Two servings of awesome: DC Universe online and G.I. Joe’s webisodes

July 23, 2008 | 4:34 a.m.


If you have been following the DC Universe Online MMORPG development, you know it’s been a stop and go project for quite some time.  It now appears that all things have been green lighted and as a result, DC has finally released a few screenshots and some delightful concept art (easy access courtesy of IGN). Oh yes and it’s about time too. I for one hope DC Universe Online is a thriving success and I think with Jim Lee onboard it stands a fighting chance. Perhaps by the time it goes into beta, I will be bored to tears with Age of Conan. Unlikely, but surely I can multi-task both. Goodbye, social life. Be sure to watch the promo video for DCU too and please try to ignore the really awful voiceover.

In completely unrelated news, Hasbro will be debuting G.I. Joe: Resolute webisodes written by Warren Ellis next year. Umm, hello Excited much? WHY YES I AM. Supposedly, the five-minute PG-13 shorts are a touch more violent than before and *dun dun dun* “major characters may die.”  My prediction is that Dusty will straight up murder everyone and feed them to Sandstorm. Anyone want to place some bets? It’s Internet money, it’s not real, what do you got to lose? Except your dignity…*DUN DUN DUN*

— Christie St. Martin of Funny Pages 2.0

Photo credit: IGN

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