WonderCon 2009, a last look back

March 02, 2009 | 6:38 p.m.

Green_lantern_by_jon_snyder It was a great weekend in San Francisco, and I got to meet a lot of people I had only known by name before, among them Howard Chaykin, Matt Fraction, Matt Wagner, Rob Reger and, gulp, Erin Gray (That’s right, I still haven’t gotten over that early 1980s crush). I also caught with some familiar faces, like Mike Mignola and his lovely wife Christine, Ed Brubaker, McG and Zack Snyder.

I bought a few things on the trading floor, but the great souvenir of the trip was a sketch of Rorschach that Dave Gibbons drew on the back of my name placard from the "Watchmen" movie panel. That was pretty much worth the trip alone…

I shot some video I will put up later in the week, but for a fun visual roundup of the event, check out Jon Snyder’s photo gallery at Wired; it’s very well done! (That’s his shot of a Green Lantern here on the left)

–Geoff Boucher

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