‘Twilight’: The final trailer is here

Oct. 10, 2008 | 12:37 a.m.

It’s bigger, faster, stronger — just like Edward himself.

Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer

Thoughts? On Robert Pattinson’s American accent? (I heard some British in there, but maybe it’s just me.) On the music choices? On the fact that the trailer practically shows you the entire movie?

Leave ’em below.

— Denise Martin

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79 Responses to ‘Twilight’: The final trailer is here

  1. Tina says:

    Love the trailer! And is it just me, or do all trailers show us the entire movie?

  2. Tegan says:

    I like the trailer — especially the kiss! — but I like Phil Collins more…

  3. sam says:

    It looks great – robs voice sounds a little odd but it may just be the background music so you can't hear too well. I kinda disagree trailers shows the main idea of movies, they don't tell the story though and that's the important part, and what makes the movie.

  4. Kristen says:

    I absolutely LOVE the trailer!!
    The music at the beginning…. a lot of people who haven't read the book may think it's weird because they don't know the whole tribe background in the book… but I thought it was great.
    I think its so cool how Rob can drop his accent. You know how some people fake British accents? I wonder if that's how he does it… lol

  5. Lee says:

    I love the trailer. I don't think they revealed to much, since it was a combination of both previous trailers, with a little extra footage for all the fans who can't wait for the movie. I don't think this will hurt box office sales. Twilight fans will be eager as ever to see the movie coming out this November. I can't wait.

  6. D says:

    The dialogue sounds incredibly akward.

  7. jenny says:

    SOOOO GOOOD!!! cant wait!!!! ahhhh yay!!!!

  8. Robyn says:

    If he spoke with a fake french accent, I would still go see it. I think his accent is perfectly fine.
    And those sweeping panoramic shots are simply stunning! I can't wait to see this movie!

  9. Natasha says:

    I loved the new trailer! I thought it really defined the movie a lot more, not to mention quenched my eyes!!!! :) I, personally, think that Robert's voice is AMAZING whether he uses his British accent or not. In fact, if I didn't know that he even had a British accent, I probably wouldn't have even known the difference since his American accent just seems to come so naturally. ( It seems- I'm not saying that it actually was easy :) ) But anyways, the trailer looks great, not to mention the people in it, and it just makes it even harder to wait around for the movie to be released!!!! But since when wasn't it hard?

  10. Brittany says:

    Who plays this song?

  11. I <3 edward culle says:


  12. Spider Monkey says:

    The trailer is fantastic!!! :) I almost had a heart attack while watching the kissing scene! Haha! :)
    But i agree that they might have shown too much. I think the prom scene was unnecessary.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I thought that was a really good trailer. I would go see the movie no matter what Rob's accent was. :D i can't wait!

  14. apple says:

    i love the trailer. i can see that they remained as faithful to the book as possible. this is the best week ever!!!

  15. Candice says:

    So good, finally a trailer that long enough to inspire me to see it opening night!

  16. Alice Cullen says:

    I love the trailer; Rob looks fantastic, sounds fantastic and basically IS fantastic as Edward. Kirsten is so natural, she became Bella. The action scenes appear to be robust enough to draw in the guys, and the romance is totally captivating. Can't wait to by tickets for this! Also can't wait to get the DVD.

  17. gueyhoo says:

    The way Kristen, maybe even Rob (though I was too busy being "dazzled" to notice), delivered some of his/her lines felt… off…I hope this is due to editing for the trailer and not a reflection on the actual performance. It also felt kinda choppy…too many quick cuts…
    Listen to me…I'm complaining, but I've watched the trailer at least 10 times, and squealed like a 13-year-old girl (though I'm 23) during each viewing.

  18. There are no words created that could cover the extent to which I loved that trailer. None. Very impressed. They didn't reveal too much at all, but oh boy…just enough to whet our appetites and get everyone pumped! I can honestly say that I actually want the see film even more now, having seen that trailer. And my fiance admitted, that he actually wants to see this now, solely based on this trailer. Impressive indeed.
    If a picture is worth a thousand words… http://i35.tinypic.com/sfi1xi.jpg
    Well-done Catherine and Summit!!

  19. LoveTuFawning says:

    Loved the trailer!!
    I don't feel they showed you everything, but if you are new to Twilight they basically laid out the story for you. They just left out the details. : )
    As a fan of the books I really apprieciated the new parts, but how the story and the intention of the book is still there.
    It's like I can go to the theatre AND still be surprised by a story I know so well.
    My husband asked about Robs voice, when I told him he was British then he was like oh ok I get it. I thought he sounded fine, Edward does have an old fashioned way of talking.

  20. Annett says:

    I love the trailer, I cannot wait to see the movie!

  21. Lua says:

    I didn't like the cinematography, the colors look too harsh. Also I have a huge problem with Kristen's acting. In every scene her facial expression is the same and her voice is so dull. But, I will go see the movie because I want to know if Robert has any real acting talent or he's just a very likable guy….

  22. Team Edward!! <33 says:

    The music adds SO MUCH suspense and drama into it. I JUST CANT WAIT TO WATCH IT!!! edward and bella's kiss… *drool* haha it was soo irressistable! but the part how they zoomed to bella's mouth when she said "vampire"…. that was abit weird lool.

  23. ruth says:

    I loved Rob's beautiful and sensuous accent. I was hanging on his every word. Its impossible for him to be hotter. I'm actually more excited to se him as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes but Twilight will do until I can enjoy that film. I dont think most people will have eyes for anyone but Rob in this film as he has such amazing screen presence.The trailer does a great job of selling the film to people who havent read the books. I'm very impressed. I hope Rob can move on from these films soon and work on more quality films like Little Ashes. he's too good an actor to be trapped in teen romance films. Di Caprio did well after Titanic and I am sure Rob will do the same. It will be nice to have a Brit at the very top in Hollywood. I'm fed up of the aged stars like Pitt and Clooney. I want to see some fresh blood. Rob reminds me of a mix of James Dean and Johnny Depp.

  24. andrea says:

    The trailer was excellent and the music unusual but I liked it. Pattinson is just amazing, I could watch him all day. His accent in this is laconic and enticing. I find it supremely exciting and erotic. The special effects are much better than I was expecting – the tree scenes work really well. Who wants to see the supporting actors when you have Rob and Kristen on screen -not me. Hardwicke did right. People have been swooning over the kiss and I can see why. So now we know Rob can kiss brilliantly too. I suspected as much. You lucky lucky girl Kristen.
    Good to see I'm not the only on really excited to see Rob as Dali in Little Ashes. The water scene alone sounds very special. Rob will definitely become a superstar because he has the perfect mix of talent, versatility, charisma, danger, charm,humour and sex appeal. Phew a heady mix.

  25. Jamie says:

    I LOVE TWILIGHT and I LOVE the trailer! I think his voice was great and so was everything else in the trailer! It is perfect.
    I can't wait!

  26. spuddevaughn says:

    I had seen all the trailers and this is the best one yet. I know there are people who were a bit underwhelmed by it but I personally loved it. I was also a little bit afraid that Rob's accent might be a problem but it was okay and if ever he did slip up I'm certain it will not take away from the movie because we have to remember that Edward lived during the 1900s and I'm pretty sure Americans during those days spoke a little bit differently than the people now. I know some people might say that most of us are biased because we are Twilighters but honestly speaking the trailer was good and if someone who is not into Twilight saw it in the theaters they would probably want to see the film just out of curiosity or because it is good. Rob also nailed the part. I don't see Rob Pattinson…all I see is Edward.

  27. JcN says:

    Yeah, his accent is a bit off, but I can overlook that, seeing as how I'd most likely murder an english one, myself. (I'll give him a little leeway on it.) And the dialogue DOES seem a bit awkward, like someone said above. But I'm trying to keep in mind these are merely snippets and, taken out of context, they can seem a bit off.
    I don't think they showed too much of the story. It's the blossoming romance that's the heart of the book, and you can't get that out of a minute-long trailer. However, I wish they'd not included the prom scene. That would have been nice to save for a big "ahh" effect in the movie, but I'm sure they still have some zingers to throw at us that they're keeping under wraps.
    Bottom line: the only thing I'm worried about is the dialogue.

  28. Monica says:

    I loved Robert's accent, he doesn't sound like the typical american boy, he sounded very old-fashioned. I mean, he is a century old… Heck, if he kept his british accent I wouln't mind a bit!
    The trailer was epic, I tell you, epic. I hate myself for watching it in youtube, it would have been so much better on TV. The music choices just builds up the intensity, I am amazed by it. Like when they gave a shot of Forks, and the music comes in, it speaks for us, a small town with an out-of-this-world creature living in it.

  29. jamie says:

    remember that he's almost 100 years old and back then they were very proper, bringing some of that British upper classiness so maybe his accent will work, after all he is a gentleman.

  30. Myriam says:

    IT IS PURE AWESOMENESS. That's what it is!!
    His accent is just fine. I'd listen to him read receipes forever.

  31. Erica says:

    A superb trailer. It completely lived up to high expectations and the director needs a pat on the back. What can I say about the acting – its fantastic and the chemistry between Pattinson and Stewart is the best I've seen in years. Pattinson in particular will b a huge star. There was huge pressure on him and he has delivered an intense, charismatic performance. I love that slow smooth delivery of his. Its very effective and so erotic. I cant wait to see him in other roles.

  32. elizabeth says:

    This trailer made my heart pound. I feel silly getting so excited about something like this. My husband thinks I'm ridiculous. Regardless, great preview. I can agree with people about the prom clip and actually, I wished they'd left the kiss out. It was amazing but it was one of those moments in the book where I held my breath and I was kind of looking forward to the "ooh, aahh" moment in the theatre. It's cool, though. Still amazing. I've already accepted that it's not going to be exactly like the book so I'm grateful to see that they're being faithful to the spirit of the book. I think the casting was dead-on, especially for Stewart and Pattinson. I've already cleared an entire day to watch this film repeatedly opening weekend. So glad it's almost here! I'm going crazy!

  33. Dawn says:

    Okay, so yesterday was the much-anticipated final TW trailer. What did I think?
    MANY THINGS. At first I was numb and really don't think I could think. Then, my heart was beating out of my chest. It was totally surreal. I mean, these books that have been living in my head (and the head's of millions of others) forever now played out in front of me on my computer screen. I wonder what it's like to be Stephenie…how she must feel to see it, her dream, in full color. Rob has always been my PERFECT Edward. From the start, I LOVED HIM as Edward. Now even more seeing it played out. I honestly don't know how I am going to stand the movie. The trailer almost gave me a heart attack. I must give Kristen a shout out too, she was pretty good, AFTER I got over the major jealousy that she got to kiss MY ROB, then I thought, she is a good Bella. Not as good as I WOULD HAVE BEEN, but then Bella probably would not have been cast as a 36-year-old housewife from Oklahoma!
    I can't wait to see more of the Cullen's. The part where the 3 are jumping into the fight scene…WOW. I can't wait to see more of ASHLEY as ALICE. WHOOT-WHOOT! I am still a little woozy this morning from the onslaught of Twilight-related stuff this week and last. I am now headed over to MTV to read their blow-by-blow synopsis of the trailer, then watch it again. If I had makeup on, I would for sure tape myself, but since it is really early here, I have not gone on my run yet, I am not putting makeup on just to take a shower after my run and have it all run off…wasteful!!! LOL. So just imagine me, glued to my seat, screaming out, I LOVE YOU EDWARD, I MEAN ROB, I MEAN EDWARD or KRISTEN, HE IS MINE! HANDS OFF. Totally irrational things to scream, yet those are the things that pop in my mind.
    I am in AWE of Catherine Hardwicke and Melissa Rosenberg for the GREAT JOB they did bringing this book, this series that is so close to my heart, to the big screen in a manner fitting Edward. All the conjecture and speculation of the last months about how they could not pull it off…I am MORE than impressed with this final trailer. My dream (BESIDES ROB) is to work for Catherine or Melissa. That would be awesome to mentor under either of these women. WOW.

  34. Sharon says:

    Loved the trailer.
    It actually comforted me, more than the previous ones, that the director and actors have a good handle on Stephenie Meyer's series. Some emotional scenes showed excellent chemistry between the lead actors (a must for this book).
    Very happy with the trailer and am looking forward to seeing the entire film…and watching Rob Pattinson's career blossom! I'm wondering if he knows what's about to hit him fully. ;-)

  35. Kara R. says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the trailer. His accent in my opinion was done very well, just how I envisioned Edward to sound. It sounded classic (that may be due to his true British accent coming out a slight bit) but it also has a boyish tone which is the innocence that Edward tries to convey. When he sounded demanding in the part where he says "Say it" I absolutely melted because it still sounded so sweet yet electrifying. The music definitely set the mood but I've always enjoyed music with an intense vocal track, so I was biased with the perfection it made for me. When it comes to them revealing majority of the movie I feared it would be too much but I think they did a good job of keeping it even. We were still bombarded with many shots we had already seen but there were also a fair amount of new things to keep us on our toes. They still haven't showed anything in the way of Bella first arriving in Forks, her mother, the other Cullens and the Hales, Jacob or the other Quileutes, her classmates, etc. I still feel like I have much to look forward to but this should hold me over for the next month or so.

  36. almdubv says:

    The music was a little weird. At first, I was like, oh hey, LOTRs! Then I though it sounded like some crazy techno. And THEN, I got so wrapped up in the trailer, I didn't hear the music anymore, but those first few seconds are a killer. It's darn creepy.
    Not the biggest fan of trailers who show pretty much the entire movie – not just Twilight, but in general. I think they could have cut back on some of the Cam action, and thrown in more about Bella and Edward in school. In the first book, Bella being a new student is pretty important – I would have liked to see more of Mike or some other characters, especially Alice. Her and Bella have as important a relationship as her and Edward do.
    Overall, it looks decent for a low budget flick – I think that the directors, writers, and producers worked extremely hard to make this film as good as possible with their limited budget. There are a lot of great details and little inside jokes (apple or vegetarian plate anybody?) that they didn't have to include, but took the time to. I'm not sure if the movie will be that great, but I know that everyone worked very hard on it, and that's all you can really ask for.
    I don't anticipate Twilight to be a huge blockbuster. And I'm also wondering how long it will be before it's pirated and on the net, and no one goes to see it in the theaters, because it's already available somewhere online. The Twilight series has been plagued by that lately, and I'm sure it might affect the box office figures for the movie.

  37. Jenny says:

    I love Rob's accent. Sounds very sexy to me. I dont hear any brit in there at all. If youve read the books you know whats happened! and if you havent it doesnt give it all away. The kiss was incredibly erotic. Love the trailer.

  38. twilightfanbrasil says:

    Amazing Trailer… Rob and Kristen, as always, wonderful.

  39. Melissa says:

    Loved it. LOVED it. I was excited before, but this has taken it to a new level.
    The colors are just beautiful!!

  40. Dee says:

    I loved, loved, loved (ohh yea!) loved it!!!!!! Now waiting until November 21st is going to be even more difficult because I can now see how fantastic the end-product turned out. I don't know about anybody else, but the chemistry between Rob and Kristen just sizzles and crackles and even pops!!! Even if the dialogue in the movie doesn't live up to all the hype, the chemistry between these two will carry it through…they make such a far- fetched story believable…as for ppl's comments regarding Kristen's acting, I thought she did a great job (remember ppl we are only watching 2-mins of very edited and clipped performances) I felt she did a wonderful job of protraying Bella who was constantly struggling with her inner thoughts and trying to hide things from Edward, especially in the beginning…as for Rob he blew me away…I was expecting him to be good, but he took a character who had the potential to be very one-dimensional and made him multi-faceted…he says so much with his eyes…the intensity is incredible!!! and the accent was down-right sexy…I wonder if this is the most over-analyzed trailer in the history of film trailers…??? I for one will be going as soon as it opens on the 21st!!!!

  41. skip says:

    I had to laugh as the EW review of the trailer says they think Rob sounds like Brando so quite a difference in opinion. I think he sounds wonderful. Just the right mix of old american. He's meant to be 107 so his voice isnt meant to sound too modern. I thought the trailer did a great job of attracting people who havent read the books. 10 out of 10 from me. The kiss was sensational. Lucky Kristen. I hope Rob gets a whole new franchise to himself next year something like Clash of the Titans. I can see him as Perseus. I do have a big desire to see him as F Scott Fitzgerald in a new film thats being developed with with Keira Knightly

  42. Abi says:

    Rob sounds other worldly – mega sexy. The accent is perfect. I cant think of any other actor with such charisma. I sit open mouthed watching him as he excites me so much. I thought the trailer was spot on. It needs a wide audience and I think it did a great job of trying to appeal to the masses. Kristen doesnt convince m but Rob's screen presence more than makes up for that. I so want to se Rob as Dali in Little Ashes. The fan reviews after seeing the world premiere are so amazing I am green with envy.

  43. TinaO says:

    I don't think it shows the whole movie – they haven't even shown Jacob (remember Jacob?), Billy, or any of the other Quilettes. Not to mention, hardly any of the Cullens. And you call yourselves fans! Ha! Just kidding. Can't wait!

  44. London Ball says:

    I freaking love the new Twilight trailer. It's amazing! The first two trailers were way to similar to each other, this one really stands out. His accent did slip a little at times, but he kept it under control so well, i know there's extra scenes added that are not in the book, and major differences, but i have a strong feeling after seeing that trailer this movie will not suck!

  45. HollieM says:

    I loved the trailer!!!! Can't wait till this movie is out Nov. seems so far away! I think Kristin and Rob were great choices to play Bella and Edward. Rob looks hot as ever and that kiss my goodness she is a lucky gal. I don't think the trailer showed to much because it left me wanting to see more. Wish we could have seen more of Jasper and Alice but thats ok. I am also looking forward to Rob other movies How to be and Little Ashes because he is a great find!

  46. Letisha says:

    His American accent it amazing. The trailer just makes me want to see the movie even more! Even if the trailer showed a lot, it still left a lot out!! I'm so excited!

  47. Heather says:

    I think that the trailer is exhilarating. It made my heart beat a little faster and the anticipation only became more so that my husband is starting to wish November to come much sooner so I can "get over it". Personally, the music to the trailer I think is quite beautiful, but it seems to overshadow some of the dialogue. (like most movies) Rob's accent seemed pretty spot on to Seattle guys, but at times it sounded like the British accent was coming through, but it made it sound a little Brooklyn then….I don't know. It was for a very short period of time, so I don't think it's going to be a big deal. Overall, I thought the trailer was everything I was hoping for!

  48. taylor says:

    OMG. that kiss. (sigh) so beautiful

  49. kate says:

    i loved the new trailer!
    i am really looking forward to see Robert Pattinson's and Kristen Stewart's performances. both of them are incredibly talented and i cannot picture anyone else as Edward and Bella.
    i am also very glad that Catherine Hardwicke was chose as the director of the movie. the trailer showed that she captured the mood of the story perfectly.
    the colors are simply beautiful and the music conveyed a great atmosphere.
    as for Robert's accent: he did a great job and if i didn't know that he is british, i wouldn't have guessed that it is not his real accent. i simply adore his voice! (be it him talking or singing) i can't wait to hear the two songs that have been used in the movie
    and i don't think at all that the trailer gave away to much. there are still many aspects of the story to which it didn't even allude to.
    now i am really exited to see the film!

  50. kate says:

    oh, i forgot something: the only reason the dialogue might seem awkward is because they used only snippets of it. and mixed many lines which didn't belong together. but it is common practice in a trailer and i think that it all will work out well in the movie

  51. Lisa Ballard says:

    Loved it! Can't get enough……..and cannot wait until 11/21! Robert Pattinson IS Edward in my mind and the trailer just reminded me of how obsessive Bella & Edwards love is. I feel that from the trailer.

  52. claudia says:

    does anyone know the name of the song in the trailer???
    ps. I love the trailer and tha accent in rob's voice is kinda sexy… just like edward…so…

  53. Jewel says:

    I think it looks fantastic!! I'm even more excited to see it now than before. I think all the actors and directors have done a great job. Rob Pattinson has done Edward perfectly; I never understood the drama there. In my opinion this will become one of the all time best/favorite movies.

  54. Judith says:

    I too cant wait to see Rob Pattinson's career blossom! The people who saw Little Ashes on Wednesday said the film was fantastic and Rob gave a superb performance as Salvador Dali. I was really proud of him when I saw the comments. He really can have a career like Johnny Depp. Depp started in Nightmare on Elm Street. Great actors have to start somewhere and Rob has shown with his indie film choices that he is wlilling to take risks and play a variety of roles. He's very versatile. He just received the best actor award at the Strasbourg Film Festival for playing Art in the film How To Be.
    I love his intensity in this trailer. My eyes stay on him at all times. His accent is perfect – just quaint and genteel as a man who is over 100 should be. This film will be Rob's Titanic and I hope it helps to get him top auditions. He's going to surprise a lot of people.
    Does anyone know what the music is in the trailer? I love all the selections.

  55. Sasha says:

    1. Rob's accent is perfect and as is a mixture of seduction, class, and restraint.
    2. Chemistry between Rob and Kristen is fantastic. The best I've seen by such young actors in years.
    3. The kiss was incredible. Classy, seductive and different. I am very jealous of Kristen. Rob with his eyes shut is to die for. Imagine waking up every morning curled up to him. Sigh.
    4. I loved the washed out photography. That will contrast with Bella's return home and the glaring sun.
    5. The script has some cheesy lines but thats Meyer's fault. Rob delivers the key lines with amazing conviction and really sells them well. Kristen less well. I have a problem with her delivery.
    6. Special effects were good and I loved the tree climbing and tree branch throwing.
    7 Still hope they arent so reverential to Meyer's work for New Moon. I want to see lots of Edward while he's away from Bella and his time in Italy.
    Rob makes this film series for me.

  56. Larissa says:

    OMGI LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is truely amazing its gonna be a great movie i can tell!

  57. Katie says:

    I CAN'T WAIT!!!
    some of it is a little off, but i think it'll still be fantastci

  58. Claudia says:

    I disagree the trailer does not give away the whole movie there is still a TON left that went unmentioned.
    I loved the trailer it left me taken aback and blown away!!!! AS if I can't be anymore anxious for Nov 21st!!!!! I loved when edward caught that red apple that was great!! I loved it all and cannot wait for more!!!!! <3

  59. Anita says:

    I love the trailer. I know I will watch it a thousand times in the next days.
    Roberts voice and his accent are just adorable. He really did a good job, but am I surprised he did? No, I'm cerntainly not. He's a great actor and he's even better a musician.
    The Special Effects are amazing. I mean this tree climing looks really really good. I love it already.
    The kiss was so sexy that I truly dislike Kristen now. I couldn't be more jealous. If I had a kiss like that with him, I could die as a happy woman ^^
    I like the music they chose as well.
    I like it all. Mostly because of Robert Pattinson of course, but it looks great.
    And sorry, but the Trailer doesn't show the whole movie. It shows as much as we NEED ^^ I'm sure there is so much more Robert-greatness in the actual movie. Anyone wanna move to the cinema with me? ^^

  60. Dee says:

    LOVED IT! So what about the accent/no accent. Edward was over 100 years old and at times reverted back to talking with old world dialect in the books. READ THE BOOKS before you criticize! Robert is a fine actor…better than fine. I believe you are simply looking for a rise out of twilight fans in order to get a huge response. Well, then…here you go.

  61. Cyndi says:

    I thought the trailer was great, and the movie looks A.MAZ.ING…yes, I said it, and I'll say it again – A.MAZ.ING!!!
    The only awkward sounding part was when Edward says "my family, we're different from others of our kind"… I caught a slight British slip in another spot, but I'm not going to highlight it. It doesn't matter, really. Early 20th century vernacular and speech patterns WERE different, so the character could get away with that. Besides, it's Robert Pattinson – I could overlook a Russian accent, if that's what he felt he wanted to bring to "Edward".
    I must admit I was a little apprehensive with the idea that the movie is an "adaptation" of Twilight. You just nevah' know what you're going to get with that word. Let's face it – the screenplay really is an adaptation and not the book verbatim.
    Personally I will be buying tickets early for the midnight showing in Orlando…it's going to be GREAT!!

  62. Jewel says:

    I think it looks fantastic!! I'm even more excited to see it now than before. I think all the actors and directors have done a great job. Rob Pattinson has done Edward perfectly; I never understood the drama there. In my opinion this will become one of the all time best/favorite movies.

  63. Cloey says:

    THE TRAILER WAS AMAZING! How can anyone not want to see this movie! Even if you have not read the book you would still be drawn out to see Twilight based on this trailer alone. I can't wait for the midnight show, the energy is going to be an experience in itself.

  64. Raven says:

    OMEOMEOMEOMEOME!!!!! Rob's accent is so HOT, and that velvety voice!!! That was the first thing that made me think maybe choosing him to play Edward wasn't a bad idea after all! After all, Bella keeps talking about his velvety voice in the book. And Rob definitely has that down pat. And it's great to hear him in an American accent, which he can def pull off well! This whole trailer is SO INTENSE, I had to pause several times throughout to catch my breath – like, literally!!! Can SO NOT WAIT for the movie. It's the dawn of the Twilight era, people! :))))
    Edward, be mine.

  65. Danielle Marie says:

    LOVE IT! I can not wait for the movie! It is going to be AMAZING. I am a HUGE Twilight fan (obviously) and I think that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are going to play Bella and Edward PERFECTLY! I really really hope that they make all 4 books into movies. These two were great picks for the two lovers! The trailer was great! YAY! Nov. 21st couldn't come any FASTER!

  66. Shaheda says:

    OMG!LOVE LOVE LOVE the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost had heart attack and i played it over and over agian.I really don't think they reveled much either!Can't wait for the movie!The kiss was awesome!!!!!!!Twilight forever!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Delaney says:

    Wow! As a huge Twilight fan i am pleasantly surprised! At first, my impressions of the actors weren't very good (i basically didn't know a lot of them), and after the first 2 trailers I was able to accept the cast a little, but this trailer is fabulous. I can now completely see Robert and Kristen as Edward and Bella (which was my biggest concern) and now i am counting down the days till November 21st. I can't wait !
    Delaney </3

  68. miranda<3 says:

    OME OME OME OME OME OME OME OME OME OME!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all i can say!! the trailer was so awesome!! i have seen it like a million times already and every time i see it i keep freaking out and screaming!!!! the kiss scene was fantastic!!! i soooooooo want to be Kristen!! a kiss like that with Rob OME!!! i honestly couldnt breathe!! my mom had to come in to see if i was still alive!! lol I WAS TOTALLY DAZZLED BY ROB!!! ROB IS EDWARD!!! I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS HE IS MY EDWARD!!!! I LOVED THIS TRAILER SOOOOO MUCH!!! NOW I CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE ONLY A LITTLE LONGER!!!! YAY!!!!

  69. Sarah says:

    I loved this new trailer!!!! i can't wait for the movie to come out! Instead of going to my school's homecoming dance, I'll have Edward to entertain me!!!

  70. Wendy says:

    Really, truly amazing!!!
    Rob is spot on: accent, look, intensity, sensuality, he's got it ALL!!!!
    Cannot wait to see the movie!!!
    And thanks to the procucers for listening to the author, the fans and most importantly, their own hearts for creating something true to the source material and adding the elements that make this truly "VISUALLY DYNAMIC!!!!!"
    Once this is released, whether the critics like it or not, I think it will be clear, if you want a blockbuster from a book, stay true, involve the author and court the fans that loved the book to begin with!!!

  71. Wendy says:

    Really, truly amazing!!!
    Rob is spot on: accent, look, intensity, sensuality, he's got it ALL!!!!
    Cannot wait to see the movie!!!
    And thanks to the procucers for listening to the author, the fans and most importantly, their own hearts for creating something true to the source material and adding the elements that make this truly "VISUALLY DYNAMIC!!!!!"
    Once this is released, whether the critics like it or not, I think it will be clear, if you want a blockbuster from a book, stay true, involve the author and court the fans that loved the book to begin with!!!

  72. Sarah says:

    WOW this trailer is absolutely amazing!!
    It really doesn't matter that Rob uses a bit of a British accent because, after all it is Edward. He's been alive for over a century so he has obviously gone places. England, perhaps?
    November 21 just got SEXIER!

  73. Silver says:

    It was perfect! The casting was genius. I cannot wait to watch this movie, Nov 21st seems so far away now. I want it NOW!

  74. Whitney says:

    I love love love it.
    Good thing I was home alone when I watched it becuase there was alot of squeeing

  75. JJ says:


  76. Marie says:

    i watch this trailer every hour, song is amazing, bella is perfect, im iffy on rob but hes better in this trailer than all the other ones. i hope the movie reflects the book with its passion; im gonna say it looks like theyre doin a good job.

  77. Corinne says:

    OKAY………………. Obsessed fan 101, I LUV EVERYTHING TO DO WT TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very privileged to go to the Twilight Convention here in Australia on the 7th of Dec. I hopefully get to meet Kellan Lutz and Ashlee Greene which i am stoked bout. But OMG the trailer shows you everything i agree, but what Trailer doesn't? And Rob and Kristen are AMAZING roles i couldn't have picked them better myself. Rob is saucy, sexy and shows every elaborate emotion that is set in the book. And Personally i luv a good english accent but i think in the role of EDWARD he has it spot on. I am so hoping that they do all the other movies because if not, there will be murder involved. lol. But i just can't describe the anxiety i feel about the movie. IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Jagged says:

    Ohmygawd! O.o I can't wait 'till da movie comes out! =D

  79. AnonGeek says:

    I thought the trailer was good, but it does give away the entire film. I did make my 15-year-old son watch it, wondering what his take would be. The producers were pretty smart in putting in some action sequences. I assume they hope to attract young guys to the film as well. I may actually get my son to see the film now that he's seen parts of the baseball sequence. I don't consider myself a true TwilightMom. I just read all four books last week. Of course they're not great literature, but they were sweet. And I am a bit confused by the depth of the criticism. I am more annoyed at how ungracious Bella can be (particularly about birthday presents or a party planned for her) than I am about her seeming lack of feminist ambition. I wonder if many of the critics have forgotten the "drama" inherent in falling in love for the first time. I tried to read the books as if I was 17 again….perhaps that's the key.

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