Zombie fans divided as ‘SNL’ spoofs ‘Walking Dead’

March 04, 2013 | 11:28 a.m.

Zombie-lovers and “Walking Dead” fans were divided over a “Saturday Night Live” send-up of the cult hit AMC series.

Some felt the skit was absolutely hilarious and others slamming it as absolutely horrible.

The zombie parody dove into some dicey racial politics as the skit depicted “Walking Dead” characters crossing paths with Lyle, played by this week’s host, Kevin Hart.

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The group fears allowing Lyle to join their ranks — he’s acting like a zombie, after all — but Lyle uses those fears to prey on white guilt.

What did you think? Did the skit go too far? Were you thrilled to see the comedy sketch show tackle “The Walking Dead” and zombies?

Or did you find it to be one of this week’s less-than-funny sketches. (That Z-shirt thing? Would have been much funnier at half the length. And that Steve Harvey send up? Yikes. That said, Hart gets credit for playing full-tilt.)

One thing everyone seemed to agree upon, though, was this:

–Rene Lynch


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