Zachary Quinto getting in Spock shape for ‘Star Trek’ sequel

Oct. 19, 2011 | 7:00 p.m.
quinto5 Zachary Quinto getting in Spock shape for Star Trek sequel

Zachary Quinto, photographed Oct. 5 in Los Angeles. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

It’s been a busy week for a certain young Vulcan. Zachary Quinto’s first effort as a producer, the Wall Street thriller “Margin Call,” in which he also stars, hits theaters on Friday. On the eve of the film’s New York premiere, Quinto acknowledged publicly that he’s gay for the first time. In our interview in Thursday’s newspaper, Quinto talks about the meaning of this moment to him, on a personal and professional level.

Quinto’s “Margin Call” role shares a lot in common with Spock — he plays a brainy young investment bank analyst. In November, Quinto said he’ll turn to a very different kind of challenge — readying for a major Spock action scene in J.J. Abrams’ long-awaited “Star Trek” sequel, which starts production in January.

“There’s a big sequence for me that I have to prepare for in this movie physically so I’m training, working on getting in some serious shape, building my cardio endurance, preparing to run a lot,” Quinto said.

While Leonard Nimoy’s Spock was more about mental fitness than physical stunts, Quinto said the new “Trek” franchise already has broken out of that mold: “One of the climactic scenes for me in the first movie was when I go against that grain and lose my cool and beat up Kirk. So I think they’re trying to change that up a little bit and not have him be just intellectual but also have another side.”

As an actor, Quinto is best known for his two genre roles — Spock and as the villainous Sylar from NBC “Heroes” — but that’s not by design, he said.

“I never would have anticipated sci fi factoring so prominently in my career,” Quinto said. “It was not a genre I spent a lot of my own time immersed in. Comic books was not really my bag. I’m grateful for it. I come from a theater background. That’s how I learned to act. There’s something very theatrical about the world of ‘Heroes,’ of ‘Star Trek,’ so it was an easy fit for me. It was comfortable, more on the basis of technique than content…. But to be so closely associated with one of the most iconic characters in the history of sci fi, I have to work a little harder against that expectation.”

— Rebecca Keegan


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22 Responses to Zachary Quinto getting in Spock shape for ‘Star Trek’ sequel

  1. Jim Bob says:

    Love him.

  2. jam says:

    He is so fantastic and underrated. Glad to see him doing so well.

  3. Jay says:

    I hope he goes and Vulcs himself

  4. James Goldman says:

    • The Orion Syndicate as the villains

    • Larger all-star cast as well as many cameos including by William Shatner

    • More planets

    • Larger space battles with more starships

    • Kirk having better fighting skills

    • Kirk having several human love interests played by Hollywood’s most beautiful young actresses

    • No cut scenes

    • The Star Trek theme music from the Insurrection end credits used at the end

  5. Carmen says:

    I hope they include Lady Gaga in the sequel as a singer with dark connections to the villains. With her futuristic music and style, she would fit right in.

    I’d like to see Kirk, Spock and McCoy go undercover to a techno concert of hers on a distant planet which is raided by many henchmen who have a thunderous phaser fight with them.

  6. Sheldon says:

    I want a scene in the sequel with Kirk, Spock and Bones sitting around a campfire at Yosemite National Park singing ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’!

  7. odum says:

    As long as it has at least one amorphous energy cloud creature, two aliens with domeheads, evil flowers that shoot things at you, and one computer that needs to be talked into self-destructing/choking on its own logic, it'll be 100% Star Trek.

  8. Mark says:

    Can't wait for the sequel. He was a perfect choice for Spock.

  9. Billy Bob says:

    Quinto acknowledged that he's gay for the first time? Are there no online editors? How about he acknowledged for the first time publicly that he's gay.

  10. knobe says:

    Starting production in January ? WTF ?
    I thought it was Already working and being released next year !

    JJ , are you torturing us for a Good reason ?
    Get a move on , I was ready for the sequel right after the last movie . . .

  11. alan says:

    Now replacing spocks love interest in the 2nd star trek reboot film will be…Sulu. ^_^.
    sorry couldnt resist. hated and loved aspects about the star trek reboot. hated the score, star trek needs to bring back horners take on goldsmiths score from star trek II badly, its why the next generation movies sucked (except first contact), yet tng the series didnt as it used goldsmith's music for the movies yet dropped horners/godlsmiths music for the tng music.
    first contact was the only alternative scored tng movie i halfway liked, prefering star treks 1-4 and first contact personaly.
    sadly thier using insurrections theme at some point.
    Urban, Quinto, Pegg and Anton were the best things about star trek reboot (along with nimoy and greenwood).

  12. George Whitefeather says:

    Quinto, physically speaking, is not Spock. He is totally out of character. I would think that more people are going to make more out of Quinto being Gay then playing Spock.

    Yet another unfortunate attempt to "reboot" something that did not need rebooting; TNG, DS-9, Voyager are all examples that rebooting was unnecessary.

  13. Stephen says:

    I was skeptical about his Spock, but he did a great job. Looking forward to seeing him in the sequel.

  14. Peggy says:

    I loved Quinto as Spock, but Kirk needed to do better in the fighting scenes. .

  15. Peggyblackcat says:

    Spock is just great. What a good choice Quinto is for that role.

  16. Mandy says:

    Quinto was a fantastic choice to play Spock. Just get rid of the Spock/Uhura romance-the two actors do not have the chemistry to make it work.

  17. KIKI says:


  18. Rebecca says:

    I think that Zachary Quinto plays a great Spock, besides Leonard Nimoy. Nobody can play a great Mr. Spock better than them. I hope he continues to play the character in the future Star Trek movies.

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