‘Watchmen’ countdown: A retro video game, plus who do you want interviewed?

Feb. 25, 2009 | 1:01 a.m.

Ror190"Watchmen" has been covered from so many angles by some many outlets, it’s difficult to decide what/who to talk about without following some other site or publication.

There are photos (Zap2It,  to the left), primers (our own, down and to the right), and endless interviews…we suggest reading the ones with Zack Snyder, Alan Moore and Jackie Earle Haley done by our own fanboy reporter supreme Geoff Boucher.

Over at i09, Patrick Wilson and Malin Ackerman talk about the Night Owl-Silk Spectre steamy sex scene.  Even periphery figures to the public at large are getting in the spotlight.

Silk190_2DC Comics president Paul Levitz was interviewed at the New York Comic Con about it. Film Music Magazine.com had a cool audio conversation with "Watchmen" composer Tyler Bates and his surreal soundtrack. And Newsarama chatted with set photographer Clay Enos.

Is there anyone left to hear from? Leave suggestions in the comments section below, even off-the-wall people that you may want to hear from.  Until we get them, though, this crude but fun (at least the first few times you play it) not-well-hidden video game has popped up around the internets.

Ah, old school-style enjoyment.

Play the ‘Watchmen’ video game

— Jevon Phillips


ComedianVideo: Creating Rorschach

"Watchmen" ski masks. Alan Moore won’t be pleased

Trailer: ‘Tales of the Black Freighter’

Zack Snyder’s son plays young Rorschach

"Watchmen" producer: Blame Fox


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2 Responses to ‘Watchmen’ countdown: A retro video game, plus who do you want interviewed?

  1. Anna Obropta says:

    Clay Enos. He's the only one telling the truth!

  2. Larry Fong, the cinematographer. I'm curious as to how he approached the project, considering how perfectly the book is laid out. Did he view it as "ready made story boards" or did he bring an original approach to it?
    With comic/graphic novel adaptations, I think the cinematographer is one of the first people reporters should talk to.

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