Warners: ‘Green Lantern 2’ will be edgier; Flash has solid script

Aug. 02, 2011 | 6:55 a.m.
gl bkgrnd Warners: Green Lantern 2’ will be edgier; Flash has solid script

"Green Lantern." (Warner Bros.)

Green Lantern may have a future on the big screen, but likely not with the same director.

Despite the big-budget superhero movie’s disappointing box office performance so far, Warner Bros. executives still want to find a way to make a sequel work. Bringing superheroes from its DC Comics unit to the big screen is a top priority for the studio, and executives believe that the problem with “Green Lantern” was in execution, not concept. They even have ideas on how to turn things around next time.

“We had a decent opening so we learned there is an audience,” said Warner Bros. film group President Jeff Robinov, pointing to the film’s box office debut of $53 million. “To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action…. And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth.”

glnew Warners: Green Lantern 2’ will be edgier; Flash has solid script

Ryan Reynolds in "Green Lantern." (Warner Bros.)

After its so-so opening, “Green Lantern” fizzled at the domestic box office, ending up with only $114 million. Its overseas performance in important countries such as Great Britain, Germany and Russia has also been weak. (For much more on the fate of all four of this summer’s superhero movies, see our analysis of the genre’s cinema season.)

Warner Bros. already has an outline for a sequel on hand written by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, who all worked on the script for the original. However, several people familiar with the thinking of executives there who were not authorized to speak on the record say Warner will likely make significant changes to the outline, if not start over from scratch, in developing a sequel.

the flash by alex ross Warners: Green Lantern 2’ will be edgier; Flash has solid script

The Flash by Alex Ross (DC Comics)

One change the executives are quite certain of, however: They would like a new director. Warner Bros. was not thrilled with the work of “Green Lantern” director Martin Campbell, the people said, and would likely seek a new director for a sequel should one go into production.

However, one person close to Campbell said the director’s contract gave him an option to work on a sequel, meaning the studio would likely need to reach some accommodation with the “Casino Royale” and “Legend of Zorro” director in order to go ahead without him.

Of course, the future of DC superhero movies is still somewhat up in the air. “The Dark Knight Rises,” the final chapter of director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, comes out next summer, followed by Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, “Man of Steel,” in June 2013. Later that year or in 2014, Warner could go ahead with a second Green Lantern or Flash movie. Robinov said the studio has “a solid script” for the Scarlet Speedster. The executive also remains interested in bringing DC heroes together for a “Justice League” movie.

— Ben Fritz


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197 Responses to Warners: ‘Green Lantern 2’ will be edgier; Flash has solid script

  1. J. Miles says:

    Green Lantern = power limited only by will and imagination. The reason the movie disappointed was that there was neither in evidence when he used the ring…an ‘edgier, darker tone’ will do nothing to fix it. Nolan’s Batman excluded, Marvel’s trumping DC yet again…

    • eternalgreenknight says:

      Exactly. Throughout the entire movie I was practically shouting at the screen going, ok, imagine an impenetrable bubble, cage, or a contraption that would equally counter an enemy… anything. On the flip side, I suppose it would have gotten boring if he'd had a wonderful imagination- making his power limitless. DC kind of creates a catch-22 with the possibility for limitless power.

    • bradley parsons says:

      Well one reason was getting Ryan Reynolds to play Hal Jordan. The actor who was Sinestro was awesome. Reynolds wasn't the best choice…. especially on his jokes.

    • Syd says:

      What made the golden age and silver age Green Lantern fascinating was the element of mystique about the character.
      Initially, they knew very little about their powers and limitations and the story of the Guardians and inter galactic travel seemed to slowly unfold over time.

      In the movie, the audieance was immersed in all this at one time and even for science fiction it appeared corney and unbelievable.
      What makes a super hero interesting is his ability to come to terms with his power and overcome his intherent weakness or else constantly be challenged by his mortality.
      None of this was evident in the movie.
      It was a lame story with no mystique – like who am I, where does this power eminate from, what are the capabilites and constraints of my power and can I overcome my feeling of inadequacy and gain more understanding about the force I wield?
      The element of mystery was missing.

  2. Sophie says:

    This is why superhero films are such a mixed bag on the big screen, and for the most part, are really boring. They are created "by committee." That's why the general public finds these films and super heroes in general so formulaic. And that's why Christopher Nolan is so unique. He writes actual plots and stories with unique interesting twists – I would argue Jon Favreau's Iron Man franchise was also better. But the rest are just forgettable, including those lame Spider Man films.

    • quazay says:

      Some of u guys need to shut up cause this film was dope and u know it ….. Tisk tisk to the haters -_-

      • Sam says:

        This film is terrible and you're ignorant to it. Yes some people may find it entertaining but that doesn't mean that there is a solid story and no plot holes. Any critic, hell any person that watches a lot of movies can tell you that.

    • JT79 says:

      Spiderman was not lame. For those of us who love the hero movies each is unique and enjoyable. I hope they do a 2nd Green Lantern and eventually get a Justice League movie.

    • valdez campbell says:

      the sequel to the green lantern should be about john stuart an older guy me (valdez Campbell) i have written the sequel. its a lot darker than the first one. the first story try to hard to bring out a lot of the images that we know is the lantern but the story was week so it made the delivery week.

      • BcElliott72 says:

        I’d love to read a script about John. He’s a great lantern and possibly my favorite.

        Valdez, if you’d be kind enough to let me read it, I’m always interested in reading

    • James Saldana says:

      Yeah you somewhat have a point. The Nolan Batman Movies were awesome from the storyline to the action they have throughout all 3 Batman Movies which come up with between 4 & 5 stars rating.And yeah the spiderman movies,BUNK!!,But I wouldn't knock the IronMan Movies for between you talk and ask most people and they say I love the Iron man movies,and so do I,Rob Downey Jr who I am proud of because he has made a Big Time Come back since the Beginning of 2000's,and Him as IronMan Turns out Kicks Ass,and also the Ironman Movies ratings are Between 4 & 5 stars between the 3 movies which yes there is going to be an Ironman 4,so ah I think numerous sequels means Success?!?!,Yeah it does.Well you have your opinions and the rest of us who know movies do to the are usually the right ones,but your opinion of Iron man,well?? you'd probably be the only one who thinks that way about Ironman,miss pro critic from who knows where

  3. vva says:

    That has to suck for Martin Campbell. "We're contractually obliged to offer you the sequel but we really don't want you to accept said offer."

  4. nali says:

    totally agree with ken,trying to make it like ironman or batman is not the option,more than the tone of the film the story is where GL went wrong with too many villains and parallax as a primary villain.that's where they went wrong more than the tone,i think they should keep the tone but keep the story solid,simple with a more solid villain keeping parallax out of it.

    • Thundergod30 says:

      I completely agree, I LOVED everything about green lantern EXCEPT paralax, the villain just really didnt do anything for me, Lantern is still one of my favorite heros and Ryan Reynolds is hands down the best person for Hal I just think they should have led out with Sinestro instead of a huge talking evil cloud of ectoplasmic gunk, ugggh. I say keep going and just give us the movie that the teaser at the end of GL 1 was hinting towards….P.S. Martin Cambel is an absolutely fantastic director too… they should keep him, his list of movies he's done are among some of my all time favorite movies, when I heard Martin Cambell/Ryan Reynolds on Green Lantern they couldnt make it fast enough for me I was so excited. Martin Cambell is a HOMERUN HITTER and I think he just needs another time at bat.

    • Will says:

      So many times, these movies are over thought which all the fun out of them. When I saw Green Lantern, I was glad that they covered his legend and history so I didn't have to explain everything to my kids on site. I thought it was a great introductory effort, but, then, GL was always my favorite superhero. I read these posts and get bummed out and am really glad I don't attend movies with any of you cold fish. Spiderman films were lame? Is that a comparison between those films and the better ones you produced, Sophie? They could have been better, I'm sure, but they certainly weren't "lame". I'm just thrilled that they were finally made. Now, get out there and ENJOY a movie this weekend!

  5. AntoBlueberry says:

    The option part is a bit fishy; usually is the studio that exercising the option "forces" the director (or the actor) to come back for a sequel. If they don't want Campbell back, there should be no problem in changing the helmer.
    And the Flash movie was written by the same Green Lantern screenwriters.

  6. Frank says:

    The promotional photo at the top is also how the next movie needs to look. The CGI needs to be able to mimic that realistic look of that photo, not the CGI-lite version in film, as evidenced by the 2nd green lantern photo here. That cinematography in the film when on Oa was just jarring and fake looking.

  7. Hal says:

    Get a better CGI house to make the CGI. Keep Reynolds, Strong and now focus on Sinestro's turn to the yellow side. GL had so much potential, it still has. It needs to be approached like Joe Johnston approached Captain America – It needs to be approached like a space-epic, like Star Wars, not approached as a superhero flick. The story needs to be better. The story is ace, always. I love Green Lantern and I liked the movie, it was no way near perfect but it wasnt that bad. However it should've been the greatest comicbookmovie this summer and it wasnt! Please just listen to me WB!!! Let DC control it more and make JJ ABRAMS OR MATT REEVES DIRECT IT! PLEEEEEEEEAAASE!!!

  8. GL2011 says:

    Green Lantern was a good movie, and that 53 million dollar opening was solid, and it has yet to open in all of its territories so we'll see there. I'm excited to see another go-around at it. Ryan Reynolds did a good job as Hal Jordan
    DC should get more control like how Marvel has gotten more control over its films from Iron Man and beyond.

    • black green latern! says:

      i cant believe they messed this movie up !! hal jordan is not a moderm day green latern ! hal jordan became green latern in 1955 i think! the modern day green latern is black ! the justice league green latern is black so ??? wth was this??

  9. Dave says:

    I think WB should just head hunt John Favreau. Everyone can see the that WB were shooting for their own version of Iron Man in making GL. Plus Favreau has just left Iron Man franchise to make a moive featuring 'Cowboys and ALIENS'. Why not have him meet with Geoff Johns (Dianne Nelson and Jeff Robinov can be there too if they have to be) and see if they can't come up with some good ideas for GL2?

  10. jess says:

    i think nali hit the nail on the head… there were too many villains for the movie to support. the tone of the movie was just fine, the amount of action was not an issue… and it does not need to be edgier or darker. just simplify the movie, and stay focused.

    • plant man says:

      I agree with JESS green lantern was a great comic movie, Unlike the ghost rider films. actor Cage wrong for the movie. IF their willing,the movie company to go all the way with certain comic DC OR MARVEL,films ' until then us movie wacthers are going to take the good with the bad.GREEN LANTERN now has to be confedeint in him self,shift a lot away from the first film.Marvels THOR movie TCHa masterpiece,THE DARK KNIGHT films the same thing WACTHMEN,IORN MAN first one yes,2 fell off a quit bit.One thing is going on to much is that TONY STARK is cracken to many jokes,3film who knows.Reboot,reboot. the FANTASTIC FOUR I say no, should have finished a great trilogy or more
      I think their were great. IF ALL WORKS OUT AND IF ALL POSSIABLE keep the GORGE LUCUS formula keep story concept.STAR TREK IS BECOMING A GREAT 3 FILMS TO WACTH.THOR 2 HOPEFULLUY. THE AVENGERS horrible, GHOST RIDER had a lot of potential,the second HULK was
      better,anyway hero vs villan. but the villan must look ecxactlly the way its looks in the comic books.

  11. stu says:

    I'm just SO Excited about hearing of a Green Lantern 2 – Can't wait !!!!

    • mike1 says:

      Heck yeah! Sinestro is gonna be so evil…assuming they do him right

    • Saheed says:

      DC should just sell out its Superheros to Marvel if they aren´t able and capable to do half of what marvel was able to do

      • Thundergod30 says:

        DC is just getting warmed up , I love Marvel dont get me wrong but DC is a frickin juggernaught itself, ANYONE seen the Nolan Batman movies!? And Zack Snyder is about to deliver the best damn Superman movie we have EVER seen. DC has some real heavy hitters if they can just get em right, Batman is by far my favorite character and they did an amazing job with those. Superman will be another amazing reboot as well and to be honest hes one of my least favorite characters. DC still has Flash, Wonder Woman, and definitely Green Lantern they just need to tweek it a lil

    • Jesus Parra says:

      Me too, but waiting for a new director and a better script, that's what Ryan Reynolds is waiting for too.

  12. pm77 says:

    Just tell a good story and CREATE A WORLD. No one knew who lived on Oa, it was just a meeting place for the corps. The city on earth wasn't even named! Hello Coast City. Did the people of Coast City even know GL existed, and if so, did they appreciate the very little heroics they saw of him? Did they adopt him as their hero? Did they reject him? What impact, if at all, does he have on earth, which he's vowed to protect? There was NO WORLD in which GL existed. Create a world and tell a story. And DON'T RUSH IT. Take the time to do the special effects right, please.

    Oh, and Green Lantern is not all powerful. Helloooo yellow.

    • Lourdes says:

      They fixed that problem in the comic, the yellow impurity was caused by Parrallax being contained in the Central Power Battery.. and if you could overcome fear, then yellow wasn't a problem anymore.

      If you want a good writing team to do the next GL movie, why not call up the folks that did Green Lantern: Emerald Knights ???

  13. Chazz says:

    "We had a decent opening so we learned there is an audience,
    to go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker"
    Looks like the suits at Warner Bros haven't learned a damn thing
    as to why Thor and Captain America clobbered Green Lantern at the box office.
    They were both good films, Green Lantern wasn't one not to mention Ryan Reynolds's performance had about as much substance as his CGI mask and costume.

    • Tres21 says:

      yea personally i didnt care 4 his acting either i lik him as an actor its just he’s more comedy 2 me & a comedian doesnt strike me as someone with steadfast & unshakable willpower, lik him as deadpool be4 that movie went left field wit tha char.

  14. The AntiVillain says:

    -the problem was it was done too big
    -if there is a trilogy then there should be a build up
    -parallax would of been better as a 2nd or 3rd movie villain
    -never have a cloud as a movie villain
    -take more time to make the cg better mix the concept with movie (but it's too late now)

    DC should have more practice with lesser known characters before moving on to more well known characters (ahem electra)

    • thundergod30 says:

      I think Sinestro would have nailed a GREAT first villain, one for him to learn to be a hero. And a great climax villain for a trilogy……. I would love to see him fight Darkseid !! :) that would be BEAST right there !!

  15. chris says:

    Why are people complaining about it being darker., have you read the comics? there even darker than batman, in one issue a bunch of babies starved to death after their parents were killed for being heroes, name one batman moment darker than that.

    • Tres21 says:

      that all depends if there goin with the more Corps type feel & the whole universe range of problems, batman is more earth focused & u kno earth problems but what they should of done was captured the Parallex but gav him 2 tha Guardians & they not of told the Lanterns that they put him in the Lantern so it follows with the comics & the yellow impurity so the yellow lantern can be a focus or made the yellow ring thru him & yea as the guy said below u shouldnt hav a cloud as a movie villian

      • James says:

        could you please use punctuation, i found your ideas difficult to understand as you did not use a single period.

    • Chris says:

      In Batman, didnt Joker fill an entire room full of babies and threathen commissioner gordon"s daughter that he would keep shooting each one unless she through herself in front of the bullet.,,?

      • Chris says:

        btw this comment was for Chris's comment about batman needing a dark moment like the starving babies in green lantern…. Dont get me wrong but both storylines are great, but i did want to give some credit to batman about it being just as dark as green lantern

  16. Tommy says:

    Yes edgy, no dark!

  17. Anon says:

    Make it Green Lantern? how do you mess up a movie thats basically already written?

  18. Don says:

    Issues with GL:
    1) Ryan Reynolds totally miscast or misdirected. Should have been Harrison Ford ala Han Solo or Indy, we got Sharmy instead. I'd like to see Chris Pine in the role instead.
    2) Way too much time on OA, spent introducing the Corps and for what? At the end of the movie, when it would have been appropriate to help him save earth, they are nowhere to be seen. Reeked of a "we spent all our budget already" decision.
    3) Peter Skarsgard was great as Hector Hammond. One villian would have sufficed. Evil sentient cloud is never a good villian.
    4) The tone was all wrong. Brash and cocky needed, not goofy and shmarmy.
    5) Way too much exposition… so many scenes just describing things = boring.
    6) The origin story should be a tight, character focused piece where the hero takes up the mantle of his quest and triumphs over evil. Going to OA and doing a lot of talking does not make for a good origin story.
    7) Edgier and darker don't mean anything if they don't serve the character. This is key. One of the reason the Marvel movies are more successful is that they appear to actually care about the characters they are about and the tone is appropriate for each of them.
    8) No more screaming "GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT"in the movie or trailer. It is cliched and was the first sense I had that the movie was in trouble.

    • Thundergod30 says:

      Skarsgard I thought was the weakest link…….next to the big, evil, talking cloud that eats people, I just did not like him at all in that part or as a villain, And I personally thought Reynolds was perfect as Hal,But i agree less time on Oa,all that time spent there just kinda made it too much to digest, and thats saying something for me Im a DIEHARD sci-fi fanatic so out there is my kinda movie.

  19. Josh says:

    I like the movie it was good could have been better i say let Geoff Johns write the script he brought Hal back to greatness in the comics i'm sure he can bring Hal to greatness in the movies too keep Ryan and Mark and explore the relationship between Hal and Sinestro that should have happened in the movie but didn't. i understand why it was more on earth then in space its an origin story and Hal is still learning to use the ring so i understand why there weren't many constructs. Hal is a great character i would hate to see the Green Lantern movie franchise die right after it just started

    • Mike says:

      I'm not sure the movie could have gotten a PG rating if Geoff Johns wrote it. He seems to have a thing for body counts and gruesome ones at that. He writes GL and Hal's dad dies. He brings back Flash and Barry's mom is murdered. He writes JSA and Mr. America and Steel lose their entire families. He certainly has talenet but it's like he's stuck on one reason super heroes put on a mask and that is the murder of their family.

    • Matt says:

      I totally agree. Geoff Johns(who was involved with some of the creative process of the movie) knows Hal Jordan and the GL Universe better than anyone. He should write the script(maybe work with David Goyer, who is his friend and seems to be quite capable of writing a brilliant superhero movie). GL was a good movie. I thought it was great in fact! I sincerely hope, as you do, that they continue the series- preferably from where the first one ends. They just need Johns and Goyer on board to tweek a few things.

  20. Gerard says:

    Jeff Rabinov, Brad Globe, Marc Guggenheim, Michael Green, Greg Berlanti were the reasons for this movie's failure. Somehow, Jeff Rabinov now thinks he's a writer and a director. The costume designer/lantern designer completely changed the look, thinking they can make Green Lantern look better than the creator did. The reason why Captain America and Thor were so well received was because the designers didn't change Thor's hammer/Cap's shield or make either of their uniforms light up like a disco dance floor. Jeez, it's not rocket science guys… How these WB executives still have jobs after all their film flops is beyond me. For all we care, let them think they know better, make their crap movie and spend fifty trillion dollars in marketing, giving special rings to their celebrity friends (while telling fans 'You can't have one') and what not. That doesn't mean audiences will see it.

    • Thundergod30 says:

      I dont see how the look of his costume is even a factor in ANY debate about this movie, to me they knocked it out of the park as far as the costume and how they worked it with CG goes. It looked fantastic on the big screen

  21. Baramos says:

    What I'll never understand is why Reynolds wasn't put in the Flash, which seems exactly like his personality. Now he is the Green Lantern, which makes no sense. NO SENSE.

    If only they could go back and time and be like "wait, we have the option to make either a Green Lantern or Flash movie, and we have Ryan Reynolds, who seems exactly like THE FLASH and nothing like Green Lantern, hrmmm…also the Flash is far more recognizable to the movie-going public as a whole, who have probably heard of him and his super speed, whereas only devoted fans are familiar with the Green Lantern….HRRMMMM"

    • Guest says:

      I have been saying this all along. Thank you.

    • Chris says:

      I concur with Baramos i think Reynolds would of been a great flash both in build and character, and WB should of got someone like Nathan Fillion to play green lantern or someone more along that line.

    • kattherin says:

      yes edgy, no dark please. a better question is why not make both? the second is which flash are we talking?

  22. Mike says:

    The screenplay just wasn't strong enough. Explain to me again why I'm supposed to feel sympathy for Reynold's Hal Jordan? He has a kick ass job, a hot girlfirend and a great car. Sure, his dad died but that happens in life. It doesn't give him license to be an obnoxious ass who rolls in late for work. In fact, why did they carry the whole dad thing over form Geoff Johns' comic? For years it was enough that Hal Jordan did the right thing because he was a good guy. Now we live in an age where all of our heroes have to be damaged. You know who else is like that? Serial killers.

  23. marvel says:

    I think a flash movie could work in a iron man sort of way. Flash is one of the younger comic book charecters and you could make him start out as sort of a playboy and then make him turn into a more badass type hero. I would do something about the suit though, red tights just wont work in that mold. Have a kind of badass Ishmael actor play him. Reynolds probably would’ve been better suited as the flash not GL. I can’t wait to see him as Deadpool, if Fox ever spots with all the wolverine prequels and makes it.

  24. RamosRR says:

    For a superhero movie to gross big in the box-office. The thing is when you watch this type of movie,
    you can think that this superhero can be realistic or the superhero movie should appear realistic in the movie. Yes WB , change the director if you really are interested in doing GL2.

  25. DCGirl says:

    I agree with people that say Reynolds should have been the Flash, the character would've been perfect for his personality. I felt that this movie didn't go along with the comic books very well at all, on top of all of that, they do not need to re-cast Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, she someday has to don the Star Sapphire suit and I don't think Lively would make a good Star Sapphire… I would actually love to see a Blackest Night movie… I know it would be a lot of work, but it would be AWESOME!

  26. Bob says:

    Geoff Johns brought the Green Lantern comic book franchise back to prominence by giving modern comic book fans what they want: a complicated backstory and never-ending story arcs. But that's exactly the opposite of what moviegoers need: a tight, streamlined story with a beginning, a buildup, a climax, and a definite ending. The filmmakers should look at the work of earlier GL writers, who knew how to construct such a story: John Broome, Denny O'Neil, Len Wein.

  27. ICBob says:

    The main thing that I hope Warner Brothers does is find a way to bring in the other three Green Lanterns from earth (Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner) and a strong female Green Lantern (i.e.: Katma Tu or Soranik Natu) into the sequel. If they do go this route, and I really really hope that they do, I also hope that they get Jensen Ackles to play Guy Gardner. Based on his character in the TV show Supernatural, I can't think of a more perfect actor to play that role. For a business argument behind bringing the other three earth lanterns into the sequel, by diversifying the charactors and actors (i.e.: John Stewart is African American and Kyle Rayner is part hispanic) they will also help diversify the audiences that they can sell the movie and franchise to, both at home and abroad.. Regardless, I'm just thrilled to see them finally doing Green Lantern movies. ;)

  28. RyanGuy2k11 says:

    Just imagine the green lantern, flash and the hulk all getting together like the xmen. Now that will be a film.

    Ryan Reynolds Workout

  29. zryson says:

    The reason GL stank was the usual reasons; Warner fiddling where it shouldnt, crappy script and ill-fit cast. So they can make it dark and edgier but would anyone take it seriously with Reynolds in the leading role? He cant carry a movie on his own.

  30. Fishybashi says:

    Watch the Green Lantern animated movie. Much better story with great heart. The live action movie was rushed, poorly written, and childish. Green Lantern could have been an epic Star Wars type film, but this movie had no planning whatsoever. It's like the writers read a couple comic books here and there and decided the write a script over the weekend. WB has such a goldmine with DC superheroes, but they continue to ruin it (Batman and Robin, Superman IV, Superman Returns, Green Lantern), because they can't stick to what works in the comic books. Marvel succeeds because Stan Lee forces the movie studios to stay true to the comic books. DC needs to buckle down and limit the confusion. Don't allow for a tv show like Smallville to exist for 10 seasons and then make a movie that totally ignores the tv show. It's too frustrating and confusing. They need to stick with Christopher Nolan and build on the Batman franchise. I say reboot Green Lantern in 2014 in a way that ties to the Christopher Nolan movieverse. Nolan has passion, and his movie are a million times more compelling than most. You see this heart in the Marvel movies, because you can tell that the movies are planned out in advance and not done over a weekend with execs who only care about making money and not writing a good, heartfelt story. DC needs to sell themselves to another movie company like Fox or Dreamworks.

  31. Will says:

    It is inexcusable that Wonder Woman and Flash don't get their movies, yet Green Lantern failed and it gets a sequel. That is disgusting.

  32. myround0 says:

    You have to show the Parrallax overcomings Hal Jordan. At the same time you have to flash quickly through Kyle and Guy, getting to John Stewart. You have to show John's years as a Marine. You will have to show him being mistreated as a Marine. You will also, have to show him standing tall in the face of overwhelming odds, as a Marine and facing his fear head on, all while showing no fear.
    This ability to face fear head on is why John is the only Green Lantern who has no problems dealing with the Yellow power ring of sinestro. The ring is only limited by the wearer, and the yellow ring is power by the fear the enemy possess. John is a human, so he has fear, but he is also a Marine, which means he will never show any fear…

    You have to tell this story in a span of 90 minutes, no more than 1 hour and 45 minutes, are you will lose the audience. I have more ideals, for the sequel…

  33. myround0 says:

    Someday DC Universe will give rise to the Lantern. A human from Earth, given complete power over every power ring created by Oa. The Lantern will not wear a power ring for his whole body will be of power. He will not need a charge, or a power source. The Lantern also know as UL Universal Light will be able to stand toe to toe will the likes of the Beyonder, and T.O.A.A.

  34. Vampire Rai says:

    the actors all acted fine in the movie, wich is a bases for a sequel (Ryan Reynolds was fine, he fitted well in that role, even if at first, didn't think he could fit in as a super hero actor)

    Evil sentient cloud could have been a cool vilian, just needed more background/personality (just "oh, I will take revenage and destroy all" is kind of shallow)

    the last quarter of the movie went too fast, the end fight should have been a bit more epic

    for the squel, keep all the actors (of course Ryan Reynolds & Mark Strong), but dont turn the sequel into "Green Lanten vs Sinestro" (who's turned yellow side), bring in Sinestro even more,even comedy potential, when Green Lantern invites him to earth, but don't make what many are expecting anyways (Sinestro turing bad, just too obvious and clishé)

    and put some explantions or limitations to "Green Lantern = power limited only by will and imagination", otherwise the logic could eat itself at times

  35. myround0 says:

    Well I will say this, everything has to have a starting point. The great thing about not creating an smash hit right out the gate is the expectations will be low. Now, the thing to do it create a better movie, and generate enough buzz to have people pay cash to see it. I think you have to fuse two films into one and do it in under 2 hours.

    I think you have to show Hal Jordan in many small battles, using the rings power, and at some point he will have to face the Parallax and be consumed by its power. I think you show the Guardians trust in Earthlings, so much so they bring Kyle and Guy on board. I also, feel you should show these three guys bonding. The last American brought aboard should be John. Hal trains John. The four guys work well together, but Hal and John, Air Force and Marine always take shots at each other, until they end up battling needing Kyle and guy to separate them. The conflict should be quick, witht he better of it to start with goes to Hal. But it quickly shift with John revealing something that leaves the other Green lanterns scratching their heads.

  36. myround0 says:

    John must be shown in the Marines. This has to be done quickly, it has to show him having a good friend, I would say a caucasian. It has to show him standing, staring fear right in the face and still being able to function. It has to show his will and resolve to overcome the worst. It has to show him being discharged, yet still able to maintain his speech while talking to a very high ranking officer.
    John's friend gets discharged as well, but his family does well designing building, back in the Marines the friend knew how much John was into designing things, so he asks his dad to bring John aboard. Long story short, John has his ring on because he can't get it off, he is inside a building one day the building collapses, the ring has an automatic defense mechanism, which is triggered to protect John. Later that same day John goes home and wonders why he is still alive. Because the battery is low, the chant comes out, the battery appears, he charges the ring, and is whisked off to Oa, where his training begans.

  37. myround0 says:

    During the battle with Hal it is revealed and made clear to Kyle, Guy, and Hal, that John is the most powerful Green Lantern ever. Hal being the Veteran of the groups has a better understanding of the rings powers and properties. So he quickly gains the upper hand on John. However, the ring is also powered by will, no one has more will power, and less fear than a Marine. Still Hal smashs John, Kyle and Guy plead with Hal to stop. John is trained by Hal, but he is also in a relationsship with another instructor. Katma, she has shown John ways to separate a beam, and maintain power as if it were one blast. John fires and splits beam, using it to restrains Kyle and Guy. Then Hal blast John, using his ring he picks up a Yellow pipe and directs it at John, Hal knows this would not kill John, because of the healing properties of the ring, but it would end the battle, and establish dominance.

  38. myround0 says:

    One Problem is, the ring is as powerful as its wearer. John is a marine with great will, and while it didn't show up in this battle, Hal is a Vet and John is in training. what did show up is the Yellow property that has killed so many other Lanterns had no effect on John. As Johns shield was able to block the yellow object as the Green Lantern shield blocks everything else. Bottom line is John has no weakness, yes, in this quick skirmish between teacher and student, the teacher taught the kid a lesson, but Hal was left wondering how can a Lantern a rookie Lantern not be effect by the color yellow, yet every other Known Lantern can not defend against it. In Hal's blindness trying to figure this out, he flies right into danger, Sinestro and the Parallax consumes Hal. However Hal knows John is the future of the lantern Corps.

  39. myround0 says:

    I should be the Lantern aka Universal Light. Who should play the role of the Flash, someone who is witty, I would say Marshall Mathers. or someone who is very funny and never takes things to seriously. Yet.

  40. Carlo says:

    Of all the talk about Green Lantern And the Flash, what the hell happened to Shazam? What's the latest on that project,.Thought by now that Warner Brothers would have been filming the adventures of Captain Marvel. Come on, what's up? Are they going to make the film or not.

  41. Michael says:

    Ryan Reynolds was great as Green Lantern!!!!He played the part that was written,and according to the comic!!!Movie was good.cant wait to see GL#2!!!!!!

  42. ICBob says:

    My plot idea is to have the movie start with Sinestro stealing not just the yellow ring but the yellow energy. Kilowog and Tomar Re are sent to find Sinestro and Hal Jordan is sent to Korugar to find Sinestro’s replacement. Kilowog and Tomar Re find that Sinestro has already started his own corps and Jordan finds he has abused his powers on Korugar. Jordan gets a reluctant Katma Tu or Soranik Natu to join the corps. The Guardians, impressed with Jordan’s ability to defeat Parallax, send three more rings to earth (Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner) for help fighting the Sinestro Corps. The Zamerons take notice and send their own ring (Carol Ferris/Star Saphire). While Gardner, Stewart, Rayner and Katma or Soranik train, Jordan returns to earth where he battles Sapphire until Sinestro shows up to try to convince Jordan to join his corps. When Jordan refuses he and Sapphire team up to defeat Sinestro. Meanwhile, Sinestro’s Corps attacks Oa and are successfully fended off by the new recruits and the other lanterns.

  43. LAURENTIUS says:


  44. Jeremy Taylor says:

    I was a huge fan of the green lantern comics and I still have not seen this movie even though I wanted to It came to the theatre when I was on vacation and and it was gone. I think the timing and marketing release on this film sucked. From what I didn't see of it I am sure I would have enjoyed it alot

  45. Renaud says:

    I might not be the brightest cookie in the world, be I sure no the difference between right and wrong, and a very first Green Lantern movie to ever get made without some participation of the very first Green Lantern to ever see the day and from which so much is taken from, Alan Scott; that was be so wrong in so many ways, it would simply disgust me beyond belief

    Including Alan Scott with the rest of the Green Lanterns is really not that hard

    Recognizing that without him there would be today

    – No Green Lantern Name
    – No Green Lantern Titles
    – No Green Lantern Heroes
    – No Green Lantern Villains
    – No Green Lantern Powers
    – No Green Lantern Rings
    – No Green Lantern Lanterns
    – No Green Lantern Light
    – No Green Lantern Corps
    – No Green Lantern Fans
    – No Green Lantern Movies


    – No Green Lantern Oath

    My Green Lantern Movies page

  46. Renaud says:

    The sequel to this Green Lantern film needs to be a prequel instead, and Warner needs to step back to better jump forward to where the Green Lantern film franchise should be; same things with other DC characters, hommage to the original first, and them moving forward in all respect

    Sequel needs to be a prequel

    (Alan Scott Vs Solomon Grundy, dark scary edgy set in older days)
    link -> http://heroescomics.9f.com/green_lantern.htm

    to be followed by its own sequel

    (First gathering, set in older days)
    link -> http://heroescomics.9f.com/justice_society.htm


    (Return of the original legend Jay Garrick into the modern days with his disappearance ant the end of Justice Society Year One, Returns with the help of the new Flash Barry Allen)
    link -> http://heroescomics.9f.com/flash.htm

    followed by

    (Set in the modern age with new and old generations)
    link -> http://heroescomics.9f.com/justice_society.htm

  47. Lou1123 says:

    What? The sequel doesn't need to be "edgier or darker". The overall theme in GL was good and it worked throughout. This sequel really just needs better balance between Earth and space, even though most the story should be taken place in space and other planets, and the writing has got to be better with more of a storyline to follow. The first movie was definitely written as another "comic book superhero movie" in which is why people expected more from it. If the sequel's plot is about Sinestro's fall and the Corps war, it seriously has the potential to be the first "comic book space sci-fi epic." And, that's how they have to portray the sequel.

  48. jonisonis says:

    Warner Bros. already has an outline for a sequel on hand written by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, who all worked on the script for the original. However, several people familiar with the thinking of executives there who were not authorized to speak on the record say Warner will likely make significant changes to the outline, if not start over from scratch, in developing a sequel.
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  49. The movie stunk, I can't believe they are thinking of a sequel. Give them 5 years though, and it will without doubt be "rebooted". Perhaps it might be watchable then.
    A complete overhaul might fix a few things though. Would the same cast return? The acting wasn't bad, but something definitely didn't work properly in that movie, although I can't quite put my finger on what it was…

  50. Marcus Perriello says:

    After seeing this movie, I have since become fascinated with the 'Green Lantern' concept which has now become one of my favorite comic book concepts. I only wish that it had been developed to its full potential. 'Green Lantern' has the potential to be one of the most powerful and enigmatic creations in all of comics; but alas, it hasn't turned out that way. Luckily, these concepts are reshaped and revised over the years, and I believe that Green Lantern can have a much brighter future than most comic concepts, if the right minds get their hands on it. Martin Campbell's 'Green Lantern' was pretty entertaining, though a bit hokey at times. I won't complain about Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, but I will say that they could have picked an actor with a more commanding presence. Also, the special effects could have been way better. The suit was much too organic-looking for my preference; and the underlying green energy that shone through the muscular tissue on the suit was borderline ridiculous. Still, I was entertained, and the concept of the Green Lantern Corps. is a cool concept. I also enjoyed the recent animated GL films, which in a way carry more weight than their live-action counterpart. I hope GL reemerges bigger than ever, because it's such a great comic about courage, teamwork, selflessness, and doing the right thing no matter what; attributes you rarely see in today's society.

    • paul says:

      This movie was the best movie that I have seen in years and moved me to tears several times. Since overcoming fear was so important in this movie, they could have spent more time with Hal and his Dad. Here is the story-line t I would have done. You know most of you as children had scary moments in you lifes and how your parents comforted you in some way. I imagine a time when Hal was 8 years old or so, and his bedroom moves from downstairs to upstairs and is face with the fear of this new bedroom and cries when he has to go to his room to sleep. He has deap seated fears of the dark and what could be lurking amonst the hallway or his room.
      This could turn into taunting when his classmates learn that he is afraid of his dark room.
      In the green lantern movie, this could be a flashback to when his is of this age to remind the audience that Hal Jordan is like one of us.

  51. daniel clavette says:

    I movies was not big hit but is was goo green lantern movies and i hope to see green lantern 2 ,the flash movies in the future and i hope that green lantern 2 will be much better then the first green lantern movies an i am big fan green lantern andi have many comics book of green lantern.

  52. OoO says:

    Well even with a sequel, they just have to have it about the Yellow Lantern.

  53. Renae says:

    One thing I believe DC’s problems with the movies is that the trailers/advertisement seem to be false hipe. The storyline is drawn out. Get to the real want by viewers, having the hero do what they are known for. Sure give an intro/start then get to the action. Don’t wait til almost the end. Also change sometimes good, look what it did for batman.

  54. Liam says:

    The screenplay just wasn't strong enough. Explain to me again why I'm supposed to feel sympathy for Reynold's Hal Jordan? He has a kick ass job, a hot girlfirend and a great car. Sure, his dad died but that happens in life. It doesn't give him license to be an obnoxious ass who rolls in late for work. In fact, why did they carry the whole dad thing over form Geoff Johns' comic? For years it was enough that Hal Jordan did the right thing for knowing how to seduce a woman Now we live in an age where all of our heroes have to be damaged. You know who else is like that? Serial killers.

    • Dtwizzy says:

      You Dummy you know it’s a movie right you’re breaking down his life and the fact that he’s late for work you’re a clown and a moron. Get a life. Movie was pretty good I liked it. Remember nerds it’s a movie not real life. You guys make me laugh hahahaha!

      • william says:

        lol, dtwizzy, even though the theme the movie is in isn't in real life, the creation of it is, people just don't want to be disapointed by with the second movie.
        and who is going to watch a movie based on real life with normal things happening? would be soooooooooooo boring

      • Dtwizzy's Daddy says:

        You're the clown and moron. You watch a movie with a horrible script, terrible cinematography, and even worse storyline – and you think it was pretty good?

        Bend over, the studio has something else it wants to give you – you'll probably think it's good, too!

    • night wolf says:

      GreenLantern is the man but not the man of still or the dark knight but he is one of the best in the DC world and ready for the 2 one to come out and it should come out.

  55. jovantie says:

    I think the green lantern was the best movie ever to be mabe and i can't wait to see part 2
    of the movie every thing in that movie was perfect reynolds is a great green lantern and hed did
    good jod play him as well me and my wife seen it 28 times and now we have it on dvd so if you
    all don't think he did a good job in this movie you all can suck it

  56. Zeeguy91 says:

    For the love of God and everything that is holy, keep Greg Berlanti AWAY from this movie!!!! Keep him away from all comic book movies that Warner decides to make. You wanna know who I think should write the script, Geoff Johns. You know, the guy who has been writing the actual Green Lantern comics for the past six years, and at least in my opinion, has been doing an amazing job. I mean Berlanti was the guy who directed Life As We Know It, which was god-awful, even by the standards of a romantic comedy. Is that the guy we want writing the script for a superhero movie. This is Warner's problem, they're letting people who don't even really know these characters write the scripts. You know why Nolan's Batman franchise is doing so well, it's because he knows the character of Batman/Bruce Wayne. He gets him, he understands his motives and reasoning. Warner needs to find that guy for Green Lantern/Hal Jordan and I think Geoff Johns is that guy.

  57. jjairplane says:


  58. pepe says:

    I don't understand, I just wached it on blueray and it was a very good movie, I don't see how it could had being better.

  59. sumit says:

    frist thing i observe from this movie in hero are free in character because director bounded in his character superhero are always free from body and mind but i can’t realize thing in this movie.

  60. deb says:

    I loved Ryan. The movie was solid. However, the movie could be a little more adult.

  61. PatB says:

    The ring went to Hal, that is when the movie should of taken us to Oa. Spent and hour there and have Hal explore his area of responsibility. Then make way to earth.. It's pretty simple concept. Not sure why they cant get it right. I hope they make another movie. PLEASE, PLEASE, do not let anybody involved with Transformers near the script! pay the money to have a good script and acting. The rest will fall into place… Can you say blockbuster!!!

  62. Jayme says:

    I agree because darker and edgier will not improve anything. Most people have grown up watching these characters just fine without anything dark in it and they liked it just fine. Also I think people would take their kids with them if they knew the movie would be alright for them to see. Thor was a big success and it hardly was really dark or anything.

  63. Trulon says:

    I am sure hopeing this sequel of the green lantern is good because some other sequels for other movies were horible but, that is just some not all corse it is also my opinion.

  64. ken says:

    ive been a green lantern fan forever..dark knight was awesome. Solomon Grundy IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST and will add that darkness … he would be the joker equilavent

  65. lout says:

    batman was awsome but marvel is coming out with to many and dc speed it up will yous! dc u need to catch up me and others would like to see more dc movies instead every 3 to 5 years when u do decide to makethem

  66. diane lazaro says:

    I think the movie was great and I am 60 yrs old. I give it a 100%. I think a sequel would be great. Ryan Reynolds was great.

  67. Tye says:

    The whole reason why this movie flopped, was based on the fact that DC's heros always come out incredibly strong. I didn't see any character development in this movie, it's like.. he's bipolar. He didn't even have to get used to the ring, he just started off as a power house. I love Ryan Reynolds, but the story sucked extremely.

  68. jme says:

    Just saw the movie and I LOVED it! I liked how the movie showed the human side if the super hero. He was late consistently, couldn’t wrap gifts and had a sense of humor. I liked the emotion of the loss of his father and his inability to let that go and commit to anything. As kids we see our super hero’s as ones without flaws. When we grow up we find that all of our hero’s were just born to lose, that they have flaws and weakness. I like that in this movie. It makes it relevant to the overall plot and gives a better depth of character.

  69. Joe says:

    I think the main reason the Green latern didn't perform well at the box office was the timing and lack of releases in foreign countries. I may be an American that enjoyed the film, but for some reason the US audience wasn't as receptive as they should have been. However, if you look at the biggest box office movies of Marvel and Dreamworks for example, you'll see the trend of wider releases throughout the rest of the world, and that the foreign gross should account for 75% of the returns, not 50%. But, most movies that are getting great box office returns are being released in more countries, and at earlier dates in foreign countries. I saw the Green latern opening weekend, and checked back to every weekend for a couple of months to see foreign releases that were slim, and delayed for a while. That is a great way to alienate the foreign movie goer. I think that should be the first thing the DC execs look at. before they release the sequel I for one am looking forward to and hope they don't screw up the next release. I have some other great ideas, but DC would have to pay me, that one is for free.

  70. darkheath says:

    Finally watched this and actually liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I'm a notoriously harsh critic of movies (as a lifelong Batman fan I thought Heath was awesome, but the rest of Dark Knight… meh) and I liked how much time GL spent on character development. I like that more than the "action" stuff honestly. I also like how GL managed to find time to be amazed at itself. I thought it made a horrible mistake with the HotWheels helicopter save, and then I see one of the characters say something like "race track… really?" There were a lot of little things like that in the film and I appreciate the characters recognizing the absurdity of the situation. I don't know who the cinematographer was, but I also think he did a great job. The lighting was very well done.

  71. myround0 says:

    To make Green lantern 2 edgier. I think you first have to go with John Stewart. He is the Lantern the kids have grown up with. After that you have to get into the books and show some of the powers, in this movie, that aren't shown on in the comics. Like John is the only known Lantern to not be effected by the Yellow beam. Because of his Marine bad ground and his rough up bringing, he has very little fear, which is what gives the yellow beam its power over its opponent. I think you have to show the ring informing John in very complex situations. You might even need to show John knocked out and the ring automatically saving Johns life. You might even need to show Just in space creating a futuristic spacecraft or something from another planet. And you might even show him calling in Kilowag, Superman, Flash, Batman, and Hawkgirl toward the end. At least hawkgirl…

  72. Carly says:

    I'm voting for the GL movie. I want to see what happens when Hal finds out that Sinestro put on the yellow lantern ring and became corrupt, and I wonder what would happen if Sinestro tried to harm Hal's race AND Rachel. I'll bet that would be a BIG MISTAKE on Sinestro's part. I never liked him, but I thought I could trust him. Guess not, though I'd rather have him be the Yellow Lantern instead of Hal. I might be short for my age but I'm almost 18, since I was born on my dad's bday.

  73. gabriel says:

    superhero movies should be easy to make.. you know have the technology.. ala six million dollar man.. you can make him stronger . faster… so do it.. stay with the mythology.. stop changing it.. dont you get it? if you do it right.. all of us comic book geeks will see it. over and over.. we'll buy the movie.. the t shirts.. we'll take friends with us to see the movie.. and we educate them.. but when you change things to change them?.. well. it bombs.. cgi costume?.. really?.. you spent money on that… ? and a cloud as a villan? didnt work for the first star trek or for fantastic four.. but yeah.. you ll give it a shot..
    go darker.. go simple… just get some decent tights on the man and stick to the facts/mythology

  74. Carly says:

    come on, Hollywood. Do the GL movie, and DO NOT MAKE ME WAIT 2 OR 3 YEARS TO SEE IT! If you do want me to wait, AT LEAST make me wait till September or even November. I'm cool w/ that. But later in 2013? Or 2014? SERIOUSLY?! Do you think ANY GL fan would want that?! I doubt it. I know I don't.

  75. Carly says:

    ok, FIRST of all, I may be teen, but I am pretty mad about this. Goll, can't they at least show it in August 2012? Come on, Hollywood. How many fans do you think are gonna be mad about this? Probably a lot. Dunno, but I'll bet there'll be fans that ARE M-A-D about this. I know I am.

  76. Keith Allen says:

    Forget Hal Jordan, How about John Stewart. Bruce Timm used Stewart in the cartoons and it worked.

  77. Zeartan says:

    Well, I think the movie was entertaining as it should have been. Too many times we have seen plots and scripts that get too complicated which takes away from the movie as a whole. Too many "purists" voice a poor sentiment. Let's face it, did the movie make money? If it did, don't change anything, if it didn't back up and regroup. It is a solid story that worked through kinks in the comics it was written. Way to go Ryan, I thought it was cast very well.

  78. STC says:

    Ryan Reynolds is a bad choice he is still Van Wilder in delivery and half baked confidence buoying fained charm to "get the girl" bs. My gf and I wanted to love the story but it should've been easier to follow or just started mid stream fighting Senistro vs this loose end sequel ending. Hulk survivors and Batman as well will different actors playing the character. Zane could have done this role shoot he could have saved 50million by casting lesser known actors verse actors that are over paid to give the same delivery in every film.

  79. MarioCC says:

    I like the movie and looking forward to the sequel. It doesn't matter how many villains you have it is about a simple strong concept story line of good vs evil, and it has to be fun to watch. Whats the purpose of a dark side? With so many creative sci-fi writers you would think they can come up with something unique.
    Didn't Star Wars teach any of you that?
    WB wants more space action than earth action, that's fine but there has to be some sort of line that we as human can related to whether in space or another planet it has to relate back to earth somehow in terms of what the audience can relate to in our every day of life. That is why I liked this film.
    It can also be a very philosophical film but keep it simple. Don't make it so brainy that we the audience have to really put on our thinking cap to understand its true meaning. Ex. Star-Trek the first motion picture(1979).
    Keep Blake Lively, she is gorgeous, and Bryan Reynolds did a super job.
    As they say: "Keep it simple stupid"

  80. Fred says:

    I just finished watching Green Lantern and thought it was awesome and a near perfect 1st movie of the series, the second should really open up now that we have an established super hero and so forth.

  81. Trey says:

    It’s simple remake the green lantern with a new director like you plan to do then link 2 movie to the last batman movie that comes out this summer and put together the Justice ledege with the new superman in 2014

  82. kjs says:

    Ryan Reynolds is great in the role of GL. This was my favorite of all the DC characters. I agree completely with some of the other commentors. Tie the sequel to Sinestro, keep the Green Lantern in space and not a super hero on earth.

  83. James says:

    5 part resonse all should read:Well every hero has its day and when i say this movie was coming out i was like this is the SH** can't wait a good origin story is wat u need for the first movie of any hero series before u can introduce big characters like the wickedly insance parallax should have definatly started off smaller and less villians while he learned to use the ring

  84. James says:

    5 part response everyone should read:
    at the end of the movie or watever shows in flying off into space/trailor for next movie showing that he travels to learn more creative constructs or made the second movie all about that when it comes out and i sure hope it does and climax should have been parallax at this point nothing u can do is wat it is but everyone loves this green lantern and i thought he was a black guy anyway maybe kill hal and start over that would be cool just like he had a heart attack or something humanily simple then jumpstart the system back over

  85. James says:

    5 part response everyone should read:
    with a new guy slowly learning the constructs as he goes and if memory servers the corps didn't like the human no matter wat he did maybe greatful a couple of times but saving every universe make that the last one stupid anyway salvage wat u can and bring this character back to life as we would of love to see i like the idea and primise of this character more than any other as the guardin of the earth and he should be the one to introduce the league to each other for earth and surrounding his sector and make all the other lanterns busy with there own problems

  86. James says:

    5 part response everyone should read:
    limit that ring power maybe when hal did that he sucked alot of energy out of the universe when he did introduce league for earth and surrounding sectors get a space station and bam movie wickedness i should be making the movies son the comics cartoons gave u everything u need givin all the tools there could have done better but if its crappy or not im a GL fan for life :)

  87. I loved Ryan Reynolds he was a good choice to play GL/Hal Jordan and same 4 Blake Lively as Carol Ferris

  88. jason borders says:

    I am sorry, I loved the new green lantern, I grew up reading all kinds of comic books and never cared much for the green lantern, however the movie brought me into the universe of the green one and explained the origins and now I am hooked. I can not understand how it did badly at the box office after watching it a couple of thousand times,lol. Then again some movies are not for everyone and with that being said my hat is off to Ryan Renolds for the bang up performance he did.

  89. kenneth says:

    The main problem with the current superhero and scify movies is that they don't adhere to the more serious
    writting tones of the comic books that they came from . Science fiction movie stories must keep a serious life or death theme from the start to the finnish of the movie . This continuous effort by Hollywood producers maintain stupid comedic episodes in these movies just keep bringing them down . Just examine the longevity of excellence in quality in scripts that early 1950's scify examples
    like the first " Thing " , " The War Of the Worlds" , " Forbidon Planet ", and " The day The Earth Stood Still " . There was a time when Hollywood was concered about making an art form out of science fiction films . These Hollywood " Clowns " today are only concerned about making a big quick buck from the opening night . That's sadly the situation today .
    a time when most

  90. TB Downs says:

    Liked Reynolds as GL, and Mark Strong. Flitting between planets, however, weakened the movie, hurt its continuity. ONCE was enough. Further, Parallax killing Hector before GL is done is counter-intuitive. If you're the Bad Guy, Target No. 1 is the Good Guy. P should use Hector against GL, with the idea of killing Hector when GL is gone. Just as Hector finally realizes he's a pawn, when GL gets to him (with whatever reasoning the writers care to use), THEN Parallax can whack him, and the main event begins.

    kenneth — yes, today's writers are weaker. Many of the 1950's writers experienced the Depression and World War II. It gave them an understanding of composition, people and situations that is harder to come by, today. It also gave them a strong sense of how fantasy or SF could take people away from their lives, when they were given a powerful story with at least SOME likeable characters.

  91. Hidajunshin says:

    Green Lantern: First Flight had a much stronger script. They should have made that into a live-action. And Ryan Reynolds was just not the right fit for Hal Jordan.

  92. sammy7851 says:

    Sorry Ryan, Jon Hamm is Hal Jordan, Ryan could have been Kyle. Jordan needs to be mature and serious. Reboot time to save trilogy.

  93. mike1 says:

    I am a big Green Lantern fan and i loved the movie. It was a great beginner to how he got started and became a Lantern. I hope they do Sinestro's storyline good in the next one, like showing the audience his planet, why he decided to wear the yellow ring, and his corps.

  94. Mike says:

    Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flach…and still no Wonder Woman.

  95. Nick says:

    Personally I think this movie is under rated. I will say the release so closely after the release of the green hornet may have confused some people, also the lead roll going to van wilder may also have thrown some people. Im a huge fan of comic movies but I passed on seeing the green lantern in theaters simply because i couldnt see ryan reynolds as a super hero. But now that i’ve seen it I want more. Go green lantern 2.

  96. Shirl says:

    I like the Green Lantern film. It is not a "great summer blockbuster" type of movie (Didn't it earn back its cost?) and I didn't want it to be. I thought Ryan Reynolds gave the right balance of humor and serious and hero action. I'm not big on SFX and don't notice the CGI unless it interrupts the story. I like character driven storylines. That's why the two Christian Bale Batman movies appealed to me. I don't plan, at this point, to see the 3rd one.

    As for too many villains in GH — Parallax was the primary villain and the others were clearly being set up for the sequel(s). But I guess WB wants a summer blockbuster and plans to make it edgier to make it so. More pointless action is not the movie I want to see but I sure hope they develop the character to another level while they plan how to bust the block.

  97. Leon says:

    Green lantern reminded me of the first hulk film. A lot of build up before anything even happens. This is why it flopped. Just boring tell it gets to the second half of the film. This brings the second issue and a great example is the remake of incredible hulk. They tried to fix this issue, with new film. It was a mistake too. Defiantly fixed some problems with the first film but still issues mainly story line in my mind. We just did not know the character. They should have never made a remake and did a sequel it would have done much better since the story line was established in the first film. Now what they need to do is a sequel to green lantern, not do a remake if they do it will have the same fate as the hulk films. Story has been established and character known no long build up. It can make a really great film.

  98. Winchester says:

    I thought the movie was entertaining. However, of all the recent comic movie releases, this was the weakest.

  99. shahin says:


  100. ronald sigley says:

    we need a movie with aquaman,

  101. ronald sigley says:

    flash custom is ok /way has been for over 30 years

  102. Karen says:

    June 2012 just watched "Green Lantern" altho it was a great action movie I wonder how much of what the writers wrote and the directors directed recongized how deep that movie really is. Even though the movie is not 100 % correct if you read between the lines there is some deepth to this sci-fi movie.

  103. paul nodell says:

    my uncle originated and drew the green lantern Marty Nodell
    they should go back to the grass roots
    With more action less love story
    look at the success if marvels movies Action mostly
    hey DC if you need my help let me know it would be my pleasure to give You some ideas

  104. Tindge says:

    Green Lantern 2?
    I hope so, but by the Gods people make it better!!! Give us a better story & get to a comic book store & find and old Green Lantern issue so you know what his costume should look like.
    I honestly my mom could sew up a better costume than that green lighted insult.
    I know Dc & Marvel are a buisness & will milk the super hero teet for as long as we dig out the cash for it, & who can blame them after The Avengers~ My fav of the summer. All I ask is for a little more quality, seems like every 3rd super hero flick that comes out is a flop.

  105. rjh says:

    just put the blackest night on the big screen thats it

  106. Anny says:

    I do believe any display film perform inside a batman form of approach. Thumb is amongst the more youthful comic strip charecters and also you might make your pet begin while type of the playboy magazine and make your pet are a far more badass variety main character. I'd handle the particular match however, crimson nylons simply don't operate in which mould. Possess a sort of badass Ishmael actor or actress perform your ex. Reynolds almost certainly would have been recently more appropriate because the display not necessarily GL. I cannot wait around to find out your ex because Deadpool, in the event that Sibel actually locations with the wolverine prequels as well as causes it to be.
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  107. Matt says:

    Edgier and darker would make for a more serious and engaging movie in my opinion. I think Nolan's batman's were much better than marvel movies {which I still love}. I think that their errors having to do with space and stuff in the first will make sure the be careful in that area. Additionaly a human(oid) villian will make for a much better movie. I also think they need to lessen the scale of the attack and evil doing of the villain.

  108. James Walker says:

    The actor who played Sinestro is Mark Strong. And besides, the best director to do Green Lantern is Michael Bay. I would like to be GL John Stewart, but I’m not old enough. I’m 24, and he’s in his mid to late 30’s.

  109. Med Ellis Smith says:

    To Warner Bros I am glad Green lantern Sequel in works I hope you do not bring Martin Campbell as Director. I think the better canditates Jorge Daniel Espinosa, Robert Cohen, Lee Tamahori, Alan Rickman or Gavin O'Connor. After watching safe house I believe Jorge Espinosa could be, should be the next Chris Nolan. Alan Rickman might be interesting because of his Mixed film experience. I have added a list characters I feel be in the next movie with who I feel should casted to play them.
    Arisia Rrab Kaley Cuoco
    Amon Sur Faran Tahir
    Katma Tui Olivia Wilde, Aarti Mann or Sarayu Rao
    Soranik Natu Maggie Siff
    Munni Jah Carrie Ann Moss
    Guy Gardner Samuel Page
    Jillian "Cowgirl" Pearlman Anna Faris, Joss Stone or Michelle Williams
    Lianna Courtney Henggeler or Michelle "Shelly" Jenneke
    Black Hand (real name William Hand) Eric Bana
    Thank you as fan

  110. joby says:

    Make a movie every year for five years starting with Superman in 2013, Wonder Woman 2014, Flash 2015, Green Lantern reboot (using John Stewart to avoid awkward Hal Jordan comparisons) 2016, Batman reboot in 2017. Then in 2018 or 2019 come out with a huge Justice League movie. Get young, but still good actors and explore back story and one major enemy. Looks like they are using Zod for supes. Use Ares for Wonder Woman, use a mob or something to that affect for Flash, Sinestro for GL (as John Stewart), and Riddler for new Batman (still can't use Joker). Then JL vs. Darkseid. Don't rush into a crappy Justice League movie just to compete with Avengers. Use their formula and make that money

  111. Joseph Lucas says:

    I want a Flash movie and John Fox to play Flash and Kid Flash ion the movie. Also I want action figure toys for the movie.

  112. Abe Cole says:

    I may or may not watch this movie. I did not watch the first one. To be honest, I may watch more small art house movies in the future. I did quit eating Big Macs recently.

  113. Personally I'd like to see a sequal focused on the rise of Sinestro and his Sinestro Corps. I think a large scale war between the Sinestro Corps and the Green Lantern corps would be worth while to watch and end up faring better in the box office. I also think it would fair better than the first one in the box office because both Green lantern comic fans and action-adventure fans would be taken in more by the large scale conflict that would mirror the comics as a opposed to the shabby plot of the first one which was similair to the second fantastic four movie.

  114. vroane18@netzero.com says:

    Good idea for a sequel for green lantern. Also a very good idea for the justice league movie but before that u should bring all the superfriends to the movie screen! Wonder woman (Demi Moore)for this Aquaman(not sure who for this).

  115. Bert Tram says:

    The history of the Green Lantern of the dc universe is rich with stories to capture any movie goer.
    The problem is not that. The problem is getting the right writer/director. In my opinion, all future comic book movies should be done by Josh Whedon. His Avengers I think is the best comic book movie …. Ever ! Period ! … 'nuff said …

  116. Greg Laschanzky says:

    Liked Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, better than I thought I would. Have never cared for the Parallax line in Comic story line. Just like I've never cared for the Venom story line in the Spider-man story line. But comic book continuity really lost with the Crisis and the destruction of the multiple universe concept. Did Green Lantern make back the money it took to make it? If it did not , then the solution is obvious. As many have already stated SIMPLIFY. No need for so many villains. Same thing happened in Third Spider-man with Sandman and Venom, could have done with just Sandman. Green Lantern should have dealt with just Sinestro or Star Saphire or Hector Hammond, but as I said SIMPLIFY.

  117. John says:

    Should hire Rian Johnson to direct and assist in writing. That would be a smart film and have his career blast off.

  118. DCALLDAY says:

    I think the first Green Lantern was a great movie, however some parts of the movie confused me, as it was somewhat different than the original comic stories..I believe DC Movies are the best movies to come out of the theatres, if the story matches in someway or in all ways to the main storyline. However, Green Lantern emphasized really hard in the beginning or "start" of the first human apart of the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan. I think your guys' sequel should be apart the Sinestro Corps and the overruling of Mongul on his homeworld, Korugar. Think it would make an excellent sequel to the first or even second storyline of The Green Lantern. The third sequel should be about the Green Lantern Corps, the very beginning when the Guardians of the Universe assembled them together. And the FOURTH SEQUEL should be about the start of time, how the Guardians of the Universe came about. Then the FIFTH SEQUEL, should be about the formation of the Juctice League and the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott. jus saying. Green Lantern so much potential to be the next Batman in Theatres. who knows, right!!

    • Bert Tram says:

      although i can't agree with you that the first GL movie was great, I totally agree with you that it has so much potential… it needs a class A1 director .. now Joss Whedon did a great job with the Avengers..
      since he's probably commited to AVENGERS 2, maybe a guy like Steven Spielberg would consider it.
      Especially since his new movie Lincoln is going to crash & burn @ the boxoffice. Or perhaps George Lucas will finally stop feeling sorry for himself & get his fat ass into gear & make movies. The GL universe & his special effects company, a marriage made in heaven …

  119. Tariq says:

    the problem with the first movie was they tried to spoon feed several years of story into 123 minutes, if you want a movie done right you have to give the audience time to connect with all the characters, otherwise the connections the characters have with each other just feel forced, in my opinion two hours would be the absolute minimum length for that movie, with all those characters… its like thse people forgot how to make movies or something. I love DC comics… i really do, but it reminds me of like back when i was a kid and i preferred dreamcast over playstation, i wanted it to succeed but they just kept disappointing me, if they just look at what thir competition is doing, !!cameos!! lots of cameos! the thought of something bigger and badder or a bigger plan of somekind makes people more immersed into the world, Batman, superman, wonder woman, flash, hawkman, hawk girl, static shock, this universe is not just the world on one hero, this sets up your movie for sequels and crossovers. all you have to do is look at the freakin comics for God sake, its not as hard as they are making it out to be, and that superman/batman legal issue needs to be squashed… make a settlement of somekind and get this thing going… cause a lot of money can be made, a lot, and soon as these people can get that past their thick heads, the sooner we can all enjoy what the creators made the characters for in the first place

  120. B ryberg says:

    Honestly I didnt think this movie was terrible… I mean, yeah it wasn’t great but it’s a hell of a lot better than Toby McGuire ruin spiderman

  121. Josh says:

    Coming from a strictly unbiased point of view here, the special effects were pretty good. I do agree that there were too many villains, and that the screenplay could have been much better written. I do like the way Hal’s becoming a Green Lantern was explained (as I never knew anything about Green Lantern prior to watching the movie). I do hope the next movie is better, but in my opinion, the first was decent. No more, no less, just decent. For all those who complain, I say that you should stop hating on the movie, and offer suggestions in the appropriate places. Don’t rage, because that lack of maturity, and let’s face it… that just makes you worse than bad movie dialogue lulz

  122. Ken says:

    I believe there were problems with the exicution of the movie ( meaning the Director) But even though I love Ryan Renalds as an actor I do not believe he truely captured (Hal Jorden). I do believe He would be just about the best you could do for the flash with his (smart ass ways and everything. I do believe that Daniel Criag ( James bond ) has all the arrogance of what a piloit and grit that the green lantern should have with the focus being on never giving up and overcoming all. That is what makes the GL brand so appealing to everyone.Renolds has the (cockiness) and is a great actor he can do so much but he is to pretty to be Hal. You need someone that gets beat down lick Rocky and keeps going sometimes will a smirk on his faceNot ( GQ) mag cover look

  123. SeanS117 says:

    And Besides EVERYONE knows that the Blue Lantern Corps are the coolest most powerfull, and just all-around awesome

  124. Zade says:

    Next movie should develop Sinestro into a villain, not start out. there are plenty of fodder for gl to work on while Sinestro and Star sapphire get time to develop. They can also introduce Guy Gardner and John Stewert in movie 2 and 3. yadda yadda

  125. dave says:

    i used to read green lantern when it started out in showcase way back in 1959. the years 59/63 were the best green lantern stories ever publshed, and that is where i would look for a story.

  126. Thrillz says:

    new batman; RATED R, guns, blood , sex , and drugs

    1st and foremost; he doesnt give himself the title batman, when you nickname youself you are a tool. Hes just a guy who dresses in black who some local media icon names batman
    setting ; mexico
    character; a real person similar to bruce willis in unbreakable, hispanic orphan of a police captain killed by a drug cartel- our batman , senor negro grows up to avenge. He has to fight more that the kingpin, he develops a secret addiction to herion bc he is a little crazy
    – finds tons of weapons in his fathers lost secrect basement
    -thats an effin superhero movie

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  128. Martha Hesler says:

    I am not sure why there is so much controversy over a GL#2. As far a I am concernded GL#1 was very good. My husband isn’t a big fan of superhero movies at all. We did not see this at the movies. We bought a BluRay and have watched it over & over & over. The $25.00+ that we paid was well worth the money. We would buy it again. We both have been waiting for the sequel. Please, quit procrastinating. We would like to have more movies like Avengers, etc.

  129. KBledsoe says:

    2/2/13………..I once again watched the Green Lantern because I grew up a die hard DC lover and will always remain one!! I do agree that the movie could have had a bit more action involved, but…… I believe in order to peck the interest of people in general you have to make the first a bit slow. That way when a sequel DOES finally arrive it makes it that much more interesting!!! But then again unfortunately we oh so obviously live in a world of extreme politics!! So once again because of this we as a public in waiting want are left hanging on the side line waiting and waiting. Please leave the politics to the government…….which is another scary subject altogether. Point in general …..GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!!!!!! It was an enjoyable movie now make the sequel……..PLEASE :-)

  130. Merry Go says:

    Can half the Green Lantern posts stop whining about John Stewart?

    That said, I would like sequals of Green Lantern to expand into the Green Lantern storylines. Sinestro Corps war would be fantastic on the big screen.

  131. Paul Nash says:

    If there is going to be a "Justice League"movie in the future and the top heros get their own movies , what about the amazon Wonder Woman? I want to see who could play Cheetah her arche and I mean arche enemy. Please let cheetah play on the first movie. Use the old cheetah story line from the past with Pricilla Rich as Cheetah instead of Barbara Minerval. Pricilla had a double personality that could bring interest to the script. Barbara mInerval just hated Wonder Woman because of her lasso in the 1987 George Perez series. Beyonce if she wanted to could play the tormented but evil Pricilla Rich/Cheetah or use both Cheetah's from the past and present to make a new Cheetah.

  132. Alex says:

    The story for Green Lantern doesn't have to be on earth. He is a space cop that once in a while goes back to earth if it is threatened. His story is a space action/drama! Space is hugh and script writters can't expect him to go home every night, have a life and go back into space for work! He helps other planets and fight alien armys with the green lantern corp now. He has to build relationships with other aliens. Warner can't treat him like a typical superhero. His story is not a typical superhero story. It's more like Starwars or Star Trek. Would someone in Hollywood please read the GL comics or at least watch the animated movies / series to figure it out!

  133. John says:

    Ryan is the complete wrong actor for Green Lantern by a longshot. And he is wrong for Barry Allen a forensic cop also. Very few superheroes actually fit the spiderman mold that they want. Hal has balls of steel and no self doubt. He has the will of a god.

  134. Stuntress22 says:

    You need John Stewart swag appeal and marine corp abilities (Semper Fi)

  135. shushu says:

    I think with in the constraints of length of time movie had to run and with the CG technology it was a very good 1st effort. It laid a good foundation and now helps give the guideline for what worked and what needs to be tweaked. So edgier will be good and with all of the fears everyone has so much can be used it will be hard to narrow down. Can only hope they use Lucas and Speilberg as the role models for what does and does not work… Ex: Indiana Jones worked fairly well… Jaws sequels… not so much.. Star Wars originals … well you get the idea. Looking forward to when Green Lantern 2 is in the can.

  136. myround0 says:

    In combat have John Stewart use eye balls on his back, and the bottom of his feet when expecting an attack from below. Also, two extra arms( can have more if needed) that can fire his beams in any desires direction when needed. You can show him on Oa, learning this craft by himself. In practice combat he continues to be beaten as he should be since the ring and its powers are new to him. Show him testing the limits in his room. The phrase the ring has no limits, means more to him however, using extra extremities. However this is not an easy feat to master since the mind is taking numerous inputs. But because of John's will, combat experience and unlimited desire to survive, he will use every advantage his mind will think of. While the ring is equipped with a computer with unlimited universal knowledge, John being a marine likes hands on combat, will use the computer to select best means of escapes when clearly overpowered, which is almost never for a green Lantern. The Guardians selecting John, and not the ring is just one more reason John should be fused with at the base of his spine the Blue, Green and indigo rings…Because the ring has no limits John can shapeshift as well.

  137. myround0 says:

    Who's the fastest GL John Stewart or Flash. I would have to say Hal Jordan might be a better GL to race Flash as John might not engage in this race and if he did it would be limited and not nearly enough distance to determine who the fastest is. So if we went with John I woudl say Flash although the ring has no limits.

  138. myround0 says:

    John would see this more as horseplay and might not race flash. Hal would, as a pilot and fly guy, engage in this race and I would say the start would see flash get out to the lead only to have the will of the ring aid hal in over taking Flash. At this point it would matter where they are on Earth both guys at top speed would spin Earth out of Orbit. However in a location where Flash could use the limitless speed of the Speed force it would be like battling the Hulk everytime Hal would push the ring the Speed Force would allow Flash to draw on the fastest moving object around him, which would be Hal and propel Flash to even higher speeds, and this would continue until. Both limitless, the clear winner would be flash since he woudl continue to draw on Hal's limitless speed, making it his own limitless speed. Plus Flash doesn't know it yet but like lightning he can strike means if the destination is determined he doesn't have to run he can strike like ligtning and appear anywhere in the universe.

  139. jor-el says:

    I don't know what the Hell everybodys complaining about…Green Lantern was a GOOD MOVIE,I GUARANTEE the one's COMPLAINING haven't picked up a comic book in your LIFE! Folks tease us because we collect comics then turn right around and run to the theaters to see the movie…people make me sick! If you wanna complain look at Batman Forever,Batman and Robin,The 1st Hulk,and Superman Returns. Those were awful,but this movie was a good movie as far as numbers at the box office goes sound to me they set a UNREALISTIC FORECAST!

  140. Dustin Hobbs says:

    Am I seriously the only person on this entire feed that thinks the Green Lantern was perfect? Every single person who has worked on this movie did an amazing job and doesn't need to change a damn thing. This movie captivated me from the moment Parallax escaped to the moment he was hoisted into the sun. It was edgy, funny, brave, sexy, and busting out a mile with style. I'm not lying when I say that this movie had me white-knuckle gripping my chair through almost the whole thing. If you choose to have a seat and watch it, you'll only need the edge of that chair.

  141. troy says:

    i love the green lantern and i would like to see the second one

  142. Jesus Parra says:

    Ryan Reynolds was great as Green Lantern, and it's the director who's made the movie bad, but after watching the movie, I really don't find anything wrong about the movie, so it's time for a Green Lantern 2.

  143. Diane James says:

    Apologies for my late reply, but do not get me wrong when I say this, what the hell were you guys thinking and allow my favorite actor look inadequate. There was more action in the animated “Hotel Transylvania”. So get it together and please keep the same actors from the first one. Duh!! Thanks but I still enjoyed it 😉✌👄

  144. @KAOSKTRL says:

    A fllash movie … Please just say no.

  145. Lewis says:

    Please make a flash movie. The suit should be like superman’s suit. Like it should have dark red and those lines that cut across him. And they should make a justice league, but who will be Wonder woman or Hawk girl, or that alien green guy, or Cyborg?

  146. dc elite says:

    Green lantern re-charged should be be the sequel.. maybe have Chris one as the new hal jordan, simonpegg as guy gardener, rampage Jackson as john Stewart and Ryan gosling as kyle Rayner.
    Also Bradley cooper would make a great flash and he should take on Brian Cranston as captain cold…

  147. jenniferwemett says:

    i like to see the new green lartarn again

  148. guest2.0 says:

    the character designs and concept was spot on with the first one. The execution was awful. A really cool powerful superhero, but didn't feel new and refreshing at all. They need to reboot it completely.

  149. Chris says:

    Tim Burton Should do the second.

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