Reading an unfinished manuscript isn't enough. She needs to give her fans more credit and complete a story so many of us are DYING to read!!!
    Edward has always been the most interesting character in her stories and reading things from his perspective makes the series all that much better.
    I truly hope she gets over her disappointment, after all it was someone she "trusted" that did this to her, not her FANS!!!

  111. kelcouch says:

    I can understand that Stephanie is upset that Midnight Sun was released in a draft form.. that she hadn't finished working on it. After reading the pages that were leaked I have to say that Midnight Sun was shaping up to be my favourite of the Twilight Series. It was so nice to 'hear' Edward's 'voice' in my head again.. I'd missed him!
    I'm prepared to beg Stephanie to finish Midnight Sun.. why should the fans suffer because of the stupidity of one person that leaked it to the internet?
    Please Stephanie finish Midnight Sun and make it sooner rather than later.. your fan's are waiting, please don't let us down…

  112. Chela85 says:

    This is how I feel (in chronological order): sad/tears…..pissed…..elated/100% happy (reading chapters she posted on her site (264 glorious pages))…….sad…….pissed……why?……WTF. I really want this book. I would like to meet the person who decided to post the chapters illegally so that I can punch, kicked, pin down, punch, and spit on the person myself. I want Stephenie to cry it out, or scream about it, or have a fit….whatever she needs, and then take a long deep breath….and keep writing. I really, really (I'm hoping I am getting across how much), really want this book. That is all.

  113. gretchen says:

    i am sad about this. its very inconsiderate that they leaked the MS draft. and although stephenie put it on her site, im not going to read it. i want the real midnight sun in my hands. not.on.a.screen. im upset. everybody's upset. :[

  114. Ari says:

    This is very selfish of me. However, when you wrote your books, your ideas 'shot across the sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliance, there was beauty'. No more Midnight Sun? And the meteor will fall 'over the horizon' and everything will go black. I'm sorry Ms. Stephenie Meyer.

  115. Dani says:

    I don't agree with how Stephenie is behaving either. I too feel like she is punishing her readers but let me just say that a lot of you are being just as childish and not to mention rude both to her response to this incident and to Breaking Dawn. I'm more disappointed in all you so called fans and supporters than I am in her at the moment. She has gone through so much in the past years pushing to get amazing novels out as quickly as she can to appease you and now you all turn on her? No wonder she's stressed and comletely over it. You're taking something she loves to do for both her and you, and making it something miserable and frustrating. GET OVER YOURSElVES!, and how about showing some respect to the woman wrote characters who have inspired your greatest dreams.

  116. Alexandra says:

    I think that what happened was really sad. But I don't really understand why Stephanie Meyer would do something to her most adoring fans. I loved all of her books. They were really amazing, and I thought that they were the best books I've read in my life. Now I know that some people thought that 'Breaking Dawn' was not the greatest Stephanie Meyer could do. But their wrong. Stephanie, if you read this you need to know that your writing is unbelievable, your descriptions are great, and your imagination is unchaining. It's a shame that your not going to be publishing 'Midnight Sun.' I 'the fan' would most definitely buy the book. Even after what happened on the internet. You also need to know that some people–me–stayed up till 12:00 at night to get the first copy of your book. You need to know that you will always have people who love, and admire you. You have brought hope to girls just like Bella. Shy, clumsy, and very observant.
    Thank you for writing these stories on paper.

  117. Emily says:

    Stephenie, please reconsider! Like a lot of us, I've been looking forward to Midnight Sun even more than any of the other novels, and I was devastated by the news that someone leaked your manuscript and even more so that you've decided to postpone it's official release indefinitely. I didn't read the chapters that were leaked until you posted them on your website yourself, and even then it hurt me at first to do so, but when I finally did I devoured all 264 pages in one sitting and cried at the thought that I might never get to see the rest. Please reconsider- I truly understand how betrayed you must feel, but my heart is broken thinking that MS might never be fully realized. We love you, please let us have the rest!

  118. another writer says:

    She may not have a choice but to put the novel on hold, even if she felt like finishing it right now. There are legal ramifications here.
    If she sues the perpetrator for damages, it may take up her available time to work on the book.
    Publishing at this time may result in diminished returns because the leak revealed key plot points (some people don't like to pay for books, you know!). It may not be in the publisher's interest to publish at this time as a result of the leak. Also, the publisher may choose to sue the individual who leaked the work, separate and apart from the author, as their stake in things might have been compromised. That might have an effect on her publishing the work anytime soon, even if it was printer ready.
    The party who leaked the work may, if sued, have his lawyers put a restraining order on the publisher to withhold release of the book, until the case is settled. Oh, there are SO many things that could happen as a result of this leak, regardless of the position of the parties concerned.
    Add to this that the author is likely feeling quite depressed over the betrayal of her trust, and that might have a negative effect on the progression of the work, resulting in writers' block.
    All writers have a certain standard to which they aspire. Most feel, rightly so, that they owe it to their readers to present the best possible work they can. Anything less and they feel they have let their readers down.
    Imagine being Stepanie Meyer, having your trust betrayed as hers was, and then having the very fans that you have written these works for, and for whom you have made personal appearances to meet, lash out at you as if you've done something wrong. It's a second betrayal.
    Give her some time, and I think, given her ability to tell a compelling story, that you'll see the magic again. Patience!

  119. Kiltiz says:

    Twilight Fans Unite! This is a call to all Twilighters to send a message to Stephenie. I'm thinking that all of us who haven't read Midnight Sun should pledge that they WILL NOT read it until it is finished and published. I know that it will be agonizing not to read the partial version right now, but that is the sacrifice we must make to show Stephanie how devoted we are to her and the twilight series. We can only hope that our action might inspire her to finish Midnight Sun.
    If we can get enough people in on this then I think it might work. If anyone has any ideas about how to get the message out there please take don’t hesitate to take action.

  120. Kiltiz says:

    Twilight Fans Unite! This is a call to all Twilighters to send a message to Stephenie. I'm thinking that all of us who haven't read Midnight Sun should pledge that they WILL NOT read it until it is finished and published. I know that it will be agonizing not to read the partial version right now, but that is the sacrifice we must make to show Stephanie how devoted we are to her and the twilight series. We can only hope that our action might inspire her to finish Midnight Sun.
    If we can get enough people in on this then I think it might work. If anyone has any ideas about how to get the message out there please take don’t hesitate to take action.
    I absolutely will NOT read Midnight Sun until it is published! Hopefully, if everyone takes a stand and pledges not read the draft, maybe that will give Stephanie inspiration to finish the book.

  121. Lori says:

    If she's just retelling the first book from the male protagonist's point of view, why does it matter if it leaked???

  122. Arty says:

    I think she just has writer's block on the project. With the leak, people were naturally going to get more excited about the book and she'd be expected to deliver sooner, when she wasn't capable of doing so. It's easier to come out and say that you're putting it on hold and blaming it on the leak than it is to admit you don't know when it'll come out because you're having trouble writing it.
    Or she really is just that immature, which is sad.

  123. Jennifer says:

    This is a shame. I hope that person who leaked it chokes. I'm am really saddened and I hope that eventually she will finish this book.

  124. Hannah says:

    I don't think it's Stephanie who needs to chill! We do! She works really hard on all her books, and I know you can all agree that she's a amazing writer. If she doesn't want to write the rest of the book she doesn't have to. And if she does that's awesome too. Let's not backlash and criticize Stephanie anymore okay?

  125. toni says:

    i can't believe stephenie would do this to us. i mean, punish the people who she KNOWLY leaked the drafts. don't punish your fans who have spent time and money giving your books a chance! seriously, i'm so upset to the point that if she doesn't release Midnight Sun then i don't think i have the heart to every read another book she publishes. what's the point if she'll only disappoint us again?

  126. A Distraught Twiligh says:

    I was going to write this long speech to Meyer abour how COMPLETLY STUPID her decision is to kill M.S. but my fellow Twilighters (or what other name you use to exert your love for our favorite vamp series) have already done so. Instead I just want to say that this is going to totally kill your empire Mrs. Meyer, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEASSSSSEEE!!! Reconsider! Don't hurt your loyal fans, for a dumb ass you know personally. Take some time, handle your legal buisness, then get back on your book! Damnit! Don't let some dumb disrespect for the art of writing everywhere and all author/fan relationships take away something that YOU love, that your FANS (who btw, will pay $50, maybe even $100 just to get the book due to the leaks) adore. So Mrs. Meyer, rethink and repost your FINAL decision on your site, don't leave use Twilighters hanging too long.
    We all love you and the series,
    A very distraught (but faithful) Twilighter.

  127. savannah says:

    stephenie, i have faith in you. i know you can do it. you dont have to now and you shouldnt feel like you do, but i know in time the creativity will come back. im praying for you (not kidding)

  128. Natalie says:

    If she doesn't want to write it, that is her personal choice as an author. I would rather her not write it, than write it half-heartedly because she is under pressure. All in all, her novels have been great, so why not let it continue that way?

  129. Hopeful says:

    I guess I would feel really devestated if someone I knew abused my trust this way. As someone who does a very small amount of writing I know that often you don't want others to read your story until it is perfect. Still I have to say that Stephanie Meyers had thousands of fans out there and it really doesn't seem fair to take away something that is being so eagerly awaited. Honestly if there are people out there that really wanted to read the book that badly it is their loss. I for one would rather wait for a book than read an unfinished draft without specifically being asked to. That would ruin the whole experience of the book. Still it seems like Stephanie Meyers is almost toying with her fans right now. Rather than say that she may never finish the book wouldn't it be better to say something along the lines of I'm really shaken up right now and don't know when I'll be able to complete the novel? Otherwise everyone out there who has read these books is going to be devestated.

  130. Margay says:

    I think, in light of the flack she took with Breaking Dawn (after giving people what they supposedly wanted – a happy ending for Edward and Bella), this was just another hit that was unexpected and devastating for her and I don't think she is behaving like a drama queen at all. People who say that don't understand what it's like to be a writer. It's like having a baby: You spend about 9 months or so in gestation before you finally "give birth" to your baby and then, for the first few years, everybody coos all over the baby, but when that baby does something human, like have a temper tantrum, all of a sudden you're bellyaching about how un-cute that baby is now. And if that's not enough, your baby is attacked verbally by others. Now the leak of Midnight Sun is a violation – kind of like if your baby was physically assaulted by a family friend. How would you feel about that? Would you blithely go on with life without a care in the world? No, you would take a little time to recuperate, get your bearings and decide what you are going to do from there. I think that is what Stephenie is doing at this point and I, for one, respect her decision. Especially since, ultimately, it is her decision to make. Give the woman room to breathe before she loses the joy of writing altogether. If you are truly a fan of hers, you will show her some respect by supporting her decisions. I know I do.

  131. Amanda says:

    I think all the twilightfans who are out there getting mad at Stephenie are not helping. How would you feel if people were bashing on you, give Meyer's a break and let relax for a while if she wants to finish she will finish it on her own terms. I mean seriously she's had three bestselling novels released in the past 2 years the woman deserves a much needed break.
    ~Stephenie Take your time and pay no heed to the bashing of pre-teen girls.

  132. jennifer says:

    Dear Mrs. Meyer, I am a mom with two boys who also love your books. I too would be distraught over the violation that has occurred. I know that we have been lucky to receive the gifts of your books in such an expedient manner. We learned patience when the Harry Potter series started; waiting years between books and it was good for us. I also know the feelings of having property violated. I have tried to use those experiences to learn from because sometimes that’s all we can do. I believe, like your characters, that there is always hope and that Midnight Sun would look wonderful next to Twilight and maybe even the rest of the series. But more importantly and selfishly it would be good for my sons to read about a teenage romance from a guy’s point of view. Teach them to respect all others, have dignity in themselves, live courageously, and (yes, again) patience.
    Please take your time but don’t give up on hope.

  133. yingyang says:

    I personally don't care whether she finishes it or not. She already got my money. Why would I want to give her more after what she did to Breaking Dawn? What did she do, you say? SHE RUINED IT!!! Hit the road Stephenie Meyer! Take a break! I'm tired of hearing about you and your stupid excuses. I'm also tired of you making a show of yourself to try to squeeze every dollar from your fans. You should be ashamed of yourself. It's pretty obvious this is just a publicity stunt!

  134. Allison says:

    I fully agree with Margay. The Twilight Saga is Stephenie's baby. She has worked for years to make it what is it today and I completely understand why she is so upset about this leak. I fully support her decision to put Midnight Sun on hold. It is her baby and if she doesn't want to share it with the world, that is completely up to her. I can't believe how many so called fans are attacking her. Sure, you're disapointed but why take it out on Stephenie? She is going through a tough time right now and she doesn't need the entire fandom yelling and screaming at her. If you're upset, tell a friend or neighbor or close relative, whatever you have to do to get it off of your chest, and then get over it! It's not Stephenie's fault that this was leaked and she shouldn't have to take all this criticism from all the people that supposedly love and support her. If you really loved and supported her, you would put aside your personal feelings and leave her alone. I know I am sad that MS isn't going to be released but we all know how the story goes and how it ends so don't have a hissy fit about it. Many of you said that Stephenie is being a big baby and that she should just grow up, well I think you should follow your own advice. Grow up and leave the poor woman alone. Maybe if everyone stopped badgering her she would feel inspired to write again. I, personally, am standing behind whatever decision Stephenie makes, no matter how it makes me feel, because she really needs our support right now. Stephenie, if you're reading this, know that there are still some true Twilight Fans that are behind you 100%. :-)

  135. Patricia says:

    I am definaltely sad that she had made the decision not to finish Midnight Sun & truely hope and pray that she will finish it; not leaving her fans dangling like that. However; have any of you ever had something senimental stolen from you? Right under your nose? If so, than you can probably empathize with Stephanie Meyer & her "hissy fit" because she truly felt violated and completely betrayed. That (whether you like it or not) takes some time to recover from. I am NOT in any way saying that justifies her just saying shes not doing it but cut her some slack people….That said: Mrs. Meyer, you have GOT TO, GOT TO, GOT TO, GOT TO finish this book. Edward an extremely compelling character and his perspective would be very interesting in say, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn..Hint, Hint but not the full book just the juciy parts with Edward & Bella (he he)….Anyway, thats all. Thanks

  136. Britt-Britt says:

    yeah i understand her being upset too… heck i'd be so pissed! but still she can't leave us hanging like that… right at the good part too! how could she just stop before chapter 13??? ahhh! it's killing me! but what was it excactly about the leak that made her stop… does she think it wont sell? or is it just her being defiant? and not wanting it to happen again?

  137. The Littlest Cullen says:

    wow, guys. just….wow
    I am apalled at how some people are reacting: from exclaiming how immature and 'diva' Stephenie Meyer is to suggesting someone stalk her until she sits down and finishes the book.
    While I am devastated that Midnight Sun may never be finished, I actually sort of agree with Stephenie's descision. I think she's handling this incredible betrayal very well. Obviously, some Twilight fans don't appreciate her enough! Writing is an extremely personal thing, and it seems to me that people don't take that into consideration and think of Stephenie as some sort of thing that exists only to produce our wonderful books. That members of the community don't even consider Stephenie's feelings, or worse, call them 'childish' is a huge dissapointment. I personally will never read Midnight Sun, unless I have it in my hands, published. I'm sorry Stephenie, for all you've been through, take a well deserved break!

  138. Betty says:

    Okay, let me first start off by saying how deeply sorry I am that someone SHE trusted betrayed her. My problem is that she is taking her anger out on her fans…the same people who helped make her the bestselling author that she is…don't get me wrong she is a super talented writer whose books I love to read. I am sure that she is not the only author that has had stuff leaked on the internet, I think that this should be a good lesson to her about really knowing the people she trusts with her literary works. If I was in her shoes I would not be happy either, but I would not take my anger out on my fans. It may not be her intention to take this out on us. but to us..that is what it feels like. In my own opinion and keep in mind this is just my opinion this is what I think she should do…Take a month or so off to cool off…and then keep on writing this book, show the people out there that your not going to let this get you down, that you are a bigger person! In all hopes I do wish that you finish this book there are so many "Twilight Fans" out there who love you and love this series and it seems like such a loss not to have the books from edwards perspective.

  139. Audrey says:

    I am disappointed for Stephenie and for all the people who love Edward's character as much as she does. When I read on her website on the 28th that she chose to put it on hold indefintely, my heart broke a little. And then it broke a little more after I spent the Labor Day weekend reading the draft and realized the story might not be continued.
    Stephenie has touched us all with her writing and I truly hope that she will find it in her heart to finish Edward's story one day soon. I respect her decision either way and thank her for all that she has shared with us thus far.

  140. Stacy says:

    I agree with Stephanie Meyer when she wote on her blog that her rights as a writer and as a person were vialated. My husband and I are big fans of her twilight series. We are sad to hear that her Midnight Sun rough draft was leaked. It's too bad that ONE person (who ever leaked it) had to ruin it for Stephanie, as well as the fans of her work. I think she is right to take a break to be with her family and soke the whole situation it. Would you want some privacy, after feeling like your life's work had been violated? I know I would. We fully support her in any decisions she makes regarding Midnight Sun. We are disapointed, but not with Stephenie. Who ever leaked the manuscript should be sued for all their worth, but this is only my opionion. We will miss the opportunty to read and enjoy Edward's thoughts in Midnight Sun. And we wish and hope that someday Stephenie will decide to venture back to it and let the whole world continue to enjoy the characters of the Twilight world.
    Who knows if Stephenie will even read any of these opionions…but if she does, that she knows there are those of us who appreciate her and thank her for sharing her talents with us.

  141. A Fan says:

    I believe that people are being very immature in this situation. You can tell that alot of Stephenie's fanbase is teenage girls by some of the comments on here. How dare anyone degrade her the way some have, saying that she is "full of herself" and being a "drama queen". Those people should be ashamed of themselves and due not know the true meaning of being a "Twilighter" or Twilight fan. A true fan would respect the creator of this wonderful series as a human being who has feelings and has obviously been hurt by this leak. Your childish remarks aren't going to make her want to start writing again, so grow up.
    She is not punishing us, her readers. She is not punishing anyone. Stephenie has had a long eventful year and needs a break from all of the mayham.
    I did read the draft that she posted on her site and thought it was wonderful. I can only hope that she will go on to continue this series from Edward's point of view. I will buy the whole series from his point of view because I find it even more interesting with Edward's enternal struggle to do what he "thinks" is right for Bella.
    We need to respect Stephenie and show her our support rather than make her feel worse about the whole situation so that she can feel the ambition to continue writing Midnight Sun and then we can all go and buy the book and set it on our book shelves next to the rest of the series.
    I support your decision Stephenie and knowthat you will make Edward's story heard when your ready.

  142. Mrs. Steph Cullen says:

    I loved breaking Dawn, it was great!!
    And all that was keeping me going was the realease of Midnight Sun! So imagine my surprise when in the morning ,as a i was doing my rutine check on all the twiligt related sights, i see that there may be a chance that it's not geting published!
    I love Stephenie Meyer, I know that she can't let Edward's stroy be left untold! She loves her fans and she can't do this to us.
    Maybe she thinks since it's halfway out online people arent going to buy it when in comes out? Well I'm sure she's worng! Now people will buy it more!!

  143. MeLuvsEdward says:

    hold on what?
    People are saying the Robert Pattinson leaked it?
    Oh my gosh, i can't believ that!!
    I think it's a publicity stunt actually, think about it: Leak the book, 12 chapters, leave the best chapter out (Meadow Chapter) so people want more.
    Now everyone wants to know what hapened it's perfect, all the people who were let down by breaking dawn are now hooked on midnight sun. Plus she's getting tons of publicity.
    Please Stepheneie drop the hollywood act and publish midnight sun!!!

  144. Leah says:

    I hope that Stephenie will pursue the appropriate action concerning the person who actually released this copyrighted information, but I hope she will consider continuing with the book for her fans who support her. She has often said these books came so naturally for her because of her love for her characters and her deep understanding of each of them. I hope she will allow us that much more insight into Edward's character. I have been very intrigued by Midnight Sun since I read the first chapter of the the book on her web site. I truly hope she will allow us to someday see the finished product. And as far as typos and editing errors go…I'm certain those that have read the manuscript probably never noticed as the story pulls you in and there just isn't any time to recognize grammatical mistakes! I do look forward to Stephenie's other projects as I really enjoyed The Host as well, but I do hope she will thrill us once again with Midnight Sun! Thanks!

  145. Katie says:

    Honestly, I really don't understand where Stephenie is coming from. She claims to feel hurt and disrespected because some of her rabid fans happened to find a copy of what could only be speculated as Midnight Sun. If there was any possible way for her fans to be 100% sure that it was her copy and that it had been leaked against her will, I seriously doubt many people would have read it. We love her and respect her too much! Sure, it was circulated with comments like, "it looks like it could be an original!" and "oh, it's written so well!" but honestly, I don't think anyone truly believed it was hers. The fact that I almost had a stroke when I found out it was real is proof of that! So how can she hold it against us when it was so unintentional? I'm sorry she feels disrespected, but is that all of her fans' fault, or the one person who took it upon themselves to leak the copy? I know who I would blame. And furthermore, it's not like it was some hugely awaited new story – we were all waiting on pins and needled for its' release, but we already knew the story outline! We just wanted to get inside of Edward's head! So for a portion of that to be released shouldn't matter enough for her to give up on the story. She's being so melodramatic – I mean, she would be willing to deviate from the story that inspired so many and kill Twilight's heroes if she wrote it now? Seriously? I think Stephenie needs to step back and stop picturing her readers foaming at the mouth and realize that the majority of us would never purposely hurt her – the way she is hurting us. I only hope she realizes that none of her fandom is to blame, that we are sorry for any grief we caused, and that no matter what we will all still be hoping against hope that she will finish the story that we were all so intrigued with.

  146. Ciara says:

    What hasn't seemed to be pointed out is that Stephenie has been writing and touring almost nonstop for over a year. To have the hard work that she has put into writing a story the the entire fandom will love spread all over without her consent cannot have been a happy ending to such a long year. She's spent many, many weeks trying to please us, and then is betrayed by someone she trusted. If I were in her shoes, I would be doing relatively the same thing. While I understand her position, and I think a break is well deserved, I am upset to see her put it on hold indefinitely. I'd rather she just take a break for 6 months or a year or whatever she deems necessary, but indefinitely could mean that she doesn't sit back down to Midnight Sun ever again, which is upsetting. I have not read the leaked manuscript, nor will I until it is published (unless it takes 5 years or something crazy, of course). For now, I think the loyal fans just need to stand by the side of their favorite author in a time where she is so frustrated. As for the comparison to the musicians who have had CDs leaked, it is completely different. Musicians can still sell the CD, as people want to listen to the music over and over again. They still make the money that they are promised under a contract. Books are meant to be reread, but once the initial suprise is gone, it's not quite the same. Also, I sincerely doubt that Stephenie was writing for this purpose, but she possibly lost millions of potential dollars due to this leak. With the success of the rest of the series, she is an in-demand author who is no longer under contract. She could have made MILLIONS selling the rights to Midnight Sun. Who knows what effect this will have on the bidding war for her latest novel, when it is finally finished?

  147. Molly says:

    Stephenie has every reason to be upset, but this is an unfair punishment to her fans, and to herself. Stephenie gave advice at the NY Breaking Dawn Concert to aspiring writers in the audience. What kind of image is this sending to them?
    And the "backlash" to Breaking Dawn? I truly believe that Breaking Dawn was everything that could have been hoped for and more!!!! Even with out full editing, the 246 pages of Midnight Sun are amazing. :) PLEASE complete Midnight Sun!!!

  148. mada says:

    She's being unprofessional and childish. I can understand she might be feeling betrayed, upset, or whatever she chooses to feel, but she could have come up with something more professional than this letter she put on her website.
    The who thing reads like some emo Livejournal entry. Given that she wrote this and had time to think about what she was writing, she should have been able to make a heartfelt letter that doesn't come off as whiny and childish.
    I have never had much respect for Meyer, but now she claims that this "violates [her] rights as a human being". This remark is coming from a woman who has stated numerous times, "I am not anti-feminist but anti-human." She should not be allowed to get away with such flippant (and frightening) remarks, especially when writing a public letter to her fans and contradicting her own views.
    She is punishing her fans for something that was her own mistake (giving out copies of a multi-million dollar manuscript at whim). The manuscript was on the internet for a good week or two before she even chose to address it. For a person who shut down a good section of the internet when her fourth book was leaked, she certainly didn't do much this time around.
    It would seem that she, like most authors, is embarrassed by her unfinished, less-than-eloquent work. The leak is not a shock to her because we now know the ending, but most likely a shock because it's something normally the public would never see.
    But to claim the manuscript isn't for fan's eyes, and then to put the PDF on her website? If she's going to do that, all this "betrayal" and "depression" must be getting to her. She's basically given up and handed over the leak. If she's going to do that, she isn't allowed to whine and bang her fists on the floor.

  149. Beth says:

    Simply put into a better understanding for you criticizes out there, try to be reasonable and more
    understanding here. If your mature enough to read the books and call yourself a real fan,
    than support Meyer don't trash her. It doesn't make you feel good when others out there
    decide that they think the whole Twilight series is stupid does it?! How do you think Meyer feels?
    Writhing is her life's work, her passion. She writes to write, because it makes her happy and
    it makes her fans happy, which I'm sure means the world to her. Give her time, if you love
    Twilight and even more, Stephanie Meyer, than just give her time.
    To be honest I don't think she should punish us, her fans, but you have to realize she isn't
    trying to. Were simply too eager for more Twilight.
    I'm a huge fan of the series, I always have been, and yes I would love for her to continue
    writing, but when she feels ready to. I would rather read a Midnight Sun thats just as breath
    taking as Twilight, than to read a book thats a dull reflection of something like a school paper.
    Written out of obligation, not passion. Something that barley meets the desires of others.
    I fully support Meyer's decision, as an amazing author, she deserves nothing less.
    Her work was stolen from her, understand how painful that must be, knowing how hard she
    must have worked.
    I admire her for everything she has done, I don't think she's the one acting selfish, I do believe
    that some of her fans are!
    Meyer is amazing, don't forget that without her you wouldn't even have a freaking book to
    criticize right now!!!
    Great job Stephanie, forget the bad publicity, what matters is what YOU want, what you think
    is best for your books =)
    You still have some fans that love you <3

  150. Reagan says:

    Dang it! I liked the partial draft, too!! It's just as addictive as the other books. She can't just give up on it! She cut us off at the most crucial point!! And now I'm sad. Thanks, Steph, now I'm sad! :'( Oh well. Maybe she'll decide to get back to it later. She doesn't seem like the kind of person to just drop a project like that. Sure hope she gets back to it. Or at least after her next books. I really would like to know what all goes on in Edward's mind…not to mention that Emmett in this version has a more outstanding personality. You don't see much Emmett in Bella's version. She's so warped around Edward, all she gets to understanding about Emmett is that he's kinda goofy, kinda creepy, really strong, and likes to make her blush.

  151. deven says:

    you guys kinda piss me off! how can you think SM is "over reacting"! HER book was wrongfully linked and distributed on the itnernet. she puts everyhing she has into a book, and its just wrong for someone to do that to her! you people should just be grateful that here was even twilight in the first place.
    i really hope she will continue to wt i understand if she doesnt. i am so sory for what happened to stephenie. my love and support is with her in whatever she decides to do, as is all of her real fans.

  152. Natasha says:

    I am just so depressed right now. I really, really, REALLY wanted to be able to see Midnight Sun published, and now, of all things, it is on hold INDEFINATELY!!! I do respect Meyer, I really do, and I think her reasons for things are well thought through, but I don't believe that because one or three people happened to decide to illegally distribute it, that the rest of her fans should have to pay for it, too! There are and were so many fans who wanted to add the 5th book to their collection, I included, but now I am just so sad, I don't know what to do!!! I love you, Stephenie, with all my twilight-loving heart, but please, please don't discontinue it or put it on hold forever! Edward may just be a fictional character, but he will always be my favorite vampire guy for the remainder of eternity!!!!! Please allow us to see things from his perspective and mind! I crave all the Twilight series, The Host included, almost like Edward craves Bella, so PLEASE don't dissapoint us, Steph!

  153. amanda says:

    This is totally unfair. What happens to the millions of us who didn't read or post it illegally? I know she is pissed and I would be too, just it seem kind of dramatic to disappoint so many people and just stop doing something you love because you were hurt by a stupid person.

  154. Jenny C. says:

    Okay lets get this clear Stephenie isn't over reacting. I feel so bad about this whole thing. I would feel the same way if i was in her shoes. i think she just needs time to realx and be with her family. she's under too much stress as it is, so just back off and let her be!!!! i LOVE SM shes an amazing writer and I respect her decision.

  155. T. Val. says:

    I can appreciate the anger, frustration, and utter disbelief Stephenie feels – that's to be expected. However, I do feel that Stephenie brought some of this on herself. If I understand correctly, the piece was posted on HER website FIRST… to answer the onslaught of requests from her fans of course… and for that, we thank her. But to punish the same fan base that has helped bring the characters to life (and bring Stephenie to light) is not the right thing to do. The deed has been done, there is no going back now, the people who wronged Stephenie (and her fan base for that matter) are the ones who should be punished. Stephenie should take a nod from the minds of her own characters she so deeploy loves… do the right thing, now that the wrong thing has transpired. Take a break Stephenie – breathe – bask in the glow of your amazing series and success – and give us some hope that we will have just one more piece to this awesome adventure. Please don't just cut us off.

  156. Jen C. says:

    All I can say is NO!
    take a well deserved break and please finish!

  157. Maddie Cullen says:

    Omigoodness! People calm down… "on hold indefinitley" Everyone needs to shut up and chill out. They're her stories, her thoughts, if she wants to write I'll be happy that she thinks we actually deserve the book. If not, well it's her decision I guess. Be happy we have the twilight saga and the host books already, and be happy she's thinking of writing more… Let her take a well deserved break.

  158. Jessica says:

    I personally think Stephenie should quit whining and finish the thing. Did JK Rowling throw her hands in the air when Harry Potter got leaked onto the web? No. Stephenie has to realize that her loyal fans won't read it until she's ready, and use that as inspiration to finish the story we're all waiting for.

  159. Brandon Parks says:

    I can understand why Stephanie feels the way she does. She was correct to say that her rights as an author were grossly violated.
    I am an artist and if someone I entrusted to see a peice of my work in its initial phase chose to betray that trust by putting it out there for the entire world to see, I too can say that I would have to take some time to get over the initial hurt, anger, and dissapointment of not only being so exposed before I or my work was ready, but also at having the faith and confidence I once had in someone compromised. What would hurt even worse is the knowledge that the people who claim to love and support me and my work display a complete and total disregard for my feelings, even going so far as to say rude or hurtful things because I feel the way I do.
    Stephanie has kicked out 5 books, a feature film and is now directing a music video as well, all in just 4 short years. A true feat by any means! We as the fans who claim to love her need to understand that she is a person too… and not just some genius writing machine. I for one think she has earned this break!
    I really do beleive that Stephanie will eventually pick up the book again. She has not lost her love of it… just her desire to write it for now. You should never do anything that you have lost your desire for because not only would it not be your best work but you may even come to resent that which you yourself came to create. I would rather Stephanie pick up Midnight Sun again when she was ready to… not because she felt she was being forced to.
    Even if she chose not to finish Midnight Sun… she has still gifted the world with one of the best literary series ever, reaching the hearts and souls of millions. How can I as her fan, in her darkest hours, turn and tell her that what she has done for me wasnt enough? Yes I want the book just as badly as you do… but not at the expence of her happiness, when she has so loving gifted me with mine.
    Keep the faith Steph!

  160. dsolo says:

    I am also a Twilight fan who was looking forward to Midnight Sun. I did not seek out the leak, but I did read what Stephenie posted. I am absolutely stunned at the number of "fans" who are blaming Stephenie and demanding that she finish the book and quit being a drama queen. She doesn't have to do anything. It's her baby, her creative process. She doesn't turn it on and off like a faucet. She doesn't do it for the money, she does it because she loves the story. Turn some of that indignation on the thieves that posted it illegally. There are a lot of Twilight bashers out there, and they are pouring gasoline on the fire here. If you don't like Twilight, don't read it and leave those of us who love it alone. If you are truly a fan, then show some class and respect the fact that SM is probably feeling very hurt and betrayed right now. Do you want to be Lauren or Angela right now? Compare this to Edward leaving Bella in New Moon – was Bella at her best at that point? Give her time and support, instead of insults and threats, and I'm sure that she will get back to MS. As for BD, it was a surprise to me, but after rereading it, I really liked it. Remember these are fictional, mythical creatures and don't hold them to the same standards as average humans. Would you rather that BD ended with a big battle and Bella and Edward dead? I wouldn't. Take your time SM. I know you'll finish MS someday.

  161. Confessions says:

    I have a lot of respect for Meyer. I am a mother of two and that job alone is enough to make me crazy. I am sure she needs a break, after so many years writing about vampires. I believe (hope) she will finish Midnight Sun. I hope that her desire to see a pretty box set will over come the sadness she feels night now. To Stephenie you rock my face off. She owes me nothing. Thanks for writing a great series.

  162. furturemrs.Emmet says:


  163. Jessica says:

    So basically because she decided to trust the wrong person, the fans are screwed? Love the logic there.

  164. Cassie Hockaday says:

    Okay, people. The thing that needs to be viewed here is that not only was this poor girls writing stolen, but her rights were violated. Just because her writing is wonderful and we're all disapointed she may not want to continue does not give us a right as fans to insult her. She is a human being before she is an author, and as a human being her rights were not preserved. Stop being babies and just let the poor woman recover!! Honestly. You call yourselves FANS?! Real fans would support Stephanie through this instead of calling her names. It's pathetic, and the behavior is eqivalent to that of a child who didn't get his candy at the grocery store. Grow up. Do you think idle threats and backlash is really going to convince her to change her mind? If anything it's just showing Stephanie it might be more trouble than its worth than to continue. After some of the things I've read on this site I'm suprised any of you are old enough to read because you obviouly are too ignorant to regognize the rights of another human being.
    To Stephanie: I want you to know you DO have real fans out there who truly do appreciate your work and support your decision to do as you see fit. It's your story. It's your masterpiece, and you you should enjoy and want to write it. You shouldn't have to be forced to. (And also Breaking Dawn was wonderful. Those who didn't like it can just get over themselves and read a different book.) Best of luck, and I cannot wait for your next book whether the setting be in Forks or in another demension entirely. God Bless.

  165. Cassie Hockaday says:

    Okay, people. The thing that needs to be viewed here is that not only was this poor girls writing stolen, but her rights were violated. Just because her writing is wonderful and we're all disapointed she may not want to continue does not give us a right as fans to insult her. She is a human being before she is an author, and as a human being her rights were not preserved. Stop being babies and just let the poor woman recover!! Honestly. You call yourselves FANS?! Real fans would support Stephanie through this instead of calling her names. It's pathetic, and the behavior is eqivalent to that of a child who didn't get his candy at the grocery store. Grow up. Do you think idle threats and backlash is really going to convince her to change her mind? If anything it's just showing Stephanie it might be more trouble than its worth than to continue. After some of the things I've read on this site I'm suprised any of you are old enough to read because you obviouly are too ignorant to regognize the rights of another human being.
    To Stephanie: I want you to know you DO have real fans out there who truly do appreciate your work and support your decision to do as you see fit. It's your story. It's your masterpiece, and you you should enjoy and want to write it. You shouldn't have to be forced to. (And also Breaking Dawn was wonderful. Those who didn't like it can just get over themselves and read a different book.) Best of luck, and I cannot wait for your next book whether the setting be in Forks or in another demension entirely. God Bless.

  166. Julia says:

    I think that you are beimg extremely ungrateful to Stephenie Meyer. I mean, it has to be sad to see how little she can trust anyone, how many people don't respect her rights as an author. So, I suggest YOU calm down, let Stephenie make her choises and respect them. Just giver her a little time. I will always be a big Twilight fan and I will always love Stephenie Meyer for these amazing books. THANKS STEPHENIE! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  167. Natalie says:

    i didnt like Breaking dawn. but after reading Midnight Sun. wow. now she says she isnt gonna finish it? omg. and she said she would. i am really disappointed. i think it was overdramatic to out it on hold indefinitely. humph. w/e.

  168. Gabrielle says:

    You guys picked out all the extreme, overly dramatic comments. Comments from the guys who are freaking out so badly that they barely comprehend their words.
    I for one am appalled that anyone would do that to Mrs. Meyer and I will read Midght Sun only if and when it is published, and only the version that she wants me to see. I have not and will never loook at the extra 11 chapters on her site and although in truth I would be incredibly dissapointed if it were made official that Midnight Sun would never see the light of day, IT IS HER CHOICE TO MAKE! and rightfullly so.
    I understand and respect Stephenie's decision. It's HER world in HER imagination; SHE CHOSE to SHARE it with us and does not OWE the twilight community anything! It makes me sick to my stomach some of the things I've read here. I honesty feel like I may throw up. This book, and all of the books for that matter, do not in any way belong to the fans.
    So many people, especially the teen generation of twilighters, think that she OWES them something, that everyone OWES them something! All she does is give and give, if anything YOU owe her something! YOU should be thanking HER for all the wonderful books she has written already! She deserves more respect than you give and she knows it. I find it almost laughable all the dramatic whiny conceited comments on here calling the Queen Of Romantic Fiction a Drama Queen. If we called people drama queens for standing up for themselves throughout history now where would we be?
    People, whether you like it or not our hands are tied. The time has come to swallow your pride, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best and see where we go from there. Remember, a little humility can go a lot further than a wole lot of whining.
    -Gabrielle M
    Brooklyn, New York
    Age 14

  169. C says:

    Reading part of her book on line wouldn't have stopped me from buying her book. Her crappy attitude just might. At this point I don’t care if she ever finishes the book. There are many other good authors out there to read without the insults and drama.

  170. Allie says:

    This is far from the first time that her attitude has shown she is not a professional. I'm not trying to directly attack her, I'm saying that when one accepts celebrity, when one accepts the public eye and all it offers, there is a cost. If you aren't tough enough to handle it, get out of the proverbial kitchen.
    I am of the opinion that she leaked it herself as an excuse to stop the release. Being a prolific writer doesn't make you a good writer and perhaps she realizes that it's catching up with her now. I'm not sure if I hope she finishes it or not. If she doesn't, it may further demonstrate her lack of professionalism and bad writing skills. If she does, it may further demonstrate her lack of professionalism and bad writing skills.
    In either case, I feel like I've lost because so many people are clamoring for this sub-par travesty of literature. Author immaturity aside, the publicity stunt is working and that saddens me terribly.

  171. Jo Ann says:

    I just read the draft posted on her website and it was great. I really do hope that she realizes that her fans will support her and would buy her book anyway. We already know how the story ends, however there are good amount of her fans that want to know Edward's perception to help complete his and Bella's love story.

  172. dee says:

    Hi, all i want to say is i feal for stephenie , but seriously this not uncommon to happen sux but life goes on. i feel this should not stop her from writting midnight sun i read only on her website that she put out the rough draft and i must say it is an amazing book as is and sad she has not finished it i hope she gets over it asap . people say she owe fans nothing but without fans really what is a writter anyway. so it would be a disservice to all of her fans to not publish the book. really keep it moving already

  173. Cat says:

    My son had me buy the first book and we have both been loyal fans. We have read the books together and have had tremendous fun discussing and speculating what will happen in "the next book". We finished reading Breaking Dawn and had planned to move on to The Host while waiting for Midnight Sun to be published and any other project Stephenie works on because we just love her work. But here is the rub. My son doesn't want to start any more of Stephenie's books because he doesn't feel he can trust her to finish the project. He doesn't want to get caught up in a story and be left hanging. He is 16. He is very bright and is boycotting everything Stephenie. I understand its a disappointment but come on…. are you really willing to disappoint your fans like this. I think its all pretty ridiculous. Here is what I tell my kids when something doesn't go the way they want….be sad, cry if you must…….get over it and get back to work. Be Resilient and Persevere!!!!

  174. Cat says:

    My son and I have been loyal fans but are now wondering if Stephenie feels any loyalty to us, her fans! We cannot express our disappointment with her decision to hold off "indefinitely" on Midnight Sun. My son has decidided not to purchase anything Stephenie Meyer. We will not be purchasing or reading the host. Our fear is that we will start something new (and of course we would fall in love with it) and then be left hanging. I understand the disappointment but here is what I tell my kids when something doesn't go as planned……..be sad, cry if necessary…………….rise above it and get back to work………..Perseverance!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Me says:

    I think she should build a bridge and get over it!

  176. SomeoneWhoWantsToPun says:

    Oh, Stephenie's had SUCH a bad life…oh no…and now that this is leaked, she's decided to be immature and say "No. I wont write it."
    give me a freaking break. You're probably a multi-millionaire.
    Why couldnt you be a responsible adult, and ask your fans to not read it??
    You just lost a fan.
    I'm never going to read one of your books again.

  177. VampireFan says:

    It does my heart a world of good to read that I am not the only person who feels betrayed by Stephenie. What is she thinking? She is punishing her fans and the people who made her famous and rich because she used bad judgement??? Because the people she trusted shouldn't have been? Hello……….. So you act like a two year old and "won't finish the book" Well it is time for your fans treat you the same way – BOYCOTT – Twilight, maybe that would get the point across. Why put any more money in the pocket of someone who doesn't in fact give a rat about anyone other than herself.

  178. lovergirl says:

    stephenie needs to write the freakin midnight sun book!!! its not fair my best friends and i have been waiting and now she isnt going to write it wtf is wrong with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. megan says:

    =/ i love her books, but dude…soon no one will remember this. and in 50 years from now all they'll know is what is printed. it's still gonna be a surprise for alot of people.. i think she could still continue it. at least finish it and hold on to the final copy for a few years idk. it could be this big come back. i'm just really depressed that it's come to this. people really need to keep their word and not be careless.

  180. Rach says:

    Hey to everyone who's posted. I really should have put this up a long time ago, but to anyone who still reads this article, here is Stephenie Meyer's address.
    Stephenie Meyer
    Little, Brown and Company
    237 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10017

  181. Samatha Boone says:

    dude!!! Gaw someone freakin' slap her… She can't do this to her Fans!!! Dang her book actually made me read it and finish the whole AWESOME series!!! Plussss… I LOVE EDWARD!!!!lol

  182. Alexandra says:

    I agree with Pholla.

  183. Rio says:

    well…i can't say any more words as everything has been said by the other fans..I'm just hoping that she'd finish it one day…yeah..before the day i die…so i could finally read it and get my ultimate rest…

  184. c says:

    Let's all write Stephanie and tell her to finish the book???!!!
    *crew that! Go get a life and find another author. There are LOTS of great books out there. Stephanie can take her bad attitude and stick it.

  185. Kelsea says:

    Obviously there are beyond numerous comments on this subject, it is unfortunate what happend to Stepahnie Meyer's "Midnight Sun", that it was illegaly posted and one person had to ruin it for the whole world. Even though she is hurt by that I wish she would keep writing. I looked forward to reading that after breaking dawn, now i cant. It would have been great…anyway great job Stephanie Meyer!

  186. Ellie says:

    I really hope Stephenie continues Midnight Sun…I've only started Twilight for a short amount of time, and I'm obsessed…
    I can't live without it anymore!
    I'm definetly going to watch the Twilight movie coming out!
    And re-read the series THOUSANDS of times!
    Please continue Midnight Sun sometime! i don't care how late really….Just please finish it!
    I really want to see Edward's point of view..

  187. Mitchell Brave says:

    Everybody knows about Edward, and the characters of Twilight. But who influenced Stephanie Meyers to create some of those characters, that may still be a mystery, but I do know who her boyfriend and prom date was in High school. On my blog, temparoo.blogspot.com I will be publishing my exclusive interview with her old high school fling. Please come and check it out, it might explain more detail as to some of the characteristics and influences of her writing.
    Mitchell Brave

  188. edward-fan22 says:

    omg i cant belive it i know its her choice to continue writing but the movie and this book were the last 2 things i had to look forward to that has to do with twilight.(sob). lol ok i was being a little to dramatic there but im still sad.

  189. Heidi says:

    There is a reason people went to the move Titanic. It wasn't because they knew the ship would sink! There is a reason why people would buy this book. so it should be published!
    I know it is just a book but come on! I am losing respect for Stephanie Meyer if she goes through with this.

  190. Me says:

    i didnt read it online so that i could read it inthe book and now she wont publish it!
    i feel so bad for hr though cause she was betrayed and now we will never read the edward series!

  191. nancy says:

    i'm so angry ugh why can't she just publish it.Just because someone did that dosen't mean we can't read it this so ruining my day.

  192. Abigail P says:

    Hey people, quick comment, this isn't Stephanie Meyer's website so she probalby won't see your emails.

  193. Amber Sisarich says:

    Ok….. Umm…. well to start of I wont say that Stephenie Meyer is the “BEST” writer, AND I MEAN “T H E B E S T!!!!!!!!!!!!!…” Writer I have ever known.
    I never used to read that much before I read twilight, so when I saw it, my first thought of it was the cover. I was having a tough time back then and the cover made me think for a sec. So I picked the book up and read the back cover. It was like love at first sight, well oddly for this book. So I begged my mother to get it for me. I won in the end and I ended up having sleepless nights and hole days in my bed reading this book. Also I noticed I a little like Bella because my name is very common, people admit that I don’t act like a normal teen should, I HATE being in the spot light, my parents and friends tell me I’m so easy to read that I’m sad or happy, it gets really annoying sometimes, there is nothing interesting about me and I am so clumsy that I at least trip up or stumble more then 10 times a day, I have so many scars on my body from the things I stupidly did. My mum says its because she dropped me on my head when I was only 2 weeks old. My mum also read the book a little and said I was a little like her too, only not as beautiful as Bella and my hair is dark blond and my eyes are grayish green. No matter what I do, I end up embarrassing my self and since my since is very fair skin, I blush a little too much.
    Any way, sorry to go of track. Back to the book. I finally got through the hole serious, so in love with Edward, but can’t help feeling for Jacob too. When I heard there was a new book coming out, I nearly got blown of my seat. “N O W A Y!!!!!!!……..” It was Edwards book this time and I nearly had a heart attack. I was so exited. I read the first chapter of her website and loved a little more then the other books. I still love the others but I so wonted to know what Edward was thinking.
    TILL………. someone had to spoil it for us…………. I was so sad about what happened. How could someone post it on the Internet like that? I hope they feel bad about what they did. I went through every fan site there was and wrote a complaint.
    But I read something that Stephenie said to MTV, and could not but feel sorry for her because of how unselfish some fans were. I was little unselfish too. This must be a tuff time for her because of family, work, bills (maybe) and other personal things to, and with some of us fans out there that are a little angry must stress her out a lot too. Know wonder she’s going crazy.
    But my point is, you need to know that there are fans out there who support you and you need a little break “BUT” wait I’m not finished yet……….
    You should not give up, I know that this leak must upset you but if you wont to give up then that’s your choice. But please think about it, an unfinished book will stay with you forever.
    If you did finish the book, well let’s just say that a lot of peoples hearts will sing with rejoice, including a person who’s heart was locked and reopened by a book done by you’re self. That person is me……..
    Thank you for your time to read my very long story and all I can say is…..
    Please Stephenie……….

  194. stef says:

    I really hope she does finish Midnight Sun. We all can't get enough of Edward and her fans are suffering….she can take as long as she needs to recover from this betrayal of trust, but i hope in the end, she'll do the right thing and give the fans what they've been waiting for! And hopefully toss in New Moon from Edwards perspective as well :)

  195. ggggrrrrrr says:

    Firstly I would like to say how appalled I am by people saying their opinion of Stephanie has dropped because of this! Yes we would all love to read Midnight Sun but we have to remember that it is her story and her world and she is inviting us into it and it is her choice whether something goes ahead or not.
    I really think everyone needs to stop being so selfish- we all want to read it!!- and let steph take her time to recover from this. Its not like and album leak, or film, this is something that wasn't complete and thus would be much harder to return too. As she herself clearly stated, at the moment she is in no state to continue writing the novel. Someone she trusted beyond imagining has betrayed her and posted her hard work for everyone to see before she was happy with it and prepared to have it read. I cannot imagining how heart breaking that would be and people really need stop and think about it.
    It is her choice and people should just back off!!!

  196. michale says:

    OMG!!!!! i knowim slow in reading in all but i just got finished reading the first twilight and its AMAZING !!!!!!! she cant do this to us….she s leeting her fans down and i really want to know stuff in Ewards perspective
    ( although i havent even read the other books) i think im going to cry because her books are soo good and she just ended it like that ….i understand and would be mad too if someone leaked and uncomplete version of the first chapter of my book but u cant just let a million people down over just one person actions……

  197. dana says:

    pleaseeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee write midnight sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iam soooooooo sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy about the mean act of that person. edward should eat him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we all love u stephenie meyer u r the best author in history!! dont let a stupid mean guy keep u from writing midnight sun. your fans love u sooooooo much. we know u can do it. we all hope u will write it. we'll support u all the way!!!!!!!

  198. MaryAnne says:

    I've just finished all of your books!!!!!!!! That's including the Host, I could not even express how entertaining each and everyone of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As one of your new reader please finish the Midnight Sun!!!!!!!!!!!! With all the stress of the everyday life now a days……it's good to know that you could actually just pick up a book and be somewhere else!!!!!!! That's what you've given your readers……an outlet, even for just a couple of hours!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  199. Cheyenne says:

    Seriously! Why are all of you guys putting her down? Didn't you read the first 4 books? They were amazing i couldnt put them down. She put so much heart, emotion, and action into these stories. so what if she didnt write or finish "MIDNIGHT SUN" She wrote the others didn't she! Stephenie i admire you, you have worked hard and i don't think you should write another book unless it trails onto "BREAKING DAWN" and starts from there. We all know what Edwards thoughts were he was in love with Bella and Bella loved him back! It was simply a tennage romance that doesn't need to be changed. The storie is what it is. She wrote them for us and know we all can read them and love them. Plus she has a new movie coming out so obviously she didn't do that bad on them. So just stop putting her down let her enjoy her life and what she wrote for us to read. Thank you Stephenie for finally showing me that books can be amazing and that the stories told in other movies of vampires can be changed.(like the vampire in the sun dies, and they can only drink human blood, and they become bats, and that they can't have other powers) I loved how you had Edward tell Bella that those were myths it changed things up and i Loved that fact. SO THANK YOU
    I Will Read These Stories When Ever I Feel Lonley Or Bored

  200. jennifer says:

    why? how? this can not be happening i read all the books looking forword to midnight sun and then to be crushed at the end to find out there is no midnight sun who could have done this it is so upsetting i could cry!!!

  201. beth says:

    i do feel sorry4 her && i cant believe som of the thingz here i got bored with the trash talk at the top so i skipped most of the comments but im 14 && i dont think that any1 should b yelled at 4 trying 2 keep some face i know some peeps r mad & i get that but u all r being mean about this i love the bookz & i want her 2 write MS but not if she cant make it as good as she wants it 2 b i think its the fans that have 2 grow up not stephenie sorry but u all r being selfish if i was steph i would want more understanding fans i no i cant reely talk that way 2 adults but i will any way ps steph if u r reading this then no that not all of ur fans r mad

  202. bethany says:

    omg u peeps r so meen 2 her she was just trying 2 get comfy with writeing 4 a living & some1 messed up her happiness she swears that it was on accident so it prabably was im14 so i dont no much about being an adult but i do no tjat theyre "supposed" 2 b responsible just let her calm down & get used 2 the price of fame some thing always happens if u get mad u no that u dont just take it out on the peep ur mad at u tale it out on every 1 just 2 say it agian im 14 i no that u r mad but when 2 peeps r mad it is best 2 let them calm down b4 u try 2 talk things over u just end up yelling otherwise i just hope that some of u will think things through now b4 u just make her reely stop it she has been working 2 long on this 4 her 2 just stop now just bcuz she is relazing 4 awhie doesnt meen she will stop this might aktually help her writeing now b cuz she now nos what it feels like 2 have her secrets exposed lik the way edwards gift is 2 other vamps now will u just leav her alone while she does her work?

  203. bethany says:

    im not going 2 put stephenie down bcuz of some peep i dont no made her mad no im putting down all the peeps that put her down 4 getting mad i no u wanted the book but she is upset & u r making it wores 4 her 2 start bcuz all u have is bad things 2 say remenber , what would bambi do b kind 4give 4get &&dont say anything meen im14 && i can follow those rules better than u stop trying 2 MAKE her get the book 2 u just relax && let her get over this on her own im not an adult but i no that some times u just need 2 cry u r just making it harder 4 her 2 get over it by saying bad things leave her alone 4 a while && read the books && enjoy them && no that she will work on the bools no matter how hard she tries not 2 she has worked on them 4 2 long 4 her 2 just give up now b cuz of an accident just leave her alone && do what bambi would do say nice things dont try 2 trash some1 b cuz u r mad && never ever say anything u dont meen ok so i pushed it a little but so what it got the point accross ps i HAVE read the partial draft so i m not a reely hard core fan && im not afraid 2 say it

  204. edward lover says:

    Im seriously gonna cry!!!!I love all of stepehenies meyers books and was reallly looking fowar d to more!i would wait a while for it to come out but indeffinately!!!

  205. booklover says:

    Ms. Meyer, please continue with Midnight Sun. I'm an adult reader, and the partial draft left my adult-reader friends and I wanting more. Many of us loved all four books and aren't ready to let the characters–especially Bella and Edward–go. Would we buy the book? Absolutely–even if you didn't change a word of the part you've already posted.!

  206. Monica says:

    I just finished reading all four books in a one week time period and I was searching to see if there would be more and I saw on her website that she had planned on publishing Midnight Sun and then to discover that she would not be continuing my heart was broken especially after reading the draft. I know that what happened to her was awful and I do respect her decision but how will we go on if she does not continue. To hear from Edward's point of vew was astounding and something that we needed to hear not only as it pertains to Twilight but the others hopefully as well. I do hope she reconsiders and continues to me she is beyond excellent as an author.

  207. Tina says:

    I'm a little late getting in on this. I just finished Breaking Dawn Sunday. I can't believe the negative feedback posted on this site. First of all, did the people who commented on the "imprinting" with Jacob and Renesmee actually READ the book? It was explained, very well, that imprinting wasn't "like that". Get your minds out of the gutter and read it again. Secondly, loyal fans wouldn't bash her and feel she owes them anything. We were darn lucky that she let us into her wonderful world of Bella and Edward and we should just leave it at that. They are a result of HER blood, sweat, tears, and hours upon hours away from her family…not ours. Get over yourselves. All good things come to an end eventually. Finally, Stephenie didn't betray anyone by making the unfinished draft of Midnight Sun available on her site legally. This was no tantrum. She didn't want US to feel like we were betraying HER by reading the unofficial release. It was out there anyway. She was just letting us know we had her permission to read it if we wanted to. I'm not going to read the draft. That is not what she really wanted. She owes us nothing. Although I would love to see things as Edward saw them, Bella's story is complete. If anything, as truly dedicated fans, we owe it to HER to let her finish Midnight Sun in her own time. I have faith that she will not be able to walk away completely. Bella and Edward are a part of her. I wish her all the best.

  208. Amy says:

    I am personally very upset about the whole thing, but i understand what stephenie is going through
    i have read the draft and am now dying to read the rest, so i really hope she gets back to finishing it soon
    i could not bear to wait a year!! it is simply amazing from edward's point of view and i absolutely love it
    I LOVE YOU STEPHENIE FOR ALL THE TWILIGHT BOOKS and i really hope you get through this and finish midnight sun!

  209. Adrielle says:

    this is such crap like i am not going to lie. shes acting like a little kid that got her popsicle stolen. i love these books and if she thinks that we wouldnt buy it now that MS was leaked then she is crazy. i want this book more then i liked the twlight series and thats saying alot cuz i have read them all four times. ( their like my bibles haha) anyway, this happens to people all the time. i feel like shes trying to be my mom about "teaching us a lesson" come on. this happens to authors all the time and they dont stop and pout in a corner they make an even better one!
    im so mad. although i still love stephenie this is just too much crap. I NEED EDWARD. ugh.
    shes turning away from millions.

  210. Taylor says:

    When i read what had happend i was very mad, because i am a very loyal fan of the Twilight books and when i heard that the book was on hold i was very upset.
    I was never a big reader but when i started to read her books i wouldn't put them down. If she doesnt come out with the book Midnight Sun i will be SOOOOO disapointed, i cryed when breaking dawn ended and now im extactic to go see the movie !!
    PLEASEEEEEE !!! Dont end the book(S) i need to read moree!!:)
    12 years old

  211. Taylor says:

    Okay i absolutly loved the twilight series, and if she thinks that what has happend is going to make millions of fans not going to buy her book/books then that is insane!!! The only thing i think that is going to get us fans mad if you dont put the book out on the selves cause i no i will be furious … i absoulutly love the charaters and the books and IM IN LOVE WITH EDWARD I NEED HIM !!! please think of all the fans that you will be letting down !!

  212. Joy says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    I know it must be hard to recover from the incident, but i want you to know that i've only read Twilight-the first book in the series-and i'm absolutely hooked. The second book brought me to tears, and i'm still reading it. Out of curiosity, I began to read the opening of Midnight Sun, I don't know why anyone would want to do such a horrible thing as to showing it without your concent. I really hope you change your mind, and decide to write more in Edwards point of view. — If it helps any, I know you can do it, and just think of your fans.
    Just an obsessed fan
    Joy M

  213. concerned says:

    PLEASE KEEP WRITING MIDNIGHT SUN its your calling ur so good at it and you have already let out the first chapter PLEASE DONT LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u may feel angry and betrayed but dont let us ur fans hurt too. as soon as i had read the first few pages of ur book i was hooked and have been ever reccomending it to all my friends i've lost count of how many people i have told and they have said "oh i dont no i dont really like those type of books" and then come back a day after they had got the book and started reading it and say "OMG I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS BOOK" see. those books mean something to us please dont stop writing them because of some ahole has gone against ur trust please i need those books we need those books.

  214. - says:

    I think there are three things that are awful in regards to this situation:
    1) Stephanie learned a terrible lesson, you cannot trust people with your work. There is a reason why we have publishers and editors, because they are making money to keep our
    work safe. It is sad that this had to happen to a beginning writer, but these things do happen. It is up to an artist to guard, protect and take responsibility for their work.
    2) It is very disappointing, but not unpredictable, to see that Stephanie has decided to stop writing the book. Instead of being angry at the person who deserves it, she's punishing herself and those who have gathered around her (her fans).
    3) She has made herself open to more criticism and jeopardized her reputation.
    Someone made a point that it she is acting in an unprofessional way. I agree. She is acting emotionally. She is not looking at this as a job, but as a hobby. When you are a writer you make a conscious decision to allow your work to be open to the public. If someone goes wrong, then you deal with it; you do not run from it. If Stephanie needs time to deal, then she should take it. But if she does not write this book because some immature ass decided to violate her personal rights then she is not the women I thought she is. If she's allowing this person to ruin her book, to ruin the hope and respect her fan base have in her then she is not the women I thought she is.
    I hope Stephanie has more respect in herself then to allow someone to ruin her dream. I hope she decides to inform her fans that she will be writing her book. Not that it is postpond indfinately, but that instead say she will continue to write when she is of the right frame of mind.
    Give your fans hope Stephanie. Do not punish yourself or them because someone violated your trust

  215. a fan says:

    I am so mad that words seem to fail me. I can't belive that this one thing is going to stop you from wrighting Midnight Sun. Stephenie, think of all of you fans that you are letting donw. Personly, I think you should take a break and then get back on wrighting it. I have read the few chapters that you posted on your site, and when it can to the end, I whanted so badly for it to go on. Really, I mean think….. your fans whant to know what Ecward's point of veiw is during the part while they are in the medow together, plus when he finds her in the studio close to death, and I am dieing to know what was ging through his head when he had to suck the venom out of Bella's hand. I am greatly dissapointed that you are not planing on finishing the book. Please think about it though, I hope you change your mind soon. Please, i also say this for all of you adoring fans, that would do anything to get their hands on a completed book of Midnight Sun.
    Come to your senses and wright it. It is what the Twilight Saga is missing, and to me, it will not be complete intill i have a copy of Midnight Sun next to Twilight on my shelf, alog with New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. That shelf is only for the Twilight series, I have a spot that is empty, waiting to have Midnight Sun taking that empty space on my shelf.

  216. Heather says:

    Stephanie doesn't ever have to write another word. She doesn't owe anyone anything. She's a writer. An artist. And if she doesn't want to write a specific thing she doesn't have to no matter what the reason is. Stephen King said he was going to retire after The Dark Tower Series. I was upset, but I didn't bitch and moan about it. He's an adult. A human being. He can do whatever he wants with his life. Thankfully, he changed his mind. Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mocking Bird only wrote that one book and it was GREAT. I wish she had written more but she hasn't. Same with Margaret Mitchell who wrote Gone With the Wind. A writer writes because they WANT to and because they are INSPIRED. Not because they HAVE to or because they owe anyone anything. It's sad that so many so called fans of writers, musicians, or even movie stars have this profound sense of entitlement. THEY OWE US! Bullhockey. No one owes YOU a darned thing. She's an adult and can do what she wants for a living. Get over yourselves. Grow up. Go read a book (by someone else) or something. But whatever you do, when you grow up, realize no one can make YOU do anything you don't want to for a living and show that same respect to EVERYONE else, including writers. Thank you.

  217. Natalie says:

    Look everybody i know it's frustrating that Stephanie Meyer is not going to wright Midnight Sun right now, but after she feels better and gets her ideas flowing again to her book then we will get the book. If Stephanie Meyer is not comfortable finishing it at all that's all right with me, and all of her other fans should feel the same way. Its sickening to hear all you guys attacking her that she is punishing her fansby not wrighting the book shame on you!! Your not writing the book are you? No, i didn't think so. Stephanie Meyer is the one writing the book, and giving us joy and entertainment in her writing not us giving her a story that she can read to enjoy. Well all i will say is this the only thing were accomplishing is making her even unhappier and putting more pressure and guilt that she is not pleaing us. Think about it all you fans put yourself in her shoes and think what she's going through. She is a hard working nice lady, and we should respect her choice.
    Look I'm only 14 years old and a girl for that manner ok. If Stephanie Meyer is reading this than i will say this I Love Your Wrighting!!!! I read all your books, and love them i didn't see anything wrong in any of your books including THE HOST. Stephanie Meyer you have an unbelivable imagination, and it's wonderfull !!!!! I could read them billions of times over and over again if I could. Also ony do things that's comfotable to you not to others you don't have to stress yourself to much writing Midnight Sun. Your going throgh a lot so just relax and take a break from writing go to the beach and do something fun other than wrighting. I read the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun and thouht it was fantacitic it flowed beautifully. Stephanie on last thing sorry if i spelled anything wrong i'm in a hurry so bye and whatever decision you make will be fine by me and hopflly your fans!!!!!

  218. Lynn says:

    Stephanie Meyer's is going through alot right now with the leak of Midnight sun and all you so called fans can think about is her being selfish and junk well seriously thats not right she doesnt owe anything to us she writes for the joy of writing and were throwing back in her face! give her time if you were a writer too and this happened to you, you would want time to think and compose yourself. what that person did was wrong but we should help Stephanie by not being such wild beasts okay!!!! TAKE YOUR TIME STEPHANIE!!!!! just please dont stop writing i loved your books and i can wait and so can others!!!!!!!!!

  219. Alice says:

    "Please remember this is an unedited rough draft. It is full of typos and all the other flaws that unedited manuscripts have. Enjoy it for what it is, BUT KNOW THE FINAL COPY WILL BE INFINITELY SUPERIOR."
    Stephanie acknowledges how important it is for Midnight Sun to be finished. It's written between the lines of Twilight, for gods sake. Every time Edward has a reaction, the reader is left with no knowledge as to what he's thinking. While usually this doesn't affect a story in many novels, she PURPOSEFULLY wrote it in a way that said, quite clearly "Don't fret over Edward's strange reactions, I'll explain them later."
    But like someone said in a post above this one, she can't just crank out a book and hand it over. She's said dozens of times that the completion of this book must be on her own terms in order to portray Edward's perspective in the way it should be portrayed.
    Give her some time. In the end, even if she doesn't hold dear to her artistic integrity, she won't be able to pass up on the cash filled hands of her adoring fans. It'll get finished eventually.
    Frankly, I'm appreciative of whomever leaked the draft. This means I have some more Twilight material to look forward to. The anticipation is both bitter and unbearably sweet.

  220. allison says:

    i feel bad for meyer and it is not fair to her that her work was posted on the internet, however, it is not fair to her readers to not finish the book. i was so excited for mindnight sun!! it is a great idea for a book! then meyer went and shut me down and caused my faith in the seriels to weaken. im not going to look at the online version of the novel in hope that she will decide to complete it. she owes her fans to publish the book. we have supported her throughout her career and is not our fault for the distrust.

  221. camille says:

    R U KIDDING ME??????????? SHE COULD MAKE SOOOOOOO MUCH MONEY OFF THIS BOOK!! WHY THE HECK WOULD'NT MEYER PUBLISH IT???????? ITS NOT FAIR!!!!! IM GONNA CRY!!!! the fact that she trusted someone to read the novel and they broke her trust isn't OUR FAULT!!!! we have been behind her from the begining and now she gonna SCREW US??????? i think she might be just using this event to biuld suspense and get more people interested in the novel. WELL ITS WORKING!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUBLISH MIDNIGHT SUN!!!! I WILL NEVER READ ANOTHER MEYER BOOK IF SHE DOESN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Jennifer says:

    I agree with so many of the posts that are listed here. I feel bad that Steph was treated the way she was, but I also have to agree that she shouldn't take it out on the fans. Sure, take a few, even 6 months, if you need it to calm down. But, there is one thing she must remember. There are fans that are simply dying for this next book. There are so many people out there that have several copies of just the first series. She could easily make another series in Edward's view and it be just as big if not bigger than the original series. I hope that after she sees how well the movie does, which is sold out almost around the country to begin with, that will spark her energy to finish the book. Not only for herself to overcome the problems she has faced, but to keep the fans that are so willing to wait for anything that is published or released about Twilight in general.

  223. Sara says:

    I think it's good that she has opted not to go forward with Midnight Sun. Stephenie said in an interview that there would only be one book from Edward's perspective. You have to look at what she has already done with the Twilight series. Is there a way to improve or interest us, the readers, any more than she has already captivated our imaginations? No – there isn't. When reading Midnight Sun there's so much that she is trying to capture because his character obviously isn't human so his story line is getting lost in his surroundings. It simply comes down to one thing – how can you top what's already been #1? You can't. I think we'd all be disappointed and should just be thankful for the brilliant writing and series that Stephenie Meyer has already delivered so that she can go on to write something else. Who knows you guys might like it as well.

  224. elizabeth says:

    I agree with so many of the posts above. I wish stephanie Meyer will not punish all of us because of one persons stupid mistake. I do, however, understand where she is coming from. I just hope that in time she realizes that we all love her work and not being able to read the final product of midnight sun is just plain torture. I love her work and I hope that she continues Midnight Sun…. I am still so shocked by the fact she might not continue it ever i dont know what to say…….
    your writing is a major source of happiness for me… Edward Cullen = LOVE
    please let us get inside his head … don't punish us

  225. Holly says:

    I know that she is very disappointed and betrayed, but why is she torchering her fans? I am just sick at the thought of not being able to read Midnight Sun. I totally understand but I'm just sad that she is taking it all out on us. I love Stephenie ( not in a weird way of course), I don't know what I would do without the twilight series. Every time I read it, I get so happy! But it would kill me, I cry alot when I think about Midnight Sun not being finished. I just want to talk some sense into her. I am crying right now. I wish Stephenie would see what a loss this would be for all of her fans. I want her email address!

  226. Liz in CA says:

    Has it occurred to ANY of you that this is a self-orchestrated bwaaah by SM because a lot of people thought her writing in the last book was bad? Please, you're all such cattle. She's afraid of any more negative reviews after that BD glorified fanfic… Don't fall for her crybaby act and feel sorry for her. She's just drumming up more drama for herself…perfectly pandering to the age of her average fanbase.

  227. alfred says:

    I would like to see Midnight Sun finished and published. I hope that day would become an actuality.
    I feel that saying that its better off that Midnight Sun not be published because it is not equal to that of the other Twilight books would be unfair. While many may argue that having a focus on Bella was what made Meyer’s books such a great read, her way of handling Edward’s viewpoint is also remarkable. Perhaps I say this because I am a guy, and while I appreciate Bella’s story, there is something distinctly familiar about Edward’s mind and the way he handles things. He may be vampire, he may almost be a century old, but boys will be boys. What’s currently available of midnight sun is a reading experience that not only brings new light to an amazing story, but also displays Meyer’s prowess in writing. Her adept tact in mapping some of the most drawn-out workings of the male mind (and the often improportionate verbal action it creates) is a testament to her versatilty in writing. I hope that in saying that, I have not offended or insulted anyone.
    Calling Midnight Sun as a work that holds nothing to attract interest would be akin to sour graping. It is a wonderful retelling of a beautiful series of events from perspective and insight of a very well written character.
    Now, I would like to say this to everyone who feels like Stephenie Meyer is punishing us (fans) by holding Midnight Sun indefinitely: she isn’t. She is a writer, one who tries really hard to bring forth a story being told from the depths of her heart. Let us all take a step back and remember how painful it must be for her to know that someone she trusted leaked her draft. Let us all remember that this is not the kind of thing one can just shrug off. No one is being punished, we are not being made to suffer for someone else’s mistake. Yes, the wait for a long anticipated book can be quite taxing. That is not punishment, but selfishness. For then we would only be seeing our own struggles of waiting, feigning lack of care for whatever reasons that has transpired to delay the book. lak of care to the fact that until the very end, Meyer still had her readers’ best interests in mind.
    In response to the leak, knowing that she would not be able to write the rest of the book properly (in her state of mind), she still thought of her fans. She has chosen to make her draft officially available to the fans. This is an act of kindness. To be able to show compassion and generosity despite being wronged, we need not wonder why Bella is depicted as selfless.
    Please do not talk about professionalism. Writing is a different altruism. When dealing with contracts, black and white text, laws and fixed rules, then yes, claim the need to be professional. But dealing with fans and expectations is a different matter. We are not world famous authors, we do not have the right to claim that finishing the book is easy. She may have the skills and the know-how, but writing also needs a lot of heart. If her heart is not in the right place, then no amount of skill will help. And if we were world famous authors, then we wouldn’t need to be reminded of that wouldn’t we?
    The book is on hold because Meyer does respect herself, she respects her creation and most of all, she knows the amount of dedication and energy that she will need to put into finishing any book. She respects herself and her craft, she will not allow herself to give any less. If she is unable to give it her all, then she will not force herself.
    I say this again, Midnight Sun is on hold because Meyer is currently unable to write the rest of it. Not because we are being punished. By claiming that we are victims, are we not forcing her to write Midnight Sun? Do we really want her to write a book driven by guilt or sympathy? Not that she would, but what would that make of us?
    We’re not vampires, true, and every passing second counts. But patience is still a virtue we can have, show and be proud of.
    Let us instead give support in terms of action. Help curb the spread of illegally sourced material on the internet. If you get a copy, don’t distribute. If you find a source, report it. Let us encourage not only Stephenie Meyer but other writers and artists as well. Let this be one of the myriad of ways of how fans inspire.

    For those of you who have read this wall of text I have posted. Whether you agree with me or not, I would like to give you my most heartfelt thanks. I did not write this for Stephenie Meyer. I wrote this for all of you here. Reading the first draft of Midnight Sun moved me, and instead of indulging in idle banter, I felt the need to communicate with those who, like me, am sure that feel strongly about the book being put on hold. So here I am, and again, I thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.

  228. alice says:

    I love all these books its the reason why i started to like reading more and i think somone should tell stephanie that her books are awsome I NEED TO READ MIDNIGHTSUN please someone should tell her to keep writing

  229. Courtney says:

    I'm very sad about Midnight Sun being on hold. I just saw the movie last night and I loved it and now I need to read something!!! I've already read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn at least 5 or 6 times each this year. I would love to know what;s going on in that sexy vampire's head because he's so…quiet. And he can read everyone else's mind so why not us? It's our turn! Stephanie, I feel for you because that must have hurt having someone you know distribute your stuff. I will not read anything about Midnight Sun until I have the book in my hand. Hopefully you can get back to writing soon. Also, I don't know what everyone is talking about with the "backlash of Breaking Dawn"…I loved Breaking Dawn and so do all of my friends. Whatevs. Hopefully you can get back to writing Stephanie! You have many loyal fans who will wait if need be.

  230. Allison says:

    I feel like all of us Twilight fans are being punished for someone else's mistake. I know she's hurt, but now she's hurting us..
    I hope I get to read midnight sun someday….

  231. abby says:

    i think stephenie has a right to feel how she does. but just because she is angry with one person for disrespecting her in this manner doesnt mean she needs to punish MILLIONS of others for this one persons "mistake". i have expeirienced many events to where i have been punished for one or two other peoples mistakes. i thought all these times were unfair as i do now with this event. stephenie i really dont think you should punish all your loyal fans. you should know that peope really respect you as an author. you write not just books but pieces of art that may no will be around for a long time. these books will go down in this generations history as one of the best books written in our time. really look at all the people who are going to be diappointed if you stop writing this book. as an author you should write for yourself yes but also for the people who support you. as you can see all of us support you. if you wont write for yourself write for us people who use your books as an escape route to get away from all our trouble in the world.
    your books really touched me.when i read i tend to put myself in the story. when i do this i feel what the characters feel. i do what they do. i love who they love. stephenie, you are a fantastic author. please just think about all the people you are hurting by not writing this book. all the people who have read and love the twilight series will support you with this book.

  232. anna says:

    PLEASE WRITE MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WOULD BE THE BEST BOOK I'LL EVER READ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR KILLING US TWILIGHT FANS!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN I HAERD ABOUT U NOT GOING TO PUBLISH MIDNIGHT SUN I GOT PISSSED OFF,THEN I FREACKED OUT.U CANT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TO ME TO THE OTHER FANS.U HAVE TO WRITE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  233. if anyone knows anything more bout the writeing of midnight sun cuz i was rele looking foward to reading it if u may plz message me on myspace if u know any further information bout it u can find me at either of these on myspace
    cassandra mitchell
    or <a href="http://www.myspace.com/horses1991” target=”_blank”>www.myspace.com/horses1991

  234. Mariama Brown says:

    Look, Stephine I just finished reading Breaking Dawn and I really really really want your next book to come out I want to find out more about what happens with Jake and Nessie and the Volturi maybe you can start over change the directoin of your book tell what happens between Charlie and Sue do something different like fom Renesesmes' point of veiw do whatever you have to but rifgt another book you have inspired me to become a writer I was so sad to hear that this happen to you. If it makes you feel better everyoneat my school are reading these books. Do whatever you have to but keep truken. I say your doing a very good job even though Im onlt 12 I think everyone would say the same thing. But please please pleas pleassssssssse keep writing. I LOVE your books and now your favorite author so I need you to contiue writing. They are so addicting and if you dont keep writing you will disappoint a whole lot of people. So please contiue.
    P.S. Iknow how badly you feel that someone close to you did something like that

  235. Katie Bullen says:

    i totally agree with Stephenie. if she continues the story, it wont be the same. you want to story to be amazing right?!?!?! let her take her time and shell do an amazing job people. i guess im the only patient person around here. Stephenie… take your time girl… im rooting for ya.

  236. Maria says:

    Hi..I'm upset about midnight sun.. I'm not a reader ( no often) I have 2 series which I love the Stephanie Plum series and now the Twilight saga. I read the draft Stephenie Meyer has and I love it..can't wait to see the book. And as I read from here I will buy copies for me and my closest friends… It's awesome I love the series..my hubby doesn't understand why I'm so excited about this story…I just love it. I watch the movie last night. it was good movie but I'm a little disappoint because the movie has too many mistakes. i will buy it anyway because I love the story but today we are fighting for Mrs Meyer to write the rest of the book..PLEASE, PLEASE don't leave us under so much suspense… You can do it mam, just write it and show the dumb person that you are much better than he or she.
    Thank you

  237. megan long says:

    If I was in Stephanie's shoes, I personally wouldn't be so ecstatic over the leakage of the first thirteen chapters either. Of course as a major fan of the Twilight Saga, I am more than discouraged that Midnight Sun is being postponed. However, if the same thing happened to me I would more than likely do the same thing she has made a decision to do. Most of the fans are angry at Stephenie for delaying the book, of course I have a small bit of remorse myself because of this, but it's not necessarily her fault and all blame should be set on the shoulders of the half hearted individual that made the poor decision to ruin the book for the other fans.

  238. annonymous says:

    I never liked the books, even before they became mainstream, but I have respect for an author who manages to break off and make it big.
    Until I came across the book "Dead Until Dark", published two years before Twilight, I believe it was, which was made into the TV series "Trueblood"
    Shame on you, Stephanie Meyer.

  239. zine182 says:

    hmmm.. i understand stephenie's reaction, it is really freaky but pleaseeee… continue midnight sun! promise i'll wait :)

  240. Chelsea says:

    Please finish the book i love the first four books…so please.

  241. nelly says:

    i can't believe what i just found out.. this is just so sad.. i cnt even explain how sad i am about this… but please, im still hoping that stephenie would continue the book.i have never been so obsess with books before, but stephenie's twilight series changed that.. please don't torture us this way…

  242. BRITTANY NICOLE says:


  243. gabbie says:

    i feel like she should finish what she started take some of that sadness and put it into a wonderfull story. it will pan out well for and i garentee be her best book ever.

  244. Vanessa says:

    I know this post is really late but i just found it. I love the Twilight Saga and i really really hope that Stephenie Meyer continues writing Midnightsun, when I found out that someone had posted it online I flushed with anger, and what made it worse is when I found out it could be out in Febuary 2009, I was even more mad. I cant believe whoever posted it online actually did!!!

  245. mariha says:

    i really really wish that stephanie would contiue to write the book midnight sun. i read the first chapter she posted and fell in love with edward all over again. she is a wonderful writer and regaurdless that i was leaked i would most definately buy the book. i was really looking forward to it.
    i love love love all of the twilight books.

  246. mariha says:

    PLEASE FINISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i want to get inside edwards head.
    i helps the readers understand him and get his perspective.
    i'm obsessed.

  247. Caitlin says:

    OMG, she cant stop wrighting! Shes like a god 2 people like me so she cant quite! OMG i luv Twilight and most importanly Edward! And the next bookk would be alll of Edward! So it has 2 come out! The movie ROCKS OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Edward lover

  248. Leah says:

    I am just one of a few Million people that is completely captivated by the Twilight series and am beyond sick about what happened with Midnight Sun, I am praying very deeply that she changes her mind and finishes, I can not imagine not being able to read about Edward anymore! I have seen the movie 5 times and am touched by the whole series!

  249. amanda lovely says:

    you must write midnight sun, i am in love with the twilight sagas books!!!
    alot of ppl want you to you must do it the twilight sagas are soo popular!!!!

  250. Katie Smalstig says:

    Stephanie, PLEASE finish Midnight Sun one day. In fact, please re-write all of the Twilight books from Edward's perspective. I am DYING to know what he thinks, and after reading all the books 3 times, some new material would just be amazing. I am sorry for what happened, but I hope you can find a way to move past it and re-invent the series through Edward's eyes. Thanks for writing all the Twilight books – they are awesome!

  251. Monica Barco says:

    hi, I'm reaally so sad about it, really I want to read Midnight Sun, because I really want to know what Edward was thinking when he go to talk with Bella's dad, and when they go to play baseball and james get in the field, and Edward protects Bella, but really, really, I want to read all the book.

  252. Che says:

    Stephanie–please finish midnight sun soon. also please write all the twilight saga books from edward perspective. I want to read all of them.

  253. Trina says:

    I'm not much of a book reader, however, when a friend introduce me to the Twlight series, I couldn't put the books down.
    I love them so dearly.
    I know Stephanie is upset about the leak of Midnight Sun but she will be amazed at how many people didn't know about the leak or read any of the leak chapters. I know I didn't know until someone told me yesterday.
    Just because a few chapters was leak shouldn't end a book or a series. I feel like as a fan I'm being punished for something that I didn't do just because one, who I don't even made a bad choice by leaking the information out.
    I hope Stephanie changes her mind & finishes the book.

  254. erin says:

    hoah!!!!!why dont u continue writing midnight sun? i am ur biggest fans. i'll buy your book no matter it had been published in internet.so pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeee continue it. but please dont make all cullens die,i hope this story will be happy ending..about james, he already died right?why did u say that james will win this war?i hope u continue this story but dont write too fast, calm down.thx

  255. shelby says:


  256. shelby says:


  257. Jaluv says:

    She's gonna publish it but i don't think it's fair to all of her fans ,who think she is their inspertation, to put it on hold. If you ask me, i think it's quite selfish.

  258. Susan says:

    It's actually very smart of her to stop writing Midnight Sun. More people wants her to finish it, the more money she will get to get it publish. She can afford to hold out because of the success of Twilight. She knows that her fans will wait because Edward is the beloved character, probably more than Bella. All the female fans wants to read Edward's POV and she knows the longer she makes her fans wait, the more the book will sell once it comes out. Anyone with a great business sense will do the same.

  259. jess says:


  260. Dark High Noon says:

    Hello, ok so as many of you heard that midnight sun has been stoped indefenetly but stephenie WILL finish midnight sun,but im a couple of years…..but ok this is exactly what she said in an interview-"I do not feel alone with the manuscript. And i cannot write when i dont feel alone. so my goal is to go for,like,i dont know, two years without ever hearing Midnight Sun. And once im pretty sure everyones' forgotten about it, i think ill be able to get to the place where im alone with it again.Then ill be able to sneak in and work on it again."-so yeah please can many of you stop talking about midnight sun, i know this is a HUGE favor but please do it for many of the people that are deeply in love with twilight..but if many of you cant help it i hear many people call midnight sun "Dark High NOON" instead.and once again please stop im begging many of you that are sending all this hate-fille and poisonus things about her thats just getting her upset and sad because her fans are being so rude because of her decison,and please,shes pretty upsent and sad with what happened with MS-so once again please stop all of this-thank you

  261. courtney says:

    hey stefanie i am a big fan ur #1 fan i loved your bokks but of course i am only on # 3 becausse in my school every body want to read ur books. i would love to meet u. i love u! oh and edward!

  262. Daizy says:

    stephanie i dont know what is going through your head. iget it it sucks someone close to you revealed your greatest book wrighting ever just because they did it dosnt mean you can make hell for your fans everyone i know is always mad when someone brings it up once in school we had a debate almost everyone was on you side but still everyone also said the whole class all 87 students said you should take a break but every one is rasing hell about you know it is getting rediculouse. You desirve your name on one of the greatest book even greater then Harry Potter. Everyone loves the twilight books so plzzz wright midnight sun everyone even the boys wants to read it. Every one wants to hear edwards part of the story everyone wants to know the things Bella a human didn`t pick up.Also i think alot of people like or think it is funny when rose is pissed off. Stephanie dont let one thing rewen one of the best Twilight series books ever. We want to know if Edward can really fell the way he tryes to explane to Bella.So plzzzzzzz right this sorry plzzzzzzzzzz finesh wrighting this story.
    P.S I was wondering if i can wright a book. the will hae the cullens but it wont be about then it will have a diffrent main chariter named bree.It would take place in about 2013.plzzzzzz if you read this wright me back. these are the best books i ever read so try to help a girl out. I probly been though more then you this is nothing try having your 3 year old brother that you where best friends with die of cancer when you where five. from ages 4-5 being home twice every month so dont go crying about this stuiped small set back your fans are counting on you kids are counting on you when you didnt finesh it really hurt your fans feellings like we werent trustworty.

  263. daizy says:

    as that stepanie plzzz anser i have a Question for her

  264. daizy says:

    was that stephanie?

  265. daizy says:

    if stephanie sees this is it o.k if i right a book including the culleing them in the story but not having them be the main chariters? just wondering

  266. sarah says:

    love the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i would give anything for her to publish midnight sun or another adition to the twilight series!

  267. Nancy Kessler says:

    This woman is tiresomely full of herself. She's a mediocre writer at best who happened upon a good story idea. If I had to read he growled or she muttered one more time, I was certain I'd tear my own throat out. Maybe it's her editor's fault for not encouraging her to vary her vocabulary a touch. Personally, I'm glad she's not going to publish Edward's point of view. She's retelling the same story because she's not enough of a writer to come up with something different. She hit upon a good idea. Leave it at that. We already know that Edward loves Bella more than all the heavens and earth combined and that he would swim through shark infested waters to bring her a lemonade if she so desired. Blech,. dreck etc. I don't know about you guys, but I don't think I could stomach another 500 pages of Edward's distress over Bella's well being, Bella's constant self-effacement and the sophmoric love that neither of them seems to realize the other feels. Burn the manuscript for all I care.
    Another cynical old broad in a used car.

  268. kelso says:

    my thoughts on the whole matter are simple… the person who let the leak go is the type of person who doesn't care who they hurt, including Stephenie Meyer. even if she publishes the book in a couple of years, i am surprised that she is publishing it at all, so those of us who are impatient of it to come out (*cough cough* my self) we should be grateful. if it were me, i wouldn't publish it at all, and stop writing at that very moment. well thats my thoughts… so ya

  269. Journee says:

    I am so sad that she is not going to finish Midnight Sun, i have been looking foward to it for a llong time. I dont understand how not finishing the books will make her feel better. To me it is plaiin out mean to her fans to have everone looking forward to the book, and now deciding not to wrtie it, But i am even more mad at the STUPID person who put the book on the internet anyways! I am extremly upset by this whole stiuation. I HOPE SHE CHANGES HER MIND AND DECIDES TO FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN, nothing would make me happier.

  270. Jayne says:

    Man, Stephanie, wake up and smell the decaf. You were lucky enough to catch lightning in a bottle and fortunate enough to win over generous fans by devising a good idea for a paranormal juvenile romance – but you’re blowing it. Leaks happen. The trick is not to become a control freak, but to handle glitches with good grace and learn from your mistakes… and this was YOUR mistake by being naive about the literary/business world. Smarten up. People who like the TWILIGHT series and who have HONORED YOU and made you a success by spending their money in your direction both at the book store and box office don’t deserve or appreciate your supercilious, condescending, petulant lectures about rights or your galling threats to ditch MIDNIGHT SUN altogether in retaliation against ONE PERSON. How does it help, really, by punishing those who didn’t leak the thing in the first place? Are you a professional writer or not? If so, then stop barfing over spilled milk and realize you came off as intensely churlish in your public flip-out, meltdown. Talk about an over-reaction. Or maybe you are just being attention-grabby to trigger all the current ego-stroking fervor amidst your fans so they’ll all BEG you, like the poor folks in many comments above, to PLEASE OH PLEASE finish MIDNIGHT SUN. Well, knock that off, too. It’s as irritating as the way Edward chuckles and/or rolls his eyes in every other line of the entire TWILIGHT saga. Also, you might want to distinguish between us liking the world and characters you created as opposed to liking you personally – we don’t even know you, stop being so presumptuous. We just buy your books and go see the movies and make you rich and successful. It seems that all the attention has just gone to your head and you’ve mistaken authorship for some kind of actual power, apparently. Yeah, if you deign to finish MIDNIGHT SUN I’d read it, but I vow that after that I’m NEVER reading one more thing by Stephanie Meyer, not ever. Not HOST, no, not even your interview in a magazine, because you’ve tried to use your creation to THREATEN your readers. That’s worse than leaking something which, face it, gave you more publicity and probably more interest than the whole thing warrants. You created a product and have immensely benefited from that fact that so many have embraced it – but you are forgetting that you need us far more than we need you. If fans want more TWILIGHT stories, the fans themselves can create them without you via fan fiction. We’ll keep ourselves entertained, without your hysterics, thank you very much. Or we’ll just turn to the next writer who comes along with a good idea and fine marketing team.

  271. sara!!! says:

    i cnt wait till midnight sun come out its gonna be soooooooooooooooo good! i hope she finishes soon!

  272. sara!!!! says:

    i dnt no why people will do such a thing! why are they ruining it for somebody else. So selfish

  273. Gaby says:

    Firs I want to say that Stephanie Meyer is I would say the best writer ive known about…. I am a good reader and it took me little more than 2 weeks to read all four books … so when I find out that she was making Midnight Sun I olmust start looking for it averywere thats how i fing out about the idiot who got us all into a very long waiting list for this book…. I really understand her feelings for the book right now and i give her credit for that… But i still cant control miself to wait for her to finish the book… this books have become my life i just cant get enogh of them… if she as to keep writing more books about bella i would one of the first people to celebrate that… and if she writes all of the books from Edwars poit of view also all read them to… I cant wait!!! Stephanie Meyer you are awesome and your books are so too!!!!

  274. t says:

    please write the everyone who loves twilight will be so mad the lve twight so much why should use your fans be punished for someone else

  275. Allie says:

    We are all in love w/ Edward
    Stephanie is brilliant 4 making those books if there is any book better than that series i would be astonished!
    And wat eva worm put that on the internet I want 2 sqiush them
    Keep it up Stephanie we all love ur books ur Amazing!

  276. razzz says:

    if i could just get my hands around whoevers' neck it was that leaked midnight…boy would they regret that…

  277. Allie says:

    Man Alice Cullen i have the same view as u
    If someone can crush HUGELY on the three Cullen guys at once
    that's SOOOOOO what I'm doing right know!!!!!
    Lol the movie was awesome the books made me really happy!
    I would sit down and eat chocolate covered pretzels and read the books
    Gosh when they would kiss i would turn 2 mush he's so gentle and sweet
    and I'm a totally a pansy when it comes 2 romances and i want 2 hear it in his point of view soooo bad
    Does Stephanie know how disappointing this is 4 all her fans
    I mean come on i really want 2 fall in love w/ Edward even more than last time
    Cuz duh it will be in his point of view and wat grl does not wat 2 know what he's thinking,feeling and wanting!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hear us out Steph PLZZZZZZZZZZ

  278. Allie says:

    I was thinking yesterday i rem.
    The 1rst time i read the books and i waz sooo sad when all the books were finished!
    But know she started 2 write the book and someone ruined that 4 her !
    Now i can't find a website where the sneak peak of Midnight sun maybe soo if anyone knows

  279. Alli Schafer says:

    ok well i just found out that Midnight Sun was even going to exist not that long ago…it was while was at school and we had a substitute in keyboarding and we were all (like the girls pretty much) talkin bout twilight and the substitute told us bout Midnight Sun and that her daughter had read the it on the internet but i think she said the whole thing but ne who thats how i found bout the thing so ya i got on my moms laptop and typed in “Midnight Sun” and it went to her website and i didnt even find out that there was an illegal copy on the internet until my friends Stephanie Lange and Haleigh Carson told me…and they told me that Stephanie Meyer wasnt gonna write ne more becuz of it and it dissapointed me very much…
    I really think that Stephanie Meyer should continue to write Midnight sun becuz i love the first 12 chapters of it and i would buy it and put it with the rest of my twight books(well right now my cousin has them lol). I love the Twilight series so much and hopefully Stephanie will reconsider and write Midnight Sun and maybe even more like Edward’s perpective of New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn….we’ll just have to wait and see what she does…but we cant push her to do something she doesnt want to do….of course i wouldnt be very happy but ya…life isnt fair.
    Stephanie Meyer (i think) is the best writer ive ever known. Usually i dont sit for hours straight reading one book. Usually i get tired of reading a book and take a break….but not with the twilight series i couldnt put them down…i finished them all (indiviually) in 2 days.
    Of course my mom is so weird that she wanted to know why i loved twilight so much and wanted to know what i was reading so she picked up twilight and she started reading it and she couldnt put it down either. She even finished the books before me even though i started before her but thats only because she would alwasys steal the book from me and stay up til who know when reading it!!! ROTFL!! But ya……everyone pretty much loves the twilight series….not just teenagers but adults too.
    And i dont know why people didnt like breaking dawn becuz i absolutly loved every single second of the books….i wasnt very big fan with twilight the movie but it was still good…books are usually better then the movie ne ways so ya lol. and also i really think Stephanie should rethink it and write Midnight Sun and maybe even books that are like all the cullen’s perspective of the story and mayb even Bella’s father, i would like to know what he thinks of Edward and Bella dating and all that haha and maybe even Jacob’s perspective, like how he becomes a werewolf(shape shifter) and maybe even Renesemee’s persective in Breaking Dawn or sumthin lol i would love to read a book bout Jacob and Renesmee…how they fall in love at like first sight and stuff.
    I know if Stephanie Meyer would just write Midnight Sun im postitive all of her fans will buy the book and will read it and want more lol i so want more i love this series it is the best series of books ive ever read and ive read lots of books cuz i LOVE to read…..haha…i get it from my dad…cuz he likes to read but i dont think he would read the twilight series not his kinda thing haha. im suprised my mom even read iit i didnt think she would be in to the books lol but she was.Just please Stephanie Meyer please…..write Midnight Sun!! If u decide not to i understand but ill still be desapointed…..

  280. tara says:

    i love twilight and new moon and eclipse and im working on reading breaking dawn!!!!!! i really think stephenie meyer should finish midnight sun because it sounds awesome so far!!!!!! i love all the twilight stars especially edward he is hott!!!! soooo steph please finish the book!!!!

  281. emily and vy says:

    twilight is the best book in the world and twiilight is bigger then you think. Girls in my school draw bite markes all over there body and i love edward all over the text books … my friends and i are reading the last book very slow because we are afrade we will go in to depreashion when we are done… when i heard about MIDNIGHT SUN i was estatic… when i heard that you where not going to finish because some people posted it on line i started to cry:( …. i realy hope that you make the book ……PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! we what more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  282. shelly says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! this is a HUGE disappointment…..im going to cry why tease me like this the Twilight Saga is a a part of my life now…….. You simply cant dimiss Midnight Sun i simply have to known Edwards thoughts theres nothing wrong with the draft copy besides it was released illegally. These things happen. Please pull yourself toghether and dont spoil it for the fans. We love everything about your creativity. Please try and release Midnight Sun. Not for you but for fans like me who can bear the thought of not reading another book form the Twilight Saga.
    much love,

  283. Lizzie Smith says:

    omg plz stephanie publish midnight sun omg the series is like the first book i got readin!!!!I like hated reading until twilight got out and i read the chapter in stephanies website it is awesome!!!edwards version is so intense like i waz glued 2 it.This series is like #1 to me and america and like plenty other countries!!!!! My fav book out of the twilight saga is eclipse it like has more action and all and edward and bella are always together! Twilight is awesome 2 and new moon is okay, but breaking dawn is awesome but at the end like in the 600s its boring srry i wasn't feeling the adventure!

  284. leah says:

    please finish midnight sun i read them all and i want to kown what edward thougt of it all i cryed when i heard you wheren't going to publish

  285. Tina says:

    Stephenie please finish the book please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really would like you to finish the book.

  286. jessica says:

    uuummm.me and my mom are very upset i read the rough draft and i just cant stop thinking what edward is thinking in the meadow i know that she is hurt but just one rough patch shouldnt stop someone with her talent. i really wish she would think this over and not dissappoint her fans by punishing everyone by one persons mistakes and that person wether she knows he or she or not should fess up and let her get over it

  287. Marissa says:

    I am sad to say, I am disappointed in Stephanie Meyer. The Twilight series have been the best books I have ever read.And I usually don't like to read. I really hope she publishes Midnight Sun. She could get paid a lot. And my opinion on the books, they are really worth reading.

  288. autumn berry says:

    hi im 13 and im in love with twilight . I know that you hear this a lot but i truely am obbsessed ive took the longest tome reading thoose books because i didnt want them to end i wanted it to go on for ever and ever and if ur not going to write theese last books im really disapointed…. and i know that a lot of other teenagers and parents are going to be very disapointed. the first time ive heard of twilight i thought it was going to be boring and let me tell you i was not a reader and now that ive read theese books im really advanced in reading. soo this sounds kinda weird in a good way but your books really helped me in school and im going to get a lot farther because of you . you really helped me by writing. after ive read twilight , new moon, eclispe, and breaking dawn (i havent finished yet. i dont want it to end!) ive changed the way i think its almost like im putting my life into a book ( into twilight) soo please write theese books because i think that other people can change the way ive changed. thanks for reading and please write more! -anonamous

  289. C Stark says:

    I cant say enought about the Twilight Seris since I too loved them very very much!! I have read everything posted on all the websites,including the parts of the books that were left out in editing and I am amazed at just how much I have enjoyed them. I read the version of Midnight Sun Stephanie posted on her website and I have to say I IS WONDERFUL!!! I would love to read the completed version of Edwards perspective since it tells you sooooooooo much more of the story then you get from Bella's point of view.
    STEPHANIE IF YOU COULD BRING YOURSELF TO COMPLETE MIDNIGHT SUN IT WOULD BE WONDERFUL GIFT TO US, YOUR LOYAL READERS. Edward is a fasinating character and we want to read more and more about him and Bella. His persepective is must more intense. I hope to see it in print some day completed. Ill be waiting.

  290. Sherraine says:

    OMG!!!! Stephanie you have to finish this book i've been waiting from time to read this book and now i can't. It's just not fair to me and the other fans who have been waiting. I understand that you've been betrayed and everything ,but you can't only think of yourself. What about the other fans who have been dying to read this book!!!

  291. Tina says:

    finfsh the book Stephenie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. Tina says:

    STEPHENIE MEYER PLEASE PLEASE PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE FINISH THE BOOK PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. Krista says:

    This is what i would say to stephenie right now:
    I know you are disappointed with the rough draft being leaked onto the internet but that is not your fans fault! so many people i know are dying to get their hands on midnight sun and if you dont finish it, i might actually go crazy! i loved every single one of your books and they are truly the most amazing books ive ever read. you have an amazing gift and you NEED to use it. finish the book and i PROMISE, you will be happy with that decision. The Twilight saga has been an amazing series and i just cant get over that im finished with it! If you finish midnight sun, which you most definitely should, the disgrace you are getting right now will end. SOOOO many people are angry at you for choosing to discontinue this book and that would end if you would JUST choose to finish it. I know many chapters have been leaked onto the internet but that just makes your fans want MORE! you would probably make more money because your fans WANT to know what edward is thinking. I know that you are truly probably angry right now but take your time with it, eventually just FINISH IT please!! i dont know what i will do if you dont. SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE AGREE WITH ME!!!!

  294. Jessica says:

    ok. for all of you being so angry at Stephanie, you shouldn't. i know you might enjoy the series(i do too!) but what if you were in her shoes right now and having someone take your work?!! it is VERY rude. Stephanie can make any decision she wants too. i would also loove if she did continue writing Mignight Sun, but honestly you people need to get over it. its her life and her books; let her do what she wants.

  295. Chloe says:

    I agree with Zatina and Ella.Except about the being childish and immature.I mean really why would you stop.I mean I know why she quit.Of course it was about the "someone" who stole the 200 pages of the book from her.She still change the book a little.I know a small change will make a big difference.But you have to take a risk in life.I know there are only 12 chapters,but hello she still can take a risk.If I were a famous author and somebody stole my 200 pages I would take the big risk.Does she rally think they are going to make a movie with 12 chapters.And Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. if you can speak your thought than so can we.So I think she should keep writing.From a vampire lover to another she should keep writing.So Stephanie you should keep writing the series.My ant and I really want to find out what happens.I am in the second book.I read fast so I will be into the first chapter of the 5th book next month.That is only because I have to buy the other 2.Stephanie come on if you do not want us to read the rough draft then FINISH the BOOK.Come on here us out please!!!!!!!! You are my vampire idol now.I used to like harry potter and goosebumps writers.Now I love your books.You are my #1 author in my whole life.The reason I say that,is because I started reading vampire books in kindergarten.I am really into vampires and this is my #1 series.I really think you should keep writing them.I will lose my mind if I do not keep reading your books.I will stop if you do not finish the 5th book.Stephanie I do not have anything write now.I do not have a dad.I am living with 3 annoying brothers and a mom with a married husband(my step-dad).Reading and dancing are the only thing that pulls me together.Your books helped me pull it together.When I heard your book Twilight came out in 2005 I was trying to get a hold of it.I finally got it this Christmas and I hear you stopped writing because somebody stole it.I hate that you stop.I would do anything to get you writing again.I would be your maid for free.If you wanted that.I understand you are upset.But you are disappointing a million fans at the least. Please you see all these comments.I have read most of them.Steph,if that is alright to call you that,they almost all want you to keep writing.E-mail me back and we can discuss this later.My annoying brother #1 is whining.

  296. Chloe says:

    Yeah she knew who did it and she can sew the person who did it.So she can get more money and write her book.

  297. Shivvy Barrett says:

    I agree with one of the eariler comments…this shows a lack of proffesionalism. She is a writer and her books are meant to be read…she is basically telling us she doesn't want her
    books read if they aren't giving her millions of dollars. And she shouldn't hand our her rough drafts like candy. I am a writer myself, and the only ppl I show drafts of my
    work to are my family and best friends (for advice) She either has given it to someone she didnt know that well, or that she had a very incorrect judgement of.
    I was not anticipating Midnight Sun but I heavily sympathise with the thousands of Twilight fans that were. And to say I'm putting it on a hold 'indefinatly' well that is just cruel.
    She should make up her mind if she's going to finish it or not and then tell that to her fans. She is being such a drama queen. Everyone is losing respect for her and that means
    that people probably won't be as interested in future books so here's my message to you Stephanie Meyer Get it together or get out of the writing industry.

  298. London says:

    I am a little new to the Twilight Series. I honestly didn’t even know the book existed until I saw the trailer for the movie and was told it is actually from a book. I am a person who has to read the book before I watch the movie, so I did. I was pulled in on the first chapter. The story is a bit cliche but I honestly enjoyed the books. I was more than a little upset about the ending. But as I said, the book was a bit cliche so I was not as upset as some of the major fans. However, I wanted to read more when I heard that there was going to be a second sage coming out in Edward’s perspective. Through out the saga I was always wondering “What was Edward thinking” and when I read the sample chapter I was totally pumped that this story would have a more dynamic twist. It would give the entire story so much more edge. I couldn’t wait! But then I found this site and that she is putting it on hold because she handed her draft to someone who decided to make money on her dime?
    No offense to Meyer or her story telling, but people loved the story, not her. Yes, she did all the work, but it was the story that got people involved, so she should only expect something like that would happen. God I could only imagine the kind of uproar that would have happening if JK Rowling decided not the finish the Harry Potter Series because the story got out. I am telling you now Meyer, you have a gift, but you are basically telling your fans “Thanks for making me famous, but now that I am making all this money, you who made me are now paying for it, you should not have read my stories and made me popular because then I would have finished the story….” Okay, so its a bit long… but its completely true. You are making a bad example to your fans. Your are telling them that they are not good enough for you to finish it. You pulled them, hook line and sinker, but now when they are asking something from you, you turn away like you are not good enough. You put a bone out in their face with the release of the first chapter, but you are not giving it to them because someone else (obviously not a fan) did something you don’t like?
    I am a writer, and I can tell you that I would finish my stories, I would finish what I was doing, I would do this, not because of the money (which is how you Meyer are coming across, is that all you cared about is the money) but for my fans. The ones who made me famous, who read my books. I would finish what I was doing because they were asking, they wanted me to do it. What you are doing is basically telling them they are not good enough for you. Do you honestly expect anyone to buy your future books. You can pull them in to that as well, and then stop because you are not making enough off of it, or because people were so desperate to read your stories. You should be flattered someone did that because it means you were so good someone want to do that…. but you aren’t and for that Meyer, I feel sorry for you.

  299. Amber says:

    I love your books. I am only on the second one but I love them.

  300. Kim Yearsley says:

    I must admit, I am hugely dissapointed that Midnight Sun is not going to be released, I am sure 90% of the fans haven't or won't read the illegal version, I can understand why- to a certain extent, Stephenie won't release an official version but I have to say to Stephenie, if you read these at all…You have inspired the world to read again and now you are taking that inspiration away because of a mistake through no fault of your own. It is such a huge shame to accomplish so much and inspire so many people and then take it away when people want it so much, as much as they were your dreams, they are now ours too.
    I expect that eventually, the loyal fans who want to read an Official version, will be very dissapointed and eventually realise Midnight Sun will not be released and they may turn to the illegal version just to read a book that they wanted so badly. I do hope that none of us stoop that low but I could understand why some people would as it will be the only chance to read the book that has people waiting on edge.
    Like I have said, everyone is very upset/dissapointed that someone has released your book without permission and I am sure if it were any of us in your shoes, we would be feeling exactly the same, just know how many generations you have inspired to read, who never really bothered before, we literally hang on your every word.
    If you changed your mind stephenie, you will in no doubt, Not regret it.
    Everybody loves your books, but I fear this could kill the huge amount of respect that people have for you. Your fans love you and we wait for new news.
    I will keep searching google in hope to see an Official release of Midnight Sun as will so many others.
    Fingers crosses x

  301. Brittany says:

    I recently got into the whole Twilight series myself and read all four books in two weeks and then saw the movie. I feel with the rest of the world that Stephenie should conisder finishing Midnight Sun. It's not her faul that it was leaked out before it was finished and in the same respect it isn't the fans fault either. I hope she finishes it because there are many dissapointed fans out there right now. Someone needs to get ahold of her and show her what this book means to everyone.
    Stephenie we're behind you 100% in hopes that you finish Midnight Sun, many will be checking your site daily in hopes that you do!

  302. stacey marie ray says:

    Stephanie needs to finish the book. It's almost a good thing that some of it was leaked. We've read some if it, and now we're dying for more. I bet she would end up selling more books, because the public is demanding it with such a strenght. The wiser choice for her would be to just finish it, and to write more books. possibly from another character's point of view, or something of the perfect baby girl's life. Anything. The fans are desperate, hungry, thirsty, you might say. It's near;y unbearble. Yea, we could live through a world without a completed version of "Midnight Sun", but we would feel incomplete. I immagine it would be much like the way Bella felt on page 118 of new moon. We would fwwl as if there was a hole in us. Yes, our lungs, and heart would still be logically intact, but we would have to clench our sides, to keep from falling apart. Or possibly like when Edward attempted to leave her. We would become numb; a zombie. It is not fair to do this to her fans. Stephanie Meyer, please. that's all I'm asking. Please, finish at least this one book.

  303. anglea says:


  304. angela says:

    I HOPE SHE FINISHES THE BOOK FAST!this is not right to your fans stephenie!wheres your hope?!your being a big 5 year old and i hope your happy of what you did to your fans,the true twilight fans?!you really need to get over this so called depresstion and finish the dang book!i loved the twilght saga and it rocked i read i 10 times each!also saw the movie 3 times!you did a great job but you are being very CHILDISH!!!!have you thought of your fans once??!!you promised the book so no loop holes or none that stupid carp to stall!!sorry if i offend but a promise is a promise!!!just please think one moment and consider what your doing to your fans and think about the exmaple your doing to your kids

  305. marker says:

    its terrible to know that stephinie meyer might not make midnight sun!!! T_T
    i feel bad for her because i understand how she feels its terrible, and now all her adoring fans are going to feel like that as well….. i want to tell her soooooooo bad that i understnd and 4 her to take her time with writing midnight sun…if she writes it. stephinie PLAESE write it. we all love ur writing soooooo much its sooo sad to think that it might end.

  306. Amiee says:

    I have not read Midnight sun, and I do not plan on it, even if you never finish the book. I would rather read it when it has been published out of respect for you. All four books from the Twilight Saga are amazing, and are my favorite books. I have to say, I really, REALLY hope you reconsider and continue Midnight Sun, even if it’s years from now!

  307. jimmy johns says:

    ok guys just stop with the whining do u really think SM is really going to read these messages. i know ur probly thinking then why did u write this well i wrote it for all the fans that want to read it. if u really want to do something 1. leave her alone to finish the book 2. tell all the fans of the saga to send as much mail about it and demaned it or we wont pay to buy it(then if it is puplished go buy it) 3. (my fav) make forwards, emails, elerts, websited, and even posters if u people that r like im going to cry well boo hoo to u just knock it off and really do something about it if u really care well send me messages back if u have something to say

  308. Becca says:

    I really can't understand why everyone is calling Stephenie Meyer childish.
    One of the reasons the Twilight Saga is so good is because SM puts her heart, mind, and soul into them. That's what makes them great books.
    And SM doesn't put her entire self into Midnight Sun–well, then, it's not worth reading. It won't be as good as the other books, because she won't care as much. It's not right of us, her fans, to EXPECT her to write. We should just be grateful for what she's already given us.
    And, people, she never said she wasn't going to publish MS. She said it was being 'put on hold' indefinitely. That doesn't mean she won't finish it, it just means that she's not going to work on it right now while she figures out her feelings on it.
    Imagine that you're entire life was stolen from you. I'll bet that's what she feels like right now. SM dedicated her entire life to those books–and someone just stole it from her and put it on the internet like it was nothing. She's gotta be pretty upset.
    And I agree that it sucks that she's not writing it. I love the entire Twilight universe and I am kinda upset with her for not continuing on with it right now. I want to see inside Edward's head as much as anyone else on here. And I don't think it's fair for her to punish her fans for one person's mistake. But that one person was one of her best friends, and it has to kill her that they would do something like that. Even if they didn't mean to.
    We need to respect SM a little more. She's given us the best books in the entire world, and we need to be thankful for that. Just quit complaining about how "childish" and "immature" she's being, and give her some space. I'm sure she'll go back to it when she's ready.

  309. jeraka says:

    oh my gosh guys stop overreacting its going to be alright just calm dowm im a little mad at her too but u guys just need to calm down take 3 breaths if u have too

  310. lyndsay says:

    stephanie please dont do this to your fans…i read the whole twilight series in one week i couldnt put the books down…and then i hear about midnight sun the story through edwards eyes i was going crazy looking for it and then i seen on the site what happen and u werent gonna finish the book, i was so upset…dont punish your fans for someone elses mistakes most of us can go out and read the version that got leaked but we well i want you to write the story the way u invision it, come on do what you do…just turn around and make midnight sun the best book out of the series we all know u can do it, ur absolutley brilliant…its gonna be such a disappoinment if u dont finish it and ur gonna lose alot of fans im sure you dont want that

  311. brook says:

    hey.i love twilight and midnight sun chapters1-12 just leave stephenie alone if she wants to spend time with her family let her she can do what she wants she didnt evan have to write midnighht sun but she did so let her do what she wants she is writing midnight sun for evertybody including herself so let her write in her own time

  312. Ashley says:

    I think its so sad that she will not finish midnight sun. I only read the draft once i knew she was not releasing it, and IT WAS AMAZING. its such a disappointment because i so looked forward to reading it. having a look into edwards mind is almost better than reading it from bellas. i still LOVE twilight and the series, and by the way I thought breaking dawn was absolutely enthralling. steph if your reading this please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release midnight sun…it would make a lot of us happy.

  313. Abbe <3 says:

    Dear Stephanie
    i heard about the illegally(i think i spelt that wrong LOL) posted half finished book and i think it was wrong…but that doesnt mean u shouldnt keep writing the twilight series!! when i started twilight a month ago i couldnt stop reading them. i NEED the last book haha that sounded mean i didnt mean it to be but i really do hope you decide to write it again.

  314. Caitlin says:

    um. so. Breaking Dawn was absolutely AMAZING. and i dont understand why some of u are saying otherwise. cuz it was awesome. I mean how would u have liked the book to go differently? i mean seriously. i think it was perfect. and some of u r calling it 'Breaking Down???' and saying it sucked so obviously u didnt even read it that carfully so ur opinion doesnt really matter now does it?
    and as for Midnight Sun. i really hope she can find someway to continue writing it. i completely understand her point of view of this. if she feels badly while writing the book the book might turn out as well as she might have hoped. but i hope she can start feeling better about it soon and finish it. it would make me really happyyyyyyyy.

  315. Micaela says:

    I absolutly ADORED the twilight saga i was soo happy when reading the books i actually started crying i was so happy, yeah, i know it sounds weird but there was just something about those books, the characters, the emotions, its just ….wow i still keep reading the series and every time i finish i start again, like , right away i even read the first bit of midnight sun the first 12 chapters and it was fantastic beyond descriptive words!!!!!!!!!!! i understand how stephenie feels i hate it when my friends take rough drafts of my stories(they werent very good) and tell people without my permission but, and i dont want to sound selfish by asking this,but i really want midnight sun to come out it sounded like it could be even better if continued and even when you know whats going to happen it seems totally different when you are seeing things from Edward's eyes its magical, loving the story at first and giggling at the storey when he finally admits he loves Bella, laughing when he sees her in gym and just reading in awe when you see how much they love each other and knowing both sides i really hope she will finish it because i love it and i really want to encourage her and help in any way i can so this story will be completed. anyway its her story and we have no right to rush her cause no one was even supposed to know its not fair to try to pressure her into this because she has a life with her friends and family and she is NOT!!!!!! our personal writer oh well though i wish the book will join the others all we can do is wait and sorry if i got defensive and came down too hard and may have offended someone but this is only the opinion of one compared to many but truth be told it would make my day. no my decade if this book and the other movies came out truth be told these books make my heart fly:)

  316. Deborah says:

    I loved the books as well. Breaking Dawn was fantastic with a great ending. I am amazed at the anger towards Stephanie Meyer. On her website she said that she was no longer in the right frame of mind to continue Midnight Sun after what happened. People! She feels the way she feels, it's not unprofessional or punishing her fans. How would you feel if someone violated you in a way that was particularly painful to you? Stop being so selfish, we all the the books, but she is a person not a writing machine.
    She has the right to react in any way she reacts, we all do. Having said that, of course I hope she will continue MS if she wants to. She seems like an especially nice and down to earth person.

  317. Donna says:

    I read the books because my 15 year old niece really enjoyed them and wanted me to read them as well. I read all of the series and did enjoy them but I couldn't help get past how similar they all are to Christine Feehans Dark series that she wrote in 1999 starting with the Dark Prince.

  318. heather reid 16 year says:

    ok im really PISSED only cause one person can ruin allof ur hard work. I am really PISSED. i cant believe that u would let sumone just get u down like thay have. OMG am i PISSED. DAMN i cant help but to want to let james have that person..EEEERRRRR. Why did u do that…u stupid dumb ass person. U should be shoot in the foot….lmfao. I cant not express how smad i am. i want to read it and not feel like im doing sumthen bad. and it sucks. but i hope u finish MS..plz do im begging u..i wanna know what the one who heres everyones though thinks!!! i cant say any more cause everone else has already said it. i am still PISSED and prolly will be till she somes out with MS…and who knows how long before that happens. i dont but i anyones know TELL ME!!! i love edward anthony masen cullen<3 so help me contuinue my obsession of him and the books.
    concerned fan
    heather reid

  319. ERICA says:


  320. Maddy says:

    guys…… let her do what she wants….. it's her book
    i loved the whwole series and i read them all in less than 4 days but seriously
    it will kinda ruin the whole edward thing and not being able tto see into his mind
    and you can survive…. the first 12 chapters should be enough and if u know they won't be
    don't read them…..

  321. I <3 Edward Culle says:

    Why would Stephenie Meyer punish us, the Twilight fans? We are the ones who made Twilight what it is today! Stephenie Meyer should NOT be punishing us, instead she should sue whover illegally put it oniline. I love all 4 books so much and i am the biggest Twilight fan EVER!!!!! I was very, very, very, very disapointed when I read this because i was looking forward to reading Midnight Sun, pariculary the meadow scene and when Edward goes to Alaska. Edward Cullen is my favorite character and want to know his point of view too!!! Anyway, I really think that Stephenie Meyer should not have punished her fans, but just the one person that did this.

  322. Logan says:

    people! on stephanie meyers website it says she's going to finish Midnight Sun!!!!!

  323. Amber says:

    OMG!!! I can not believe that someone would do you like that! All i know is I AM IN LOVE WITH TWILIGHT SAGA!!! I NEED MORE WE ALL NEED MORE! YES THE BOOK WAS AWESOME! But to have it from Edwards point would be the BEST please even it takes you a while to get back in the mind frame! please dont cut us off! I am dieing here!!!

  324. emo bella cullen says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO plz plz plz finidh midnight sun i love ur books u cant just stop writing them

  325. marli hoyt says:

    please finish midnight sun, I need something like the story in my life, your books have touched me.
    please finish midnight sun

  326. Megan says:


  327. samantha says:

    hear hear, Stephenie listen to your fan, they are all crying out for you, please finish the book, i just cant bear the thought of you not, its just not fair, heck with the people that dishonered you, think about the fun, dont let us down, Stephenie

  328. bailey says:

    Midnight sun is edwards verison of twlight it seems so cool stephenie is going to let us get to know edward more, about when he first saw bella and the secerts we have never herd of, so i hope stephenie meyer finishs it soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. alex says:

    i think stephinie should post it!!! i dont like that people illegally posted it either, but she has to finish it, now that we know about there being another one!

  330. Marie Elizabeth says:


  331. mini says:

    I totally sympathise with Stephenie Meyer and what happened to her but I feel so let down right now. I was really excited about Midnight Sun and was hoping to get Edward's side of the story. Stephenie Meyer, you are truly a fantastic, highly talented writer, so please continue with Midnight Sun, don't let this event distract you from what you should definetly be doing.
    Not only do your loyal fans deserve Midnight Sun, but also you, you deserve to use your talents to your full potential…please continue with Midnight Sun, we'll love you even more for it x

  332. RHaynes says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Twilight series and when I heard about Midnight Sun I was excited to know that there was more to read in this exciting saga. Being "well beyond" my teenage years or even young adult years, it is even surprising to me that I have become so infatuated with the story. I will be greatly disappointed if Stephanie decides not to finish the book. It is very unfortunate that someone published the manuscript without Stephanie's knowledge or permission but I truly hope she will reconsider and work through her disappointment in the events that have transpired. I trust her professionalism and love of writing will prevail.

  333. Johnie says:

    I think it will be a good book like the other four and I hope she continues it and just forgets about what happend. She is the author of the book and can write it neway she wants. So whatever got put on illegally she can turn around and completly suprise us fans. SHe has done so great with the twilight series and I think this book will be great whether people read the first chapter or so that wasnt supposed to be shown. I do think that that maybe at some point it would be nice for her to write a book that starts with the ending of the 4th book. I want to hear about if the Voultri comes back and if they have to battle them to save R. I wanna hear more about R and Jacob being Jacob gave up a lot for her. I want to read more loving conversatioions between bella and edward. I wana know what happends after the 4th book. She is such A good author that the book would be awesome.! I like it way more than Harry Potter. I read the 1st book in 12 hours and I loved it! I loved all four of them. ANd no matter that people read about the 5th I think everyone will love it!!!!!

  334. Peta says:

    I just finished reading the Twilight saga and have immediately started reading it again. A family member reading the series told me of Midnight Sun, the book Stephenie had started writing. Twilight from Edwards point of view. Unfortunately it had been plastered over the internet by someone she considered a trustworthy person in her life.
    Im sure all of her fans realise how selfishly this person acted and that they have now not only marred the story for the author but also for the thousands of fans that would have been just as in love with that book as they were the others. I hope this person realizes what their actions have done. I'm currently reading the draft copy that she posted on her website. Im finding it fascinating and just as entertaining as the first time I read the book, but I know that when I reach the end I will be disappointed that it finishes mid-story. I can only hope that some day, hopefully soon, Stephenie will be able to overcome her anger of what has happened and be able to complete the book.

  335. Charlene salter says:

    Come on Mrs. Meyer's finish the Midnight Sun book.. We don't need to be punished just because of one person… I really enjoyed all the Twilight books and would love to read this one about Edward was seeing everything… Be strong and finish the book for all of fans…

  336. Autumn says:

    I love all of the Twilight books and the first movie. Stephnie, you did a goo job on thoes, but i dont think that you should wait to finish midnight sun. It isnt fair to all of your fans. I also dont think that anyone should have illegaly published part of it on the internet, but you shouldnt punish your fans for that. I read the 1st chapter that you put on your website, and i love it. I love all of your twilight books, as i have said before, but i dont think that waiting to finish midnight sun is fair to all of your loyal fans. They love you and your books and i would love to see this book, midnight sun, published and sitting next to Twilight, New moon, Eclipse, and Breaking dawn in stores.

  337. Edward Cullen says:

    Stephanie if you read this plz start writing books again…… We love you…… We really love your writing! Don't stop your great talent just because of some low-life who wanted to steal all your credit…. PLEASE KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!

  338. twilightertay101 says:

    stephenie said she might finish the book only if people stop reminding her of midnight sun. she's really sad about what happned and she said she will finish it once people forget about it and then she will publish it so the sooner you guys stop reminding her and telling her to finish the book, she might avtually6 finish it so stop reminding her of it.
    any questions email me at

  339. bobbi says:

    Please stephanie i do understand your reason but i do think it isnt a strong enough reason to stop wrighting. I cried when i heard and im crying now, just so you know if you read this i read the last page of breaking dawn 60 times and i am one of the fans you let down. This is a letdown if you think this is only hurting you then you are wrong. I feel like im in love with Edward and Bella is apart of my life now. So if you think you need time to take a break then take as long as you need because the only i finished breaking dawn was because i heard there was one more book coming out so please if you read this listen because i speak for all of your fans when i say we will suport you all the way.

  340. Celine says:

    I really really want Ms. Meyer to finish Midnight Sun. When I first started reading Twilight, I couldn't put it down for anything. I was getting in trouble in class for not paying attention and not doing my homework because I kept reading. It was like, Immediately after I finished one book, I was reading the next one. I don't think I can live with out reading another book from the Twilight Saga. It is just so amazing. I think I'm speaking for everyone who loves the series that she should keep writing no matter what some jerk did by stealing her first draft. Being a huge fan of Twilight, I would really want to keep reading her series including Midnight Sun. Please Ms. Meyer, keep writing Midnight Sun for all your fans who support you in the Twilight Series.

  341. Taylor Graves <3 says:

    OMG .. i am not a writer or anything specail so i have never had an experince when someone leaked my work ,
    im sure it is a devastating blow,i cant belive someone would be as selfish and cold hearted to do that to stephanie,
    her books have left fans hearts filled and wanting more i am a loyal fan myself i have all the books including the illsutraed movie campoin and the guide to the series,
    i was really looking forward to midnight sun,
    but now someone close to stephanie has ruined it ,
    she was betrayed and i feel for her. i just wanted to let her know that her fans are here for her and we can wait forever!! we love you so much
    and your writing is awsome and leaves us all amazed ,
    i hope soon you feel the time is right to start up midnight sun

  342. amanda davis says:

    I really hope that stephenie meyer continues writing the books because I've already read the 4 book Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn atleast 5 times now so if stephenie reads this then i hope that she continues writing it and i think that people that are a twilight fan would agree with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  343. shania says:

    hurry up and make midnight sun i love the series and i bet that the next is going to be the best.

  344. shania says:

    i love the books she makes. she makes you feel like ur in the book

  345. twilight saga says:

    plese finish the midnight sun. please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please. i am a huge fan and i really want you to publish it please. i read each book a million times and the are the best books. so far ive voted for twilight as the best book of the year on nickolodean's kids choice awards about 50 times. i used all of my e-mail and every single computer. even my friends. please publish it

  346. Laura says:

    What I want to see, or hear is that stephanie is writing more books. She is a amazing writer and i have always loved to read. I don't want her to stop completely because of this mishab. Stephaine, you can right different stories thats not even related to the twilight series. Just don't give up or stop, share your talent with us, so we can enjoy a good story.

  347. Krissie says:

    in a way i understand why she would do this . i mean think about it , her fans cant even wait till she can finish on HER time with HER books . She gave us 4 amazing book to read so far , is that not enough . granted i think that it would be amazing if she just kept writing these books untill the end of time . (haha) but thats not possible . i would say that im ok with her decision , but i wont . I agree that she should be angry , and she has the right , but also i agree with some of you on the aspect of "why punish her entire fan base , over one persons actions . " I see that she may need time to get over the fact that that stupid ass leaked it while she trusted them , but indefinately is just over board . i dont think its fair she is willing to leak some herself , and only do have the work , and drive us all insane knowing we will never know the rest of the story. this is directed towards you stephenie Meyer … I , as upset as i am that you are not finishing what you started , understand where you are coming from . Im very sorry that someone would do such a think to you knowing that its wrong , but are you really willing to let down millions if not billions of fans all for one person ? I understand your anger . really i do , i feel you are obligated to take much time off from finishing till you cool down , but to dis continue the book compleatly is a little over dramatic. betrayal is hard , and i feel that you will hopefully be as edward with this . meaning you will leave , not be heard of for a while (your absense from writing further) leaving bella wondering and lingering through life devistated and hurt, and mostly betrayed. (your fans wishing you would come back and just finish the book because it does upset us believe it or not , you're not the only one who would be betrayed in this situation) but then! out of no where! you come back and realize you cant stay away, its like a magnet and you're compleatly drawn to it, you realize there is no possible way you can stay away for to long . (you come back and continue on because you realize that one person who ruined it is not worth losing all of your fans . )
    Im sorry truely .
    i hope you cool down soon.
    Love Kristina Dube. =]

  348. Rachel says:

    We beleive in you Stephenie please finish the book all your fans are waiting don't let what happened ruin everything your fans really want to read the 5th book.

  349. eve says:

    I hope Stephanie Meyer is able to read this…….I read your books, and i was impressed with your writing and looked you up on your website, which i dont ever do. i came across the midnight draft accidently and started reading it. I have to say W-O-W, i didnt think it could get any better. On your website you talk about a book called The Hunger Game, you mentioned how you couldnt put it down. Thats was exactly me with your books, my heart accelerated, i was litterally hyperventilating, i couldnt sleep at night, this doesnt sound good, but it really is. You dont seem to understand, that i believe your fans will be loyal to youand support you with this book. PLEASE continue writing it. I dont know how many times i read twilight trying to figure out what Edward was thinking after reading your draft, but i dont have such as good imagination as YOU. Please.

  350. TwilightNite says:


  351. Bella says:

    I was sooooooooo exited that Stephanie meyer was coming out with another book in the twilight series! Just because one stupid person put it on the internet before she published it, that doesn't mean she can DISCONTINUE IT! it is SOOOOOOO NOT FAIR TO ALL THE TWILIGHTERS of THE WORLD! I USED TO RESPECT HER FOR WRITING SUCH AMAZING BOOKS. NOW I LOOK DOWN ON HER. THATS NOT FAIR. YOU CANT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU STEPHENIE MEYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  352. *Jennny* says:

    Hey guys, We all want to Read Midnight Sun but, writing is very difficult and it will take a long time to write a story.So if we keep bugging Stephenie like this she might get really upset so lets just give her some time and stop trying to get her to write the story okay?I know this might make some of you Twilight fans angry(i was angry too,Believe me)but if you look at it from her side of the problem and think about it you realize what i'm saying.So try not to go crazy.When she feels up to she will write it and all us Twilight fans will be happy again.

  353. sydnee says:

    stephine myeres needes to write mid night sun by only having one chapter on line she is leaving her fans in the dust. I loved allof the twilight saga witch is suprising to everyone bcause i hated reading but twilight just made whant to keep reading the whole time. I understand her hlding it but not indefintaly because she neds to gives her fans the clouser

  354. reneeeeeeee says:

    omg i loved the chapters so far and this is proberly the best book ever i know that she did only to stop the maddness but the worst thing is the maddness willkeep on contuining because we her obsessed fans would do anything in the world for her to finish the book why punish us for something someone else did i just love it so much she is a very talented writeri and i love love love her books i have cried and have a hudge grin across my face in these books and when it said the end at breaking dawn i was soooooooooo sad there was not going to be anymore intill i heard about this book and know i am obsessed with reading it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  356. Ariana Herbert says:

    OMG!! I can't believe someone would do that to her….I mean i could be a suprise to what Midnight Sun would be about, but why?? Stephenie if you're reading this, can you please finish this book, if you don't e-mail me the whole entire book at lil_ariana12@hotmail.com
    I'd appreciate it.

  357. Ash says:

    I can’t believe Stephanie isnt going to finish MS. I havnt been reading her books long but theyre my absolut favorite series. I truely feel bad about what happened, but to kill the book is rediculous!!!! If anything tis leak saved her career! It’s almost like she doesn’t want her fans bak, like she just wants to stop. but if that were the case, then thats all she had to say. What shes doing now is just causing turmoil and confusion.
    Twilight in Edwards view, in my oppinion, would be alot more interesting than Bellas. for one reason, its not just his point of view. its everyones around hin.Stephanie had the opprotunity to write the biggest book of the centry and she threw it away because of some little leak!!!! if anything i think she knew that too. i think she was planning on it to be just that, but when BD went out as a failure, but it was her only logical answer to save her movie. to me it looks like she leaked it herself. that way it would bring back all of her fans just in time for the movie. once the movie made all the money it could she had no choice but to really kill MS making everyone think that someone else really did leak it.
    okay that was my anger getting the better of me. I highly doubt that she would leak the story herself, but she did need something to get her fans bak and MS did just that. in thruth, i just really want Stehpanie to publish th e book. its not like her true fans wouldn’t read the book just because some of it was on the internet. i would definitely buy the book if it came out. i also know about 20 other girls that would be right behind me(i would be one of the very first people to buy it#!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PREETY PLLEEEAAAASSSSEEE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP, PLEASE STEPHANIE M. Would you please finish Midnight Sun. It would truely mean a lot to your many fans. Even if you wait a whole year to publish it, I promise that I will read it and I know that no matter what, I would love it. I only hope that whoever leaked the story feels terrible! and I hope that this incident has not ruined your passion for writing. Just remember that your true fans will always be with you. Also remember, if you do decide to finish Midnight Sun, that thing is going to be HUGE!!!!!!! I’m talking SOLD OUT HERE!!!!! COME ON!!
    Thank you for reading!!!!!
    #Sorry it was so long, just getting the feeling out!!)

  358. robertfan105 says:

    i think that this sucks because midnight sun would of been great! and who doesnt want to know wat edward was thinking the whole time. i mean they give a brief discussion but wat does he think in his mind? edward cullen is so mysterious and keeps to himself. i want to know why he wants to be friends with bella and why he thinks its wrong. wat is he day dreaming about? is it her? is it alice's thoughts? i need to know! Stephanie Meyer shouldnt ruin everyones hopes on midnight sun. no offense i think she is an amazing author and should definetley write more. fans cant wait and if she is writing good for her but if she isnt SHE NEEDS TO START!

  359. LIz says:

    First of all I'm Team Edward and if SM really not going to publish Ms I"m going to have the biggest burst of anger my whole family will be runn'in for cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean I understand this is going to take time,but you could at least tell us for sure your planning on publishing it somtime in the future! Even if your not thre seems to be a lot of confusion lately so if you got somthing to say come out and say it!

  360. jackie says:

    i have been reading the twilight saga again and again, i think it's time to finish the next book so we will know what happen next to the cullens…. i wanna know what will happen to reneesme since she is different from her parents…. i am going crazy and i couldnt wait for the next book to get published. thanks stephenie, you're such a good writer…..

  361. mazie says:

    i think stephenie shold write the book so what if it leaked that makes fans more eger for the book so please consider writing the book it makes us sad to see you not write it and your fans are not going to like you much if you dont write it so please please please consider writing it.

  362. stev975 says:

    U are such a child, u act like a great crime has been commited yet u take no action against the person who did so.
    So ur so upset u cant finish it, yet ur not upset enought to do anyhing about it, lol
    the innocent suffer for the guiltys crime, it is like putting the victim of rape in jail, and giving the criminal a free pass.

  363. kelsey says:

    i am kinda sad that stephanie meyer didn't finish the book cuz i was really lookin forward to reading it but she did wat she had 2 do i guess.

  364. Ju says:

    Oh my good,
    Stephanie meyer doesn´t understand our love for twilight..
    I´m very in love for this story, and I expect that she will finish this book because if she didn't finish this book I wiil die,
    This story is very beautiful and I love Edward and I think that this book is very good in Edward prespective.
    I hope that stephanie meyer finish the book for all tht people that love twilight.
    (A PORTUGUESE lover of twilight)

  365. Jeni says:

    i think that Mrs. Meyer seriously needs to grow up and get over herself already. i don't want to sound mean, by OH MY GOSH STEPHENIE!!!!! IT'S A FREAKIN' COPY THAT ONLY A FEW OF YOUR FANS READ!!!! Seriously, her little hurt artist thing is getting so old. Steph, i love you – we all do – but punishing us instead of suing the jerk who leaked your story is so not cool. you said you wouldn't sue them, but if your gonna punish someone, it shouldn't be your loyal fans who stuck by you through everything.
    saying this, i can let you know i get your perspective. if you need a break, take one. but please, please, PLEASE publish Midnight Sun for us.
    (i mean, i don't get why the leak was such a big deal in the first place. we all know how the book is gonna end anyway, right?)

  366. Carla says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    I know that you are very frustrated with the fact that someone would do this to you. I could only begin to try and imagine how I would feel.
    I want you to look at it like this for just one moment and understand where your fans our coming from. You have a very gifted talent and I would absolutely love to be in your shoes. However, I know that it is not possible. You have captivated millions of people by this saga. You have given them a world of total love that is unconditional. A love that seems to fade after the begining of a relationship. A love that most people long for.
    I have never been able to read a series because the author would lose my interest. I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Midnight Sun to be released. Honestly I would like to see each book from his perspective. I read what your brother Seth has posted on your sight and I was angry that someone would have to ruin it for us all. I was sad becuase I would not be able to see the whole truth of Edwards perspective.
    This saga has made me look at my relationship with my husband and light the fire back in our relationship. I am actually in the process of reading that saga again. I can't keep my nose out of it.
    Stephenie, I ask that you reconsider your choice and realize that their are millions of people that will support you and purchase your book. Let your fans bring back the enthusiam and desire to finish. I know that millions of fans just like me would deeply appreciate it!
    Thank you for everything!

  367. Anna Kay says:

    I agree, and it is my hope she will find the courage to finish her novel based on Edward's inner world. I am so inspired by Edward, the most beautiful character so far written today, even better than Romeo, oh my gosh, sorry Shakespeare but it's true. Stephanie, please continue to explore your inner Edward, we are all waitingggggggg

  368. Sarah says:

    I was not a huge fan of twilight when it first came out, i could not understand why everyone found it so amazing. And then I read the first book and was intigued by Edward and Bella-i wanted to know more about their character and what would become of them, I did not like how meyer developed the setting, the characters, you really don't feel like you know any of them until you get to the last book. And then i stumbled upon midnight sun on her website. I read all of it immediately. It was amazing. The way that she told every second of edwards agonizing morning trying not to kill bella, and how he analyzed what she thought and why others acted the way they did shows that the twilight series really did have the potential to be an amazingly developed set of books that would leave enough to the readers imagination but allow them to have clarity on the emotions and tendencies of her main characters.
    I am so upset that i cannot finish midnight sun, i think she is being ridiculous about the whole thing. But, I guess i just hope that one day i can actually read the book that twilight could have been. I almost hope she write the entire series over again in his perspective-minus book two, i think that would be difficult.

  369. Arinigawa says:

    please continue writing Midnight Sun. want to read so badly T____T pleaseeeeee

  370. Rosalie says:

    I am 100% with Pholla! Has she completely lost her mind. I have lost all respect for SM. how could she do this to all of her adoring fans?just because she is hurt why should the nation that loves her books and decided not to read the leak suffer as well?To me in my eyes now she is a TRAITER,FAILURE,and a QUITER!!!!!! How could she do this to us?I have literally been crying for days! Why should the nation suffer with her? WHY!Her true readers that are pure did not read the leak and would have waited for the book. So why can't she give them what they have been waiting for for sooo long?Does she hate the nation or the person she trusted that illegaly printed it on the internet? Now when i look at her picture in the back of all 4 of my books it will burn a hole in my eyes and it will feel like an iron dagger was shoved down my throat. It will cause me huge emotional pain to now look at her picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. Taylor says:

    okay so first of all, i truly did like breaking yes i was sort of dissapointed by the way she ended it. but i don't understand why everyone was truly dissapointed in the whole book. except for the fact about a third of it being in jacobs perspective, i liked it. and to comment on remeberlts post. "I know lots of fans of the series who don't participate in online communities and therefore had no idea that this even leaked." lol i mean i seriously didn't here about this until april 2009! so the leak couldn't have been that wide spread and when i visited stephs website i got all excited about hearing about midnight sun and then when i found out that she was acting like a little baby because it got leaked i was really pissed! i mean why punish all of her fans for one persons mistake. and what made me even more mad is that she just put the draft on her site and then said that she wasn't going to finish it. i freaked out when i got the chapter 12 and it ended before they got to the meadow! how could she just (legally) put out half of a book on her site and think that her fans weren't going to plead for more!? i think she handled this situation wrong. she should have explained to her fans that the act was wrong and that she was disapointed, and that she was going to take a few months off to figure the whole situation out and finish the novel once she's had some time with her family. not tell us that she's so upset that shes just not going to finish it and have it on hold indefinetly (btw, that means an uncertain date, so is there hope?) but i've been freaking out ever since a read those 12 chapters and then not knowing what he thinks in the meadow, their first kiss, when he saves her from james!! i mean come on steph, way to leave us high and dry!!!

  372. Ashley says:

    okayy so ya stephenie be upset, we get it. but it's been months and just get over it. your fans still love you anyway so just finish midnight sun! we all want to read it and you putting it on hold odesn't do anything other than make your fans more anxious. i havent even read the draft of midnight sun on your website. and, if you put it on your website, how in the world can you still be mad. it was only a couple of chapters so get over it. AND IF I EVER FIND THE PERSON WHO LEAKED IT, YOU WILL GET HURT!

  373. Sarah says:

    This is P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. Stephanie Meyer is supposed to be a professional author, and should conduct herself as such. Right now she is acting like a fourteen year old fan-fiction writer who has had their plot stolen. People compare her to JK Rowling… well, when the last part of Deathly Hallows was leaked, you did not see Rowling whining on her website! No, Hallows was released and was extremely successful. Stephanie needs to take a deep breath, remember that she has a story left to tell, and keep on going.

  374. briahna says:

    I am very sad that Stephenie might not finish Midnight Sun but i mean i hope she decides to write it because i love the Twilight Saga and i love how she writes.

  375. yajaira says:

    ok so you are mad because somebody posted illegally posted your draft
    that doesnt mean that u have to stop with midnight sun dont let one thing get on your way i really think your a great authore and i really think you sude fines that book why because all of your fanes are conting on you i belive in you we all belive in you i really think that you can fines these book
    and trust me no one is going to forget midnight sun if u fines that book i beet midnight sun is going to be one of the best saling book just like twilight because everyone whats to read midnight sun
    am really sad about what happen but i really think that you sudent stop just becasue a little error was made i think you sude finesit for your fanes that hase your back "doing for us your fans"
    i relly hope you fines that book

  376. lizzie .a. 15 says:

    hi i am a biggest fan and is wondering when midnight sun is coming out. i know that thier had been things that happen and i cant wait for the book to come out…. and i do hope the people that illeagly posted mid.sun feel bad.
    elizabeth adkins .15.

  377. twilight fan says:

    I agree with most people here. I understand why she wont publish it but I really do hope she would just get on with it already I am dying here. After reading the first 12 chapters I can't wait till the next chapters come out, I find it very unfair especially when I found out that it is supposed to come out August 30 2010. Why do we have to wait so long it is just evil.

  378. mrs.cullen says:

    Stephanie i can not believe you are doing this. This means so much to me and all of your fans. You always say you love your fans but if you really did love all your fans then you would do what we all are NICELY asking you. Stephanie we have supported you through this whole book and your fans are the ones that made this book so successful so we are asking for one thing in return, that is to finish midnight sun. Please, for us?

  379. Missy says:

    OMG how immature can she be???…stop writing the book and leaving this stupid cliff hanger and makes everyone wonder what's going on? so unprofessional…either don't write it in the first place or finish the book then end the series…for god sake..be a little bit more professional !!!!

  380. susy says:

    As an artist, I can truly understand her disappointment. One has to be inside the fictional world in order to create. It's no revenge on her part. She has moved on.
    I read somewhere that Robert Pattinson might share some ideas with Stephanie for a continuation of the story after Breaking Dawn. I hope it was true. Somebody should inspire Stephanie. I would really like to see the Volturi disappearing from the planet.
    (In fact I think Summit is the Volturi in my mind at the moment after all they've done to Twilight: Catherine Hardwicke, Rachelle Lefevre, taking someone like Slade in… I wish Stephanie Meyer would make the next contract with some other company.)

  381. PRgirl says:

    People – everything is a PR move in this day and age. The fact that there are 380 comments as I write this note is more proof of the popularity of this franchise. She may be building hype and planning on finishing after all… that's my guess. This is a guaranteed hit just like all the rest and on a business level, I would be shocked if she really never finishes it.

  382. sara says:

    Before i read the twilight series, I only read books that were short. Now that i have read the Twilight series I am only fasinaghted with bigger books that are higher levels and i read them faster, but none compare to the Twilight series. I was waiting for the book Midnight sun to come out and came to a surprise that someone posted it on the internet illegally. I was stunned that someone could betray the trust of Stephinie. I hope she will write the book, but i also hope she will recover from being betrayed like that. I also hope she is able to recover so i give her a good regard and hope she will recover because it must hurt to have someone betray your trust.

  383. nicky says:

    i think she should finish the book and what "frame of mind" she is on right now? i just hope she finish the book

  384. nicky says:

    i think because who ever posted her rought draft made people want to read it more if she would wirte the whole book with the 'accident' giong on people will buy it probably more than the others

  385. nicky says:

    i understand that you are hurt because who ever did that made you mad but please finish the but even though i have read partial of it that is not enough i have never known that edward felt that way and so fast but of course i knew he loved her but that desire of being with her please finish the book it will mean the world to your fans incuding me

  386. Miricale Thomas says:

    You absolutely have to write Midnight Sun!!!!! I really must read it!! I heard that it is freakin funny and interesting at the same time!! Please write it, please?:~(!!!

  387. Tammy says:

    I heard now she is gonna write it because a person talked to her about all the fans being sad and all so she said she'll finish it!!!!!! But it will take time… YAY!!!!!!!!!

  388. twilightfan4ever! says:

    i hope stephenie will wright it to the very last!!! i just cant wait 4 the book midnight sun!!!! xoxo!

  389. Caroline Sachs says:


  390. stacey says:

    while i feel for ms. myers and how sad she must feel but us her fans had nothing to do with the leak. we all love her twilight books and want more. its like a drug for us. we should not continue to be punished over something we did not do or controll. i as a fan never read her 5 book till she put it on her web site. and it only leaves me wantin more

  391. marrissa says:

    im mad i will cry if she buts this book out because i love edward and him and bella should be together not her and jacob

  392. Chelsayyy says:

    I just read the uncompleted draft to Midnight Sun. And i am very sad and kinda pissed that she would not continue to finish it. Even if she lets the public read the uncompleted draft of Midnight Sun. WE ARE ALL STILL GOING TO BUY THE BOOK TO FIGURE OUT THE REST OF WHAT EDWARD IS THINKING!! She hasn't really lost anything? So i understand why she doesn't want to complete it. But still i think its a little selfish. She should understand that her TRUE fans are still excited and still have the same interest in Midnight Sun and still want to read and understand fully what Edwards true feelings toward Bella are. I mean hell she could write the whole thing minus the last paragraph and "accidentally" post it and i would still go and buy it! Its ridiculous shes postponed finishing it. Look girl we all understand that you were betrayed but your fans are still here waiting. So PLEEAASSEEE finish it!? Please? :]

  393. Nancy says:

    I totally completely agree with Pholla, the first commenter. I wish she would not blame the twilighters for another's wrong doing but I totally agree that she is upset about what that person did. It was very wrong of that person to do that when S.M. would trust him/her that much.

  394. Ansune says:

    Personally I think that Stephanie should continue with the story. I think that a story from Edwards point of view is exciting, because I have always wanted to know what his thoughts were as well as his feelings in certain situations. I want to know the real and full story. The release of the draft was a set back, but things like that happen.
    I can understand how Stephanie must have felt, because trust have been broken, but just look past it and write a new and better story. Do not let things like that get you down and make you change your mind. The whole Twilight series was a success. Why shouldn't Midnight Sun get a chance to be a success. I personally think it would be another hit.
    I love all the books and it would be aweful if this book and ideas would have to go to waste as well as the time that went into the draft. Please reconcider…

  395. Savannah Valdez says:

    i think she sould still roght the book…..she shouldint stop cuz some one didi tht… she should find out who they are andsue them for what they did and countine on with the story… cuz i really really wnt to read it…ill die if she doesint right it….

  396. ana dean says:

    i think that stepanie meyer should finish writting midnight sun. i would be upset too if my stuff was leaked. there are so many people out there that love the whole series and i really want to read the whole book! i love the whole series for real!!!

  397. BRANDII ELBERT says:


  398. don Lajiness says:

    My girlfriend is a hugh fan and she is reading midnight sun online but for christmas I wanted to make her a present and print this out for her. She just had eye surgury and the computer hurts her eyes I would like to make a book to go with all of setphenie meyers books of twilight. She has all but midnight sun. My idea was to print the pages from the internet and make a cover for her with Sephenie Meyer info and midnight sun on it as well of pages. Please make her christmas rememberable and let me print this for her. print online is fine.
    Donald Lajiness

  399. Lilly Clifford says:

    Stephanie Meyer is such a great author! I hopet that she does continue and publish Midnight Sun. I will wait as long as it takes and if she does not publish it then it is her choice. But I sure hope that she DOES publish it..

  400. harlene degaetano says:

    i hope this book comes out

  401. kaylah says:

    I love twilight! it is the best book i've ever read!
    my friend recommended me 'Twilight' to read from school so i took the book home and i COULDN'T unglue my eyes from the brilliant pages that made my life my imaginative and full of wonder… it made my life…more… fun.
    i had the book over dued by a month because i loved it sooooo much.
    i have read the whole saga 23 times (i keep a telly) and i'm not tiered of them yet!
    I brought the saga so i aslo read random chapters out of the books. and i got my brother into it too (just recently).

  402. Ruksaad says:

    i agree with ''Amirah''
    pleaseee write the story
    i want to know what happens in the meadow from edward's point of vieww !!
    pleasee write the whole thing !!!!

  403. louise says:

    i was under the impression that the email version was a taster for the fans, i have a copy but have decided to delete it without reading after finding out it was an illegal version. i think if we knew this wasn't supposed to be released and that stephanie would be so devastated by it and stop writing, alot of people wouldn't have read it. argh!! if only there was some way to contact her and let her know that she doesn't have to be disappointed by her twilight saga fans and maybe give her some inspiration to carry on with midnight sun and not kill every-one off, lol. such a shame and a waste, i have never been into the vampire stories or sci-fi in general, but this one really took my heart, i didn't even know there would be more, was so happy to find out the edward and bella (team edward!!! lol) story wasn't over yet, why do people have to spoil it for every-one else!!! its so not fair!!! *stamps feet in defiance*

  404. xelina13 says:

    i know its already been a year sinse this commotion happened,but for once people,SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!ya,im pretty ticked about midnight sun being on hold,but no need to hold it against stephenie.she gifted us these books and we are greatful for that,but the more you call her a child, immature,overreactive,etc.then she is going to feel more guilty.or worse.she is trying her best and deserves some support.just e-mail or letter her and tell her how you feel. but nothing harsh.make a petition also and send it to her.maybe she'll change her mind and publish it.

  405. Breeana says:

    I am currently, so upset that there are no words to describe it, and at the same time so very sad at/for Stephanie. I am upset because she started the story, one incident happens and ALL her fans have to suffer from an unfinished and high wanted story from. I sad at/for Stephanie because she worked so very hard on her 'Twilight Saga' and when she didn't HAVE too,started a new story for her fans from Edward's perspective, only to have someone post it online illegally and cause her to stop writing the story. The person she trusted, so very dear, betrayed her. So, I understands where she's coming from.
    Hopefully, with her fans on her side, and the past betrayal behind her, she will continue her story, giving everyone a chance to enjoy the FULL (REVISED) COMPLETE version of 'Midnight Sun.' I truly believe, that if we give her time she will finish her book. Until then, I'll be happy with the up and coming "Eclipse"(June 30.2010) and "Breaking Dawn"(Coming Soon 2011) movies and her future work.

  406. Aishwaria says:

    i love the twilight series and dont get tired of reading it again and again.
    its really upsetting that SM wont be writing the rest of the book but im keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a miracle!! its been almost a year and a half since the incident occured and i really hope she gets over it soon. until then we just have to wait and watch and pray.
    but in case u happen to read this SM, im a huge fan and im begging u to write the entire book….. i swear ill be the first one to buy it!!

  407. Hanna says:

    She is letting her fans down. She is being selfish and inconsiderate. Yes, so what if some did leak? get over it and finish the book! Everyone wants to know what Edward is thinking.
    wow. I thought so much of her now I rate her next to dirt.

  408. Christi Lowell says:

    If you do read this please know that you have more fans that seem to be really upset, and I'm sure that you do. Honestly I was told about Midnight Sun and it wasn't til 3 days ago I read up on it. I really do hope that you finish Midnight Sun and also do another series on Twilight with Edwards thoughts. I am very sorry for what has happened and my he or she gets pay back for what they did to you. It wasn't right! Please don't let someone's mistake get in your way of writing your books. I love the Twilight series, and honestly your books are the only books that I have over and over. Htey are wonderful. You write as if you were there watching all of this happen. It is WONDERFUL!! Please continue to write in Edward's thoughts.

  409. Brandie says:

    I feel that she is being petty. Isn't the whole point of art (writing, art, movies etc) solely created to share with an audience?
    Especially now that she is creating this Bree Tanner story. She obviously wants to continue to bank off the Twilight machine but continue to hold a grudge against this person who leaked it. This inevitably punishes her fans. This attempt at redemption-offering a limited time free download to fans-is cheap and transparent. If she really felt compelled to give the fans something more, give them what they want-the completed Midnight Sun series.
    This is the

  410. ashley says:


  411. Danni says:

    I Really hope she finishes Midnight Sun. It was what got me through a rough period of my life. I would reread them over and over again.

  412. Tera says:

    she has to finish it. i hate tht she stopped. she should contiune no matter wat there is a bunch of pplz out there tht want to read it and shes letting them down. COME ON PPLZ FINISH IT!!!!!!!!!

  413. Alice says:

    This is so not fair! Why did someone have to go and put it on the internet. Were they really that thoughtless as to not think of the consiquences first? They should have waited like the other 2 billion people in this world. I just started getting into Twilight last year when I was in 7th grade, after all the book's but Bree's had come out, so the only thing I had to wait to come out was the Eclipse movie. So, I know it's hard to wait but it's not impossible. This just made mr very sad when I saw she was putting it on hold indefintley. It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch.

    • kourtney says:

      I know. It will so sade if she don't finsh it.I have been waiting almost a year for her next book.I don't know what i would do if she don't finsh midnight sun.

  414. Jennifer says:


  415. ray says:

    im glad shes not gonna write it,,it would mess up the twilight series its a total new view on it it would screw everything up.. twilight series is perfect as is leave it alone..write new things..love all her books!!!

  416. Hudna says:

    I wish she would finish writing Midnight Sun and even continue beyond that! I have never been a reader….at least not until all of my girlfriends and my MOTHER kept hounding me! After reading all of the books, I am saddened that it does not continue! She could even keep going after Breaking Dawn! There is still so much story to be told! I hope that Stephanie knows what kind of impact she has truly made to the people who have read this series….especially for people like me who never got into the whole reading thing! I really, really hope to see her come out with more additions to the Twilight Saga….I know that a whole lot more people than just me that would please! PLEASE KEEP GOING STEPHANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  417. timberline says:

    I am so glad to see such great writing talent out there. Especially the kind of books you can’t put down until you have finished the book.

    Too bad she doesn’t want to write anymore. Looks like I’ll be reading the” vampire academy” series. Hope you write again Ms. Meyers.

  418. Jenna says:

    This sucks for me , I am HUGE twilight fan i'm going crazy,with just waiting ,to get breaking dawn from my city library,I thought this Midnight sun would be interesting…But I guess I cant read it now!
    Im just asking as a fan ,when you have enough mental strength, could you try to write it?
    Please, I love your books, But just as a fan im asking,Please if you can write back!

  419. Jenna says:

    AHHHHHHH PEOPLE RELAX!!!!! And stop comparing this to Harry Potter, It's annoying. Stephenie Meyer can make a choice: to finish the book, Or not. But we are going to have no say in her decision. I read the publish chapters because i was bored, and yes i would like her to finish what she started. BUT ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. so stop whinning and get on with your lives.

  420. Stephenie Meyer says:

    Dear Fans,
    I did not want my readers to experience Midnight Sun before it was completed, edited and published. I think it is important for everybody to understand that what happened was a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being. As the author of the Twilight Saga, I control the copyright and it is up to the owner of the copyright to decide when the books should be made public; this is the same for musicians and filmmakers. Just because someone buys a book or movie or song, or gets a download off the Internet, doesn't mean that they own the right to reproduce and distribute it. Unfortunately, with the Internet, it is easy for people to obtain and share items that do not legally belong to them. No matter how this is done, it is still dishonest. This has been a very upsetting experience for me, but I hope it will at least leave my fans with a better understanding of copyright and the importance of artistic control.

  421. Stephenie Meyer says:

    So where does this leave Midnight Sun? My first feeling was that there was no way to continue. Writing isn't like math; in math, two plus two always equals four no matter what your mood is like. With writing, the way you feel changes everything. If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn't dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely.

  422. Stephenie Meyer says:

    I'd rather my fans not read this version of Midnight Sun. It was only an incomplete draft; the writing is messy and flawed and full of mistakes. But how do I comment on this violation without driving more people to look for the illegal posting? It has taken me a while to decide how and if I could respond. But to end the confusion, I've decided to make the draft available here (at the end of this post). This way, my readers don't have to feel they have to make a sacrifice to stay honest. I hope this fragment gives you further insight into Edward's head and adds a new dimension to the Twilight story. That's what inspired me to write it in the first place.

  423. Michelle says:

    Heaven only know if Stephanie Meyer's will ever really see this but i can still express how I feel. I have never took to reading very well, not that I couldn't but that books never interested me when I could just watch a movie. The first book I really read was, In The Line Of Fire, and I only read it for a guy. I never got into the book and I can't even count how many years ago that was. However with the Twilight books coming out I loved reading them even thought it took time for me to read them, as I am very slow at reading and wanted to really get into the books. I cried, laughed and felt what was going on as I read. I have read them over and over again and if I watch the movies I want to read them again. Oh dear Stephanie I can only hope and pray that one day you will let the Cullen's live from the grasps of Jamie and his coven and regain the will to write more books in this series with other charactors in mind. I would love to hear tails of the life before of …Alice, Rosile, Emmett, Jasper, Jacob and others you may want to write about. I could say sorry for the ones who posted Midnight Sun but I am only sad that they showed me that there could be more out there and I am craving more. I have bought other books and tried to read more hoping that the Twilight Saga has inspired me to read, but sadly I just don't find other books exciting. Can Twilight be over done, sure but a couple more will never hurt. I will look and watch for what you bring next. And thank you for getting me to read books even though they maybe only yours I love so much!

  424. Miss Rama Muzumdar says:

    I Just wish that she would complete the Midnight Sun soon.We her Fans at least deserve this.

  425. Anonymous says:

    NNOOOO….!!!! Stephenie plz You have to write midnight sun..its so unfair to your fans..We all have been waiting so eagerly for this book…You can wite Dusk afterwards…I started reading novels bcoz of ur Twilight..plz plz plz write Midnight Sun

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