‘Alice in Wonderland,’ from every angle

March 05, 2010 | 6:56 p.m.


Alice in Wonderland” opens today and no one has covered the movie event more (or better!) than the Hero Complex. Take a tumble down the rabbit hole and check out the coverage from our 30-day countdown…

Alice in Wonderland

Michael Sheen’s research?: “I lived with a family of rabbits”

Helena Bonham Carter gets a royal proposal from Burton

“Alice in Wonderland” as silent film, musical and … porn?

Caterpillar design
Johnny Depp

“Alice” and a curious Hollywood history

“Alice” character designer is a Cinderella story

The White Queen as domestic goddess

“Alice” was a career challenge for EFX wizard Ken Ralston

John Tenniel and the persistence of “Wonderland”

“Alice” in Moneyland? The film may hit $100 million this weekend 

Avril Lavigne wanders in “Wonderland”

Danny Elfman searches for the sound of “Wonderland”

Mia Wasikowska on Depp: “He’s so brave and smart”

Johnny Depp picks his poison for “Alice”

“Wonderland” left cinematographer feeling green

Marchhare design

Turan: “Wonderland” should have more magic

The philosophy of “Wonderland”

“Alice” star says “Wonderland” is a sequel, not remake

Burton says “Alice” has a “national treasure” in actress Windsor

“Alice” screenwriter is ready for the haters

Red Queen = Leona Helmsley? Maybe so, says Burton

Burton and stars will be at “Alice” fan event in L.A. on Feb. 19

A very important date in London

Johnny Depp and the scary tradition of orange hair

Burton on past “Alice” films: “There wasn’t anything underneath”

Tim Burton on working with Depp on a darker “Alice”

JohnTenniel's Alice

VIDEO: Watch the London premiere of “Alice”

Tim Burton and “Alice” feel the love

“Alice” in IMAX-land

Meet Bloodhound, a newcomer to Wonderland

Burton took a “Shining” to Tweedledee and Tweedledum

“Alice” as Goth girl?

Trouble at the tea party: U.K. theaters balk at “Alice”


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