Woody Harrelson defends ‘Defendor’: ‘It’s a wonderful movie’

Feb. 18, 2010 | 7:50 p.m.

Over at 24 Frames, our sister blog, Amy Kaufman writes that “Kick-Ass” doesn’t need to worry about “Defendor” stealing its thunder…

At the Oscar nominee luncheon earlier this week, Woody Harrelson was asked about the status of a dark superhero comedy he has coming out titled “Defendor.”

“Yeah, I did this movie called ‘Defendor’ and I was really excited because Sony picked it up in Toronto, and it’s a wonderful movie,” he said. “I love the movie. I get the feeling it’s not gonna get much play, though.”

We just saw the trailer and sadly, we’re going to have to agree with Harrelson: It just doesn’t look like a winner…


— Amy Kaufman


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4 Responses to Woody Harrelson defends ‘Defendor’: ‘It’s a wonderful movie’

  1. Cal Godot says:

    Hero Complex has pushed some awful movies during its brief history. What's the matter with this one? It can't be worse than Twilight, The Wolf Man, Transformers, Spider-Man, or any of the other dreck you guys promote as if it's the second coming of cinema's salvation. Are you able only to promote bad movies with big marketing budgets? What's the connection there? No studio payoff for boosting Defendor?

  2. Geoff Boucher says:

    Cal, I'm just linking to 24 Frames, THEY'RE the ones slagging on "Defnedor."
    And "Spider-Man" is dreck? I thought it was fantastic.
    As for studio payoffs, my wife would be thrilled…

  3. Cal Godot says:

    We just saw the trailer and sadly, we're going to have to agree with Harrelson: It just doesn't look like a winner…
    Who's "we," Geoff? Not you?

  4. Geoff Boucher says:

    Amy wrote "we" as in the "editorial We." She was referring to "we" of 24 Frames blog. I linked to it. I wrote the part in tialics. There wasnt a meeting or anything before she wrote her post (I didn't see the trailer before she wrote it…) Sorry you're so upset Cal…
    Things here aren't quite as planned out as you think. 24 Frames did a superhero post so I linked it to …

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