Well ‘Twilight’ fans, how was Stephenie Meyers’ ‘Oprah’ appearance for you?

Nov. 14, 2009 | 12:24 a.m.



Denise Martin, one of our “Twilight” experts, checks in with some thoughts on today’s vampy edition of “The Oprah Winfrey Show“…

That certainly wasn’t aimed at Twi-hards, was it?

After more than a year of forgoing all interview requests, Stephenie Meyer emerged to promote the upcoming “New Moon” movie on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Her pre-taped appearance aired Friday and yielded, for rabid “Twilight” fans, just one revelation not already known about her vampire series. For the second book, (the film version hits theaters Nov. 20), Meyer said, she originally had a different ending in mind.

“There was a different ending to ‘New Moon.’ Originally it was much quieter [and took place] in Bella’s head,” she said. Meyer changed it at the urging of her mom, Candy Morgan. She introduced the Volturi earlier, and — voila! — a Volturi smack-down jazzes up the end. Thanks, Candy.

Otherwise, Oprah and Meyer went over very familiar territory: “Twilight” came to Meyer in a dream; she imagined a hot vampire who was in love with a mortal girl; she wanted to know more; that dream became Chapter 13 of “Twilight.”

“In the dream it was two people in a circular meadow and one of them was a sparkly boy and one was just a girl who was human and normal and the boy was a vampire, which was bizarre,” Meyer said. “It was a passion and frenzy when I started writing.”

And of course, there was a question about Robert Pattinson. His hygiene having often been called into question, Oprah wanted to know, “What does he smell like?” “He smells great,” Meyer said. “Rob is hilarious. He is the funniest person. He’s not at all like the Edward character. He’s so different. He just doesn’t look like anyone else, in a good way. He’s very striking looking.”

And that was about it. So what do you all think? Do you wish Meyer could have done, say, a more in-depth interview? Or talked more about the “New Moon” movie? Or, at the very least, told us what she’s been up to all year? (I do!) Agree with me, or disagree if you must, below.

— Denise Martin



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17 Responses to Well ‘Twilight’ fans, how was Stephenie Meyers’ ‘Oprah’ appearance for you?

  1. vannessa says:

    Oprah should have asked her better questions. It wasn't stephenie's fault, she asked exactly what was asked.

  2. Wendilynn says:

    Oprah giving an indepth interview?!!! Those days are over. She just coasts over people now doing feel good blips.

  3. Dac7275 says:

    This interview was the final countdown..Hated it….Sorry Steph…. "The Host" was not that good. Better listen to your mom…and Get 'Midnight Sun" out or you will fade away.

  4. kelly friel says:

    iagree with you and why did it keep saying is thier a 5th book

  5. Kathy Gibson says:

    Meyers needs to continue the book first sight.
    I would buy it and I know others would also.
    I would love to see a book on the relationship of
    Jocab and Nessie.
    I lost my Captain , husband and just as the movie Twight was getting started I lost my father after a long illness.
    I was DOWN! My best friend told me to read
    Twight and gave me the book. I set it down for a few days. She asked about what page I was on,I told her I had not started it. So after that I started it and read and read and read all four books. I was out of bed and doing things again. I need a job but I am trying to start my own business of sugar art and Wedding Cakes.
    Anyway, I really think the books got my mind together. I know it sound crazy and I am not a couger. If I had a choose I would go for Billy Black. His part is interesting.
    Thank you ,
    Kathy G

  6. Sandie W. says:

    I really liked Stephenie's vibe- she seems like a normal person that I can be friends with, down to earth and humble. It'll be interesting to see how much she changes as her fame grows- she's still in her shell. But that's one of the things that I loved about her, it was refreshing to see someone on TV that isn't full of themselves. She's so pretty too! She definitely inspired me….

  7. Dio Brando says:

    I wish she would stop writing, is what I wish.
    Though it'll be amusing when her second set of Twilight novels are turned into films, since they can mirror the book and add a scant 10% new scenes.

  8. ashley says:

    The show was great but they kept saying "Will there be a fourth book? Stephanie answers that when we return." That question was never answered. I thought it was good,except for she talked about things most people already knew. I can't wait to see the movie and this interview just made the wait worse. :)

  9. Ista says:

    I enjoyed the interview! I wish she had talked about the 5th book since Oprah said she would. I really want to see her write more books about different characters from twilight. A Jacob and Nessie story would be amazing!

  10. HappySue says:

    I'm sure Oprah has all say about how long and what info about the Twilight Series. I thought Oprah was surprised when her audience went nuts of Meyers and Twilight. Anyone else feel that way. I sure wanted more from Meyers!

  11. Lauren says:

    I was really wanting to hear more from Steph and if she is going to write the 5th book. I agree with some of you, I would love to see a book about Jacob and Nessie!

  12. Sandra says:

    I was really disappointed with the interview. I was hoping that there would be some better questions asked. I don't feel that Oprah did a very good job. They pretty much went over everything that we already knew, except for the info about her original New Moon ending. What a bummer, I was really looking forward to a good interview too!

  13. Laer Carroll says:

    The interview was for all the people who have not yet been introduced to the Twilight world. Naturally twifans know all Stephanie said, but being disappointed is selfish. Instead you should be glad that so many other people will be joining you in your fun.

  14. Rachel Rowledge says:

    I have just finished breaking dawn and am so gutted that its all over ,so im so excited for new moon. i loved the book new moon but hated edward going away, i couldnt wait for him to come back haha so glad he did but was nice to see jacobs and bellas friendship blossom glads thats all it was haha im a big fan of twilight, newmoon,eclipse and breaking dawn and cant wait for the films now. I just wish you could write all four books again in edwards point of view i would have a life again haha i could defently get a partition set up for that iv never been so obsessed with a story in all my life. well hope you get this message and good look xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Sara says:

    The show was a live taping, it just aired later in the day in most markets. I think she ran out of time. Usually they tape and ask lots of questions and edit for the best parts. If you look on the website, Stephenie Meyer answered more questions including whether or not there will be a 5th book.

  16. Lena Davis says:

    Hi everyone! Well, if you've been reading Stephanie's website you'll know that she had been seriously wronged by someone leaking her new take on the 'Twilight' series. Everything is intriguingly written from Edward's point of view. I know from what she wrote that this offense had been very tough on her and disturbing. I guess there are just some things that can't be talked about, especially since Stephanie is still mad about it. I'm okay with the fact that it wasn't really mentioned. The pain of the wrongfull exposure probably hurts too much.

  17. Bugs says:

    How do we get our comments to Stephenie? I am a little old lady and I think the Twilight series is written on a plane right up there with the Brontes. And the characters are VERY real to all of the fans. (Even the nurses in the hospital would see me with "New Moon"…. I've reread the entire series four times ….and tell me they loved reading the books again and again.) These are not tweens, Stephenie, you are writing classics that WILL LAST. Remember that Arthur Conan Doyle grew to HATE Sherlock Holmes because the fans would not let him write anything else. And I suppose Stephenie is trying to avoid that road….but I am SOOO blue that "Midnight Sun" is in some kind of abyss. Please reconsider and finish that book . No interest in Host, aliens or science fiction. sorry.

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