‘Edge of Tomorrow’ trailer: Tom Cruise lives, dies in alien invasion

March 25, 2014 | 1:35 p.m.
Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski and Tom Cruise as Bill Cage in the epic sci-fi thriller "Edge of Tomorrow." (David James/ Warner Bros.)

Emily Blunt aand Tom Cruise in the epic sci-fi thriller “Edge of Tomorrow.” (David James/ Warner Bros.)

Tom Cruise finds himself in a life-and-death situation — over and over again — in “Edge of Tomorrow,” the latest film from director Doug Liman (“Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “The Bourne Identity”).

Set for release June 6, the sci-fi action adventure is based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s award-winning novel “All You Need Is Kill” and sees Cruise as Lt. Col. Bill Cage, an officer dropped onto a futuristic battlefield only to die. He then finds himself reborn again and again at a moment before the siege.

The cast includes Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Laura Pulver and Jeremy Piven, among others.

The latest trailer for the summer blockbuster title spotlights the relationship between Cruise and Blunt’s characters, and begins to explore the time-bending premise in more detail, while also offering a detailed glimpse at the movie’s large-scale spectacle, with scenes of futuristic battlefields and weaponry rendered in muted, grayscale tones.

“The alien invasion film has now become a trope, and people understand the language of this kind of genre,” Cruise told the audience last summer at San Diego’s Comic-Con International. “And now we can really get into this kind of fun character journey.”

Blunt, who plays a tough-as-nails soldier, said the part was the most physically demanding role she has undertaken. She trained in martial arts, gymnastic and weights, and warmed up with Cruise every day to prepare to wear enormous exoskeleton suits, which weighed 85 to 125 pounds, while filming.

“The suits were really, really heavy to wear, so if you didn’t stay fit, you’d throw your back out,” Blunt said at Comic-Con. “Our personalities did a 180 as soon as we had the suits on. We were much nicer out of the suit.”

The high-concept outing comes on the heels of Cruise’s recent “Oblivion,” released last spring. That film, adapted from a 2010 graphic novel Joseph Kosinski (“Tron: Legacy”) penned with comic-book writer Arvid Nelson, takes place on a future Earth left decimated by an alien invasion, with Cruise playing former Marine Jack Harper, one of a few people left on the planet to mop up after the war.

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– Gina McIntyre and Noelene Clark | @LATHeroComplex


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  1. Shawn Riddick says:

    It is not illegal to kill aliens. It is a serious crime to torture them. When I was a child God spoke to me and told me he introduced evil into His Universe from a sister Universe and it spread like a cancer. In order to survive He created Holiness and Heaven and separated Himself from His own creation. I wrote a letter at warningfromgod and in 1997 our government asked me to sign a secrecy agreement with a writ of order attached for my immediate execution if I violated the terms. Please read waningfromgod and treat people as Jesus taught us. Thank you.

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