A teary Jennifer Love Hewitt revisits her ‘Ghost Whisperer’ home

Oct. 28, 2010 | 10:25 a.m.

“Ghost Whisperer” was a steady, ratings-solid show for CBS that was canceled earlier this year, much to the chagrin of the cast and crew, who, like many multi-year TV groups, had grown close not only to one another but also to their fan base.

The supernatural show’s star and executive producer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, wanted to give fans a nostalgic peek behind the scenes at how the sets look now, as Halloween rolls near, also reflecting on the many memories piled up while galavanting through Grandview.

— Jevon Phillips


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46 Responses to A teary Jennifer Love Hewitt revisits her ‘Ghost Whisperer’ home

  1. Rhonda says:

    If it was such a successful show you block heads why cancel it? Gzz Just like that cheap Wal Mart..anything good must be gotten rid of

  2. Jeremy says:

    Another 1 outstanding show cancelled .. If they are up for another season, I'm sure to catch it. For this show, they can jump to any timeline they want and I'm sure in the end, the stories will still linked. Till then, Good bye, Ghost Whisperer !! (V.V)

  3. Kathy Kosc says:

    Oh God Jennifer. I am so sorry for you & all the cast & crew. Thank you for giving us this video as a window into your experiences on the show. It makes my 14 year old teenage daughter & I miss it all the more. We sent e-mails to both CBS & ABC hoping It would either be brought back or picked up by ABC. Sadly these efforts by us & so many other fans supporting your show must have gone unheard. We are Canadian viewers & we looked forward to your show every week. It was a time when the two of us in our busy lives could just sit together & get lost in the drama & excitement of your show. A real bonding experience for us that often ignited important conversations between the two of us ( not usually easily brought up with your teenage child ) about important subjects. This show was such a breath of fresh air from all the reality television & in your face garbage TV out there. It was classy & intelligent, exciting & very entertaining & it always had a message to learn from. We still watch the reruns & every once an a while we see one we missed. What a treat it is when that happens :) You an your entire cast & crew are all very talented caring people & we wish you all the best in your future projects. I am so sorry they will not be with the Ghost Whisperer :( Thank you, for all you did to bring quality television to the TV screen. Ghost Whisperer will be missed & we look forward to any new programs with that same flavor that you are all able to bring to life for the TV viewers out there.
    Sincerely Huge Ghost Whisperer Fans Kathy Kosc ( Mom) & Charlotte Kosc ( teenage daughter) :)

  4. Cheri Stangle says:

    We really miss the show and would love for it to come back on, while reruns are good they are just not the same as watching the new ones. Please bring back Ghost Whisperer. Joe and Cheri Stangle

  5. mary ann says:

    I don't want them to cancel the show..

  6. Maggie says:

    I really love this show. It's great. Why did CBS cancel it?

  7. jam says:

    i hope they return the ghost whisperer because i love it.,.,it was a great show.,.,the whole cast and crew were so good…

  8. iEmelem says:

    Ghost Whisperer WAS a great show. The last 2 seasons were a struggle and they jumped the shark with the time shift after Melinda's son was born.

  9. Sunshine says:

    Awe, JLH is such a sweetheart, awesome to see this and remember the show. So long as people are going nuts for reboots why not reboot Ghost Whisperer: The Teen Years? The flashbacks to Melinda's troubles at school and being an outcast because of her powers was always intriguing.

  10. mayo211 says:

    I wasn't a watcher of this show on a regular basis, but did the fans even get an ending? I so hate it when a show gets the axe after a season or two and the fans never get an ending. That happened with me and Sarah Conner Chronicles…sure not everyone is a fan, but if its gonna get the axe, give the fans an ending for gods sake…its like reading a great book only to see that the last 15 pages are missing and there is no one on earth who has them so you are just left wondering…

  11. Jahrell says:

    PLEASE CBS!! CHANGE YOUR MINDS AND KEEP THE SHOW!!! Jennifer Love Hewitt is the best actress ever and she really proves that in this show. PLEASE. Besides, the series that will replace GHOST WHISPERER's time slot will probably fail anyway.

  12. JK. says:

    GHOST WHISPERER will be missed!!!! Please consider bringing it back with all new stories, we could watch this series for many years to come.

  13. korie says:

    make a season 6 u r alsome so please do not stop the best tv show

  14. Tori says:

    I’m still upset about the show being cancelled. That was my all time favorite show. I haven’t watched CBS since.

  15. Priya Mahida says:

    I love this show and all the cast and crew have made Ghost Whisperer a fantastic show! We will all miss Melinda, Jim and all their friends :( JLH is a sweetheart and this video message made me love her even more!! Lots of love from the UK xx

  16. cherie says:

    stop shutting down good shows!! i mean this is one of the best shows on tv please bring back the show

  17. nlisa says:

    Aw….I'm sooo sad :( I loved the show…I still watch episodes on ion back to back…come on guys…please stay….Love Melinda and Jim…and all the great shows you could come up with featuring Aiden's powers!! Just think about it…okay :)

  18. AshleylovesGW13 says:

    I love Ghost Whisperer and am devistated its over!!!! I don’t know Why it got cancled and I’m sad about it :(! Jennifer is amazing and I’m watching reruns curebtly on season 4!!!! I wish cbs would bring it back its not fair!!!! Everyone I know loves it!!! Sincerly, Ash a HUGE GW fan

  19. Paranormal says:

    You know how the ratings would go if the show were to go back on? I love this show and I can watch re-runs as often as I'd like, but I miss the next season, it leaves so many questions still open.

  20. chi suk kim says:

    so i am very very miss this programe ㅜㅜ. I love you~


  21. Mikaila says:

    Omg. I loved this show so much. I seriously wish that they would bring back this show! I seriously wish! Please! Please! Please! I can bed, though, that their tv station isn't viewed as much as it was. And I mean, seriously, who cares if only three million people stopped watching it! It finally got some answers and I seriously waited too long for it to be cancelled. I'm mad now. They need to bring it back with some bigger badder, more corrupting nemises that Melinda can defeat with her, Adian, and Jim's new found powers. Or I'm boycotting this CBS…WHO'S WITH ME

  22. Iesha says:

    I really loved watching this show and melinda was so incredible. Please bring the show back on I really really miss it. I miss seeing ned eli, delia, jim and aiden and mostly the star melinda once again please put the show back on. PLEASE!!!!!!

  23. arlene says:

    ohh god pls… bring back the ghost whisperer! this is the very sense series i ever watch!

  24. Lola says:

    I really miss this show!! I am now watching the first season again!! I hate the fact that it was cancelled!! They should really bring it back!!

  25. Kingsley says:

    I really like this show. It is the best show ever!!! Please CBS please don't cancel it. It is so nice!Please:(

  26. tumbles101 says:

    i really like ghost whisperer its the one show that got my attention to sit and watch all the seasons that's odd for me but other people who watch this show feel the excitment and adventure and the story of ghost whisperer so please CBS don't cancel this show think of how many people watch your channel a day just to wait for this show to come on from my guess its a lot people think of how many are crushed that you are canceling the show just think for a moment and see that people who watch this show will never watch your channel again because the on thing you took off was getting you the most viewers so think hard about this think about your viewers its your choice

  27. Mymy says:

    This was one of my most favorite show ever. I would watch this every day. I just finished all seasons & I think we all want the seasons continue. Don't end the show.

  28. SammSharp says:

    So when I was younger I used to watch Ghost Whisperer all the time. I just recently became addicted to it via Netflix. I saw that it was on there and watched show after show endlessly. To the point that I would have to play the next episode even though it was way past midnight and I was already passing out from a lack of sleep from trying to find out what happens next in Melindas life with Jim and Aiden. In the episode that Jim died, I was blindsighted and I was as heart broken as the character Melinda and cried my eyes out sobbing. I just cant believe the show is gone.

    If it were to ever come back and they did another time laps so that the boy playing Aiden would still be in the show… I WILL BE THERE STARING INTO MY TELEVISION IN COMPLETE EXCITEMENT!

    I want, just like any other fan of this television series wants, to see another, and another, and yet another season… they cut it off too short. They only just got into the topic of the shinies and the shadows and the book of changes. There is still more to be said about the lives of Melinda Gordon, Jim Clancy and Aiden Lucas.

  29. Bangkokgirl says:

    i need Ghost Whisperer back !!! i am huge fan of this series….. i beg u CBS

  30. Cindy says:


  31. Rose says:

    Hi, i come from Thailand. and I'm ghost whisperer fan club. I love this series so mush and i followed since season 1-5. I think the story is not complete. Please make it done and perfect . You know? This series is a teacher acutely my English skill so bad but i watched it for improved English skill . Please don't cancel and. Big Thanks for you kindness.

  32. alice gould says:

    Please bring back the show! I would love to see another couple or more seasons!! I enjoyed every minute of the show! fell in love with all the cast and crew! I was in always in on time to watch the next episode! Have brought all the dvds! so i keep watching them… Thank you all for doing five seasons! Was such a great exciment, joyful and a thrilling time to see each episode. take care, will miss you all so very much alice x

  33. Alice Gould says:


  34. cindy says:

    i know what you mean im 51 years old they cancel the good shows. even the reruns i watch all the time. except buffy they have it on to late at night but i stay up to watch it . i love the shows like buffy, charmed, ghost whispherer, angel, supernatural, do something about bringing some of these shows back or something as good

  35. Jenn Whitfill says:

    I'm still sad that the show was canceled… But I do have a question… I absolutely luv the bed from season 1… The gothic wrought iron one… If anyone can tell me where to get one, it would make my year!!!

  36. carlos says:

    please bring it back so good billions of people probobly loved it

  37. nur sam says:

    hay,,, i'm sam from indonesia,,, why ghost whisperer stop,,,,,i don't believe that,,,,

  38. Puzzlebox7 says:

    Bring it back!!! We need to know what happened with Homer, and the buried city… who was holding them back, why did so many stay? Did Eli's parents ever cross-over? What about the ghost in the morgue? Do we ever get to see Dr Payne again? We know what the 'shineys' are but in all honesty what are the 'shadows'? Ned is a cutie even if he wasn't a sensitive. I remember watching this growing up and now me and my husband just started to re-watch them again. The Fans deserve answers and there is nothing on TV now but crap. I gave up my tv and only have Netflix. Screw Two and Half Men… we want Ghost Whisperer back! If it's not brought back, please write a book with a proper ending.

  39. Maddie says:

    why!!!!!!!!!! i loved that show. what ends up happening with the shadows!!!!

  40. geraldine says:

    yes i am lost with out this show i love watching it over and over again thier is something that just make it good and with all the same cast cbs if you have any heart for the fans out thier bring it back and dont cancel it

  41. rachel good says:

    please bring back ghost whisper i miss the show and it is amazing… please bring it bak

  42. Jane Andrews says:

    2015 and i still want them to reunite ghost whisperer. The super natural is always a big seller I’m certain that they could have run this for a good many more seasons. Viewers love the unknown and good friendship,love and mystery make for great story lines.

  43. Audra Webster says:

    The least they could do is wrap up the show so we have answers! It sucks to not know how things really end! The last episode had so many unanswered questions…. Come on somebody finish the story for us please?

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