Zombie foreclosures: Not a monster, but a monster of a headache

Feb. 20, 2013 | 11:21 a.m.
Running from zombies in "Zombieland." If you're a zombie, homeownership doesn't matter.

Running from zombies in “Zombieland.” If you’re a zombie, homeownership doesn’t matter. (Columbia Pictures)

Zombie foreclosures???

In the words of “South Park’s” Sheila Broflovski: “What? What? Whaaat?”

The Internets were all abuzz Wednesday morning over zombie foreclosures.

Does that mean zombies are skipping out on their mortgages? Biters ain’t paying their bills?

It really does not sound like a good “Walking Dead” episode if Rick Grimes were to get a real estate license and start offering foreclosure guidance to reanimated corpses.

That’s really not what zombie foreclosures are anyway. What are they?

CNN explains it this way:  It’s when a borrower moves out of his or her home after the bank schedules a foreclosure auction — then finds out months or even years later that the foreclosure auction never took place or that the bank failed to transfer the deed to the house.  Thus, the borrower is still technically the homeowner and “on the hook for property taxes, fees and for homeowners’ association dues.”

So, zombie foreclosures really have nothing to do with zombies.

But there are cases when zombies lose their homes. Or wannabe zombies. Like when Bill Murray pretended he was a zombie and lost his home (and his life) because he was shot by a zombie hunter (Jesse Eisenberg) in 2009’s “Zombieland.”

So there ya have it. Let’s enjoy:

— Jimmy Orr


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